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Darren Sharper

9 Years in Prison

For ALL Rapes

3/23/2015 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Darren Sharper just pled no contest to 2 rapes and 4 druggings in California, and he'll only have to serve 9 years ... and now we know Sharper will be a free man again in March 2024.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor sentenced Sharper to 20 years in prison, but he'll only have to serve half that. He gets credit for 2 years because he's been behind bars for a solid year already, so the actual remaining time behind bars is 9 years.

Earlier Monday Sharper pled guilty to sexual assault in Arizona and was sentenced to 9 years, which runs concurrently with California. 

TMZ Sports broke the story Sharper will get a maximum of 8 years in Nevada under a deal where he pleads guilty to attempted sexual assault on 2 girls. The Nevada sentence is also concurrent with Arizona and California. 

The only missing piece of the puzzle is Louisiana, where Sharper will plead guilty Tuesday to 3 rapes. That deal will be announced tomorrow, but Judge Pastor said in court the total sentence for all cases will be 9 years. That means the Louisiana sentence will also run concurrently.

Short story ... Sharper's legal team seems to have worked a miracle. He could have gotten 2 life sentences in Nevada alone. On top of that, people convicted of rape typically do 85% or more of their sentence, and he's doing only 50%.

Judge Pastor said Sharper will do his 9 years in a federal facility. 

Sharper will be placed on parole for 3 years after he's released, and will then be on probation for the rest of his life.  

He'll also be required to register as a sex offender.


Tyrese's Ex

Judge Okays Israel Trip

Now Passover My Kid's Passport

3/23/2015 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese's notion that his ex is kidnapping their kid won't fly ... according to the judge who ordered Norma Gibson be allowed to take their daughter to the Middle East.

Monday morning a judge instructed Tyrese to hand over the passport of their 7-year-old daughter, Shayla, so that Norma can take her to Israel for two weeks over spring break.

Last week, Tyrese tried to block the March 27th trip through the courts because he argued as an Israeli citizen Norma is allowed to stay permanently, but she fired back saying international law ensures why she'll bring Shayla back safe and sound.

We're told Norma has agreed to share all of the travel details with Tyrese but remains adamant ... she's tied to L.A. and any notion she's a flight risk is absurd. 



Lil Wayne

Security Decks Fan with

Brutal KO Punch

3/23/2015 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0323-lil-wayne-punch-GIF-TMZ-03Lil Wayne's security viciously attacked a fan who mocked Weezy with his iPhone .... and it was all caught on video.

Wayne was scheduled to show up at midnight on Saturday to play a show at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, FL ... but the crowd became agitated when Wayne didn't get there until 3:30 AM.

According to people at the show, one fan used his iPhone to show off a scrolling message to the stage. Before Weezy arrived, the message said "Shut the f*** up and put on Weezy" ... but later it just read "F*** Weezy."

Wayne was spotted by the New Times Broward-Palm Beach pointing out the fan and sending one of his security people to deal with him. 


In the video, you can see Wayne's guy go through the crowd, seek out the guy with the iPhone, and deliver a series of crushing blows to the guy's head ... before walking off and going back onstage with Wayne. 

We're told security carried the victim out of the club, but the club says no paramedics were called.

Darren Sharper

Stunning Plea Deal in Nevada

8 Years MAX

3/23/2015 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Darren Sharper will serve a maximum of 8 years in prison for allegedly attempting to sexually assault 2 girls in Nevada ... and it's especially amazing because he could have gotten a life sentence.

The deal provides that Sharper could be released after 38 months, but the max is 8 years.

We've learned the details of Sharper's Nevada plea deal. It's part of a global plea agreement in Nevada, Arizona, California and Louisiana.  

It's hugely significant, because Sharper's sentence will run concurrently with the other sentences, meaning it won't be one on top of the other.

Since Nevada was a potential life sentence, it would seem the 8 years might be in line with the other states, but we won't know until later today. An Arizona judge is about to announce the plea in that state, and later Monday morning a California judge is expected to do the same.

