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Tina Fey Trashes Trump on 'SNL' With Sheet Cake!!!

8/18/2017 6:56 AM PDT

Tina Fey annihilated Donald Trump on 'SNL' with the help of sheet cake and a grilled cheese sandwich.

The UVA grad, class of '92, made a pretty spectacular appearance on 'Weekend Update,' taking aim at the Prez, the neo-Nazis and Ann Coulter, whom she called "Yard Sale Barbie."

It's hilarious and serious at the same time. She uses the cake to show how people are feeling both powerless and powerful ... something that is easier to understand with the help of frosting.

It's pretty awesome. Watch.

Kris Jenner Kylie Marrying Travis Scott Is a Laughing Matter!!!

8/18/2017 6:45 AM PDT

Kris Jenner took in a comedy after dinner -- a question about her youngest daughter getting married.

Kris was leaving Nobu Los Angeles Thursday night with bf Corey Gamble when a pap asked if Kylie's boyfriend, Travis Scott, has her blessing to join the family ... and she thought it was hilarious.

Hard to say how the couple should feel about Kris' reaction. On one hand, Kylie's only 20 so her mom may just think it's ridiculous to think about her tying the knot.

On the other hand ... ouch.

Travis should probably stick to giving Kylie butterflies for a while ... and hold off on a ring.

Casey Affleck Arrives at LAX Like a Bat Outta Hell!!

8/11/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Casey Affleck must have forgotten he was at an airport and not home plate -- 'cause he casually tried bringing a baseball bat onto a plane.

We got Casey Thursday at LAX rushing to catch a flight, with bag and bat in hand ... and a ton of confidence he'd get through TSA.

When we ask if he really thinks he'd get past with the equipment, he says we'll see ... and see we did.

After what looks like several earnest attempts to persuade, Casey gets a definitive answer with one head movement.

Casey could have checked the bat, but decided to surrender it, and scurried to his plane.

LeBron James New Bizarre Shirtless Workout ... Rapping to Meek Mill

8/4/2017 11:46 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's the latest installment of the LeBron James Challenge ... courtesy of LeBron James!!

LBJ posted yet another shirtless workout vid Friday morning ... vibin' out to Meek Mill's new "Wins & Losses" album. This time, the King raps, sings and even maniacally laughs at his haters.

LeBron's been mocked by pretty much the entire Internet -- including Steph Curry -- for his first viral gym sesh, so it's only a matter of time before your timeline gets flooded with new challenge vids.

At one point, LBJ makes sure to point out one of Meek's lyrics directed at the President -- "Trump ain't feelin' us" ... which makes sense, considering Bron's never hidden his feelings towards POTUS.

As for LeBron's singing ... it's never too late for lessons, bro.

Nick Young Narrates Julius Randle's Wedding ... 'He Gone!'

8/4/2017 10:41 AM PDT

Nick Young is the Al Michaels of the wedding industry ... 'cause Swaggy P gave out an amazing play-by-play of Julius Randle's marriage ceremony Thursday ... and it's hilarious!!

The Lakers star tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Kendra Shaw, in front of his old Kentucky and L.A. teammates (including Jordan Clarkson) ... and Young provided some top-notch commentary to his recording of the ceremony.

Young really gets into it, saying it's a "proud unk" moment as he watches his ex-teammate exchange vows ... and emotionally whispers "he 'bout to cry!"

No word on if the water works came out ... but the party afterwards looked like a great time.

Justin Bieber Hands Off MY Smokey Eye, Bro!

8/4/2017 7:46 AM PDT

Justin Bieber ain't afraid to put his pastor pal in check ... especially when the guy jacks his move.

The Biebs took a mini tour around WeHo Thursday night ... first hitting up the trendy boutique Maxfield before making his way over to Catch. Justin kept mum until one of the guys in his crew, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, busted out the "Smokey Eye" for the paparazzi. That's when he mockingly got in Rich's grill.

If you didn't see "Zoolander 2" (lucky you) ... that was JB's response to "Blue Steel."

All in all ... Justin was in a great mood for good reason. As we reported, Justin won't be facing charges for driving over a photog last week.

Jamie Foxx Who Wants To Hear My Vin Diesel, Jay-Z Impersonation?!

8/3/2017 7:28 AM PDT

Wanna hear Jamie Foxx's spot-on-call-it-a-night-and-put-the-kids-to-bed impersonation of Vin Diesel and Jay-Z? We got you.

