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Michael Sam

Montreal Pride Parade ...

'Be Our Guest Of Honor'

5/22/2015 11:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0522-michael-sam-montreal-pride-TMZ-02Michael Sam -- defensive end and ... Grand Marshal? Maybe ... because Montreal Pride organizers tell us they're so pumped over Sam's signing, they want him to be a guest of honor at their gay pride parade. 

With Sam signing on to play for the Montreal Alouettes, Jean-Sébastien Boudreault -- the VP of Montreal Pride, one of the largest gay pride events in the world -- tells TMZ Sports they are hoping to get Sam involved with their organization to help him feel at home in Canada. 

Boudreault tells us, "We will be seeking him to be an honorary guest during Pride. We would love for him to be honored during Montreal Pride and to make him welcome to the City."

As for whether or not Sam's sexual orientation will have any affect on his CFL career, Boudreault says, "As long as you are good at what you do, it should never be an obstacle."

Montreal Pride takes place August 10-16 ... right in the middle of the Alouettes' season.

College Football Beast

Shawn Oakman's Insane Box Jump

... With 70 Pound Dumbbells!

5/19/2015 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Memba Shawn Oakman -- that GIANT mountain of a college football player who became an Internet meme last year??? 

Well, he's back ... hitting a 40" box jump WHILE HOLDING 70 POUND DUMBBELLS IN EACH HAND!!! 

TMZ Sports obtained footage of Baylor's famous 6'9" 280 pound defensive end getting in some hardcore strength training in Vegas -- and it's pretty impressive.  

Oakman hit up the exclusive Athletic Gaines training center on Tuesday -- and worked out with Travelle Gaines, who's trained some of the best athletes in the world ... including Reggie Bush, Andrew Luck, Marshawn Lynch and LeSean McCoy. 

We're told Oakman began the training session with light weights ... and moved up ... with Shawn capping out with the 70 pounds dumbbells.  

Oakman will be a senior at Baylor next year ... and some experts think he could be the #1 overall pick. 

Keep your eye on this dude. 


UCLA Football Coach

Praises Snoop, Diddy

'We've Got Rap Game Covered!'

5/18/2015 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Both Snoop and Diddy are proud parents of UCLA football players this season -- and the head football coach is PUMPED ... saying, "I've got the East Coast and the West Coast rap game covered!"

As we previously reported, Justin Combs (DB) and Cordell Broadus (WR) will be suiting up for the Bruins this season ... and their famous dads are super excited about it

So, when TMZ Sports spoke with Coach Jim Mora at the Tour de Pier charity race in Manhattan Beach this weekend ... we had to ask how he felt about uniting two of the biggest rappers on the planet. 

Check out the video ... and watch how Mora expertly handles himself when we ask him to pick his favorite rapper -- Diddy or Snoop. 


NFL's Bart Scott

Braylon Edwards Needs Help

... We're Here For Him

5/13/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0512-bart-scott-getty-01Ex-NFL star Bart Scott says his former NY Jets teammate Braylon Edwards needs to get help after his most recent DUI arrest -- before someone ends up hurt ... or worse.

"I care about him a whole lot. He's really a great guy," Scott says ... "but he has to get a handle on it. He's putting himself and other people's lives in danger."

Of course, Scott's referring to Braylon's DUI arrest in Arizona last week ... his second DUI arrest in 5 years.  

"A lot of players think they're okay and they don't understand that having one or two drinks can lead to this."

Scott says he plans to reach out to Braylon -- who he's known since high school in Detroit -- and wants him to know he's got a TON of support from the guys he grew up with. 

"We were always there for each other ... I am here for Braylon. We all are."

Cowboys' Orlando Scandrick

'Excited' for Greg Hardy ...

'He's a Good Player'

3/20/2015 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Jerry Jones under fire for signing Greg Hardy ... Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick tells TMZ Sports he's excited about his new teammate -- saying, "I think he's a good player." 

Of course, Hardy was found GUILTY of assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-GF last year ... but the charges were later dropped because the victim refused to cooperate with prosecutors after striking a financial settlement with the football star. 

But when we saw Orlando out in L.A. Thursday, the superstar cornerback wanted to focus on Greg's performance on the field ... and clearly, he believes the dude can play.  

For his part, Jones issued a statement on the signing ... saying, "We have spent a great deal of time over the last two days in meeting with Greg directly and gaining a solid understanding of what he is all about as a person and as a football player."

"Obviously a great deal of our study was dedicated to the issue of domestic violence, and the recent events that associated Greg with that issue." 