The Louisiana component is not expected to be announced until Tuesday.

Mo'ne Davis

Forgives Baseball Player Over Insult

Asks College to Reinstate Him

3/23/2015 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mo'ne Davis continues to show why she's the most mature 13-year-old alive -- we've just learned she reached out to the president of Bloomsburg University and asked him to reinstate the baseball player who called her a bad name on Twitter. 

TMZ Sports spoke with a rep for Bloomsburg who tells us ... President David L. Soltz received an email from Davis and her coach in which they ask that Joey Casselberry's dismissal from the team be reconsidered.  

Casselberry was booted from the squad this weekend after he posted a tweet saying, "Disney is making a movie about Mo'ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That s*** got rocked by Nevada."

The team said Casselberry violated the athletic department's social media policy -- and possibly the school's code of conduct.

While Bloomsburg says they respect Davis' opinion and praise her for being incredibly mature about the situation -- the school will NOT reinstate the baseball player ... saying, "Right now we're standing firm."

For his part, Casselberry apologized for the tweet and says he's a huge Mo'ne Davis fan. 

After we broke the story, Mo'ne spoke with ESPN and explained her decision -- saying, "I know right now he's really hurt ... everyone deserves a second chance."

Scott Disick

Screw Rehab ...

I'm Hitting Costa Rica's Clubs!

3/23/2015 8:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0323-scott-disick-club-rouge-costa-rica-TMZ-02Scott Disick's officially ditched rehab in Costa Rica ... so he can spend quality time at the local nightclubs.

Disick was spotted hanging near the bar in a club called Rouge on Saturday night. Sporting a black tee and ball cap ... Scott seemed like he was trying to keep a low profile -- but hanging with a big bodyguard in purple ain't exactly inconspicuous. 

Witnesses tell us he also hit up a spot called Vertigo.

TMZ broke the story ... Scott bailed on the Costa Rican rehab program after less than a week. He's coming back to the states, and already has club gigs booked back here. 


update_graphic_red_barAfter we posted our story, Scott posted (and then deleted) a photo touting his upcoming appearance at 1OAK in Las Vegas.



In other news...

Jenelle Evans Reveals Crazy Low Body Weight On Twitter

Jenelle Evans' breakup is apparently doing wonders for her waistline. See how tiny she actually is!


Darren Sharper

Gets 9 Years

In AZ Rape Case

3/23/2015 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Darren Sharper pled guilty to 2 counts of sexual assault in Arizona -- one of four states where he faces rape charges -- and was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

The ex-NFL star was in L.A. to enter his plea in the California rape cases -- but addressed the judge in AZ over FaceTime. In addition to the 9 year sentence ... Sharper will be on probation for life.

As we TMZ Sports first reported ... Sharper is getting a max sentence of 8 years in Nevada ... to be served concurrently with his sentences in the other states. 

The AZ judge also fined Sharper $300K and said he must register as a sex offender.


David Letterman

Running Around Like A Chicken ...

With Its Shoes Cut Off

3/23/2015 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman Barefoot
Oh boy ... David Letterman snuck out of his island retirement home without his shoes again ... at least it looks that way.  

Dave was down in St. Barts this past weekend mentally preparing to step down from the 'Late Show' when he took an early morning Caribbean jog ... sans shoes, only socks.

There's a ton of studies about the benefits of jogging barefoot ... and Dave's embracing all of them during his island time. 

Hey, in a few months he can be Shoeless Dave, permanently.


Lil Wayne

Drake Was Right

'F*** That Ho!'

3/23/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Wayne settled his beef with Drake, who slept with his girlfriend, by concluding, "F*** that ho!" ... this according to a book treatment he's shopping around to publishers.

We've obtained additional pages of the treatment, which tie up the story we told you about Friday -- that Drake visited him while he was at Rikers Island and told him the day before Weezy hooked up with his girlfriend, Drake slept with her. According to the treatment, Drake said, "I did f*** her."

