A$AP Rocky is now being sued over the alleged shooting that led to his arrest ... and the guy who says he's the victim is a former member of the rapper's group.

Rocky is being sued for assault and battery by Terell Ephron, a former A$AP Mob member who used to carry the moniker "A$AP Relli."

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Ephron claims the shooting went down November 6 in Hollywood, where he says Rocky set up a meeting and initiated a verbal altercation leading to shots being fired.

In the docs, Ephron says Rocky pulled out a handgun during the dispute, pointed it at him and pulled the trigger ... firing multiple shots, with bullet fragments striking Ephron. Ephron claims he suffered injuries to his hand that required medical attention.


Remember ... A$AP was arrested at LAX back in April, with cops waiting for him to get off his private jet from Barbados and take him away in handcuffs.

Rocky was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon ... and police said it stemmed from the Nov. 6 shooting, where the alleged victim claimed Rocky shot at him multiple times, with at least one bullet grazing his hand. Cops also said Rocky knew the alleged victim.

There's some bad blood between the A$AP Mob and Relli ... with A$AP Bari claiming Relli snitched on Rocky, leading to the arrest.

Relli claims a large portion of the shooting incident was caught on camera ... which lines up with what LAPD sources told us back in April, when we first reported cops had footage of the alleged shooting in their possession.

Ephron is going after Rocky for damages ... he says he continues to suffer emotional distress as a result of the shooting and is losing out on work.

We reached out to Rocky's camp ... so far no word back.

Anne Heche Cops Investigating Crash as Felony DUI

Anne Heche's horrific crash into a California home now has the potential to land the actress into even deeper legal trouble ... she's now under investigation for felony DUI.

LAPD sources tell TMZ ... they've now upped the investigation to a felony because the woman inside the home Anne barreled through with her Mini Cooper claims she was injured -- suffering cuts requiring medical treatment.

Fox 11

Cops believe Anne was driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol ... because she was driving erratically and recklessly, hitting a garage and a parked car before slamming into the home.

Cops also took note of a photo of Anne in the car just before the crash, with what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol in a cup holder.


Anne's rep says the actress is still fighting for her life ... she lost consciousness shortly after the crash, and has been in a coma ever since.


TMZ broke the story, Anne almost struck a woman before hitting another vehicle and crashing into a garage in the moments leading up to the fiery explosion.

Heche was pulled from her car as it burned and loaded onto a stretcher by paramedics. The vehicle was left a smoldering pile of metal.

Kobe Bryant Photo Trial Vanessa Sobs During Opening Statements ... Deputy Bragged About 'Piles of Meat' at Death Scene


4:49 PM PT -- An emotional Lakers GM Rob Pelinka took the stand -- barely able to speak when talking about how special his relationship with Kobe really was. Pelinka says he still considers Kobe to be his best friend, and that having Kobe as a friend was like knowing a super hero.


Pelinka revealed he was in church when he got a call about the helicopter crash, and rushed to meet Vanessa at John Wayne Airport. Pelinka says deputies took him and Vanessa close to the crash site, and were promised the area would be kept private.


Pelinka says Vanessa has fought to protect the beauty of her family, and if the photos from the scene were to get out, there's fear for what it could do to her daughters. He also revealed that in June 2020, Vanessa went to the site of the crash to touch the soil where Kobe and GiGi were before they went to heaven.

Vanessa Bryant dissolved into tears as her lawyer addressed the jury in opening statements, saying the 8 L.A. County Sheriff's deputies who took photos of the bodies of her husband and child took the pictures "for a laugh like they were souvenirs."

Vanessa's lawyer said the deputies "poured salt in an unhealable wound" by using their cellphones to take the photos for personal use. The lawyer described "pictures of broken bodies, close-ups of limbs and burnt flesh."

The lawyer played the deposition of a Sheriff's detective who said his wife didn't want to see the photos, and that's when he told her they showed "piles of meat."

The attorney says Vanessa lives "in fear, anxiety and terror" that someday she and her family will see the photos.

The lawyer said Vanessa's children were her everything, Kobe was her everything, and she will be forever haunted by what the deputies did.

The crux of the case involves L.A. County Sheriff's deputies who took photos of the bodies of Kobe and daughter Gianna at the crash scene and then shared them with colleagues. In one case, a deputy allegedly showed the photos to a woman at a bar, and the bartender is the one who blew the whistle on him.

