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Lucky Penny Karina Smirnoff Rocks Bikini

1/23/2010 2:05 AM PST
He may not have a Golden Glove, but St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Brad Penny definitely has a bronze girlfriend in Karina Smirnoff.


Brad and his "Dancing with the Stars" GF hit Turks and Caicos Friday -- where Karina soaked up the sun and the attention -- despite a noble effort by Brad's graphic t-shirt.

'Big Brother's' Gay Cowboy Gets Bucked on Tape

1/22/2010 8:06 AM PST
The gay rodeo champion who was evicted from the "Big Brother 10" house has found a new use for his assless chaps -- dude is officially entering the world of gay porn.

'Big Brother's' Gay Cowboy, steven daigle

18 months after he was evicted from the "BB" house, Steven Daigle was so comfortable in front of the cameras, he decided to sign on to a man-on-man-on-man sex tape with a company called

We're told Daigle was approached with the idea by porn director Chi Chi LaRue -- who originally met Daigle at a "Big Brother" wrap party.

Daigle tells us, "I didn't expect my life to take this path, but when I was presented with the opportunity, I dove in head first... literally."

As for the footage, we're told most of the film is already in the can.

Britney Spears Has a Dick ... On Her T-Shirt

1/22/2010 8:00 AM PST
Britney Spears made her way to a rainy L.A. gym on Thursday without an umbrella and wearing a Richard Nixon t-shirt.


Hopefully, someone in her entourage let Brit know Tricky Dick was once the President of the United States.

Marisa Miller Still a Victoria's Secret Gal, Still Hot

1/20/2010 5:25 PM PST
Marisa Miller has not been fired by Victoria's Secret despite reports suggesting otherwise -- and judging by the photos we meticulously picked out of the jaw-dropping model, we know why.

Marisa Miller Still a Victoria's Secret Model
The Chief Marketing Officer for Limited Brands -- which owns V.S. -- tells TMZ the report about Marisa's departure "is unfounded and untrue" and said "we adore Marisa and we will continue to work with her in the future."

Miller's rep Nicole Perez also called the report "completely false" ... oh just look through the gallery already.

Whitney Port Takes Her Hills to Miami

1/18/2010 7:18 PM PST
"The City's" Whitney Port celebrated the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday by soaking her lovely bones in the Miami sun on Monday.


'Jersey Shore' Chick Wins Golden Globes

1/15/2010 2:30 PM PST
Sandra Bullock's biggest competition at the Golden Globes isn't Meryl Streep ... it's the very revealing performance of "Jersey Shore's" demure beauty, J-WOWW.

Jersey Shore' Chick Wins Golden Globes
The 23-year-old ingenue showed off her awards on last night's amazing episode of the fist-pumping reality show.

J-WOWW would like to thank the person that made this all possible ... her doctor.

Carrie Prejean -- Another Nippy Day

1/15/2010 11:00 AM PST
Mother Nature exposed "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean's naughty parts again -- this time it wasn't the wind ... it was the deep, blue, perverted, ungodly Pacific Ocean.


The ocean managed to pull down Carrie's bikini top in front of her boyfriend, NFL quarterback Kyle Boller while on vacation in Hawaii this week.

At least she can't get fired from anything this time.

Jessica Simpson or Bust

1/14/2010 12:10 PM PST
Former singer Jessica Simpson looked really stuffed ... after having dinner at an organic restaurant in L.A. on Wednesday.


Jess knows natural free-range breasts are much better for you than ones pumped full of preservatives.

Lane Garrison Takes One for the Team

1/14/2010 3:27 AM PST
After doing hard time for vehicular manslaughter last year, former "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison prepared for an upcoming acting gig by playing a shirtless game of football with a pal in L.A. on Tuesday.


Two hand touch is popular in the clink.

Mystery Benefactor Saves Octomom's Firm Ass

1/14/2010 3:00 AM PST
Nadya Suleman just got a serious spot from someone at the gym she was recently banned from -- someone committed to saving her body through the power of money.

TMZ has learned an anonymous benefactor rolled through a 24 Hour Fitness location in L.A. Wednesday afternoon and threw down enough cash to pay for a one-year gym membership for Octomom ... since she apparently couldn't afford to pay it herself.

As we first reported, Octo was cut off from the gym after she fell behind on her membership fees three separate times.

No word if the mystery man will spring for a sitter to tend to the 14 kids while Nadya continues to tend to herself.

Bruce Springsteen Born to Sun

1/13/2010 2:00 PM PST
Move over The Situation, because New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen's body is The Boss.


Making Snooki proud, the 60-year-old music legend worked on tanning his buff physique in St. Bart's on Tuesday.

These are Bruce's glory days.

Paul McCartney Goes Topless

1/11/2010 1:45 PM PST
Sportin' his Susan Boyle weave, music legend Paul McCartney showed off his Beatle physique in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit in Barbados this weekend.


The 67-year-old soaked his bones in the sun with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Hopefully, for Paul's sake, they used protection.

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