Prince Harry Underwear From Naked Vegas Romp Going Up For Sale ... Ex-Stripper Running Auction

Prince Harry's underwear from his infamous strip billiards game in Sin City is hitting the open market ... a former stripper says she kept the undies for a decade and is now ready to sell.

The 10-year anniversary of Harry's wild night in Vegas is coming up this month, and ex-stripper Carrie Royale feels the timing is right to sell the Prince's royal undies from that fateful night in a high roller's suite.

The exotic dancer claims she was in the hotel room with Harry when he stripped down to his birthday suit playing pool ... and she's also auctioning off the dress and swimsuit she says she wore that same night.

What's a royal family keepsake like this worth? The stripper believes the winning bid could reach as high as $1 million.

The photo was snapped in Vegas back in August 2012, with Harry cupping his genitals with a seemingly topless woman and bear-hugging another woman who appeared to be nude as well.

Carrie Royale says word on the street is Prince Harry dropped by Larry Flynt's Hustler Club during his wild trip to Vegas, so the strip club is hosting the auction.

The stripper believes the underwear sale is a full circle moment for Prince Harry, saying ... "I am holding the auction to help remind him of his fun side, the side that his marriage to his wife Meghan has tried to control." Wow.

The live and online bidding starts Thursday at 10:30 PM PT, with a starting bid of $10,000. If the bidding reaches $800k, the winner gets a vintage 3-liter bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rose wrapped in 24 karat gold, valued at over $200k.

And, get this ... part of the auction proceeds are going to Harry and Meghan's charity, Archewell.

'Grease' Actor Eddie Deezen Not Competent to Stand Trial ... In Maryland Assault Case

Eddie Deezen, known for playing Eugene Felsnic in "Grease," has been found not competent to stand trial for allegedly burglarizing a nursing home.

The commitment order, obtained by TMZ, shows Deezen's unable to stand trial because of a mental disorder, and he's been transferred to the Maryland Department of Health for treatment.

The document says he's considered a danger to himself and others around him. Deezen will have no choice but to stay in the health department's care until the court believes he no longer poses a threat.

As we reported, police say Deezen pushed his way into a privately-owned nursing facility in April, refusing to leave after a woman told him to scram -- but cops showed up and hauled him off in cuffs.

The alleged victim told cops Eddie's been by her place several times before, claiming he usually leaves behind items with accompanying notes.

The security camera of a neighbor a few doors down showed Deezen approaching their property as well that night, allegedly trying to open the front door.

He was originally charged with fourth-degree burglary, 2 counts of trespassing, and one count of disturbing the peace -- however, the latest docs show prosecutors changed the charges to assault and disorderly conduct.

Barry Sanders Saquon Will Rebound This Year ... Book It!!!


Fantasy Football players, listen up ... you better take Saquon Barkley in your drafts later this month -- 'cause Barry Sanders says he thinks the guy will be the real deal again in 2022!

TMZ Sports got the legendary tailback out at LAX this week -- and he told us if he had to bet, he'd say Barkley will return to form this season ... after down years in 2020 and 2021.

"I have all faith and confidence in Saquon," Sanders said.

It's a bit of a bold prediction -- considering the NY Giants star has been largely ineffective while battling injuries and poor O-line play for the past two seasons.

But, Sanders told us Barkley -- who's now close to two full years removed from an ACL tear -- should be able to regain the magic he had after the G-men made him the #2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

"He has the right stuff to make it happen on the field," Sanders said. "I've seen it. So, good luck to him."

Saquon has looked good in Giants camp so far this summer -- with media members reporting his speed and cutting ability appear to be fully back.

Season starts in just a couple weeks -- which means Fantasy drafts are just days away ... take note!

Billie Eilish Night Racing Go-Karts ... I'm the Fast Guy, Duh!!!

Billie Eilish is crushing a track, but we don't mean one of her hit songs -- instead, she's fueling her need for speed by getting behind the wheel and racing go-karts!

Billie hit up Go Kart World in Carson, CA with her father and 2 friends. A spokesperson for the track tells us the singer was already packing plenty of muscle when she arrived ... referring to her 1,000-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye.

Of course, Billie was pushing way fewer horses last Tuesday night once her group got on the venue's one-third mile Super Track, where they were zipping around in Euro Karts ... which top out at 40 mph.

The folks at Go Kart World had no idea Billie was coming in, and she stayed until closing. We're told she was extremely nice to the staff -- she and her friend Duckwrth even posed for a photo with the manager.

Of course, she didn't leave without showing off her skills behind the wheel ... leading everyone else in her group on each lap. Must be all that Hellcat experience!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Other celebs who've hit the track at Go Kart World over the years include Kanye West, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.

