Kanye West I'm An Amazing Father ... Check Out My Minivan!!!


Kanye West will give you a fist bump if you call him an "amazing father" ... as one fan found out while Yeezy was grabbing some ice cream.

The bizarre interaction went down Thursday in Calabasas, where Ye hit up an ice cream shop after a doctor's visit.

Kanye's licking his ice cream cone and answering a paparazzi's question about the death of fashion icon Andre Leon Talley ... when suddenly someone comes up and praises Kanye's father skills.

Ye perks up and gives the dude a fist bump, telling him he loves the praise and appreciates the recognition.

Kanye then gets behind the wheel of his whip ... which turns out to be a minivan!!!

Seems he's got plenty of room for North, Psalm, Saint and Chicago to ride in the back.

BTW ... Kanye just dropped a new song where he calls his kids spoiled, rapping about how they're being raised by nannies and TV cameras.

Dak Prescott Fined $25,000 ... After Praising Fans For Throwing Trash At Refs

Dak Prescott's foot-in-mouth moment following the Cowboys' loss on Sunday just cost him serious cash ... 'cause the NFL announced Thursday it's fining the Dallas QB $25K after he praised fans for throwing trash at refs.

Following a controversial end to the Cowboys vs. 49ers game at AT&T Stadium ... fans hurled garbage at officials as they exited the field of play.

One bottle actually hit Cowboys star pass rusher Demarcus Lawrence ... and when Dak was informed that the debris-throwing was actually aimed at umps, he commended the acts.

"S***," Prescott said. "Credit to them, then."

Dak was immediately panned for the comments -- and the criticism grew so loud, he eventually apologized.

"I deeply regret the comments I made regarding the officials after the game on Sunday," the 28-year-old said. "I was caught up in the emotion of a disappointing loss and my words were uncalled for and unfair."

He continued, "The safety of everyone who attends a game or participates on the field of a sporting event is a very serious matter."

"That was a mistake on my behalf, and I am sorry."

Prescott will now have roughly eight months to stew on it all -- he and the Cowboys' season is over following the weekend loss.

'Joe Millionaire' Mama's Boy Alert ... Steven Was Spoon-Fed Until 11!!!


One of the 'Joe Millionaire' guys is taking mama's boy to a whole new level -- openly admitting he was literally spoon-fed for YEARS after he could do it himself.

You gotta see Steven McBee in this exclusive preview we got from tonight's episode of "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" -- it's Steven hanging out with Annie, who grilled him about spoon-feeding rumors.

Brace yourself ... Steven confirms it's absolutely true!!!

He says that his mom spoiled him before school, because he was too tired to do it himself. Annie didn't completely let him off the hook, either. She drilled down even more about the odd fact -- but they both ended up laughing about how weird it was.

On the new episode, airing tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on FOX, Steven cops to being embarrassed about this page of his history -- but he's not the only one in the hot seat this episode.

The ladies are invited to a movie night, and they provide all the drama as emotions run high.

Major League Baseball Using Robot Umps ... For 2022 Triple-A Season

The days of Angel Hernandez makin' you pull out your hair may soon be over ... 'cause Major League Baseball is instituting robot umpires for the 2022 Triple-A season -- moving one big step closer to an eventually automated strike zone in The Show.

MLB let the cat out of the bag on the plans this week ... posting a notice on its website seeking seasonal employees to operate the automated ball-strike system at the highest level of MILB.

According to the Associated Press, 14 teams will be looking to fill openings at their respective ballparks.

The development comes just two years after the Independent Atlantic League became the first American pro baseball league to let a computer call balls and strikes.

It's something that many players and fans have been calling for forever ... and it would eliminate the inconsistent strike zones.

After taking a year off because of the pandemic, robots were used in Low-A ball (Southeast League) at a majority of ballparks in 2021.

The Major League Baseball Umpires Association did agree in 2020 to assist and cooperate with MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, if he decided to ultimately institute change at the major league level.

As for will we see them next season on opening day -- MLB did say the robot umps will be used at some spring training ballparks ... and didn't rule out the possibility of them being used at non-MLB venues.

That is, if we even have a next season!!!

Adele Tearfully Cancels Vegas Shows... COVID Wrecked My Team!!!

@adele / Twitter

Adele says she's tried everything possible, but the show will NOT go on, as they say -- COVID has forced her to cancel her upcoming Vegas residency.

Adele apologized to fans Thursday for having to cancel at the last minute. She says she tried hard to make sure her show was ready in time, but she says it's been nearly impossible with delivery delays, and half of her team being down due to COVID-19.

Adele was set to have her opening show this weekend as a part of her “Weekends with Adele” residency. She planned to do 24 shows starting this month and running through April.

But, now fans who traveled to Sin City will have to find something else to do, because they won't be hearing from the Grammy-award winning singer ... not this weekend, anyway.