"Our organization understands the very serious nature of domestic violence in our society and in our league. We know that Greg has a firm understanding of those issues as well."

ASU Linebacker

Arrested for Assaulting GF

Allegedly Choked, Hit Woman

3/16/2015 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


An Arizona State football star -- their most highly touted defensive recruit -- is in serious trouble ... after cops say he beat up and choked his girlfriend in Arizona earlier this month. 

Davon Durant -- a junior college transfer who was projected to be a starting linebacker for the Sun Devils -- was arrested for felony aggravated assault after a witness reported seeing "a male hit a female." 

Cops responded to the scene ... where the woman told police she was having an argument with Durant in a black Chevy Tahoe -- when he demanded that she escort him up to her apartment so he could get his stuff (it sounds like they were breaking up.)

The woman says she refused to let him inside ... and he freaked out -- "hit her one time in the face and then grabbed her around the neck." 

The woman says Durant squeezed her neck and impeded her ability to breathe.

Cops say the woman had bruises and marks consistent with an attack -- so they arrested Durant. He was hauled off to a nearby jail. Durant is due back in court later this month. 

Ex-USC Football Star

Thwarted Home Invasion

Cops On Hunt for Suspects

3/13/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Frightening moment for a former USC football star -- when two men tried to break into his L.A. home ... while he was INSIDE ... and it was all captured on video. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Alex Holmes -- who played tight end for the Trojans during their monster 2004 season -- who says he was hanging out on March 1st when two guys began casing his home. 

The entire scene was captured on surveillance ... you can see the two guys ringing the doorbell to see if anyone is inside. When nobody answered, they snuck around to the backyard. 

The men put on gloves (no fingerprints) and moved a table to try to enter the house through a 2nd story window ... but set off an alarm and eventually fled the scene. 

Holmes was inside the house during the entire incident -- and called police, who raced to the scene moments after the guys bolted. 

"I almost feel bad for the kids," Holmes says ... "As soon as they climbed up and opened that window, the alarm went off and they ran away."

The USC alum says it's the second time his house has been targeted in less than a year.

LAPD is asking anyone with information about the two suspects to call Detective Nolan at (213) 922-8255.

Dak Prescott

Cut and Bloodied

In Spring Break Brawl

3/9/2015 8:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

QB Dak Prescott and 2 other Mississippi State football players were attacked outside a Spring Break concert in Panama City and the video of the brawl is insane.

Prescott and his teammates were jumped at a Waka Flocka show when the chaos erupted. In the video ... Prescott -- a leading Heisman candidate for next season -- is on the ground getting stomped and seems totally dazed.

According to several Bulldogs blogs the attack was unprovoked and the injuries are not serious -- Prescott's face looks pretty messed up though.

Police have not arrested anyone yet.


President Obama

No On Fantasy Football

... Says Ex-Personal Aide

2/27/2015 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Obama doesn't screw around at the waiver wire ... and won't obsess over Peyton Manning's passing yards -- 'cause he DOESN'T play fantasy football ... so says his ex-personal aide. 

Reggie Love -- who was Obama's "body man" from 2009 to 2011 -- appeared on "TMZ Hollywood Sports" and told us POTUS simply "doesn't do the fantasy football thing."

"He thinks it's a little time consuming. He's like 'I have other things to do," Love said. 

Reggie also tells us Vice President Joe Biden has a BALLER for a granddaughter -- seriously -- and she's so good, Love says he expects her to be recruited by the best college programs in the country. 

Check out "TMZ Hollywood Sports" at 6PM ET, 3PM PT weekdays on Reelz.

Ex-NFL Star Mike Williams

Coaching Middle School Football

Wants to Be USC's 1st Black Head Coach

2/21/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


He killed it at USC ... and spent several seasons in the NFL ... but now ex-wide receiver Mike Williams has a new goal -- to be USC's first black head coach ... and he's starting by coaching at an L.A. middle school. 

The 31-year-old tells TMZ Sports he officially hung up his cleats -- but says he's always had a passion to coach. So when he moved back to L.A., he started hunting for jobs to get his new career off the ground. 

"I applied for a couple of high school jobs ... schools that I thought would have good athletes ... but some of those schools didn't even call me back for an interview," Williams says. 

But one place that did have interest was the prestigious Brentwood School in L.A. -- where tuition runs $35k ... and boasts famous alumni like Fred Savage and Adam Levine

"Brentwood really presented a great situation for me. I was able to assist with the varsity team, and then head the middle school team."

