Kim Zolciak's friends -- at least some of them -- don't want anything to do with her ... saying they're embarrassed by her behavior over her public divorce from Kroy Biermann.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the couple's relationship saga is a sad situation for their four minor children ... expressing concern they're forced to witness the drama play out at home and also relive it publicly through media coverage.

As a result, some of Kim's pals have distanced themselves from her over the last couple months.

We're also told the estranged pair feel it's becoming a fighting game for them -- though Kim seems to be enjoying the drama more than Kroy.

Despite speculation the couple is amplifying their contentiousness to score a reality show, our sources tell us that, as of yet, there's no TV deal on the table.

TBH ... cameras don't need to roll to understand how chaotic things are between K&K following their divorce filing in May.

Snapchat / @kimzbiermann

Just over a week ago, one of their kids called cops to their home following an explosive fight ... only for the duo to cozy up for a Hibachi lunch date earlier this week.

Their on/off relationship comes amid a swirling mountain of money woes ... with Kim even using her IG as a marketplace to sell his designer shoes to pay off sky-high credit card debts.

TMZ has reached out to reps for Kim and Kroy ... but we haven't heard back.

Balenciaga Fall '24 Show Hollywood Starlets Take Over L.A. Street ... Kardashian, Kidman, Hayek, Cardi B!!!


Some of the biggest names in Hollywood took over an L.A. street -- literally! -- for the Balenciaga fall 2024 show -- but it was Cardi B who stole the spotlight with her sexy catwalk debut.

Wrapped in a blue fur coat, the hip hop icon hit the runway for the first time Saturday as the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek looked on from their seats lining the city block, which was cordoned off by the police just for the fashion event.

Kim appeared as stunning as ever in her form-fitting lace ensemble, while Nicole and Salma took a more conservative approach, wearing long, chic black dresses.

Kim's sister, Kendall, Teyana Taylor, Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, Zooey Deschanel, Lisa Rinna and her daughters Amelia and Delilah were also in the crowd, looking amazing in their stylish outfits.

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz also showed up, but they went all caszh, sporting sweatshirts and jeans. Sexyy Red was there as well, posing for a photo with Kim at one point.


All in all, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the show.

Charlamagne Tha God Nardo Wick Should Ditch Entourage After Brutal Attack on Fan


Charlamagne Tha God wants to see Nardo Wick hire legit security guards instead of the homegrown posse he's used to ... this after his crew unleashed a beating on a fan.

The 'Breakfast Club' chief chopped it up with TMZ Hip Hop at the United Justice Coalition Summit this week where he highlighted the many reasons why Nardo needs to travel with a legit team from here on out.


TMZ broke the story, the "Who Want Smoke" rapper became the center of controversy after two members of his entourage went rogue and brutally knocked a selfie-seeking fan unconscious following a show in Florida. The victim's family has since lawyered up.


Charlemagne tells us security's job isn't to beat people up -- it's to make wise, on-the-spot decisions in times of danger and threats and can only do so with the proper training -- which Nardo's crew clearly lacks.

CTG goes on to stress how artists need to audit their entourages to ensure everyone has an actual role and purpose as opposed to being prone to causing trouble ... or lawsuits, which he's sure will be coming Nardo's way.


'Breakfast Club's DJ Envy also advocated for top-notch security artists when we quizzed him on the topic last year, especially when it comes to protecting valuables such as jewelry ... or even your life.


Nardo appears to be open to all advice that could pull him out the hole. He apologized several times to the victim and his family. Only time will tell if it'll be enough to keep the complaints outta court.

We covered it all on the latest episode of TMZ Verified, available on all podcast platforms.

Antonio Gates Chargers Shouldn't Fire Brandon Staley ... Here's Why!


The Chargers are in last place and virtually everyone believes it's a foregone conclusion head coach Brandon Staley will lose his job ... and that'd be a mistake, according to Antonio Gates, one of the greatest players in franchise history.

TMZ Sports ran into the 8x Pro Bowler earlier this week in L.A., who spent all of his 16 seasons as a pro with the Bolts, and asked him whether it was time Staley got the ol' heave-ho after another disappointing season in SoCal.

