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Giancarlo Stanton Musclebound Chewbacca The Force Is Strong With This One

5/4/2016 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever wonder what Chewbacca looked like under all that fur?? 

Here's Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton doing his best Wookie impression during a gym sesh earlier Wednesday -- a tribute to 'Star Wars' day (May the 4th Be With You).

Fun Fact -- the new 'Star Wars' movie reportedly made $2 BILLION at the box office. Giancarlo's current contract is worth roughly 1/6th of that. 

Not bad ... even for a human. 

Floyd Mayweather Talkin' Trash to Jim Jones

5/3/2016 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather doesn't care how famous you are -- he's gonna talk smack right to your face ... just ask rapper Jim Jones

The two squared off in a 2-on-2 hoops game in Miami -- and Floyd let his mouth run ... guaranteeing victory over the "We Fly High" rapper.

Jones didn't just stand and take it -- he returned the smack talk ... and a pretty intense game broke out.

We're trying to figure out who won. Hang tight ... 

Real Mike Ditka Meets Drunk Mike Ditka At Bachelor Party Turn Up

5/3/2016 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0502_mike_ditka_sports-wmA bunch of drunk guys on a bachelor party weekend thought it would be funny to dress the groom up like Mike Ditka on Friday and go to Ditka's steakhouse in Chicago.

Turns out ... BEST. IDEA. EVER!!! 

The bachelor, David Barnett, lives in Florida -- but his buddies threw the party in Chicago so they could party during NFL Draft weekend. Barnett's also a huge Bears fan. 

And because every bachelor party needs drunken buffoonery ... the guys made Barnett dress up like Da Coach for their dinner at Ditka's.

As fate would have it, Mike was actually in the restaurant that night ... heard about his boozy doppelganger ... and came over for a face-to-legendary-face meeting. 

Good luck topping that, bachelorette party. 

Kevin Hart Goes Down Hard! Looks Like a Setup

5/2/2016 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Hart ended his world tour with a major bang -- as in the sound his body made when it took a nasty fall onstage.

Kevin's last stop on his "What Now" tour was in Honolulu Saturday night, and as he made a triumphant exit ... he suddenly got taken out! Flat on his ass.

He explained what went wrong, later on his social media, and it sounds like someone on the crew is gonna have some explaining to do. Or maybe that person's already been fired.

O-Town Tour Demands Are All '90s Or Nothing

5/2/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428-otown-getty-tmz-01O-Town's either stuck in the '90s or they just have a great sense of humor about their upcoming tour.

The boy band's hitting the road with 98 Degrees, Dream and Ryan Cabrera for the nostalgic MY2K Tour and their rider is filled with throwback items like a '90s boombox "to play their sweet cassette collection" ... and a Nintendo 64 to "play GoldenEye." 

Other backstage demands include cases of local beer, assorted liquors, 5 cans of silly string and a back scratcher.

Most bizarre on their list is definitely the kitty litter and wet cat food "for the stray cats the band takes in while on the road."

That's gotta be code.

Sir Mix-A-Lot Beyonce Got It Wrong ... Real Beckys Got Whack Ass Hair

4/29/2016 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428-sir-mix-a-lot-becky-twitter-def-american-01The only person who knows "Becky" better than Beyonce -- and allegedly Jay Z -- is Sir Mix-A-Lot ... and he says Bey's description of the thot is way off base.

Of course, Mix first made the name famous with his ass anthem -- and tells us he actually dated a Becky back in the day whose hair was far from good! In fact, she was bald and "wore a patch on her eye just because. Her nickname was sketch."

Mix-A-Lot also says not all Beckys are created equal -- "Becky from Calabasas has no game and she would be the side chick for an ax murderer. However, Becky from the block don't play dat s***!"

As for Bey calling out Jay, he gives her props for "saying what she feels while simultaneously earning money."

Y'know, Mix ... he's down to get the friction on.

Verne Troyer Call Me Baby

4/29/2016 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_verne_troyer_vaping_stroller_launchVerne Troyer is one bad baby -- at least that's what some angry parents assumed when he disguised himself as a vaping toddler out for a stroll.