It's safe to say, Billie's "Happier Than Ever" with her track results!

Guess Who This Confident Kid Turned Into!

Before this cute kid turned into a doting father himself, he was a child actor landing roles in feature films with A-listers and growing up in Norwalk, Connecticut.

At just five years old, this confident fella landed his first feature film with Robert De Niro back in the 80s, and he eventually became a part of a pop culture phenomenon when he brought it in a cheerleading film.

Still not sure who this kid in the striped shirt is? He stepped into the lead role in films "Clockstoppers" with Paula Garcés and "Swimfan" with Erika Christensen.

Can you guess who he is?

Bernie Sanders Sparks New Meme w/ Capitol Steps Pic ... Amid Vote-A-Rama in D.C.!!!

Bernie Sanders is firing up the meme machine again -- this time by posing in the thick of summer and looking dog-tired while hard at work ... a shot that's worth a thousand words.

The Vermont senator was photographed Sunday laying out on the Capitol Hill steps, where he appeared to be kind of exhausted after a marathon day of work known as Vote-a-Rama ... where congressmen and women are going through hours of debate/votes on legislation.

According to the photog, reporter Kent Nishimura, the Senate was entering its 13th hour of the overnight marathon when this pic was taken ... and as you can imagine, it's catching fire.

For starters, some say this makes a great album cover ... if BS was into music. Others say he very much resembles the 'School of Rock' cartoon, Bill, from the famed sketch, "I'm Just a Bill," where the rolled-up paper character is also lying down on the Capitol steps.

In other words ... it's just a great (and hilarious) photo, perhaps equally meme-able as his other famous photo from 2021 when he was captured nestled up in a sweater and mittens during Biden's inauguration ... which also set the internet ablaze with jokes up the wazoo.

This seems to be the summer version ... and funny enough, it's kind of the exact opposite vibe as his mitten meme. Bernie out here trying to beat the heat and letting it all hang out.

BTW, there's actually some serious business going on indoors ... including votes on amendments to Biden's Inflation Reduction Act -- a major spending package addressing climate change/taxes -- which Bernie was actually against without some major tweaks.

His proposed amendments, however, were rejected in roll call votes, and the bill ultimately passed. It now heads to the House, where it's also expected to pass.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Argues with CNN Host ... About Conflicts in Ukraine and China


Roger Waters got into a heated debate with a CNN host about who's really to blame for the war in Ukraine -- saying it's actually the U.S. and NATO that are fueling the ongoing conflict.

The Pink Floyd rocker sat down with Michael Smerconish on his weekend show, and they were getting into it over Ukraine and China as well ... with RW taking the position that not all is as it seems when it comes to who's at fault for the fighting dragging on this long.

Watch ... he says we, the States, are partly at fault for keeping it going by not pressuring Zelensky to strike a deal with Putin for a cease-fire -- but instead, continuing to fund/supply their military efforts (Ukraine's, that is).

Smerconish pushes back on that, pointing out that Roger here seems to be pointing the finger at the country that was invaded -- but there, too, Roger doubles down ... and says this thing has been going on for far longer than just a year, arguing NATO has stoked the flames.

When he's confronted with the notion that America has an obligation to step in and be "liberators" ... Roger kinda loses it, saying they have no such place in the world -- even contesting that they weren't going to get involved in WWII until Pearl Harbor was attacked.

One last thing ... they also talk Taiwan, and Roger once again takes a counter viewpoint that the nation does, in fact, belong to the People's Republic, despite what the U.S. might think.

He sounds very pro-China/pro-Russia ... at least that seems to be the consensus on Twitter, and the dude is getting dragged heavily for it. Roger, however, seems set in his mindset.

Pete Rose Phillies Ceremony Criticized ... Amid Old Rape Claims/Qs

Pete Rose took the field in Philly for the first time in a long time -- which was quickly met with criticism after how he responded to questions about old allegations of statutory rape.

The controversial baseball legend --  who's been effectively banned from the game for life after it was discovered he gambled on matchups while playing -- was trotted out Sunday at Citizens Bank Park, where the org was honoring the 1980 WS team ... including himself.

He got a mixed bag response -- a standing O and lots of cheers, but some boos too.

Mind you, this was supposed to happen a few years ago -- but plans were scrapped after a woman claimed she'd had sex with PR while she was just 14 or 15 in the 1970s.