Williams says he's having a blast so far -- and is excited to share the wealth of football knowledge he's picked up over the years ... especially what he learned from Pete Carroll, who coached him in college and in the pros. 

"What I learned from Coach Carroll is he allows guys to be exactly who they are ... as long as it's in the confines of what the team is trying to do. That's why you see all these personalities coexist ... and in a winning fashion. Be who you are as long as you ballin."

Williams tells us his "ultimate goal" is to become the first African American head coach at USC ... but says for now, he's definitely enjoying the journey. 

Snoop Football League

20 Kids Commit to D1 Colleges

2/10/2015 6:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Snoop Dogg's Youth Football League continues to churn out studs -- with 20 former SYFL players committing to D1 colleges to play ball ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, Snoop started the L.A.-based league back in 2005 -- and it's exploded ever since ... with roughly 1,700 players signed up last season ... and 4 alums who made it to the NFL.  

And now that National Signing Day came and went, the Commish of the SYFL tells us ... 20 former SYFL players have signed letters of intent to major college football programs, including Snoop's own son.  Here's the list: 

1. Donzell Roddie -- Boise State
2. Kyahva Tezino -- San Diego State
3. Jeremy Kelly -- San Jose State
4. Damon Wright -- Boise State
5. Kameron Powell -- Washington State
6. Cordell Broadus -- UCLA
7. Iman Marshall -- USC
8. Shawn Wilson -- Oregon State
9. Malik Psalms -- Cal Berkeley
10. Stanley Norman -- Arizona State
11. Cameron Hayes -- Hawaii
12. Kenya Bell -- San Jose State
13. Justin Calhoun -- Montana State
14. Jeremy Calhoun -- Montana State
15. Taj Jones -- Idaho State
16. Mike Bell -- Fresno State
17. Jericho Flowers -- UNLV
18. Kevin Scott -- USC
19. Dominique Davis -- USC
20. Jaelon Barnwell -- Alabama State University

"I’m extremely proud to have coached and mentored these young men," SYFL Commish Haamid Wadood tells us. 

"I speak on behalf of Snoop and my entire SYFL staff and all the coaches and volunteers. We just want to thank the parents for trusting in us and believing in us in building a foundation for these kids in giving them the opportunity for helping them achieve their goals on becoming a great player and teammates."


Maurice Clarett

I Will Graduate From Ohio State

... It's Just Taking a While

2/8/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's been 13 years ... and counting ... but ex-Ohio State University star Maurice Clarett says he's back on track to graduate from OSU ... and expects to have his degree in two years. 

TMZ Sports spoke with the former running back -- who dominated college football back in '02 & '03 -- and he tells us he tried to do the school thing when he got out of prison, but his attempted football comeback got in the way. 

Now, Clarett says he's moved on from football ... and is focused on growing his packaging business and graduating from OSU.

"They opened up their arms to me and said, 'We'd like you to finish your degree' ... they've even offered to help me out with funding."

Clarett says he'll take most of his courses online -- since he travels a lot for work -- but says, "I'm very hopeful everything will work out."

Meantime, Clarett says he's hitting his stride in the business world -- "I formed a company with a guy out of Oklahoma. He has a Ph.D in Polymer Science. He's a whiz in the packaging industry. We distribute pallets and other packing material."

As for his past, which involved multiple convictions involving guns and other bad stuff that torpedoed his once-promising NFL career, Clarett says he's a different person now. 

"I'm at peace. I'm not angry anymore. I'm not frustrated. I have direction ... I have a vision for my life."

Maurice Clarett


'Moving On with My Life'

2/4/2015 2:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0204-maruice-clarett-CHRIS_RUSSELL_DISPATCH-01Former college football superstar Maurice Clarett is finally off probation stemming from robbery and weapons convictions in 2006 ... and says he's finally ready to start the "next chapter" of his life.  

Clarett -- who at one point was widely considered the best NCAA football player in the country -- robbed two people at gunpoint in '06 ... and later that year got busted with 4 guns and a hatchet in his car.  

The ex-Ohio State Buckeyes running back was sentenced to more than 7 years in prison -- but was released in 2010 ... and given 5 more years of probation. 

But Wednesday, the 31-year-old appeared in an Ohio courtroom where the judge officially ended his probation two months ahead of schedule. 

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the judge praised Clarett during the hearing as one of the "truly, truly wonderful success stories I've had as a judge." 

The judge added, "I am not rewarding Mr. Clarett ... Mr. Clarett is rewarding himself by what he accomplished [during his probation]."

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