Verne and his "dad" -- YouTube star Roman Atwood -- seemed to piss off and fool plenty of passersby Thursday as they strolled up and down Hollywood Boulevard.

We'd like to believe this is just how Verne normally gets around town -- but we're told the weird moment was being filmed for one of Atwood's YouTube prank videos.

The Gronk Brothers MEATHEADS UNITE ... For Running Man Challenge

4/29/2016 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

429-gronks-runningman-instagramThe Running Man challenge has been Gronk'd -- with all 5 Gronkowski brothers coming together in a gym (where else?) ... to bust out the dance moves. 

FYI -- the Running Man Challenge has taken over social media ... with stars like Kyrie Irving, Justise Winslow and scores of college hoops players dancing along to "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's. 

Now, the Gronks have entered the mix. 

The best part ... when one of the bros slips and falls during a box jump. Nice recovery though. 

A video posted by Rob Gronkowski (@gronk) on

NFL's Jared Goff Locked Out of Hotel ... Right After Draft

4/29/2016 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Right after he was taken FIRST in the NFL draft, all Jared Goff wanted to do was go back to his hotel and chill ... but he couldn't ... 'cause he was locked out. 

Don't worry, Goff .... you're rich and famous now. 

More doors will open. 

Adam Sandler & David Spade Roast D'Angelo Russell ... With Hilarious Spoof

4/28/2016 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


This is hysterical ...

Adam Sandler and David Spade just totally nailed the whole D'Angelo Russell/Nick Young video situation ... in a hilarious send-up spoof video.

The clip has Adam playing the part of poor D'Angelo with Spade as the unsuspecting Nick Young getting all his personal business pried out of him.

The title of the video -- "BroCode?"

Check out the clip ... except you D'Angelo -- you stay away from all electronic devices.

Urban Meyer Ezekiel Elliott's a Big Deal ... Maybe Taylor Swift Will Call!

4/28/2016 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hope Ezekiel Elliott's cell phone is on ... because he's become such a big deal, the running back might finally get that long-awaited phone call from Taylor Swift ... at least, that's what Urban Meyer told us.

The Ohio State coach is out in Chicago -- where Elliott is expected to be drafted in the top 10 Thursday night -- when we asked about that famous tweet EE put out back in Sept. asking Swift out to dinner.

But Elliott was just a lowly college kid back then -- and now that he's about to go pro, Meyer joked, "She might be calling him now."

Probably not -- she's got a BF ... but don't worry Elliott, there's PLENTY of ladies interested in a guy about to sign a multi-million dollar contract. 

NFL Prospect Chris Jones Makes Penis Promise ... It Won't Fall Out Again!

4/28/2016 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This video is awesome!!!  

NFL Draft prospect Chris Jones -- the guy whose dong fell out of his shorts at the NFL Combine -- telling us exactly what went through his mind during the accidental exposure ... and it's hilarious. 

The Mississippi State DT is one of the most likable guys we've ever shot -- and explains how he took drastic measures to cover up because he didn't wanna traumatize the kids!  

Plus, Jones says he now has a secret weapon to make sure he doesn't accidentally free willy again -- thanks to that underwear company that reached out to him after the Combine. 

You gotta watch the video ... Jones seems like a really good kid -- and even has his priorities straight when it comes to spending the fortune he's about to make.  


Richard Sherman Undercover Lyft Driver Hilariously Clowns Himself

4/27/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check yourself the next time your Lyft driver tries to bait you into talking smack about Richard Sherman -- 'cause the guy might actually be Richard Sherman!

The Seattle Seahawks superstar went undercover as a Lyft driver -- IN SEATTLE -- to see how unsuspecting commuters felt about him. The result is pretty damn hilarious. 

Sherman was dropping subtle hints about his true identity along the way ... including this gem:

"I just came back from Hawaii actually with some of my friends. I try to make sure I go every year. There's like 50 of us. We even see some guys we really don't like so much from work but that's part of the job."

You gotta watch the clip -- the look on the passengers' faces when he reveals who he is ... priceless!

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