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Da Brat's Bottle Victim

The $6.4 MILLION Injuries

Gnarly Bloody Gashed Face

2/28/2014 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0228_da_brat_bottle_injury_graphic_photos_launchHere are the injuries that just cost Da Brat $6.4 MILLION -- after she brutally bottled an Atlanta nightclub waitress in the face back in 2007 -- the photos are intense ... but they raise an interesting question.

If you don't want to click, the pics show the bloodied face of former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens at the hospital immediately following Da Brat's attack.

Da Brat and Stevens had reportedly gotten into an argument inside Studio 72 nightclub, and when the waitress turned around to get her manager -- Da Brat smashed her in the face with a rum bottle.

Brat -- real name Shawntae Harris -- served 3 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated assault ... and Thursday, a jury found the rapper liable for $6.4 million in damages to the victim.

There's no doubt Stevens' injuries are severe -- but $6.4 million is a LOT of money ... especially after Da Brat served a sizable prison sentence ... so we gotta ask ...

11:40 AM PT -- Da Brat just called in to "TMZ Live," and pretty much told Stevens to get in line ... because she owes a LOT of people money ... and $6.4 million isn't exactly in her budget.



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What a horrible cut. Da Brat will reap what she sow. Lowlife , nasty, dyke beach. That broke dyke dont have a dime to her name. Look how broke-down she look. Need I say more. If she have $5 to her name if would be a miracle. LMBO!!!!!

237 days ago


HEY - bitch BRAT - guess what types of debts and "liabilities" are NOT dischargeable in ANY type of bankruptcy? LOL. If I were your victim's attorney, I would FORCE you into bankruptcy, so guess who would go to the FRONT of the line? I can't wait until they execute on the judgment, which will enable her to TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE and guess what? You won't be able to do a DAMN THING to stop it.

237 days ago


It's not enough, but attach the judgment to her income, her publishing, future shows, if any, royalties, etc. You may not have 6.4M, but until your dying day and beyond, you will pay what the court ordered. I'm sure Brat will appeal and try to stall it as long as she can. These mf's spend so much time balling and flossing but once they get yanked by the collar, it's "oh I don't really have any money."

So wtf does she do all day? She so much of a bulldagging les that she can't spruce herself up to land some type gig? I remember when she pistol whipped a chick way back when and only got a fine. It's long overdue that she suffers a monetary judgment. I bet she'll sit her ass down now.

237 days ago


I recall Da Brat bad mouthing all the people she shared a house with on some random VH1 show complaining that they were all "has beens". I guess now she'll realize Da Brat is a never was!!!

237 days ago


Just for having to wait 7 years alone she is entitled to this amount! Da Brat should have all her things taken seized if she can't afford it!

237 days ago

How Sway    

WHAT IGNORANT *******S THINK THE DA BRAT OUTTA ALL RAPPERS HAS 6.4mil. If the hudge tells her to pay this

237 days ago


they are violent people.. they demand respect and give none... Happy Feb..

237 days ago

How Sway    

Hes A HUGE ******* AND SHULD DIE. But nether the less Da Brat does owe her sum money for ****in her face up. But its not like she a model or sumthin

237 days ago

lulu brown    


237 days ago


That girl does not deserve that much money, $6.4 mil is way too much for wat a cut on the face? There are two sides to every story, she has told hers now let's see wat brat has to say. I'm on DA BRATs side all the way!!! Next time maybe a slap across the face hey lol!!! Mite not cost u anything ahahaha!!!

237 days ago


I feel bad for the girl but really that much money?? I should get my ass beat, who wants to be sued?? Anyone?? :D

237 days ago


Really, because I had my face smashed into a brick wall, concussion, neck injuries ..and I didn't 6.5 million, in fact I was told by WBC to go back to work after 2 months off

237 days ago


Honestly? If you think about it, what was this argument about? Waitresses deal with obnoxious customers on a daily basis and to get bashed in the face with a glass bottle IS NOT ACCEPTABLE under any cir***stances! Permanent scarring uh yeah 6.4 million is just what this victim needs! A break from ignorant obnoxious people like Da Bra!

237 days ago


Really because, I was at work, and I had my face smashed into a brick wall, bruised ribs, concussion neck injuries , and I was told by WCB to go back to work after 2 months.

237 days ago


wtf! seriously ? lmfao that is nothing just trying to get money off of people just get over it you get hurt worse falling off a bike the fighting da brat apparently .....booohooo you got beat up grab a stitch a couple band-aides and hold your ground better next time. instead of giving her that much(which is ridiculous) someone buy this chick lessons on how to defend herself smh. EVERYONE WANTS TO ACT ****ING TOUGH TIL THEY ARE ON THE GROUND HOLDING THEIR BLEEDING FACE, THEN THEY WANT TO CALL THE COPS! lmfao p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c

237 days ago
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