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Johnny Depp Divorce His Family 'Hated' Amber

5/26/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525-johnny-depp-amber-heard-tmz-03Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship was extremely bitter due to a full-blown feud between his family and Amber ... and this, we're told, is the backdrop for what is already an acrimonious divorce.

Multiple sources connected to the ex-couple tell us, Johnny's 2 teenage kids, his 2 sisters and his mom "hated" Amber, and openly discussed it.  We're told they talked about how Amber would rail on Johnny and "treat him like crap."

Earlier this year, Johnny moved his mother, Betty Sue Palmer, into the L.A. compound where he and Amber lived ... and the tension was palpable. We're told mom often told friends she thought Amber was using Johnny for his money and fame, and to boost her own career.

We're also told before Betty Sue moved in, she only saw her son once from the time he married Amber, and both Betty Sue and Johnny blame her for keeping them apart so she'd have full control.  

Our sources say Amber had 2 closed door sit-downs with Johnny's mom after she moved in, and after both meetings Betty Sue railed on her daughter-in-law, calling her a "terrible person."

We broke the story ... Amber filed for divorce Monday ... 3 days after Betty Sue died. There was no prenup, and Amber wants spousal support.


David Hasselhoff I'm Broke

5/20/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519_Pamela-Bach_David-Hasselhoff_tmz-3David Hasselhoff -- who made hundreds of millions of dollars from "Baywatch", "Knight Rider" and various other TV shows, movies and other entertainment ventures -- says he can't afford to support his ex-wife anymore because he's got less than $4k in cash to his name.

David and ex-wife Pamela Bach are locked in a spousal support war -- she's currently getting $252k a year, but he wants that amount significantly lowered, saying he's a shadow of his former financial self.

Hasselhoff says his European tour got cut short because of poor ticket sales, and he's not sure if his new reality show, "Hoff the Record," will make him flush again.

David says he's trying to stay "relevant," but it's hard. He admits to grossing $112k a month, but spends $66k. When you add what Pam gets plus taxes and living expenses, he says he saves next to nothing.

As for other assets, he states in court docs, obtained by TMZ, he has a total of $1.79 mil in real estate, retirement savings, cars, jewelry, art and other odds and ends, but cash is running perilously short.

Pamela has a wildly different story, claiming Hoff's worth more than $120 million and he continues to work. She says he has property all over the world. 

There's a court hearing at the end of the month.

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Hoops Spring Eternal

5/19/2016 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519-gwen-stefani-gavin-rossdale-kids-AKMGSI-01Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale put their differences aside in the name of basketball ... and co-parenting.

For the first time since their divorce, the exes were seen together Wednesday -- just feet apart -- at their son Kingston's hoops game. There were smiles, from Gavin at least, but they were hardly chummy. More like cordial.

Exes playing nice ... it's catching on.


Prince Anna Fantastic ... 'He Doesn't Deserve This'

5/11/2016 6:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince's ex-girlfriend, Anna Fantastic, is heartsick ... and not just over the fact that the singer died.

We got Anna Wednesday outside Mr Chow in Bev Hills, and she was adamant ... she never saw him use drugs while she was with him in the '80s.

She went on to say "He doesn't deserve this." It's unclear what she means, but it sounds like she's saying she has a big problem with the media reporting Prince was a drug abuser.

TMZ broke the story ... Prince had a severe Percocet addiction before he died. We're also told by people who were in his life in the '80s and onward that drugs were definitely a part of Prince's life.


LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Our Exes Have Their Knives Out For New TV Show

5/9/2016 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0509_eddie_cibrian_leann_rimes_brandi_glanville_tmz_gettyLeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are facing a kitchen nightmare ... their respective exes, Dean Sheremet and Brandi Glanville, are teaming up for a reality show cooking competition.

The show's called "My Kitchen Rules" and is based on a popular Australian show. We're told the concept involves teams of 2 squaring off by throwing dinner events. Lance Bass, Andrew Dice Clay, Naomi JuddRay J and Brandy are some of the names also attached to the project.

It's a brilliant pairing ... Brandi was married to Eddie, and Dean -- an accomplished fitness trainer and food fanatic -- was hitched to LeAnn when she infamously hooked up with Eddie.

You know LeAnn and Eddie will be watching -- purely for recipe ideas, we're sure. 


Nicki Minaj's Ex I Got a New Nikki

5/9/2016 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj's ex BF Safaree Samuels definitely has a type -- well endowed (front and back) chicks named Nicki ... or Nikki.

We got Safaree and Nikki Mudarris from "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" out on a date at Katsuya over the weekend. There are plenty of "it's obvious" in this video -- the giant bouquet of flowers and the hand holding -- they're a new couple, even though they played it coy with our photog.

And this ain't just romantic ... it's professional. Our 'LHHH' sources tell us Safaree is going to be on the next season of the show.

Both are coming out of bad breakups ... Mudarris with rapper Mally Mall and Safaree with Minaj -- so we're sure this will totally work out with reality show cameras in their faces.


'Crash' Director Paul Haggis Divorce Has Me Writing More Checks Than Movies

5/5/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

504-tear-paul-haggis-tmz-gettyOscar winner Paul Haggis finalized his divorce, but his now ex-wife will continue reaping the benefits of his success.  

The "Crash" director reached his divorce settlement with Deborah ... and according to the docs, he'll pay her $20k a month in spousal support. The exes have a 17-year-old son, and Paul will pay another $5k per month for child support, and foot the bill for the kid's schooling -- high school and college.