Rose admitted they had sex while on the Reds, but said he thought she was 16 -- the legal age of consent in Ohio -- and insisted they never left state lines ... so, presumably, it was all kosher, from his POV. That story torpedoed his would-be ceremony in 2017 ... but on Sunday, when it resumed, a reporter asked him about those allegations anew, and it didn't go well.

Inquirer reporter Alex Coffey tweeted, "I asked Pete Rose what he would say to people who say his presence here sends a negative message to women. His response: 'No, I’m not here to talk about that. Sorry about that. It was 55 years ago babe.'"

Of course, that got backlash almost immediately. Coffey further expanded, later saying Rose attempted to apologize to her for the earlier interaction ... but that, too, was seemingly botched. PR reportedly said to her, "Will you forgive me if I sign 1000 baseballs for you?"

Coffey goes on to say that when he was again asked about the old rape claims and questions about it, he reportedly said ... "I'm going to tell you one more time. I'm here for the Philly fans. I'm here for my teammates. I'm here for the Phillies organization. And who cares what happened 50 years ago."

One last gem from Rose ... "You weren't even born. So you shouldn't be talking about it, because you weren't born. If you don't know a damn thing about it, don't talk about it."

Safe to say -- the debate about whether Rose should be welcomed back to the league (and to Cooperstown for a HOF induction) will almost certainly rage on after this. Oof ...

'Magnum P.I.' Star Roger E. Mosley Dead at 83

Roger E. Mosley -- famous from 'Magnum P.I.,' among other shows -- has died.

The veteran actor passed away peacefully early Sunday morning at his home surrounded by family and loved ones ... this according to his daughter, Ch-a, who posted a tribute to her dad while announcing the sad news.

She writes, "We could never mourn such an amazing man. He would HATE any crying done in his name. It is time to celebrate the legacy he left for us all. I love you daddy. You loved me too. My heart is heavy but I am strong. I will care for mommy, your love of almost 60 years. You raised me well and she is in good hands. Rest easy."

Mosley will perhaps best be remembered as Theodore 'TC' Calvin in the OG 'Magnum' series of the '80s, opposite Tom Selleck. His character ran a helicopter biz in the show, and was often helping the lead man get out of a jam by transporting all over the Hawaiian island.

He actually portrayed two other characters within the same franchise, and acted on 'MPI' for a total of 8 years, with 158 episodes under his belt. Of course, REM dabbled in several other hit TV series as well throughout the years ... not to mention some films here and there too.

Some of the shows he was on ... 'Love Boat,' "Night Gallery," "Sanford and Son," "Kung Fu," "Kojak," "McCloud," "The Rockford Files," "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams," "Starsky and Hutch," "You Take the Kids," "Night Court," "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper," "Walker, Texas Ranger," "Rude Awakening," "Las Vegas," "Fact Checkers Unit" and many more.

Mosley actually came back to the 'Magnum P.I.' family the past few years (for the reboot) to play a cameo role, but not his old character ... an entirely new one. Still, pretty cool.

He was 83. RIP

'Top Gun: Maverick' Beats 'Titanic' to Become #7 ... Highest Grossing Film

The 'Titanic' has been sunk again ... because Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun: Maverick' just overtook the legendary blockbuster in the list of biggest money-makers in Hollywood history.

The high-flying sequel, which has been on a roll since its release in May, has now claimed the #7 spot in highest box office sales domestically ... clocking in at $662 million in tickets sold, beating out James Cameron's 1997 classic by a good $3 mil or so at $659M.

According to reports, 'TG' raked in $7 million this weekend ... which might sound relatively meager, but considering it's in its 11th week in theaters right now -- that's damn impressive.

While 'Titanic' is in Tom's rearview, he has many other flicks ahead of him that have made far more money big picture -- including, in due time, 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Black Panther,' ... which had total domestic hauls of $678M and $700M, respectively.

Some film reporters and box office analysts think 'Top Gun' actually has a shot to perhaps surmount those two as the year progresses ... but the others ahead of it in line -- 'Avatar,' 'No Way Home,' 'Endgame' and 'Force Awakens' -- are probably safe from being touched.

They've made 200-300M more dollars -- and it doesn't look like 'Maverick's' jet fuel will last that long. Unclear when Paramount will yank it from cineplexes, but even if they kept it there through the end of the year ... 'Top Gun' will like peter out at #5 all-time at best.

Still, it's a helluva achievement for both Tom and Paramount -- and proves there's still most certainly a desire for folks to hit theaters, even today. They're just more selective, is all.

Tom's the king of the world right now, so congrats to him. And also ... talk to us, Goose!

Drake Here Are the GOATs of Rap ... Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj!!!