"Ya know, I don't personally think [the coach should be fired]," AG told us.

The Hall of Fame candidate explained his reasoning ... "Just because of the relationship he has with the players. I'm big on, 'Can you get the guys to play for you?' I feel like Staley has a rapport with the players, and I believe in that particularly because I've been in that locker room."

Staley's been the HC since the 2021 season ... and while the squad is chock full of talent, including star QB Justin Herbert, the team has struggled to find any postseason success. Last season the 10-win Chargers lost to the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars in the Wild Card round, and this year has been a disaster.

Things have been so bad for the 4-7 squad, there's near-constant talk about who could replace Staley after his all-but-guaranteed demise ... and Bill Belichick is often at the top of the list.

Things aren't exactly going smoothly for the 6x Super Bowl-winning head coach (8 total) on the other coast, either. Bill and owner Robert Kraft have reportedly had tension, and it's not crazy to think Belichick walks away or even gets fired after the 2023 season.

We asked Gates if he believed Belichick would be a good fit in Los Angeles.

"I think Belichick is a proven, historical winner. Why wouldn't he be good for any team? I don't know how the old-school coaching would transition now. I come from that old-school mentality, but I don't know if these guys can commit to that style of play. I'm not sure. I don't know.

"But we do know what we know is that he's a proven winner. I just don't know if his style of play is still considered valuable in the National Football League."

The Chargers have 6 games remaining … including a matchup with the Pats this Sunday.

Barring something miraculous, it's hard to imagine the team sticking with Staley ... even with the backing of the great Antonio Gates.

Amanda Seyfried Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

There's a 100% chance Amanda Seyfried has (already) been makin' it rain for years!

Going back to North Shore High School ... here is a 18-year-old version of the stunning star looking oh so "fetch" -- playing "Mean Girls" Karen Smith -- in her Santa talent show outfit back in 2004 (left).

And, 19 years later, Mrs. Seyfried recently dazzled and glowed on stage at a skincare event in Shanghai, China (right). Today, this "Jingle Bell Rock" queen is celebrating her 38th birthday, and she's never shined brighter!

"What a bright time, it's the right time!"

The question is ...

Amanda Seyfried ...

'REAL HOUSEWIVES' LEA and Roy BLACK Star Island Pad Back On Market ... Relisted For $37.5 Million!!!

Lea Black and hubby Roy Black are selling a small piece of their real estate portfolio ... once again listing their waterfront mansion on Florida's famous Star Island, and it's got a huge price tag.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... the former 'Real Housewives of Miami' star and owner of Lea Black Beauty and Skincare and powerful attorney/husband relisted the luxury estate on the exclusive, guard-gated Miami Beach island Monday for $37,500,000.

The 46,429-square-foot property, which is currently the only house listed for sale on Star Island, includes 190 feet of waterfront which is rare on the island and a full dock ... plus a 9-bedroom main home and a 3-bedroom guest house.

Lea and Roy decked out the pad with a newly renovated pool, movie theater with seating for 10, a children's playground with a pirate ship treehouse and state-of-the-art Viking and Sub-Zero appliances.

As we first told you ... Lea and Roy put the over one-acre property up for sale back in June 2021 for $34 million ... but we're told they took it off the market a few months later while they considered keeping a second home in Miami.

The home's potential new owners will have some very famous neighbors ... Star Island is also home to huge stars like Diddy, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Shaquille O'Neal, hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, billionaire Phil Frost and Rick Ross who purchased a pad on the island for $35 million in August.

Properties on Star Island have been selling recently for anywhere between $38 and $85 million ... and our sources tell us a $100 million mansion is under construction on the lot next door to Lea and Roy's.

Lea and Roy aren't saying goodbye to the 305. As we said, they have another home in Miami ... plus property in the Florida Keys, California and Texas.

Saddy Delgado of One Sotheby's International Realty and Elena and Stefano Iturriaga hold the listing.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

The Royal scandal books just keep coming, and Jussie Smollett is on the ropes after losing his appeal. So we gotta ask ...