Vanessa claims in the lawsuit ... the conduct of the deputies caused her severe emotional distress, adding it was an invasion of privacy. Lawyers for L.A. County responded by claiming Vanessa's emotional distress is rooted in the crash, not the photos.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law 2 years ago -- called the Kobe Bryant Act -- making it a crime for first responders to share photos of a dead person at a crime scene for purposes unrelated to the case.  The crime is punishable by a $1,000 fine.

Edmonton Oilers 6-Year-Old Super Fan Dies ... After Cancer Battle

Horrible news from the sports world ... Ben Stelter, the 6-year-old Edmonton Oilers super fan battling brain cancer has passed away, his father announced Wednesday.

"The world lost the most special boy and an absolute hero last night," Ben's dad wrote on social media.

He continued ... "Ben, you were the best son we could ever hope for, and you were my best bud ever. Your sisters were so lucky to have you as such a sweet brother."

"You fought so long and hard and beat so many odds," he added.

Ben -- who was diagnosed with glioblastoma (an aggressive type of cancer that can occur in the brain or spinal cord) about a year and a half ago -- got a chance to meet the Oilers team in March, even accompanying team captain Connor McDavid onto the ice before a game.

That night, Ben -- gearing up for another stint of chemotherapy -- wore a custom Oilers jersey with his last name "Stelter" and the number 2 ... as the fans and players provided support and words of encouragement.

Ben attended many Oilers games throughout the season ... and became a good luck charm for the team, evidenced by their impressive record with him in attendance.

"Ben’s coming to the game tonight and has his eye on the cup," Mike wrote in June. "The @EdmontonOilers are 10-0 with Ben in the building at Rogers Place. #LetsGoOilers #BenOilersStrong."

The organization addressed Ben's passing online, Tweeting ... "We are mourning the passing of our dear friend, number one #Oilers fan, good luck charm & inspiration, Ben Stelter. Although small in stature, Ben's impact on our team & community were massive.  Play La Bamba, baby. 💙🧡"

The Oilers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Avalanche in game 4 of the WCF. Colorado went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Ben's presence will forever be missed on the ice and in the locker room going forward.


Rep. Eric Swalwell Death Threats Left on Racist, Homophobic Voicemail


Rep. Eric Swalwell got a vile, hateful, racist, homophobic voicemail from a Trump supporter who advocated the beheading of him, his wife and kids.

The voicemail embodies the violence being advocated by some people on the far right who have advocated violence and even civil war in the wake of the raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home this week.

The caller is straight-up racist when he drops Vice President Kamala Harris' name, and it's hard to even describe the vitriol toward numerous other Democrats, including the President and the Speaker of the House.

The San Francisco Congressman posted the voicemail on his Twitter account, saying, "LISTEN to this death threat against my children. Since the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump, McCarthy and MAGA Republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. Someone is going to get killed."

Swalwell recently appeared on MSNBC, talking about how violent right-wing Republicans have gotten ... especially on social media.

OF Model Courtney Tailor Charged with Murdering Boyfriend ... Arrested in Hawaii


6:10 PM PT -- Courtney's lawyer, Frank Prieto, tells TMZ ... her arrest is shocking because they believe there is clear evidence of self-defense.


Her lawyer claims Obumseli attacked and choked Courtney, leaving her "no choice but to meet force with force."


CT's attorney says she's been cooperating with the police investigation and offered to turn herself in if criminal charges were filed ... another reason they are disappointed in her sudden arrest.


We're told Courtney was seeking treatment in Hawaii for PTSD and other issues related to the case ... and her lawyer claims she is a victim of domestic violence and human trafficking.

OnlyFans model Courtney Tailor has been charged with murder in connection to the killing of her boyfriend earlier this year.

Tailor was reportedly arrested in Hawaii on Wednesday on a second-degree murder charge. She's said to have been in rehab there but, according to her attorney, who spoke to the Miami Herald, she's expected to be extradited to Florida soon.


Her lawyer adds ... "I'm completely shocked, especially since we were cooperating with the investigation and offered to voluntarily surrender her if she were charged. We look forward to clearing her name in court."

