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Brett Favre I'm Not Right For Packers Job ... But I Know Who Is!

12/9/2018 12:35 AM PST

Sorry, Packers fans ... Brett Favre says he's almost certainly not coming back to coach Green Bay -- but he does know who should ... DOUG PEDERSON!!!

Favre is actually a candidate to replace the fired Mike McCarthy, according to some gambling sites ... and while No. 4 says he's flattered, he can't see that happening right now.

So -- we had to ask -- who WOULD be a good fit for the spot??

Brett threw a couple names at us -- including an ex-Seahawks offensive coordinator and the current Bills OC -- before he revealed the most intriguing name.

"Doug Pederson," Favre says.

Of course, Pederson's got a pretty good job already -- coaching Carson Wentz and the Eagles in Philadelphia with one Super Bowl ring already on his finger.

But, crazier things have happened ... and there is an obvious connection to Green Bay -- Pederson played there for two separate stints when was a QB in the league.

No matter who eventually takes the job ... Favre tells us they better get ready to give the reins to Aaron Rodgers.

"You make sure that Aaron runs the show," Brett says.

Soooo ... what do ya say, Doug??

Richard Sherman I'm Gonna Whoop Marshawn's Team In New Football League

12/9/2018 12:25 AM PST

Richard Sherman is taking his role in the Fan Controlled Football League VERY seriously ... telling TMZ Sports he's GUARANTEEING win after win against his good friend, Marshawn Lynch.

Sherman and Lynch just signed on to be owners and captains in the FCFL ... a football league where the fans decide everything from the roster, the team name, logo and even the play-calling.

Although the 49ers star says he won't be suiting up for the FCFL after his playing days, he makes it clear he is out for blood when his team goes against Beast Mode's squad.

"It's gonna be really fun. Obviously, we're gonna have to beat his team over and over and over again," Sherman says. "I hope he doesn't get too upset at that."

There's a silver lining for Lynch, though ...

"I'll take him out to dinner after we wax him a few times." 

Urban Meyer Headaches & Migraines Were 'Evident' ... Says Top QB Recruit

12/8/2018 12:25 AM PST

Ohio State's No. 1 QB recruit says Urban Meyer's health issues were "evident" ... and the coach had to step down because, "him going out there was a health risk to his body."

Dwan Mathis -- a 4-star recruit from Michigan and OSU's lone 2019 QB commit -- says he had a few conversations with Meyer ... and it was clear to him the coach's retirement was necessary.

"He knew that him going out there was a health risk to his body and everything," Mathis tells TMZ Sports ... "So, I said, 'Coach, you gotta do what's best for you and your family.'"

Mathis says it was apparent from both their talks and when Urban was on the sidelines this season that the coach was fighting a battle he was struggling to win.

"Really, it was evident what was wrong with him," Mathis says.

"Really, just him with the headaches and the migraines and, you know, college football stadiums get real loud. So, really, that's just the biggest thing -- he has to stay healthy for himself and his family."

The good news for Mathis and the Buckeyes? Urban says he's still planning to be around the program -- which is one of the reasons Dwan says he's sticking with his Buckeyes pledge.

Obviously, that's huge for OSU's future ... Mathis is a 6-foot-6 beast -- who could push for playing time if Dwayne Haskins bolts to the NFL next season!!

Tony Dorsett Tagovailoa Got My Heisman Vote ... I Bet He Wins!

12/7/2018 4:34 PM PST

Tua Tagovailoa's poor performance in the SEC Championship game ain't gonna cost him the Heisman Trophy ... at least, that's what Tony Dorsett's sayin'.

The Cowboys legend and former Heisman Trophy winner himself says Tua is still his pick for the prestigious award over Kyler Murray despite nearly costin' the Tide against Georgia.

"What I've seen out of Tua, I like," Dorsett says ... "He's going to get my vote."

That hasn't been the most popular opinion lately ... Tua completed just 14 of his 24 passes before getting hurt against the Dawgs -- leading some to switch their votes to Murray last week.

But, Dorsett clearly ain't one of those people.

"If I had a bet, I'd probably bet [on Tua]. That'd probably be my bet."

BTW ... we also asked Tony about Derrick Henry's 99-yard TD run that tied his record for longest in NFL history -- and the ex-Cowboy says he still hasn't seen it, but he's sure it was impressive as hell!!

Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins I'm Very Close To Graduating ... NFL Bound??

12/7/2018 2:05 PM PST

Will he stay or will he go???

Dwyane Haskins says he ain't sure ... but did he just drop a massive clue??

Maybe ... 'cause the Ohio State QB -- who's out in NYC prepping for Saturday's Heisman Trophy ceremony -- told Adam Glyn ... "I'm pretty close to graduating."

Of course, most QBs facing the decision to stay in school or jump to the NFL put at least SOME weight on their degree when making the choice.

So, would Haskins finishing up his credits this year mean he's putting his name in the 2019 NFL Draft?