William Ignored Harry As Queen Was Dying ...

Jussie Smollett Keeps Fighting After Losing Appeal ...

Felicity Huffman Doesn't Apologize For College Scam ...

If I Could Only Hear One Xmas Song ...

Lauren Sanchez Wearing 'Mrs. B' Necklace ...

Whose Side You On?

T.I. Calling Son Nepo Baby ...

Who's Better Looking Than Tyler Cameron?

Who Ya Got For Prez?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Swizzled and stirred into this well-crafted scramble is a stunning star from London who's no amateur to acting in holiday movies. Grab your "Four Realms" and see if you can you crack open this Nutcrackin' Queen!

Born in the '80s -- and having two parents in the biz -- she got her acting itch at just 3 years old, but perhaps her breakout year wasn't 'til 2003, starring alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. She also recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the holiday romance film "Love Actually."

Before the Night turns Silent, can you guess this golden star?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Surfaces Publicly, 1st Time in 2 Years ... Just in Time for Xmas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas said he'd be home for Christmas, and after disappearing from public life for a long time ... he's here to make good on his promise.

The elusive ex-child star -- who vanished from the big show ten years ago -- surfaced earlier this week in SoCal ... where he was apparently out running errands near his home. As many people have noted, the dude looks almost unrecognizable compared to his childhood.

last time we saw him

Nothing all that remarkable in the pic itself ... it's just a guy who's left Hollywood behind minding his business. But considering how big a star he once was -- it is eye-popping.

Remember, the last time we saw JTT making the rounds and signing autographs was way back in 2013, and at the time ... he was very much doing the A-lister thing, embracing cameras, questions and fans. Now, though, it's quite clear -- he wants none of that.

It was around this same time that he opened up to People Mag about why he'd decided to step away ... saying he'd been working since he was a young kid and wanted a break. He also said he didn't want fame to define him, and simply didn't care much about it.

The last time Jon was out in public was during COVID -- when he was spotted walking his dog and laying low. Now, two years later, we're seeing him again ... sans any pooch.

Here's hoping he's enjoying himself in whatever it is he's up to these days. And since it's that time of the year ... no better time than to peep his classic holiday flick, not to mention all his other treasures from the '90s. 'Lion King,' 'Home Improvement' ... true legend, indeed.

Billie Eilish Confirms She Came Out as LGBTQ + ... Isn't It Obvious?!?

Billie Eilish recently said she was attracted to women, but people didn't know if she was actually coming out or not -- and now ... she's confirmed she, indeed, did.

The singer offered up the clarification Saturday at yet another Variety-sponsored event ... where one of their reporters asked if she meant to "come out" in a recent cover story for the outlet, where she confessed she loved the ladies -- and thought they were pretty.

Here's her exact quote from the story ... "I’ve never really felt like I could relate to girls very well,” Eilish says. “I love them so much. I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people. I’m attracted to them for real."

Yep, a bit vague ... and since there's no follow-up or anything -- nobody really knew how to take it. We do now though ... 'cause BE now says she was, in fact, revealing something about her sexuality -- on its face, she's saying she's part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Check out Saturday's interview for yourself ... she says that story served as a coming-out moment for her -- but notes she felt it was obvious, and that pretty girls still make her nervous. In the same breath though, Billie says she doesn't like labeling herself.

The bottom line here ... she's into chicks. Of course, she's also into guys -- as we've seen her publicly date at least three fellas in recent years -- namely, Jesse Rutherford, Matthew Tyler Vorce and Brandon Adams (aka, Q) ... among other rumored BFs.

It's interesting that Billie is choosing to clear this up ... as she's faced queerbaiting accusations in the past -- especially after her all-girl music vid for 'Lost Cause.'

We also know Billie has teetered back and forth in terms of style ... specifically, between traditionally feminine looks and tomboy ones -- which actually helped make her famous.

As Billie notes ... hopefully it isn't the biggest deal in the world, 'cause she certainly doesn't seem to put much emphasis on her sexual identity. With that said, we're sure women who are into other women might be hearing this and are getting excited.

Billie's a catch, that much is clear.