Drake is crowning Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj as the best to ever do it in rap -- and in NM's case, particularly, seems to be throwing a little shade at her contemporaries.

The OVO chief was performing in Toronto Saturday during the Young Money Reunion Tour ... and Drake took several moments during the set to pay his respects to Weezy -- who's credited with finding both he and Nicki all those years ago and getting their careers started.

Drizzy heaps on the praise and adulation for Wayne, who just stands there giddily and accepts it. But watch when Drake starts dishing out GOAT titles ... he bestows LW with the honor, but Nicki as well.

Of course, this is just Drake's opinion ... but it's an interesting argument for Wayne's case. Some say Jay-Z or Nas might be the GOATs of hip-hop, but Champagne Papi has his pick right here.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for Nicki, he calls her the greatest as well -- but perhaps in the female rap setting. In her case, he actually scoffs at any notion that any other femcee is close in status ... saying NM is the originator and the best to ever do it. That, too, is obviously controversial.

There've been countless female rappers before Nicki who paved the way -- and there are even some now who some believe might be up there ready to take the throne ... aka, Cardi B or even Megan Thee Stallion, just to name a couple.

But Drake doesn't see it that way -- he clearly thinks these two are the cream of the crop ... and they got his cosign on that right in front of a massive crowd.

This should get the rap heads chattering ...

Britney and Sam Attack Kevin Federline ... How Dare You Say Her Kids Avoid Her!!!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari went on the attack after Kevin Federline, the father of her 2 children, did an interview saying the 2 teens are avoiding their mom.

Sam went on social media, saying ... "There is not validity to his statement regarding the kids distancing themselves and it is irresponsible to make that statement publicly. The boys are very smart and will be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize the ‘tough’ part was having a father who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years as a role model."

Britney doubled down ... "It saddens me to hear that my ex husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children … as we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone … it concerns me the fact that the reason is based on my Instagram … it was LONG before Instagram … I gave them every thing … Only one word: HURTFUL … I’ll say it … My mother told me ‘You should GIVE them to their dad’ … I’m sharing this because I can … Have a good day folks!!!"

Kevin did an interview with the DailyMail and the video will appear on ITV this week. He made it clear 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jayden James haven't seen their mom for months, choosing not to attend their wedding, and their decision was intentional.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for why ... it seems there are several reasons, one of which is that Britney has been posting lots of nude pics on social media, although Sam was quick to respond she "never posted a nude selfie except of her butt."

Kevin really leaned in on the conservatorship, and clearly supported the notion. As you recall, Britney had lost custody of both kids and was ordered to undergo random drug testing by the family law judge before the conservatorship was created, and he gave props to Jamie Spears, saying the kids "had a lot of questions about it," ... I don’t know that I can answer all of them for them but I just tried to explain to them that your mom needed help, you know, and the people were in play to try to make that happen, to make it better."

He called Jamie a "really caring" man, adding, "When Jamie took over, things got into order. He saved her life," ... although he has said in the past he wasn't sure the conservatorship should have lasted 13 years.

Sam was irate, referring to the fact Kevin gets child support until the kids turn 18, saying, "Kevin’s gravy train will end soon [which] probably explains the timing of these hurtful statements. I do not know him personally and have nothing against him aside him [deciding] to vilify my wife. His character is revealed by approval of the cruel 13 year [conservatorship] and his loyalty to Jaimie indicates his approval at time of its conception as well.”

Sam went on, "Things that are now considered normal issues and behavior easily dealt with in therapy or other ways were magnified to justify a 13 year sentence. I will not comment on this matter except to say I have a job."

Sam went all Will Smith in a follow-up, saying, "But for now: Keep my wife's name....out your mouth."

Travis Scott Kylie and Stormi Go Nuts for Him ... During Sold-Out London Concert

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi were all about Travis Scott's amazing concert Saturday night in London ... they were jammin' just like the normies in the packed stadium.

Kylie and their kid were arms up as Travis performed to a sold-out crowd at The O2 Arena ... which held 20,000 screaming fans.

This was Travis' first arena concert since the Astroworld tragedy last year, and it went off without a hitch ... well, actually, one idiot threw some sort of heavy object on the stage, missing Travis, but he was clearly pissed.

He has another show Sunday night, and he seems thrilled to be fully back.

The rapper wasn't holding back much, if at all. He was all over the stage with max energy, but he was clearly mindful of the crowd ... not wanting to encourage them to go too far.

Travis acknowledged K&S were in the crowd, and then dedicated "Mamacitas" to his daughter. Their baby boy, who was born in February, wasn't at the concert.

Travis intro'd a new song, "God's Country" ... it was supposed to be on Kanye's "Donda" album that was released last year, but didn't make the cut.

