Justin Bieber $5,000 Bitch Slap For Smoking Out Miami Mansion

1/30/2014 12:45 AM PST

Justin Bieber -- $5,000 Bitch Slap for Smoking Out Miami Mansion


Justin Bieber
's trail of destruction continues -- TMZ has learned, the singer just took a $5,000 hit ... after hotboxing the Miami mansion he rented and riddling the joint with marijuana smoke.

Sources close to the cleaners tell us ...  Bieber rented the 5-bedroom home for 7 days through a website called CarefreeLifestyle.com ... and smoked so much weed in the house with his friends, the place stunk to holy hell.

We're told Bieber paid $4,200 a night for the place from January 18 to January 25.  He also plunked down a $20,000 security deposit.

We're told Bieber only got around $15,000 back ... because the cleaners estimate it will cost around $5k to make the house livable again.

Justin Bieber ... the new Lindsay.