Adele obviously appeared very remorseful, and distraught about the decision -- she says she intends to reschedule, and she's "gonna get [the show] to where it's supposed to be."

No word yet on when those new dates will be, but ya gotta feel for Adele when you see how upset she is about the delay.

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS I Tried To Free Britney ... But It Blew Up In My Face!!!

Call Her Daddy/Spotify

Jamie Lynn Spears says she tried to help Britney free herself from her conservatorship ... but the efforts went nowhere and pissed a lot of people off.

The former Nickelodeon star says Britney made it seem like she wanted out of the conservatorship during some late-night sister talks on a trip to Hawaii, and Jamie Lynn says she tried to get involved.

As Jamie Lynn explains on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, she took Britney's comments to heart and talked to her sister's lawyer ... but it blew up in her face big time.

What's more, Jamie Lynn says she and her husband had some judges look into Britney's conservatorship and told her all she needed to do was move out of California for 6 months and the conservatorship would end.

JL says she even offered to have Britney live with her in Louisiana in an effort to dissolve the conservatorship ... but she still doesn't know why Britney never followed through with that option.

Jamie Lynn doesn't give an exact time frame for when any of this was happening ... but says she was always going to support whatever Britney wanted to do.

Britney's been reacting to a lot of Jamie Lynn's interviews and excerpts from her new book, so it will be interesting if she has a response here.

Wisconsin Basketball Fan Banned After Eye Gesture ... Aimed At Asian Students During Game


A Wisconsin Badgers hoops fan has been banned from buying tickets to the school's sporting events ... after making disgusting slant-eye gestures toward Northwestern students during a game.

The incident happened during Tuesday's matchup at Welsh-Ryan Arena in Illinois ... when a man in Wisconsin colors was recorded on video standing up and taunting the Northwestern student section with the middle finger and anti-Asian gesture.

The fan recording the incident was in complete shock ... as well as the targeted students, who appeared to be of Asian descent.

The man was eventually kicked out of the arena by security ... and as he was leaving, the guy continued to make the racist gesture as the Northwestern students cheered for his departure.

The Univ. of Wisconsin thanked Northwestern for removing the Badgers fan after the offensive act ... and announced on Thursday that he's no longer welcome at Badger sporting events.

"We join with @UWBadgers and all #Badgers in condemning the abhorrent anti-Asian actions of an attendee at the Northwestern game this week," the school said in a statement.

"We applaud NU for removing him. He is no longer welcome at UW Athletics events -- we are barring him from buying tickets on our platform."

Criss Angel Son's Cancer Battle Changed Me ... New Documentary Can Help Others Cope


Criss Angel could simply be celebrating his son's cancer going into remission, but instead, he wants to help other families feel the same hope and joy -- and he believes sharing Johnny's story is the best way to do that.

The famed illusionist got the great news Monday about 7-year-old Johnny, whose remission comes after he was first diagnosed at just 20-months-old. Criss captured much of his son's brave battle on camera, and joined us on "TMZ live" to talk about their new documentary "1095."

Criss tells us the 13-minute film documents the trials and tribulations his family faced with pediatric cancer ... and he knows it mirrors the experiences of so many other families. He says that's why he wants to use his platform to help people who are struggling but don't have the resources to raise awareness about this form of cancer.

Criss couldn't hold back tears as he admitted the ordeal has made him a different person. While he's still the same crazy guy onstage ... offstage he's focused on helping others in this dire situation.

After several streaming platforms rejected "1095" -- which is the number of days of chemo Johnny endured -- Criss simply posted it on his YouTube channel ... and we've included it above as well, so pass it on.

To be clear, this isn't about profits, Criss says he's just trying to raise awareness and increase donations to fight pediatric cancer -- and while "1095" includes a lot of his family's tough times, he adds ... there's always hope.

Aaron Rodgers Jabs At Brady With Deflategate Zinger 'Too Firm For The Patriots'

It's been seven years since Deflategate, but Aaron Rodgers clearly hasn't forgotten about it -- 'cause the dude is STILL taking jabs at Tom Brady over the scandal.

The Green Bay Packers superstar was doing an interview with Sportsnet when he unleashed the zinger ... commenting on the feeling of a football that was handed to him.

"This is too firm for the Patriots," Rodgers said.

Get it? 'Cause Brady (allegedly) deflated Patriots' footballs in the 2015 AFC Championship game in order to gain an edge on the Colts?!

Don't worry ... Rodgers clearly had no malice behind the comment -- he and Brady have a good relationship, and Rodgers even smirked toward the camera while making the quip.

It's still possible, though, that Brady gets the last laugh on Aaron this month ... because if both the Packers and Buccaneers win this weekend, they'll play in the NFC Championship Game the following weekend.