"I don't know yet," he says. "I gotta work it out with my parents and talk about it. I'm just enjoying the moment right now."

It wouldn't be the worst move for the redshirt sophomore ... 'cause most NFL mock draft experts have him pegged for the top half of the first round if he were to come out.

As for his immediate future ... ya gotta hear Haskins' plan for his speech if he upsets Kyler Murray and Tua Tagovailoa for the Heisman on Saturday.

Willie McGinest Derrick Henry's 99-Yd TD ... Not The Best Run Ever!

12/7/2018 12:09 PM PST

Derrick Henry's 99-yard touchdown Thursday night was dope ... but there are a few runs BETTER than it in NFL history -- so says Pats legend Willie McGinest.

Henry stiff-armed three dudes straight to the dirt, stayed in bounds and outran all 11 Jaguars to the end zone ... and the whole state of Tennessee went crazy after.

But, when we got Willie out at LAX -- he says he's seen better, "I would say it's ONE of my top runs."

Willie ain't a hater ... he just says he's seen Marshawn Lynch go off way too many times to put Derrick's epic run ahead of some of Beast Mode's famous sprints.

"That's why we started calling them the 'Beast Mode Runs,' 'cause of Lynch against the Saints. And then, I think he had another one against Arizona, so."

Think Willie's wrong?? Take a look at the Beast Quake one more time ...

Yeah ... we're probably in Willie's corner on this debate.

Marcellus Wiley Redskins Didn't Make A Bad Decision By Claiming Reuben Foster

12/7/2018 9:00 AM PST

Marcellus Wiley says the Redskins did the right thing in claiming Reuben Foster ... telling TMZ Sports the linebacker is "innocent until proven guilty" and deserves a second chance.

There aren't many that would agree with the ex-NFL superstar ... 'cause Foster has now been accused of domestic violence multiple times in the last year -- including being arrested 3 days before the 'Skins picked him up.

But, Wiley explains, "You gotta allow the guy to have his opportunity. He's not on the field right now. They claimed him off waivers and they wanted to make sure that, 'We do the proper investigation and figure out who he is and what happened.'"

"And, look, there are some question marks about this allegation, because last time, his girlfriend recanted her story."

Marcellus tells us Reuben deserves the chance to let the process play out -- and says the Redskins are doing the right thing by keeping him off the roster until it does.

"Let's just respect the entire process ... remember when we had to actually think you were innocent until proven guilty? I'm still in that place."

We also asked Wiley for his take on the Kareem Hunt situation ... and while Wiley says the RB made a HUGE mistake -- he doesn't believe the superstar's career is over.

BUT -- Marcellus says the 23-year-old HAS to show remorse in order to latch back on with another NFL team.

"He has to earn that opportunity ... if he earns a second chance by contrition, by rehabilitation, he'll get it."

Michael Blackson Forget Super Bowl ... Jaguars Are In The Toilet Bowl!

12/7/2018 7:45 AM PST

Michael Blackson is so disappointed in Jacksonville after yet another blowout loss Thursday ... he's tellin' TMZ Sports the Jags belong closer to the toilet bowl than the Super Bowl!!!

We got the comedian -- whose nephew is Eli Apple, a starter for the Saints -- leaving Boulevard3 in Hollywood, when we had to ask for his take on Derrick Henry's epic 99-yard TD run.

That's when Blackson told us the run was cool and all ... but he's WAY more disappointed in Jacksonville's D for letting the play happen!

"Where the f**k was the defense?! Jesus Christ, man," Blackson says.

"I'm so disappointed in the Jaguars. These guys went from AFC Championship game -- they went from almost the Super Bowl to the toilet bowl!"

Blackson didn't stop there ... tellin' Jacksonville's die-hard fanbase they need to come pick up their squad!

"I'm so disappointed in them! But hey, if you let someone run 99 yards, man, you don't deserve to be anywhere close to the playoffs. Jaguars, I'm disappointed in you. Duval, get your team together. Please!"

Ya hear that, Cody Kessler?!?!

Mark Ingram Freaks Out Over Henry's 99-Yd Run ... 'You Get A Stiffy!!'

12/7/2018 7:10 AM PST
Breaking News

Derrick Henry had arguably the greatest run in NFL history Thursday night ... and his pal, Mark Ingram, couldn't have been prouder -- 'cause he lost his mind watching it!!!

ICYMI ... Henry tied the longest run ever in the NFL with a 99-yard TD in the 2nd quarter of the Titans' blowout win over the Jags -- and the play was epic.

Derrick stiff-armed three dudes, tight-roped the sideline and outran the entire Jacksonville defense to tie Tony Dorsett's longest-ever TD run.

Ingram -- who won a Heisman Trophy at Alabama just like Henry -- went bananas watching the replay ... super proud of his buddy who's taken criticism for not running well this season.

