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Lamar Odom

The NBA Drug Trail

8/27/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825-lamar-tmz-odomLamar Odom was deep into drugs while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and there is evidence he was doing the exact same thing while playing for the Lakers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to a Westin hotel in Memphis tell TMZ ... in March of 2012, shortly before Lamar was cut from the Mavs, he stayed in one of the guest rooms while his team was in town playing the Grizzlies. 

Our sources say when Lamar left, hotel employees found major carpet damage ... including quarter-sized burn marks. The damage was so bad, the hotel had to replace the carpeting in the room.

Our sources say hotel employees also found white powder on the desk blotter and the room reeked of noxious smoke.  Our sources say it was obvious there was serious drug use going on in the hotel room. 

The Westin is one of numerous hotels where NBA players stay when they're on the road. TMZ has contacted a number of these hotels in various cities. We've learned from several hotel employees ... they had complained about the state of the rooms when Lamar left -- similar to what happened in Memphis -- and this was while he was playing for the Lakers. 

Our sources say no one on the Mavs knew Lamar was a substance abuser while he was on the team, but everyone knew something was seriously wrong with him.

We're told that during at least part of the time he was playing for the Mavs, Lamar was smoking Oxycontin and cocaine.

Odom's problems were so severe, he was cut from the Mavs mid-season and paid in full just so he would go away.

TMZ broke the story ... the drug use escalated to crack -- and we're told Lamar's level of crack use is now alarming and life-threatening.


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I bet Khloe, Kim and their mother are all sitting around wondering how they can cash in on Lamar's crack addiction somehow. They'll probably try to talk Dr. Drew from "Celebrity Rehab" into coming onto the Kartrashian reality show to increase ratings.

Who knows maybe Khloe, Kim and her mother will start selling fashionable crack pipes with their names on it or something. They could call it the "Kim and Khloe super pimp/hoe pipe" and charge a ridiculous amount of money for it. I'm sure it would come in a variety of fashionable colors and styling so it would look good in crack houses everywhere. I can visualize the $$$$$$ signs in their eyes right now.

430 days ago


So Many Exclusives So Little Time...
Khloe was lying

430 days ago

The Zombie    

How does one smoke Oxycontin? I think they meant "snorting".

430 days ago


Excuse me if I am way off base here but can't someone be sued for disseminating negative/damaging information about a person — all over the media?? So — if this s#it turns out to be "Lamar addicted to Rx drugs, not crack cocaine" — can't he sue the living s#it out of Kris Kartrashian and/or TMZ?????? This is like character assassination!!

430 days ago


Oh Harvey, you are such a kardashian kool aid drinking sellout.

430 days ago


Having to put up with the K cows and having a father like his....i would smoke crack too...

430 days ago


Lamar is the new sacrificial lamb. He has served his "purpose" and is found to no longer be useful - he's been sent to Slaughter on TMZ. ROL has a story running about Lamar "abusing" pain killers - TMZ claims it crack. If anything I'd have to side with ROL.
a PICTURE of "Baby Norf" was revealed on Kris' soon to be canceled "talk show" and it failed to garner the global attention they had hoped for. As a result they've gone after Lamar FULL FORCE.
What I find funny about the baby (looks aside) is how we've only seen a PICTURE of what appears to be a 6month old. Since the "big reveal" Kim continues to hide - you would that she's be showing that "kid" off everywhere since she's been "revealed".
I hope the Trash-Kanians have recognized their "popularity" is over. People are no longer interested in what they "do" and have grown tired of their antics (including the never-ending character assassinations).

430 days ago

sexy exotic doll    

How amazingly constructed that fat talentless ugly trasy bitch wants a divorce so now an NBA Player conviently becomes a crack head they give them regular physical exams and urine test blasphemous I was tired of the ****rashian family when her pornagrapy made her entire family famous for no reason Kim was attractive when she was an escort now she looks worse then lil Kim any man they use and abuse becomes a super villian when the most popular vile money hungry fabricators desperately holding on to their 15 mins of fame should just be ****ing ashamed of their tacky manipulative low life behavior. I guarantee she ****ing another man now thats she smaller and this is he way out.

430 days ago


God's don't set around letting their wife's baby talk to them and call the Lam Lam and treat them like they were little boys...unless they are getting a nice piece of change to put up with it.....and admitting you watched those completely scripted and totally stupid shows reality shows and believing they are real shows your intelligence level ......

430 days ago

just had to say something    

I personally feel where is,all of this coming from? Idk just hope he gets better. It's possible I myself recovered from hardcore drugs.

430 days ago


I don't condone drug use..especially cocaine use. He should seek help privately. However, all this coming out is destroying him. This is Khloe telling TMZ everything and it should be something that should be private.

430 days ago


We have reached a Point where TMZ is just coming up with all sorts of BSh*t to keep driving their Ad $'s ..But I don't blame them , people keep running to every Lamar Odom Story ..I expect another Idiotic unrealistic headline soon ..

430 days ago


I guess for me it just hard to understand that all of these people who are now coming forward have kept this to themselves for sometime now and suddenly they are all spilling everything.

Sorry but something is very off/there is another blurb that talks about him driving into the place where he lives. How is that possible when they reported he was thrown out/this whole thing they are perpetrating smells.

430 days ago


That's right Boy's ! I'm back in my dam wheelchair...so I have all day long to play....hee ! hee .! .....and no pain pills will dull this pain so here I am.....What you got for this afternoon......You have done the wife abuse angle yet.....you know Khloe suffering from mental abuse and hidden physical abuse from Lamar drug fueled rages.....that usually the next spin in the assassination plan...cause this one isn't going the way you and the Kobra Kueen Kris Jenner planned is it ?>

430 days ago


I think she is on the stem fast diet too.

430 days ago
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