Apparently, Weezy decided the GF was too loose for his taste, because in the treatment he concludes, "As a man, I'll admit that shit really f****d me up, but hey, **** that ho!" He added, "Love is blind, that's why I say make sure that bitch is a seeing eye dog."

And there's some real entertaining stuff, like when Wayne writes about guards coming into his cell and checking his nut sack, and then opening his cereal box and stomping on it.

The treatment also has proud moments, like when Wayne was down in the dumps but was uplifted by a visit from his lawyer. He says when the lawyer left, he went back to his cell to make himself some dinner. "Tonight's menu was noodle soup and a Doritos burrito. Yeah! Made it myself." 

But there were low points, too. He says that same night, "The guy below me yelled all night, "Yo, f*** you Weezy!"


In other news...

She Should Wear Hot Pants Like
This Every Day

Julianne Hough dons a pair of black high-waisted hot pants in this photo shoot, giving her a sexy, sultry look you likely haven't seen before.


Justin Bieber

Please Have Mercy on this Puppy!

3/23/2015 6:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber has a new dog ... which has got to be worrisome for the pooch. 

Bieber took the puppy for a fancy dinner at Mastro's Sunday night in Bev Hills. It's unclear why the restaurant let the terrier in.

Bieber Instagrammed the photo Sunday night ... showing the snuggly lil pup wrapped in Bieber's tatted arm. Her name is Esther ... reason unknown. 


This is where history is both useful and alarming. You'll recall Biebs famously gave away his pet hamster to a fan a few years back (it died a few months later) and abandoned a pet monkey at a German animal shelter.

Good luck, Esther.



Mariah Carey & Courtney Love

Crazy Dinner Duo

... With a Side of Ratner

3/23/2015 7:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0323-mariah-carey-courtney-love-instagramAnd the award for Most Unexpected Dinner Table goes to -- Mariah Carey and Courtney Love ... in a Brett Ratner production.

The director broke bread with Mariah and Courtney last night at Craig's in West Hollywood ... and we can only imagine the stories Brett walked away with after sitting between those two.

Perhaps they chatted about Courtney's "Empire" appearance -- after all, she said she was channeling her inner Mariah ... plus Mariah is one of many people rumored to guest star next season. 

As for Ratner ... he's pals with both women, but this is the first time we've seen them all out together. Considering the massive bank accounts at the table -- we gotta ask ... 

In other news...

Angela Simmons Is Photo'd Stretching On The Beach In A Red Bathing Suit

Angela Simmons slipped into a sexy red swimsuit for some time at the beach with a friend.


Dr. Drew

Scott Disick Is in Desperate Shape

3/23/2015 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Drew believes Scott Disick is in far worse shape than anyone believes, because his choice of rehab is dangerous, generally used by heroin addicts, and he's destined to relapse.

The good doc was at LAX Sunday when our photog asked about Disick's decision to leave the Costa Rica rehab facility Monday, after only one week of treatment. Scott says he has pressing business in L.A., but Drew says it's a common rich-people's avoidance technique.

Dr. Drew seemed alarmed Scott was being treated with a hallucinogenic plant called Iboga, saying it's usually used for heroin addiction, not alcohol, and it's very dangerous. 

Bieber's Sidekick Lil Twist

Charged with 6 Felonies

In Kyle Massey Attack

3/23/2015 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Twist -- Justin Bieber's sometimes sidekick -- has just been nailed with 6 felonies for allegedly breaking into Kyle Massey's house, beating up his brother and stealing stuff from the apartment.

The L.A. County D.A. has charged Twist with making criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery and 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

You may recall, Twist allegedly was hanging with some friends in Kyle's apartment in November, when Kyle and his brother kicked them out. They returned and allegedly pushed their way back inside and then pummeled Chris Massey with brass knuckles, pantsed him and stole his wallet and cell phone.

There's an arrest warrant out for Twist. He faces more than 20 years if convicted on all counts.

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