Fingers crossed!

Sha'Carri Richardson Not Running to 'Big Brother' House ... Reports Aren't True!!!

12:23 PM PT -- Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Jillian Michaels was another name rumored to be on the cast ... our sources say she will not be on the show.

Sha'Carri Richardson won't be running to the "Big Brother" house any time soon, cuz reports the one-time Olympic favorite is joining the show's cast just ain't true ... TMZ has learned.

The American track superstar's name flooded "Celebrity Big Brother" message boards and then hit outlets Wednesday reporting she'd be an upcoming contestant on the popular show.

Unfortunately for Sha'Carri fans, the reports just aren't true ... her rep, Ashley Blackwood, tells TMZ, “Sha’Carri was contacted months ago to be on Big Brother and declined. All coverage on her participating are false and simply just rumors.”

You'll remember -- Sha'Carri was a favorite to represent the USA at last year's Olympic games ... but those dreams were dashed when she failed a drug test with marijuana in her system.

She later made headlines when she appeared in a Beats by Dre commercial which featured a first listen of Kanye West's song "No Child Left Behind."

Other possible contestant names that circulated this week were "RHOBH" star Erika Jayne and former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes ... sources close to both tells us neither will be on the show.

As for some celebs who actually might be on the show? Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Vanilla Ice and Todrick Hall are all names still floating around as possible houseguests.

The show is set to premiere on February 2 on CBS ... so the clock is ticking to lock down more big names.

Bob Saget Widow Reveals Their Final Conversation ... I'm So Grateful it Was 'All Love'


Kelly Rizzo has no regrets about what she and Bob Saget discussed very shortly before he passed away in an Orlando hotel room, and says their final chat was totally representative of Bob's entire life.

Bob's widow told Hoda Kotb on "Today" she felt she'd finally reached a point where she was all cried out about her husband's sudden death -- and yet, moments later she broke down talking about how deeply Bob loved her and everyone in his life.

Kelly sobbed as she recalled his routine during road trips -- "Every time he would be out of town he would always try to ... he would work so hard, and he loved to sleep in, but when he was away, he would still go to bed at 2 and wake up at 4" to ensure he could get home on the first flight.

As we've reported, that's exactly what Bob intended to do after checking into the Ritz-Carlton around 2 AM on January 9. He was scheduled to fly home to Kelly early that Sunday, but when Kelly didn't hear from him, she notified the hotel ... and a staffer found him unresponsive around 4 PM.

We know Bob had spoken to Kelly after his final show, Saturday night in Jacksonville. She says, "It was all 'I love you so much.' I think I said, 'I love you dearly,' and then he said, 'I love you endlessly,' and then I said, 'I can't wait to see you tomorrow.' It was just all love."

Kelly told Hoda that final convo is pretty much how they always spoke to each other -- she says Bob was all about loving the people in his life, and letting them know about it.

In fact, she says she marveled at how he found the time to talk to everyone and tell everybody that he loved them ... all the time. When you see Kelly talking about Bob and how deeply he cared about his friends, it's easy to understand the outpouring of love we've seen for him since his death.

She added, "He was just the best man I've ever known in my life, and he was just so kind and so wonderful and everybody that was in his life knew it."

Super Bowl Halftime Show Hype Vid With Dre, Eminem, Mary J. ... Get Pumped!!!

The Super Bowl is still a few weeks away, but you can start losing your minds for the halftime show now ... 'cause the official trailer for the big event just dropped -- and it's awesome!!

Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar are set to share the stage on February 13 ... which, understandably, has a ton of people hyped.

Pepsi just added to the anticipation by releasing a nearly 4-minute Hollywood film-style clip dubbed the "official trailer" ... featuring all the performers getting "the call" and preparing to hit up L.A. for the show.

The vid shows Em, Snoop, MJB, Kendrick and Dre all leaving their daily lives to join forces outside SoFi Stadium ... with Dre moving all the pieces in a big game of chess.

The visuals are nuts ... and if it's any indication as to how the real halftime show will go, we're in for a treat.

Can we please fast-forward a few weeks??

Jamie Lynn Spears' Lawyer Seriously, Britney, You Took the High Road???

Jamie Lynn Spears is NOT intimidated by Britney's threat of a defamation lawsuit over her book ... in fact, she says if anyone has the facts wrong ... it's her big sister and her lawyer.

Attorney Bryan Freedman, who reps Jamie Lynn, sent a blistering letter to Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who triggered this war of words with his letter Tuesday night threatening a lawsuit.

For starters, Freedman says, for all its bluster, Rosengart's letter doesn't show any mistruth on his client's part.

Freedman says it's rich Britney and her lawyer have attacked Jamie Lynn for mudslinging, claiming they took the high road. Freedman notes some of Britney's recent social media posts directed at Jamie Lynn ... she should have "slapped you and mamma right across your f***ing faces!!" And, "Whipped your ass." And, "popped the s*** out of your ass."

