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Urban Meyer Headaches & Migraines Were 'Evident' ... Says Top QB Recruit

12/8/2018 12:25 AM PST

Ohio State's No. 1 QB recruit says Urban Meyer's health issues were "evident" ... and the coach had to step down because, "him going out there was a health risk to his body."

Dwan Mathis -- a 4-star recruit from Michigan and OSU's lone 2019 QB commit -- says he had a few conversations with Meyer ... and it was clear to him the coach's retirement was necessary.

"He knew that him going out there was a health risk to his body and everything," Mathis tells TMZ Sports ... "So, I said, 'Coach, you gotta do what's best for you and your family.'"

Mathis says it was apparent from both their talks and when Urban was on the sidelines this season that the coach was fighting a battle he was struggling to win.

"Really, it was evident what was wrong with him," Mathis says.

"Really, just him with the headaches and the migraines and, you know, college football stadiums get real loud. So, really, that's just the biggest thing -- he has to stay healthy for himself and his family."

The good news for Mathis and the Buckeyes? Urban says he's still planning to be around the program -- which is one of the reasons Dwan says he's sticking with his Buckeyes pledge.

Obviously, that's huge for OSU's future ... Mathis is a 6-foot-6 beast -- who could push for playing time if Dwayne Haskins bolts to the NFL next season!!

Tony Dorsett Tagovailoa Got My Heisman Vote ... I Bet He Wins!

12/7/2018 4:34 PM PST

Tua Tagovailoa's poor performance in the SEC Championship game ain't gonna cost him the Heisman Trophy ... at least, that's what Tony Dorsett's sayin'.

The Cowboys legend and former Heisman Trophy winner himself says Tua is still his pick for the prestigious award over Kyler Murray despite nearly costin' the Tide against Georgia.

"What I've seen out of Tua, I like," Dorsett says ... "He's going to get my vote."

That hasn't been the most popular opinion lately ... Tua completed just 14 of his 24 passes before getting hurt against the Dawgs -- leading some to switch their votes to Murray last week.

But, Dorsett clearly ain't one of those people.

"If I had a bet, I'd probably bet [on Tua]. That'd probably be my bet."

BTW ... we also asked Tony about Derrick Henry's 99-yard TD run that tied his record for longest in NFL history -- and the ex-Cowboy says he still hasn't seen it, but he's sure it was impressive as hell!!

Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins I'm Very Close To Graduating ... NFL Bound??

12/7/2018 2:05 PM PST

Will he stay or will he go???

Dwyane Haskins says he ain't sure ... but did he just drop a massive clue??

Maybe ... 'cause the Ohio State QB -- who's out in NYC prepping for Saturday's Heisman Trophy ceremony -- told Adam Glyn ... "I'm pretty close to graduating."

Of course, most QBs facing the decision to stay in school or jump to the NFL put at least SOME weight on their degree when making the choice.

So, would Haskins finishing up his credits this year mean he's putting his name in the 2019 NFL Draft?

"I don't know yet," he says. "I gotta work it out with my parents and talk about it. I'm just enjoying the moment right now."

It wouldn't be the worst move for the redshirt sophomore ... 'cause most NFL mock draft experts have him pegged for the top half of the first round if he were to come out.

As for his immediate future ... ya gotta hear Haskins' plan for his speech if he upsets Kyler Murray and Tua Tagovailoa for the Heisman on Saturday.

Sister Jean Final Four Bling ... Gets Big Diamond Ring!!

11/28/2018 6:40 AM PST
Breaking News

What do you get a 99-year-old nun as a thank-you present for being the best good luck charm ever??

Diamonds, baby!!!

Loyola-Chicago rewarded Sister Jean -- the superstar team chaplain who was with the Ramblers for every step of their epic NCAA Tournament run last season -- with a Final Four ring Tuesday.

America's favorite nun was courtside for the Loyola's game against Nevada -- when she was handed a dope diamond ring as a present for being the squad's biggest supporter last year.

Sister Jean reportedly had no clue the gift was on its way ... and she smiled huge as team staffers put the band on her hand.

Bad news for Loyola ... they lost the game, 79-65.

Good news for Loyola ... Sister Jean's still the best fan in the game!! 

UCF's McKenzie Milton Blood Flow Restored To Leg ... After Gruesome Injury

11/27/2018 12:13 PM PST
Breaking News

UCF quarterback McKenzie Milton won't lose his leg after suffering a devastating knee injury last week ... his family announced Tuesday.

Milton dislocated his right knee after taking a vicious shot in a game against USF last Friday ... and there was some worry that the injury was so gruesome, he might lose his leg.

But, Milton's parents said in a statement that while there is nerve damage and he will later require reconstructive knee surgery ... blood flow has been restored to the leg.

"We want to thank the doctors and nurses at Tampa General Hospital and the University of South Florida and UCF medical staff and athletic trainers for their teamwork and prompt attention to McKenzie’s injuries," Milton's parents wrote.

"His blood flow has been restored to his right leg and his nerve is injured but intact. He is recovering and healing and is receiving the best medical care."