The arrest comes months after authorities were investigating the stabbing death of Christian Obumseli -- who was found deceased in the couple's Miami apartment. Tailor had previously told cops she did, in fact, stab him with a knife ... but insisted it was in self-defense.

Surveillance video from inside shows Tailor, after the fact, covered in blood from head to toe.

It initially seemed as though her explanation had worked, but now prosecutors apparently think there is enough evidence to prosecute her. Obumseli's family has insisted all along that they believe she killed him in cold blood.

Things weren't looking good for her, publicly, in the immediate aftermath of the incident. People dug up old interviews of her saying questionable things -- and she got confronted in a hotel lobby by an outraged bystander.

Originally Published -- 3:05 PM PT

Olivia Newton-John's Heartfelt Tribute from Husband

Olivia Newton-John's husband, John Easterling, is reeling from the loss of his wife, but finding strength to post some beautiful words in the wake of her death.

John use Olivia's official Instagram account Wednesday to share a message, "Our love for each other transcends our understanding. Every day we expressed our gratitude for this love that could be so deep, so real, so natural. We never had to ‘work’ on it. We were in awe of this great mystery and accepted the experience of our love as past, present and forever."

He went on to call her a healer and the most courageous woman he's ever known ... "It is only the grace of God that has allowed me to share the depth and passion of her being for so long. In her most difficult times she always had the spirit, the humor, and the will power to move things into the light."

He continued, "Even now as her soul soars, the pain and holes in my heart are healed with the joy of her love and the light that shines forward" ... and thanked folks for their love and support.

As we reported, Olivia died peacefully Monday, surrounded by family and friends at her ranch in Southern California. The star battled breast cancer off and on starting in the 90s ... and a source close to Olivia tells us the cancer was the cause of her death.

Olivia and John Easterling, who is the founder of Amazon Herb Co., got married back in 2008.

Olivia Wilde Wins Legal Battle vs. Jason Sudeikis You Embarrassed Me On Purpose!!!

Olivia Wilde just won a victory in her custody war against Jason Sudeikis ... after claiming he intentionally humiliated her by sicc'ing a process server on her in the middle of a public appearance.

As we previously reported, Oliva was on stage at CinemaCon in Vegas back in April, when a dude interrupted her speech and handed her a manila envelope. She thought it was a script and opened it up in front of the audience, but when she realized what it was ... she clammed up.

Turns out they were legal docs courtesy of Jason, asking a judge to hear their custody case in New York. Olivia then filed her own legal docs in L.A., calling B.S. on Jason because the kids live in California and not New York.

APRIL 2022

In docs obtained by the Daily Mail, Olivia's team called Jason's move to serve her an "outrageous legal tactic." She said, "His actions were clearly intended to threaten me and catch me off guard. He could have served me discreetly, but instead he chose to serve me in the most aggressive manner possible."

She went on ... "The fact that Jason would embarrass me professionally and put our personal conflict on public display in this manner is extremely contrary to our children's best interests."

As we reported, a source close to Jason maintained he had no idea she'd be served in such a public space.

However, Olivia got the last laugh ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ, there was a zoom hearing last month with Olivia, Jason, their lawyers and the judges in New York and L.A. The two judges agreed ... New York was NOT the children's home -- California was, so the custody case will be held in L.A. County.

Of course, only the jurisdiction of the case has been determined, no trial has taken place ... and it's always possible the former couple will get things figured out before that even happens.

Olivia wants to move to London at year's end, largely because her boyfriend, Harry Styles, lives there. It looks like there's gonna be a dogfight over where the kids end up living, although it's possible they'll go back and forth between Olivia and Jason.

Andrew Yang Trump Raid Better Turn Up The Goods ... Or Else It's A Stain on FBI


Andrew Yang is questioning the FBI raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort ... he says the feds better find some compelling dirt on the former President, or it's a horrible look.

The former Presidential and NYC Mayoral candidate joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and we asked him what we makes of the FBI's unprecedented move against Trump.

Andrew says the only way this turns out well for the FBI is if agents seized some really strong evidence against Trump, who is under investigation for allegedly removing boxes of classified documents from the White House and taking them down to Florida.

Yang says if the FBI raid turns out to be a big nothing burger, it looks like a political attack on Trump ... and he thinks most Americans agree it would create some really bad optics.