Britney Spears Reconciliation w/ Mom ... Comes Amid Isolation Post-Memoir


4:20 PM PT -- As if Lynne's presence wasn't enough proof they're simpatico again ... here she is cradling her daughter ... and vice-versa.

These photos are starting to make the rounds, and they appear to show Brit and Lynne palling around during her birthday get-together. Like we said ... mending fences.

Britney Spears and her mother, Lynne Spears, reunited this weekend and appear to be on the road to reconciliation ... and despite their recent problems, mom seems to realize -- her daughter needs her right now.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ that Lynne's drop-in for Brit's birthday party Friday night was no coincidence ... but it is indeed meaningful, especially after everything the two of them -- the Spears family, at large -- have experienced over the past few years.

More recently, Britney torched her immediate family members in her memoir, 'The Woman in Me' ... and as it pertains to Lynne, she accused her throwing out precious valuables of hers -- something Lynne denied.

There were also reports of Lynne selling off some of Britney's famous clothes ... but she denied that too. Of course, Britney has also suggested her mom was just as culpable for her conservatorship as her father, Jamie ... and there's been bad blood for a while there.

The two of them attempted to bury the hatchet earlier this year, pre-memoir, with Lynne flying in to L.A. to meet up with Britney and her then-husband Sam Asghari ... but it was a brief chat, and it wasn't clear whether they were on the greatest of terms at that point.

Now, we're told Lynne and Britney are definitely in a better place ... not only did Lynne swing by for the birthday bash -- but our sources say they were 2 peas in a pod last night, which then turned into Lynne spending the night ... and also, hanging out with Brit today.

As far as what, exactly, spurred this latest coming-together ... our sources tell us Britney's incredibly isolated and alone right now -- especially after divorcing Sam. We're told she has almost no friends or confidants -- and it appears Lynne recognized that.

Britney is still close with her brother, Bryan -- who was also in attendance for her party Friday night -- but she doesn't see him as often. Now, there's another person in her orbit ... somebody of her own flesh and blood, no less.

It's great to see them acting like a family again ... but the same can't be said about Britney and her dad/sister, whom she has not been seen with for several years. By all accounts, she doesn't talk to them ... although there have been signs of warming toward Jamie Lynne.

No better time than now to heal old wounds, we suppose ... it is the holidays, after all.

Originally Published -- 3:50 PM PT

Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes 1st Public Event as Couple ... Good Evening, L.A.!!!

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been out in public together a lot since getting the boot from their morning anchor jobs -- but never quite like this ... and boy, do they look happy.

The former 'GMA3' hosts -- who left ABC after word of the relationship got out last year -- stepped out in front of cameras Friday night for iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball 2023 ... where they were front and center and smiling ear to ear as they posed for pics and the press.

Not only did they embrace on the carpet ... but they also smooched -- so, like we said, they ain't hiding the fact they're together any longer, even though it was well-established.

Even before they got there, T.J. was advertising the fact they were in town and rolling as a pair -- posting a pic to his Instagram Story, showing Amy in a car as she fired off a selfie.

Of course, their attendance for the iHeart event was no coincidence ... they have a new podcast they're launching next week -- called 'Amy & T.J.' -- and they're pushing people to iHeart Radio to catch it.

It's their first joint venture since they unceremoniously exited ABC ... at least as far as media's concerned.


Fact is, they've been tied at the hip since their ousting -- and have vacationed all over the place as a couple. The only difference now is ... we'll be seeing them talking shop again, as opposed to just cuddling and making out.

The takeaway though is that they're united and going strong ... so it wasn't just a fling.

More Amy and T.J. coming to a streamer near you ... stay tuned.

Will Smith Fame is the Darndest Thing 'I'm Deeply Human'

Will Smith is once again reflecting on the ups and downs of his life over the past couple years -- and he says he's a work in progress ... who shouldn't rely on outside validation.

The actor was onstage and addressing a crowd Saturday in Saudi Arabia for the Red Sea Film Festival -- where he talked about a number of things ... but perhaps most notably, he addressed his "many adversities" over the past couple years and how he's processed it.