Mark and Teresa Milton added, "McKenzie and our entire family are so touched and grateful for the prayers, support, and well wishes. McKenzie is in good spirits and has a very positive attitude.”

UCF plays next in the American Athletic Conference Championship Game against Memphis on Saturday ... and Milton's family says the QB will be cheering them on.

The Golden Knights will give out 40,000 leis for fans to wear to honor the injured Hawaii native at the game.

Dahntay Jones If LaVar Ball Stays Quiet ... Duke Would Love LaMelo!

11/27/2018 8:28 AM PST

Dahntay Jones tells TMZ Sports LaMelo Ball would be a great fit at Duke ... ONLY IF LaVar Ball stays quiet.

Of course ... Melo's recruitment is wide open these days -- especially after LaVar said there's no way in hell LaMelo follows in his brothers' footsteps to UCLA.

Jones -- an ex-Duke star -- says he could see a place for Melo with Coach K ... but says the Big Baller has to keep out of the limelight ... something he's been able to do recently.

"If [LaVar] can coexist like this, I think Duke would be a place for him. If LaVar operates like this right now, I think Coach K could find a way."

LaVar did make waves earlier this week for saying Melo is better right now than LeBron James was as a teenager -- but Jones says that statement wasn't THAT outlandish.

"That's what happens when you have sons. I think my son is better than LeBron in grade school right now ... That's just natural love for his son."

Bottom line ... Dahntay says it's the meddling with coaches, rosters, game plans and teams that LaVar needs to stay away from if he wants to see Melo at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

"Just be a normal parent and operate like this and let his son's talent speak for itself."

Sen. Marco Rubio Blasts 'Stupid' FSU Fan ... Over Racist Willie Taggart Image

11/26/2018 3:10 PM PST

Marco Rubio says the person who posted the racist image of Florida State football coach Willie Taggart is an "idiot" ... not just because it's a hateful act, but because Taggart's a GOOD coach! 

The senator says he's a Florida Gators fan -- so he's happy UF got the win over FSU on Saturday -- but says the image of Taggart hanging from a tree obviously crossed the line. 

"It's just wrong to say that about anybody," Rubio tells TMZ Sports ... "It's unacceptable, outrageous."

As we previously reported, someone posted the image on Facebook of a black man being hanged from a tree with Taggart's face photoshopped over the original picture. 

Officials in Florida are investigating the situation and are working with FSU police to ensure Taggart's safety. 

Rubio says Taggart's getting a bad rap in his 1st season at FSU -- he's much better than his 5-7 record shows -- and FSU fans need to rally around him. 

As for the person who posted the racist image, Rubio says, "That's just stupid. I mean that's just dumb, stupid, maybe even hateful ... obviously, it's a hateful action."

"Maybe they thought it was funny. It's not funny. And whoever did that is an idiot."

The person who allegedly posted the image has been fired from his job at Hilton Grand Vacations -- the company issued a statement saying, "his behavior was in violation of multiple company policies and the furthest example from being a reflection of our company’s values."

Tom Brady Pissed After Michigan Loss 'Pretty Crappy to Watch'

11/26/2018 11:35 AM PST
Breaking News

Tom Brady's fed up with Michigan losing to Ohio State ... saying the game was "pretty crappy to watch" ... and now he's gotta wear a "ridiculous" outfit because of it.

TB12 unloaded on his alma mater's ugly 62-39 loss to the Buckeyes -- appearing on WEEI's "Mut and Callahan" show and griping, "Man, freakin’ Wolverines. They can’t win a big game, man."

"We gotta figure out how to beat those guys," Brady says.

It's true -- Michigan has lost 14 out of the last 15 matchups with OSU ... and the current losing streak is at 7. 

But, it's a double-whammy for the Pats superstar ... 'cause Tom had "a couple hundred bucks" with his teammate on the line.

"Unfortunately, I lost a bet to Nate Ebner and already paid him his money," Brady said ... noting he'll have to wear a "ridiculous outfit" to practice on Wednesday as part of the bet. 

Obviously, Tom can afford to lose the money -- but having to wear an OSU jersey??


FSU Coach Willie Taggart State Attorney Launches Investigation Over Racist 'Hanging' Pic of Coach

11/26/2018 9:18 AM PST
Breaking News

12:35 PM PT -- The person who posted the image has now been FIRED from his job ... according to a statement from Hilton Grand Vacations.

"Our concern regarding this situation has been a top priority. The person responsible for posting this information has been terminated."

"His behavior was in violation of multiple company policies and the furthest example from being a reflection of our company’s values."

A disgusting, racist depiction of Florida State football coach Willie Taggart being hanged from a tree has triggered a state attorney investigation in Florida ... officials have announced. 

The image was posted to Facebook after FSU's 41-14 loss to Florida this weekend. It's a photoshopped pic of Taggart's head pasted on top of a black and white photo of an African American man being hanged. 

A caption on the image reads, "Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Your Rep."

The person who posted the image reportedly works for Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando -- and the company has already issued a statement saying the employee has been suspended. 

Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Jack Campbell has confirmed his office is aware of the post and they've connected with the FSU Police Dept. -- and other law enforcement agencies -- to investigate. 