TMZ broke the story ... the feds waited until Trump was away from Mar-a-Lago to raid the place. In the aftermath, Trump has ripped the FBI, claiming agents ransacked Melania's closet while looking for the docs.

Andrew, who is leading the charge to create a new political party called the Forward Party, says the FBI raid might even help Trump become the GOP nominee in a 2024 rematch against Joe Biden, an outcome he says most Americans do NOT want.

The way Andrew and the Forward Party sees it ... a Trump vs. Biden sequel would push even more voters away from the two-party system in search of other choices, to the Forward Party and others.

Just who those other 2024 candidates are remains to be seen, Forward Party or otherwise ... but Andrew tells us why voters will be excited about the alternatives.

Cops: Frank Gore Dragged Naked Woman By Her Hair ... In Atlantic City Incident

Frank Gore grabbed a naked woman by her hair and dragged her across a hotel room's hallway during an altercation in Atlantic City, N.J. last month ... according to new, bombshell court documents obtained by TMZ Sports.

Cops say the incident between the NFL legend and a 28-year-old woman happened in the early morning hours of July 31 on the 59th floor of the Tropicana Casino's Havana Tower.

According to the docs, Gore "forcibly" gripped the woman by her hair ... before "violently dragging her nude person along the floor of the 59th hallway."

As we previously reported, Atlantic City Police said officers were initially called out to the scene at around 8:11 AM on the 31, but did not make any arrests after they said the woman "did not exhibit signs of injury."

Gore, though, was ultimately charged days later with simple assault after cops said they further investigated the allegations.

Gore, according to records, is due in court for a hearing in the case in October.

He's yet to publicly comment on the accusations.

The former 49ers star is considered one of the greatest NFL running backs of all time -- after rushing for 16,000 yards in his 16-season career. The 39-year-old has since become a boxer, winning his last fight in May over Yaya Olorunsola.

Jon Stewart Attends Biden's Signing of Vet Bill ... Props from Prez

Jon Stewart's efforts to get health benefits to veterans came full circle Wednesday ... he was on hand to watch President Biden usher in a bill guaranteeing exactly that, with a shout-out from POTUS himself.


The former 'Daily Show' host was one of several people in attendance at the White House to watch 46 sign the PACT Act into law ... and you could tell he was emotional to see it reach the finish line after a hard-fought battle. The Prez made sure to acknowledge his good work, saying the bill wouldn't be before him if it wasn't for everything he'd done.

JS took it all in humbly, and throughout the ceremony ... was also hugging vets who were able to make it in person, rubbing shoulders with politicians in the room, and getting pats on the back by pretty much everybody around. It's well deserved.

As we all saw over these past couple weeks, Jon was on the front lines in getting U.S. Senators to vote for PACT -- even after many of them, mostly Republicans, flip-flopped at crucial points in the legislative process ... nearly torpedoing it all together.


There was a lot of handwringing over verbiage -- including claims that Dems were trying to play a budgetary game in terms of the type of spending this would fall into long-term -- but Jon always stuck to his guns and called out misinformation left and right in a variety of ways.

He spoke directly to reporters in very impassioned terms a few times on Capitol Hill ... and even got into some shouting matches with people he considered trolls acting in bad faith.

Of course, Jon also used social media pretty creatively -- and in the end, it paid off. Just goes to show ... the guy knows how to get stuff done in D.C. when he puts his mind to it.

The question ... will he ever aim higher and possibly run for office? Time will tell ...

'Breakfast Club's' Angela Yee I'll Stick Around to Help Find Replacement


Angela Yee is leaving "The Breakfast Club," but not before they can find her replacement -- a process for which she says she's going to help.

The longtime radio host was in NYC Wednesday -- shortly after her announcing that she was starting her own nationally syndicated show -- and she told us the hunt for a new female co-host to join DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God hasn't really begun yet.

It'll definitely get going now, though, since word's out. And, as far as selecting a successor ... AY tells us she'll likely have a hand in that, although the guys will have final say.

Our photog floats one name to possibly replace Angela, and she doesn't shoot it down. If anything, she embraces this potential pick -- someone who's been on the show a lot.

When it comes to how Angela thinks 'TBC' will do in her absence ... she says it'll probably be just fine. Yes, the dynamic will be different with a new host in her old chair -- but that doesn't necessarily mean much will change in terms of success. So, she's rooting for 'em.