Freedman essentially says Britney has mobilized her fans to threaten the lives of Jamie Lynn and her family.

A few more points ... Freedman says it's ridiculous Rosengart didn't read Jamie Lynn's book before sending the cease and desist letter. He says if Rosengart would have read the book, he would have seen Jamie Lynn is kind to Britney, characterizing her as "kind, supportive and a protective sister."


He says it was also disappointing to see the letter plastered all over the media, and says it's no way to resolve a dispute and try to repair damaged relationships.

No truce here.

Cardi B 'She's an Angel!!!' Fire Victim's Family Praises Her Donation

Cardi B's announcement she's covering funeral costs for all the victims of the historically deadly Bronx apartment fire has one man -- who lost 5 relatives -- calling Cardi an "angel."

Haji Dukuray's niece was killed in the blaze, along with her husband and 3 children ... and Cardi is making sure he doesn't have to worry about finding the money to bury 5 family members.


Haji, who used to drive 200 miles from his Delaware home to see his niece and her family in the Bronx, tells TMZ ... Cardi is an angel and his family can't thank her enough for what she's done.

He says it's a huge help to his family to not bear the financial burden ... and he's sending Cardi blessings for stepping up to help so many people she's never met.

As we reported, the inferno engulfed a 19-story apartment building in the Bronx earlier this month, killing 9 adults and 8 children -- the city's deadliest fire in more than 3 decades.

Cardi, a Bronx native, vowed to cover funeral expenses and worked with NYC Mayor Eric Adams' office to make it happen.

Haji says he got word of Cardi's gift from Mayor Adams' people -- and had no idea, initially, the rapper was their benefactor.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Remember, Fat Joe is helping rally celebs for relief efforts, and he told us most of the people living in the building were immigrants who lost everything in the blaze.


We got Jim Jones at Impact Zone Gym in New Jersey and asked him about Cardi's gesture ... and he praised her too, saying he would expect nothing less.

Cardi's also highlighting others who've stepped up to help the victims' families ... shouting out Joe and several NYC radio stations.

WV Reporter Hit By Car On Live TV ... Gets Back Up and keeps Reporting!!!


A reporter in West Virginia just earned some extra stripes ... because she got hit by a car during a live shot and didn't miss a beat!!!

It all went down Wednesday night, when WSAZ-TV reporter Tori Yorgey had started to report from the field when you see a car come from behind and strike her. Her body kind of lunges forward out of frame and she screams, "Oh my god! I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK."

Ever the trooper ... Tori hops back up, moves her camera and sluffs it off ... “That’s live TV for you. It’s all good." Tori said that wasn't the first time she had been hit either. It happened in college as well.

As for the driver who hit her, she apologizes during the live shot, and Tori is unbelievably gracious ... "Ma’am, you are so sweet, and you are OK."

This is 2022, so social media was looking for someone to drag, and they went after the anchor for not having what they felt was an appropriately horrified reaction. He defended himself in a tweet, saying he could only hear Tori and didn't see the actual impact. He says she was taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure.

And, get this ... this was her last week at the station. She's moving on to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh drivers ... stay in your lanes!!!.

Malik McDowell 'Doesn't Remember' Naked Altercation With Cops ... H.S. Coach Says

Courtesy Ty Jenkins

Malik McDowell's high school football coach says the NFL player told him he "doesn't remember" a single thing from his naked altercation with cops on Monday.

"He said he doesn't remember anything," Reggie Wynns told cleveland.com on Wednesday, just hours after McDowell was released from jail.

"He doesn't remember nothing."

Wynns, who coached McDowell at Southfield H.S. in Michigan and later went on to be a mentor for the football player, said he spoke with McDowell shortly after he was arrested following the incident with officers in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Wynns said in their conversation, McDowell got "so emotional" over the arrest.

"I don't know if someone laced him or what," Wynns said. "I don't know. That's not him at all. All I'm hoping is that when they test him, they figure out that he had been drugged."


As we reported, shortly after a trip to the gym on Monday morning, McDowell stripped down at his hotel and roamed the streets near a children's learning center completely naked.

Video from the scene, shot by a bystander, shows when the 25-year-old was confronted by cops, he charged at one of them and appeared to throw punches.

Cops say they eventually tasered McDowell and arrested him ... and later booked him on three charges.


McDowell, who started 14 games for the Cleveland Browns this season without incident, has yet to publicly comment on the situation.

"I'm hoping we find something out because what he did, that was not him at all," Wynns said. "What he did is not normal for sure. Just think about it. How in the hell do you go from being a great citizen in Cleveland and then go down Monday and train and then [this happens]."

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