Campbell issued a statement to saying. "Any threat of violence to anybody in this community – he’s a father, a husband and a member of our community – we’re going to investigate it to the fullest extent possible."

FSU President John Thrasher also weighed in ... saying, "I speak for the entire FSU community in expressing our disgust and extreme disappointment, and I am glad the state attorney is investigating."

"Coach Taggart has our full support and as true Seminoles know, he is a respected member of the FSU family."

Lavar Ball Blasts UCLA No Way LaMelo Goes There After LiAngelo Debacle

11/26/2018 6:04 AM PST

There's a ZERO percent chance LaMelo Ball will follow in his bro's footsteps and play at UCLA next season ... so says LaVar Ball who tells us he's still furious over the way the school treated LiAngelo

17-year-old LaMelo is playing pretty well at the Spire Institute in Ohio -- and recently dropped 30 points during a game in Atlanta. 

LaVar tells us his son is "better than LeBron" was as a teenager -- calling him "unbeatable" and "the coldest person on two feet."

So, where's he gonna play his college ball next year? Definitely not in Westwood. 

"Heck no, he won't be at UCLA," LaVar says ... "UCLA? Why? After what they did to my other son? Are you crazy?"

Remember, LiAngelo withdrew from UCLA after the shoplifting incident in China. UCLA had suspended him indefinitely but that didn't sit well with LaVar. 

"Suspend him and don't tell him when he supposed to be able to play and all that? No, they ain't behind him like that. One mistake and now you put him to the side and act like he's supposed to come the next year?"

LaVar says he's also upset that UCLA forced LiAngelo to wear #15 when he wore #3 all his life -- "so it started off wrong."

As for LaMelo, Ball says he'll start taking recruiting trips to colleges "when he feels like it."

LaVar's oldest son Lonzo Ball went to UCLA before being selected by the Lakers with the #2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. 

Beanie Wells Blasts LaMarr Woodley ... Pay Your OSU-Michigan Bets!

11/24/2018 12:20 AM PST

LaMarr Woodley is a coward who doesn't pay off his bets when his alma mater gets smoked by its rival ... so says Beanie Wells.

The ex-Ohio State star has become pals with the former Michigan stud -- and tells TMZ Sports the two have made a bet on the big game for years -- and will continue to do so this weekend.

Yet Beanie says Woodley NEVER pays up -- and given that OSU has won the last 6 meetings between the two ... the debt is HEAVY.

"I've gotten to the point to where I've known LaMarr a couple years and he's never paid up," Beanie tells us.

"So, I'm almost anticipating him not paying up again, or he's hoping, at this point in time, that Michigan wins, so he can say, 'Okay, everything's all square and even.'"

In fact -- Wells says another former Michigan star, Steve Breaston, is ducking him on payments too!!

As for Beanie, he says he'd NEVER not pay up ... and if Michigan ends up beating OSU on Saturday -- he'd throw on the UM gear 'cause, "I'm a man of my word."

In the meantime ... Beanie says, "Give LaMarr sh*t for not paying up on his bets. Him and Steve Breaston!"

L.A. High-Speed Chase CHP Takes Down Suspect ... With Perfect Form Tackle

11/16/2018 10:14 AM PST

Forget NCAA, NFL or CFL, the most impressive tackle you're gonna see all year was made by a California Highway Patrol officer during a high-speed chase just moments ago ... AND IT WAS NASTY.

It went down near Seal Beach, CA after a suspect allegedly jacked a truck, then led law enforcement on a wild chase that ended up on foot after a perfectly executed PIT maneuver.

Here's the thing, the perp had a CLEAR head start on the po-po ... but one officer not only WALKED HIM DOWN, but then executed a takedown tackle that would make Khalil Mack jealous. 

(Shout-out to the NBC4 chopper pilot ... for being in perfect position to catch the hit.)

The Rams defense has been looking a little shaky lately ... they might wanna find this guy and give him a call ... seriously.

Rodney Peete On Clay Helton He's Done At USC Unless He Beats ND & UCLA

11/16/2018 9:54 AM PST

Clay Helton's days as a USC coach are numbered ... UNLESS he beats both UCLA and Notre Dame in the next two weeks -- so says Trojan Rodney Peete.

The former USC superstar tells TMZ Sports he's a fan of Clay and likes him personally ... but with the way SC's looked this season -- Peete says the dude is about to get fired.

"I think that over time, it's shown that we've kind of fallen off a little bit," Peete says.

The ex-QB ain't lying ... the Trojans won the Pac-12 the last two years -- but are just 5-5 this year and are in danger of missin' out on a bowl game completely this season.

Peete says it's gotten so bad, SC is probably gonna axe Clay ... unless he can come up with wins against the Trojans' biggest rivals these next two weekends.

"I think he's gotta win the next two games for sure to have even a shot to keep it."

It won't be easy ... the Bruins have been trash this year -- but the game IS arguably the sport's biggest rivalry. Plus ... the Golden Domers are ranked No. 3 in the country right now.

If Clay can't get it done ... Rodney tells us SC doesn't have to go out and get Nick Saban or Urban Meyer to turn things around -- and ya gotta hear why.

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