Additionally, the settlement calls for Deborah to get a hefty slice of Haggis' income -- 20% of anything he makes over $1.2 million per year. That's on top of the monthly $20k check.

Paul's walking away with one of their 2 NYC SoHo apartments and 3 Florida properties.  

Evelyn Lozada I FORGIVE OCHOCINCO But Stay Away From My Wedding!!

5/3/2016 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news for Chad Ochocinco -- his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada says she "totally forgives" him for headbutting her during their infamous 2012 domestic violence incident. 

Bad news for Chad Ochocinco -- Lozada says there's NO WAY IN HELL he'll be invited to her upcoming wedding to MLB superstar Carl Crawford

"I don't give a s***," Lozada says ... "It happened 4 years ago. It is what it is. I'm happy, everybody's moved on with their lives, right? Why be angry? I totally forgive. It's all good."

As for Johnson, the ex-NFL star pled no contest to domestic battery for the incident ... and was sentenced to 1 year probation. He has since apologized to Lozada.  

Charlie Sheen's Ex He's Cutting Off His Rich Nose To Spite His Kids' Faces

4/19/2016 1:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0419_Brooke-Mueller_charlie_sheen_tmzBrooke Mueller is accusing Charlie Sheen of selling off his "Two and a Half Men" cash cow just so he can get his child support payments to her reduced.  

As we've reported, Charlie's been crying poverty to the court ... saying he can no longer afford the $55k per month, but Brooke's not buying it for a second. In new docs, she says Charlie deliberately sold off his back end revenue from "Two and a Half Men" in order to lower his monthly income.

Yes, Charlie got a lump sum of $26 million off that deal, but he lost $613k in monthly income ... which Brooke thinks is all part of his poverty play.

She also thinks it's laughable Charlie's acting down and out, since he "continues to own multiple mansions across the globe, fly all over the world on private planes, have several paid employees at his beck and call, and live an extremely lavish lifestyle."

Brooke is begging the court not to fall for Sheen's hard luck story, and she wants a hearing to comb through his finances.

David Hasselhoff No More Alimony!!! I Want to Retire

4/18/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041516-david-hasselhoff-pamela-bach-tmz-03David Hasselhoff wants time on the beach -- for retirement, not "Baywatch" -- but an obstacle is standing in his way ... his ex-wife.

The Hoff filed legal docs asking a judge to cut off all spousal support to Pamela Bach, whom he divorced in 2006. David's been paying Pam $21,000 a month for nearly 10 years, and he says she's made absolutely no effort to become self-supporting.

David tells the judge he's getting to the age where retirement should be looming, but he says that can't happen with a gigantic, monthly alimony nut.

The 63-year-old says he's looting his retirement account because his monthly gross -- $112,000 -- is not enough to cover his expenses and spousal support.

David says Pam, who's 52, is a talented actor and producer and could easily get a job.

Dwight Howard Ends War With Famous Ex ... After Years of Hatred

4/14/2016 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

041416-dwight-howard-royce-instagramIt's been hailed as the NASTIEST celebrity feud of all time ... but now, the 8-year war between Dwight Howard and his reality star ex, Royce Reed, is finally over ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Saying these two HATED each other might be one the greatest understatements of all time -- he sued her for more than $500 million, she called the cops on him multiple times ... hatehatehate

But something drastic happened in the past few months -- with the two coming together and hashing out a truce ... and we're told it was all for the sake of their 8-year-old son.

Sources connected to both Dwight and Royce tell us family members from both sides teamed up and convinced them to reopen the lines of communication because it would be in the best interest for their son. 

Dwight and Royce agreed and have vowed to end the fighting -- instead focusing on co-parenting. 

As one source put it, "They decided to stop hating each other and made a promise to their son they would get along."

Royce posted a pic of the 3 hanging out at a recent NBA game -- but we're told there have been many more occasions where they've been together ... and so far, everything is peaceful. 

#Props #KeepItUp 

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid Kiss Me Again and Just Forget The World

4/14/2016 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414_Courteney-Cox-and-Johnny-McDaid_SPLASHXPOSUREAKM-GSI.JPGCourteney Cox and ex-fiance Johnny McDaid are back together 5 months after calling off their engagement.

Courteney and the Snow Patrol guitarist both flew into Heathrow Thursday on different flights but landed at the same time ... and that's not the kind of kiss you give an ex you happen to bump into at an airport.

All signs pointed to a reunion in March after the two were spotted all over L.A. together, but they've denied they're giving things a second chance.

Or maybe Courteney's just following in her BFF's footsteps and planning a secret wedding of her own ... not that we won't find out.


Blac Chyna Tyga's Full of Crap He's Making My Life Hell

4/7/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040616-tyga-blac-chyna-tmzBlac Chyna is privately calling BS on Tyga for pretending to be supportive of her engagement to Rob Kardashian ... we're told her ex is really trying to destroy her life.

Sources directly connected to Chyna tell TMZ, Tyga has gone to great lengths to drive a wedge between their son, King, and her. We're told he's filed legal docs trying to wrestle custody from her and will not back down. 

Our sources say Tyga will not even speak to Chyna ... their only direct contact is email. We're told he changed his cell and won't give her the new number. Most of the parenting decisions are made with their nanny as the go-between.

What's more, our Chyna sources say Tyga and his crew have been on a campaign to destroy her reputation, calling her a "drunk whore," "deadbeat mama" and "nasty bitch." 

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