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Liz Hurley -- Girls Night Out

10/6/2010 7:30 AM PDT
British bombshell Elizabeth Hurley, 45, flashed a glimpse of her gorgeous twins in London last night.

Despite the Fall weather, it wasn't very nippy out.

Cassie -- Bottoms Up

10/5/2010 5:50 PM PDT
R+B singer Cassie showed off her bangin' b-side while rockin' a bikini in Miami on Monday.

Hats off to her body of work.

Lisa Rinna ... Now With Less Upper Lip

10/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT
Lisa Rinna is less mouthy than ever -- admitting that she underwent a surgical procedure to reduce the size of her famously inflated upper lip.

The 47-year-old just told that she went under the knife on August 26th to smooth out her "bumpy and uneven" smacker. But after the surgery, Lisa now says, "My lip has no lumps! It's smooth."

Last night in NY, Rinna had a big, fat post-surgery smile on her face as she rolled into the Trump Hotel.

Lisa claims she originally pumped up her face back in 1986 -- when she and a girlfriend made an impulsive decision to get some silicone shot into her lip.

Good decision?

Schwarzenegger's Kid -- Like Father, Like Son

10/5/2010 4:05 AM PDT
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's son Patrick is definitely taking after his former bodybuilder father.

The 17-year-old showed off his ripped arms and abs after taking a yoga class in Brentwood this weekend.

No word if Pat has any political aspirations.

Jwoww Is a Dumbbell

10/4/2010 2:44 PM PDT
Buxom "Jersey Shore" beauty Jwoww has become quite the heavyweight.

While getting in some GTL time in Jersey this weekend, J's trainer used her as part of his upper body workout.

That's one very hot chest press.

Ashley Tisdale -- The Skimpiest Bikini

10/4/2010 6:00 AM PDT
It was 96 degrees in Vegas this weekend -- and Ashley Tisdale adapted to the heat by throwing on the tiniest bikini she owns.

Our friends at caught the "Hellcats" star takin' a dip at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand ... right around the time Avril Levigne was celebrating her 26th birthday.

FYI -- Avril was sans her kinda-sorta-maybe boyfriend Brody Jenner.

NY Jets Hottie Reporter -- Nude Offer from Playboy

9/30/2010 7:00 AM PDT
It's not just the New York Jets who want to see that hot TV Azteca reporter without her clothes on -- TMZ has learned Ines Sainz has received a formal offer to pose naked in Playboy.

Sources involved in the negotiations confirm Hugh Hefner's people reached out with a "pretty big offer" involving a huge payday and the cover -- as long as the Mexican reporter strips down to her traje de cumpleaños

But don't get too excited -- sources close to Ines tell us her network prohibits talent from posing in the buff.

Hopefully, her contract is up soon.

Lindsay's Lawyer -- She's Got Legs ...

9/28/2010 12:00 PM PDT
It was 113 degrees in L.A. yesterday ... but the hottest part of town was at The Grove -- where Lindsay Lohan's lawyer rocked a pair of shorty shorts that would make Judge Elden Fox break a sweat.

While Shawn Chapman Holley was mum about Lindsay's rehab situation -- she claimed that if Lohan "needs" her during her new stint ... Holley declared, "I will be there."

Hopefully wearing shorts.

Kim Kardashian -- T&A Meets TSA

9/26/2010 6:35 PM PDT
Kim Kardashian got wanded today as she made her way through airport security at LAX.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Evans Flexes His Acting Muscles

9/24/2010 10:30 AM PDT
Wearing a tight t-shirt and prosthetic feet, a super buff Chris Evans flaunted his jacked up physique on the set of "Captain America" in England on Friday. 

Imagine what he'll look like in Spandex.

Katy Perry's Honkers Too Hot for 'Sesame Street'

9/22/2010 8:50 PM PDT
Katy Perry's breasts -- and song -- have been yanked from "Sesame Street" ... after the show began receiving complaints like, "DUDE MY SON SAW THIS AND GOT A BONER WTTTTTTTTTF."

Katy shot a segment for the show -- which was supposed to air on New Year's Eve -- in which she sings a cleaned-up version of her song, "Hot N Cold" with Elmo.

The song made its way to YouTube Monday and racked up nearly a million views.  But some parents started complaining her cleavage was too front and center.  We've learned producers have decided not to air the song on the show.

 Among the parental comments:

-- "You can practically see her t*ts. That's some wonderful children's programming."
-- "they're gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue"
-- "my kid wants milk now"

Fact is ... what looks like Katy's bare chest is actually covered in flesh-colored mesh that goes all the way to her neck. 

(This post was brought to you by the letter C-cup.) 

Courtney Love -- Motherhood Never Looked So Good

9/21/2010 7:15 AM PDT
Now that her daughter is no longer a minor and the burdens of losing guardianship over Frances Bean have been removed from her life, reassembled rock star Courtney Love has never looked better.

Courtney showed off her refurbished doll parts at a premiere in NYC last night.

The 46-year-old may have lost a daughter, but she's gained some new things too.

Katy Perry The Bachelorette's Bikini Party

9/20/2010 6:00 AM PDT
Katy Perry strapped a wedding veil to her butt this weekend for one last fling as a single woman -- at a bikini bachelorette party in Vegas with Rihanna and a bunch of her friends.

Our pals at obtained a whole bunch of awesome photos of the singer lettin' loose at the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Perry -- who was doin' some boozin' at the pool -- was clearly mentally prepared for the weekend ... dropping the following tweet before the weekend kicked off, "Signing up for a liver transplant now.”

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