Of course, he's very much alluding to his Oscars slap moment -- but he also seems to be touching on his personal life as well, especially as it pertains to his marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out what he says about the highs and lows of fame ... it's interesting.

It's a long-winded response he has here, but essentially ... it boils down to not needing the outside world to clap for him on any given thing he's doing, professionally or otherwise.

It sounds like Will has sought that as the years have gone on ... but he now says he has to teach himself to be content with himself/his mission regardless -- vowing to continue on the path of self-improvement and to not let outside influences affect him as much as they have.

On how he's reacted to setbacks, WS says he's "deeply human" ... and that is virtue is not perfected, although he hopes to sharpen it now going forward. His goal these days is to perfect his light, and to teach others about the craft of filmmaking/storytelling.

It might sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo ... but there are kernels of wisdom in what Will's saying. From what we can glean -- he's essentially promising not to let the world get him down, or to rile him up ... regardless of what's being said, or who's saying it.

As you know, Will's been the subject of A LOT of chatter lately ... not so much for the slap these days, but for his relationship -- which was recently revealed to be less than traditional.

The other good news out of this weekend appearance is the fact he revealed 'I Am Legend 2' is a go ... and that Michael B. Jordan is going to be in it -- with a script now done.

Will says he's supposed to talk to Mike Sunday to discuss next steps. Finally, some focus back on work!

Britney Spears Mother Lynne Sees Her Off ... After Birthday Dog Scare


2:40 PM PT -- Here's photo evidence that Britney and her mother's relationship is repairing itself right before our eyes ... 'cause Mama Bear was indeed at her daughter's birthday shindig, and apparently spent the night as well.

These pics were taken Saturday, which show Brit leaving her manager's house in the L.A. area ... and wouldn't you know it, Lynne Spears is back there seeing her kid off as she hit the town in a waiting SUV.

You can see Britney saying bye to Cade as he escorts her to the vehicle ... and very clearly in the background -- you can see her mom, looking on. We'd already been told Lynne was in attendance the night prior ... so to see her there the next day is quite telling.

As you know, they've been feuding a lot over the past couple years -- including recently, especially after Britney released her memoir. All is well now again, though ... or so it seems.

10:25 AM PT -- Sources tell TMZ that Britney's dog is fine -- it simply hurt its foot and had to be taken in to be looked at ... but we're told all is well now with the pooch.

Also, we're told Britney's mom, Lynne, was there celebrating her daughter's birthday -- and sources tell us they were getting along great.

Britney Spears got super upset Friday night, after her dog had an apparent medical emergency ... TMZ has learned.

Britney was out in L.A. for a pre-birthday celebration -- she turned 42 today -- at her manager/best friend Cade Hudson's home, along with her brother Bryan and several others.

At 2 AM, Britney, Cade and Bryan left Cade's home and got in a car. An agency photog at the scene says she had her dog in the car and they rushed to a 24-hour veterinary clinic. We never see the dog, but the photog claims they brought it in.


Britney and crew then went to a gas station convenience store on the Sunset Strip, and from the photos you can tell this was some sort of emergency. Cade is in his PJs with no shoes.

They then went back to the vet, and it's unclear whether they had the dog when they left.

Bryan seems to be the only family member with whom Britney has a face-to-face relationship. He's been with her fairly regularly over the last few months.

Originally Published -- 6:59 AM PT

Julianna Margulies Sorry I Said Black People Were 'Brainwashed' to Hate Jews

The Back Room with Andy Ostroy

Julianna Margulies recently said Black people were "brainwashed" to hate Jews -- something she now regrets ... and is apologizing over.

The actress, who's Jewish, made the inflammatory comment late last month on a podcast appearance with Andy Ostroy ... where they talked about young people's overwhelming embrace of Palestine in the Israel-Hamas war -- something they chalked up to antisemitism.

Specifically, Margulies mentioned African-Americans and people in the LGBTQ+ community as being wholly misguided in their position on the matter ... saying they'd be the first ones to be discriminated against -- if not outright killed -- in just about any Muslim country.

