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Lady Gaga -- Bikini Fights and Makeout Sessions

7/28/2010 7:00 AM PDT
Lady Gaga took time out from touring to suck face with her boyfriend Luc Carl, tan her porcelain skin and even indulge in a game of chicken fights while at a hotel pool in Texas on Monday.

Underneath all the hair dye, makeup, vinyl, leather, hoods, capes and masks, Gags is just another tatted up, bikini babe looking for a fun time.

Sam Worthington -- Check Out My Noodle

7/28/2010 4:02 AM PDT

Angelina vs. Jennifer Who'd You Rather?

7/27/2010 5:00 PM PDT
Angelina Jolie flashed her leg in a high-cut black gown at the Japanese premiere of her new film "Salt" on Tuesday, while Jennifer Aniston did the same thing earlier this year.

Question is ... 

Name That Bikini Bottom!

7/27/2010 8:15 AM PDT
Can you guess who showed off her spicy backside in Malibu on Monday?

Better Abs: The Situation vs. The SituAsian

7/27/2010 7:35 AM PDT
"Jersey Shore" stomach flasher The Situation has found his Asian-American hairless abdominal twin in the form of wannabe "K-Town" reality star The SituAsian aka Peter Le.

Question is ...

Supermodel Adriana Lima -- In Hot Water

7/26/2010 6:47 PM PDT
Adriana Lima -- widely recognized by experts as the hottest woman ever in the history of the universe -- nearly melted a Caribbean island today during a photo shoot for Victoria's Secret.

It all went down on the sizzling French island of St. Barths.  And if you're not clicking through these photos by now, your brain is malfunctioning.

Blake Lively Makes Nerds' Heads Explode

7/25/2010 3:45 PM PDT
Blake Lively was at Comic-Con yesterday to help promote her upcoming movie, "Green Lantern."

If she wears anything in the movie that looks like the outfit she wore yesterday, we predict a $1,000,000,000 opening weekend.

The Hot 100 Bikini Thingy

7/24/2010 12:25 PM PDT
The Hot 100 Bikini Contest continued yesterday at MGM Grand's Wet Republic in Las Vegas, and if you care how this sentence ends ... this isn't the photo gallery for you.

Click through to checkout the finals of the competition.

Shakira's Hips, Legs & Stomach Don't Lie

7/23/2010 9:30 AM PDT
Looking muy caliente in hot pink, Shakira showed off her, er, flexibility while on a photo shoot in Ibiza on Thursday.

The 33-year-old is very limber.

Victoria's Secret Model Blazin' Hot Bikini Time

7/22/2010 4:41 PM PDT
We just got 40 photos of smokin' hot Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio posing in teeny bikinis on the beach in St. Barts earlier today ... so ... you should probably look at 'em.

Stop reading ... start clicking.

Miles Austin Stomachs Kim Kardashian's Teeny Bikini

7/22/2010 12:25 PM PDT
With her bikini bottom stretched from coast-to-coast, Kim Kardashian went for a dip in the ocean with her ripped NFL boyfriend Miles Austin in Cabo on Wednesday.

Seismologists warn of a massive crack near the ocean floor.

World Cup Stud In Bikini Battle ... with His GF

7/21/2010 4:02 PM PDT
Argentinian soccer stud Lionel Messi -- one of the best strikers on the planet -- showed off his world cup ... in an itty bitty mankini in Cancun on Wednesday.

Messi cooled off in the water with his similarly dressed girlfriend.

The couple that shares bathing suits together, stays together.

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