It's certainly the end of an era -- Angela's been there for some of the wildest interviews over the years, and her presence will be missed. On to greener pastures, as they say.

J Lo and Ben Screw the House Hunt!!! We're All Movin' to Jen's Place

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have given up their never-ending search for a new home for their blended fam ... we've learned the roof under which they'll live is a place J Lo has called home for years.

Sources connected to Ben and Jen with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... they've decided to live in Jennifer's Bel-Air home, which she's owned since 2016. But before that happens, there's gonna be a massive remodel ... so they can't move in for a long time ... possibly a year or even more.

TMZ broke the story ... Ben and Jen moved into James Packer's massive, $60 million Bev Hills home back in June, but we're told they're renting until the remodel is complete.

TMZ also broke the story ... Ben just listed his Pacific Palisades home this week for $30 million, so apparently they all favored her house as the family homestead.

As for Jen's estate ... the main house is just shy of 14,000 square feet, with 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. We're told the remodel is extensive, so a lot could change. The estate is on 8 acres, so there's room to make it bigger.

Jen bought the house from Sela Ward for $28 mil and did an extensive remodel when she moved in.

They had been looking for a house for months but couldn't find anything they loved enough to buy. Some of the homes were insanely expensive -- up to $85 mil, so the remodel is gonna be a bargain.

Shawn Mendes Doing Simple Things, Therapy After Cancelling World Tour


Shawn Mendes is spending time doing the simple things in life, along with some therapy, to regain his life balance.

We talked to Shawn Tuesday at LAX and asked how he was spending his time after opening up about some mental health struggles, which ultimately caused him to cancel his world tour.

Shawn said he's doing what most of us like to do ... spending time with friends and family, going to dinner with pals -- things like that.

He says he's also getting therapy ... and it's cool he's so open about it because it helps everyone.

When you watch the video, it's pretty clear ... Shawn's been on such a crazy schedule, he hasn't done ordinary things that make life enjoyable, so he's doing it now.

We've seen Shawn hanging at the beach and looking fantastic ... something that did not escape our photog's eye!

Some of his fans were annoyed they bought tickets for his concerts and are having trouble getting hotel refunds. Shawn's hoping for the best ... saying it will all be figured out.

Donald Trump I'm Being Persecuted, So ... I'm Taking the 5th in NY Attorney General Probe

Donald Trump exercised his right against self-incrimination Wednesday ... taking the 5th in a civil deposition ordered by the New York Attorney General, claiming she's corrupt.

Trump showed up at A.G. Letitia James' office Wednesday morning, fist raised and defiant. He issued a long statement, saying, "We cannot permit a renegade and out-of-control prosecutor to use this investigation as a means of advancing her political career."

James is investigating Trump's business empire for alleged illegal practices.

Trump went on to claim James has campaigned on the promise ... "Get and Destroy Trump."

As for taking the Fifth, Trump said, "I once asked, 'If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?' Now I know the answer to that question. When your family, your company, and all the people in your orbit have become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors, and the Fake News Media, you have no choice."

Trump added, "I did nothing wrong, which is why, after five years of looking, the Federal, State and local governments, together with the Fake News Media, have found nothing."

Trump has also blasted the feds for the Mar-a-Lago raid, claiming they ransacked Melania's wardrobe in their search for documents.

TLC's Chilli Spotted Beachin' It in Hawaii with Matthew Lawrence

"Boy Meets World" star Matthew Lawrence and TLC singer Chilli certainly had a good time together at the beach in Hawaii ... but sources say they're not romantic.

Matthew and Chilli were spotted Monday on the beach in Waikiki. Some beachgoers tell us the two got in the water together and shared some intense convos while chilling on beach chairs.

A rep for Chilli tells us the two aren't dating or romantic, TLC had a show on the island, and Matthew and some pals came to watch ... the two are friends and linked up later.

We haven't seen Matthew out much since his ex-wife and "Dancing with the Stars" pro, Cheryl Burke filed for divorce about 6 months ago.

As we reported, Cheryl and Matthew were married nearly 3 years, before she pulled the plug back in February, citing irreconcilable differences. She noted they'd been separated since Jan 7.

Nothing like a trip and dip with friends to lift your spirits.

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