"You get a stiffy! You get a stiffy! You get a stiffy! I see you, boy!"

Henry's night wasn't over there -- the dude ran for another 139 yards and 3 scores -- and yeah, Ingram was just as pumped for those too.

"Tell them we ain't going for it, bruh! Tell them we ain't going for it! We don't need none of that fake love that they was talking, man! We out here, boy! Yeah!"

Ingram wasn't the only guy impressed ... both Le'Veon Bell AND Ezekiel Elliott praised the gallop on their social media pages.

BTW ... Henry's game was the highest-scoring one of any fantasy football player this year -- soooo, hopefully, you didn't keep him on your bench!!!

Olivia Munn Aaron Rodgers Reconciled w/ Parents? 'Amazing, Long Overdue'

12/7/2018 6:01 AM PST

Olivia Munn knows first hand about the drama between Aaron Rodgers and his parents -- and tells TMZ Sports it's "amazing" the two sides are finally patching up their relationship. 

Munn has previously talked about the Rodgers' family feud, which has been going on for YEARS -- and said, "I don't think either side of the road is clean."

The actress said she believed there were jealousy issues between Aaron's father and brothers -- who had all dreamed of the kind of NFL success Aaron has already achieved.

But earlier this week, Aaron said he spent his birthday with his parents over the weekend -- suggesting the ice is finally thawing between the two sides ... and Olivia seems genuinely happy for the QB. 

"If that's true, it's amazing," Munn told us outside of Rolling Greens on Thursday ... "It's long overdue."

So, what brought the two sides together?

Aaron's brother, Jordan (who appeared on "The Bachelorette"), had publicly shamed Aaron for not calling their mother while she was about to be evacuated during the California wildfires. 

Guessing that sparked a phone call -- and the rest is history. 

Aaron and Olivia dated from 2014 to 2017 and while she previously said she tried to get Aaron to make peace with his family, it just didn't happen during their relationship. 

Better late than never ... 

Brett Favre Drew Brees Is Great ... But Mahomes Is My MVP!

12/7/2018 12:20 AM PST

Brett Favre -- a three-time NFL MVP -- has weighed in ... and Drew Brees is killin' it ... but he's not the league's current most valuable player.

"I would say right now, I'd probably have to give it to Mahomes," Brett tells TMZ Sports.

It's not exactly a nuclear take from the Packers legend -- most have Brees and Patrick Mahomes as the top 2 candidates for the award -- but Favre says the younger QB gets his nod.

"What Mahomes has done in his first year is incredible."

You can tell it kinda pains Brett to say it -- Brees IS, after all, one of the last old dudes standing in a young man's game -- but Favre still showed Drew some major love anyway.

In fact ... Brett also shouted another old QB who's killin' it this season -- saying Philip Rivers deserves some praise for his huge season too!

As for Mahomes ... Brett didn't go all Dick Vermeil on us and say the Chiefs superstar can be one of the greatest to ever play -- but he also didn't exactly disagree with the ex-coach!!

Ryan Shazier Killin' Deadlift Workout ... One Year After Injury

12/6/2018 1:14 PM PST
Breaking News

Ryan Shazier is making some incredible progress in his gridiron comeback ... crushing a deadlift workout just one year after suffering a serious back injury.

The Pittsburgh Steelers star required MAJOR spinal stabilization surgery last December after suffering a severe spinal injury while playing the Bengals during a Monday Night Football matchup.

At the time, there was fear he was paralyzed from the waist down ... but the guy has made some serious progress on his dream of returning to football ... just look at the update he posted on Thursday.

Shazier reflected on the injury on Wednesday -- the one year mark since the injury -- saying "Just a year ago my life changed forever. It was a scary moment for many people. I'm not going to lie, I was one of them."

"It's been a crazy, long journey, but it is not over yet. The best worst part about this journey that I'm on is the unknown. Day by day it's getting better than the day before."


Lovie Smith Stoked For Chicago ... 'The Bears Are Back!'

12/6/2018 11:26 AM PST

Lovie Smith has no bitterness toward the Bears ... in fact, the ex-Chicago head man is STOKED for the team -- telling TMZ Sports, "The Bears are back!"

Remember, Lovie and Chicago didn't leave on the best of terms in 2012 ... with Lovie getting canned despite a Super Bowl appearance AND an 81-63 record in 9 seasons.

But, Smith's clearly let any bitterness he had go -- 'cause when we got the current University of Illinois coach out at LAX ... he told us he's fired up for his former team!

"I know they're pretty good. I think the Bears are back!" Lovie says ... "Matt Nagy is doing a heck of a job with them."

Chicago's got a key game coming up Sunday night, playing the top-seeded Rams ... and Smith tells us he's "anxious" to watch them play -- and thinks they've got a shot at an upset!!

There's more ... Lovie also gave advice to Mike McCarthy on how to stay up after being fired -- and told us how he addresses the Kareem Hunt incident with his college players.

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