Jamie was leaving Mr Chow Wednesday night in Bev Hills when we told him about Vin's plan to reboot "Miami Vice" for NBC. Jamie's face not only lit up with excitement ... he busted out Vin's famous line from "The Fast and the Furious."

It gets better ... we ask Jamie if Phil Collins should do the new "Miami Vice" soundtrack. Jamie loves the idea and suggests Phil collaborate with Jay-Z.

Check it out ... Jamie gives us an awesome sample.

Nick Cannon My Kid's Talent is all in the Genes ... Whose, Exactly?

8/2/2017 3:36 PM PDT

Nick Cannon says his and Mariah Carey's daughter is a natural born star 'cause her musical talent runs deep in her veins ... but it's unclear who he thinks passed it on.

We got Nick Wednesday in NYC, where we asked for his take on Monroe's stage performance next to her mom -- and his baby mama -- Mariah. He's not surprised she killed it ... like he says, it's in the genes.

What he's not totally clear on is whose genes he's talking about. As you know ... Mimi's the singer in the fam. And, while Nick raps, he definitely doesn't have her pipes.

The former 'AGT' host also addresses his replacement, Tyra Banks. He punts on that one, claiming TV blindness.

Marshawn & Macklemore Mocking Tom Brady ... In New Video

8/2/2017 9:33 AM PDT
Breaking News

Macklemore is using Marshawn Lynch to fire shots at Tom Brady -- with ball deflating jokes and a jersey theft ... and it's all in his new music video.

M & M know each other from Seattle -- and hooked up for Macklemore's new track with Lil Yachty called "Marmalade." The main theme seems to be messing with Brady and the Patriots.

Of course, the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX after that insane decision to throw the ball from the 2 yard line instead of giving it to Beast Mode.

Clearly, both guys remember.

Marshawn makes a funny cameo in the video -- masterminding a Tom Brady jersey theft ... obviously inspired by Mauricio Ortega, the guy who jacked Brady's real uniform after Super Bowl 51. 

Funny to us. Wonder if Tom's laughing?

Tyler Perry Plus Vie, Ladies ... Just Call Me Drake!!!

8/2/2017 7:25 AM PDT

Tyler Perry is a dead ringer for Drake ... at least when he's mugging for pics with foreigners without a clue.

Tyler was happy to oblige Tuesday in L.A. when 2 ladies -- one of whom was French -- asked for a photo. Check out the video ... they kinda sorta knew he was famous, but not really.

The movie director and comedian plays along to a T -- even trying to pass himself off as Champagne Papi.

Nothing wrong with showing a little Fake Love.

Dustin Diamond Screech Needs Scratch ... Guzzles Chewing Tobacco Spit for $25

8/1/2017 11:42 AM PDT

"Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond will stoop to disgusting levels to make a quick buck, but at least it was for the sake of comedy ... we think.

Screech headlined a comedy game show at The Rialto Theatre in Akron, Ohio Saturday night and took it upon himself to participate in one of the challenges to win a cash prize ... and he went all out for $25.

The challenge was to take a shot -- but it was 50/50 odds whether it would be bourbon or someone's chewing tobacco spit. It didn't seem to matter to him, though ... as long as it resulted in the audience buying some of his merch.

The strangest part -- Dustin had already earned his 25 bucks BEFORE he took the shot of spit, so he just did that for show ... and extra t-shirt sales.

Joel McHale Amy Schumer's Forbes Rank Proves Comedy's Still a Boys Club

7/29/2017 2:45 PM PDT

Amy Schumer is once again the only female comedian to make Forbes' highest paid list this year -- and that ain't necessarily a good thing ... according to Joel McHale.

We got the comic Friday at LAX, where we asked him to weigh in on Amy's ranking for the 2nd consecutive year ... during which she made $37.5 million.

Joel doesn't mince words here -- he says the comedy biz is still very much a boys club ... despite the fact there's tons of funny women out there who deserve more recognition ... and $$$$.

He also draws some comparisons to diversity in TV ... hinting that comedy's got some catching up to do.

At least Amy's enjoying her dough, and spreading the wealth

Simone Biles Drugged Up After Surgery ... Watch Me Whip!

7/27/2017 8:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

The wisest part of getting your wisdom teeth removed is having someone record you when you're coming down off the drugs ... and Simone Biles knows it!

The Team USA Olympic gymnast hit the oral surgeon's office -- and after the procedure, she was OUT HER DAMN MIND!

At one point, Biles thought she was driving a truck -- and even honked the imaginary horn!

Good news ... she's fine now and even joked about it on social media.

"Hope yall get a good laugh!!"

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