JM went to express disbelief that Black people, specifically, as a group seemed to be speaking out against Israel/Zionists -- which she apparently views as hating on Jews, at large, as well -- and then brought up the fact that Jewish people had stood with Blacks during the Civil Rights era ... and basically said the same should be done now in return.

She then said that a recent Ken Burns doc on the Holocaust should be mandatory viewing in schools these days -- especially for the Black community ... whom she suggested either didn't know the horrid history, or whom she said had probably been taught to "hate Jews."

It caused a lot of backlash, and on Friday ... she folded, saying -- "I am horrified by the fact that statements I made on a recent podcast offended the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities, communities I truly love and respect."

Margulies continued ... "I want to be 100% clear: Racism, homophobia, sexism, or any prejudice against anyone’s personal beliefs or identity are abhorrent to me, full stop."

She added ... "Throughout my career I have worked tirelessly to combat hate of all kind, end antisemitism, speak out against terrorist groups like Hamas, and forge a united front against discrimination."

JM finished by saying, "I did not intend for my words to sow further division, for which I am sincerely apologetic."

Meghan & Harry Urged to Speak on Behalf of Charles Re: Renewed Racism Claims

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being encouraged to speak up on behalf of King Charles after he was named as one of the alleged "Royal racists" -- this per a new report.

The Telegraph cites two sources close to the Royal Family as calling on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to pipe up and defend Chuck amid these renewed claims of racism -- this, of course, after Piers Morgan took it upon himself to ID the King as one of the senior Royals allegedly named in a Dutch translation of a new book touching on the issue.


The other senior Royal who allegedly made remarks about Archie's skin color and who was named in the book, according to Piers, was Kate Middleton ... Prince William's wife.

Now, the context of what either of them allegedly said has yet to be revealed -- but it was apparently concerning enough for Meghan to bring it up in an interview with Oprah.


Remember, Meghan was careful with how she characterized what was allegedly said ... and what the implication might be. But when Oprah asked if these alleged convos were, perhaps, suggesting that Archie being "brown" and too dark would "be a problem" ... Meghan said it was a safe assumption to make. So, she certainly appeared to cosign that narrative.

Of course, on top of airing her concerns to O, MM also wrote letters to Charles sometime after the fact about these alleged remarks ... a revelation that came to light in Omid Scobie's book, "Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy's Fight for Survival."

It was in this correspondence, according to Scobie, that the people who allegedly made comments about Archie's skin surfaced ... which then somehow leaked in the Netherlands. Those versions were yanked, and Scobie has insisted he doesn't know how the names even got in there in the first place ... claiming he never wrote them down in any draft.

Since 2021 -- when this alleged racism bombshell came to light -- Harry, specifically, has pushed back on what he and Meghan actually alleged about his family at the time. He told a British reporter earlier this year that the media had taken what they said and warped it into a racism accusation. Lately, he's been backpedaling ... merely suggesting implicit bias.

Anyway, fast-forward to right now -- as Charles and Kate's names are being thrown around as alleged racists -- and the Telegraph quotes an insider as saying ... "For the couple that talked about ‘death by a thousand no comments’, the silence at this point is deafening."

Another source they quote says it's "interesting" that Harry and Meghan haven't said anything to either confirm or deny the reports of Charles and Kate being the ones who allegedly made these comments ... especially since they once sought the Palace's help when the 2 of them first got together, and Meg's name was getting dragged through the mud.

Meghan and Harry have famously suggested the Palace's silence at the time was done on purpose -- alleging a coordinated campaign was afoot and claiming the Royals have been in bed with the British press ... while hinting that Meg was offered up as the sacrificial lamb.

What's rich here ... apparently, Buckingham Palace and/or Chuck's inner circle now wants them to go to bat for him -- which is the ultimate irony ... this is, if you buy what Meg/Harry have been selling for a long time. Basically, fans of theirs see this as overdue revenge.

The funniest part about all of this is that the whole "racism" storyline has long been dead in the water -- and Harry didn't even really harp on it during his press run for his own book.

Now, however, it's been reignited anew thanks to this Scobie fella ... and Piers, of course. Good grief, Charlie ... King of England.

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