Instagram / @kyliejenner

There were other celebs on hand ... Kevin Durant and James Harden were backstage popping champagne bottles and dousing their buddy Trav.

After the concert, Travis and Kylie were interlocking fingers as they made their way to a restaurant ... the hard-to-get-in The Twenty Two. Somehow they got a res!

Kylie and Storm had some serious mommy-and-me time all week in the town of Big Ben, shopping and just hanging out.

Travis isn't done this summer ... he's headlining at a festival in South America. He's also heading to Vegas for a residency.

Teresa Giudice Luis, I Say 'I Do' to You!!! Glitzy Wedding Brings Out 'Real Housewives'


Teresa Giudice has tied the knot again ... and TMZ has obtained video of the moment the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star said "I do!"

Teresa and fiancé Luis Ruelas got hitched Saturday night in front of 200 hundred family and friends at the fancy Park Chateau Estate & Garden in New Brunswick, NJ. Luis' sister, Dr. Veronica Ruelas, officiated the wedding.

Our video captured the 2 lovebirds face-to-face while holding hands and surrounded by white roses as Veronica read their vows.

After Luis said, "I do," his sister turned to Teresa and asked, "And Teresa do you take Luis as your husband, your best friend and partner in life?

Teresa smiled and said, "Yes, I do." Veronica became the comedian ... "To overlook the endless dog hair on your white furniture?"

Looking to the sky, Teresa laughed and again said "Yes" before Veronica wrapped up and made it official.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

By the way, Teresa looked stunning in her all-white dress with a long vale and tiara. Luis didn't look too shabby either in his white blazer and black slacks.

Of course, Teresa's 4 daughters -- Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana -- were in attendance and wore light pink gowns. Luis' 2 sons, David and Nicholas, also enjoyed the festivities.

The kids helped light the ceremony's unity candles after Teresa had walked down the aisle to the sounds of violins and the song, "Ave Maria," to honor her late parents.

RHONJ costars Jennifer Aydin, Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs, were reportedly also present, as were 'Real Housewives of New York' alums Dorinda Medley and Jill Zarin.

This was Teresa's second trip down the aisle. As you know ... she divorced her first husband, Joe, who now lives in Italy after getting deported following his federal conviction for tax fraud.

Fred Durst Married Man Once Again ... Wedding #4, Sucka!!!

Apparently, it's all about the he said she said "I Do" ... because Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst has gotten married for the 4th time.

Their marriage record, obtained by TMZ, says Fred and wife Arles Durst got married in L.A. County ... however, the date they tied the knot is unclear.

The actual marriage certificate is confidential ... that's a thing in L.A., especially for celebs, but the County Clerk makes public the fact a confidential marriage certificate has been filed.

The two have been an item for at least a few months ... his band did a show in Pennsylvania back in May, and he brought Arles out to slow dance together to "Careless Whisper" ... before jumping into their hit, "Nookie."

Arles has also changed her last name on Instagram to Durst -- she's got a profile description that reads, "Mrs. D."

As we reported, Fred's 3rd divorce was finalized back in 2019 from Ukrainian make-up artist Kseniya Beryazina.

The guy walked away with all his rights and residuals to his music secured, while having to pay off her car and ante up spousal support.

Before Kseniya, Fred was married to Esther Nazarov for 3 months ... before that, he was with Rachel Tergesen, with whom he has a daughter.

4th time's the charm!!!

Kourtney & Travis Flying Commercial Works for Us ... What Carbon Footprint???

Intentional or not, Kourtney Kardashian's one-upping her kid sister by traveling like the masses and doing better by the environment ... just as a bunch of celebs -- including her kin -- catch heat for huge carbon footprints.

Kourt and her husband, Travis Barker, flew commercial on Alaskan Air for a trip from LAX to Spokane, Washington earlier this week. We're told Penelope and North were also on board.

They appeared to keep the whole thing lowkey, putting on their masks and hoodies. We know they have a home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Spokane is the nearest airport. So, it's likely they'll be spending some time there.

Of course, commercial cruisin' isn't exactly her family's M.O. lately. Remember, a recent report by Yard, a marketing agency, called out celebs polluting the air by taking private jets.

Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott were among the celebs to make that list -- and, as we reported, Kylie Jenner's carbon footprint has also been a hot topic after she posted a shot of her and Travis with his and her private jets.

She also got flak for reportedly using her PJ to go shopping less than 30 miles from home ... just to dodge L.A. traffic.

It's safe to say Travis and Kourtney are doing what they can to stay off the planet polluters list!

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