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Blac Chyna Splits With Boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay

6/19/2018 4:11 PM PDT
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Blac Chyna and her significantly younger boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay, are no more ... at least according to YBN.

The 18-year-old just announced he and 30-year-old Chyna are no longer together after several months of dating. YBN doesn't get into specifics, but it's been a couple weeks since we've seen the two hanging out.

As we reported -- the two started officially dating back in March -- and enjoyed some pretty PG date nights ... including one at the bowling alley.

YBN was also with Chyna when she went nuts at Six Flags just outside of L.A. -- swinging her daughter Dream's stroller at a woman who allegedly started beef.

YBN was seemingly Chyna's longest, most serious relationship since her split with Rob Kardashian.

MLB's Jake Lamb Loses His Mind Watching Little Bro Win

6/11/2018 10:43 AM PDT
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Arizona Diamondback Jake Lamb got HYPED this weekend ... watching his little bro advance to the College World Series -- and the awesome scene was caught on video.

Washington rallied to beat Cal State Fullerton in 10 innings Sunday night ... using a sacrifice fly to score the winning run -- and Lamb's reaction was priceless.

FYI -- Lamb -- a 3rd baseman on the D'Backs -- used to play for the Huskies ... and now his younger bro, Dylan, is a freshman reliever for the squad. All of that added up to Jake going ballistic when the winning run crossed home plate.

"My little brother achieved one of my childhood dreams tonight," Lamb wrote of the reaction. "I post this video because I’m at a loss for words. I love you man @dylanrlamb."

Washington's gotta win a few more games to be crowned champs ... but if they do -- we're hoping someone has a camera on Jake for it.

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Come Fly with Me ...

6/8/2018 3:42 PM PDT

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra either don't care if people know they're banging ... or they're just really awful at hiding it.

Nick and the "Quantico" star arrived together at JFK on Friday headed off to who-knows-where -- but, one thing's for sure, this is a damn good looking couple ... even if they won't admit it.

Dating rumors started last year when they arrived together at the 2017 Met Gala, but she brushed it off ... claiming they were only posing together because they were wearing the same designer.

They also hit up a Dodger game together just a couple weeks ago.

Maybe they're rocking the same designer again as they jet off -- but something tells us they're whispering something hotter than fashion tips to each other.

Just sayin' ...

Gilbert Arenas On Restraining Order: 'My D*ck Is Like Crack'

6/5/2018 3:12 PM PDT
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Gilbert Arenas claims the woman who got a temporary restraining order against him is lying and just sent a very crass message to her:

"Listen I know my d*ck is like crack but don’t play yea self."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... a woman who says she's been in an on-again, off-again relationship with the ex-NBA star says he's been harassing her and threatening to send naked pics and videos to her 10-year-old son.

According to court docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ Sports ... the woman obtained a temporary restraining order against Arenas. 

Arenas is upset and lashed out on Instagram ... saying, "Which one of u funky bitches lying on me? 99% of u hoes couldnt get me too call u back after I hit #VaginasWereTrash."

"Now Someone wants a restraining on me ?? listen I know my d*ck is like crack but don’t play yea I’m bothering one of y’all.

He also called TMZ "#fakenews" -- despite the fact we literally quoted the documents that were filed in court word-for-word. 

Arenas and his accuser are due back in court next month. 

Lil Tay Rubbing Elbows with Rick Rubin How You Like Me Now?!

6/1/2018 4:28 PM PDT

Legendary producer Rick Rubin is the architect behind Jay-Z, the Beastie Boys and now... Lil Tay?!

The foul-mouthed 9-year-old rapper posted this video on her Instagram story for her more than 2 million followers to soak up. It's a quick video ... but the mere hangout's got everyone wondering if Rick's gonna get in the Tay game, or if they just met by chance.

It's also unclear where the hell this video was taken, but one thing's for sure ... Tay stuntin' in front of expensive cars proved to be quite the ruse. So, take this meeting with a TON of salt.

'Bachelorette' Garrett Apologizes for Liking Hateful Memes ... 'I Am Not Perfect'

5/31/2018 7:00 PM PDT

'Bachelorette' contestant Garrett -- the suitor who got Becca's first impression rose on Monday's season premiere -- is the latest to jump on the apology train this week ... in his case, for liking bigoted memes.

Garrett Yrigoyen spoke up Thursday evening after coming under fire when it was discovered he liked Instagram posts mocking transgender people, Parkland shooting survivors and immigrants ... then deleting his account.

Garrett owned up to it -- via a new Instagram account -- saying ... "I am sorry to those who I offended, and I also take full responsibility for my ‘likes’ on Instagram that were hurtful and offensive."

He also explains why he started a new account, adding ... "I decided to take it down and start fresh because I have learned an extremely valuable lesson and am taking steps to grow, become more educated, and be a better version of myself. I am not perfect, and I will never be anywhere close, but now I will always be more informed and aware of what I am liking and supporting, not just on Instagram, but in life.”

We broke the story ... Garrett APPEARS to be the guy Becca picks in the finale -- based on photos we obtained of them filming it -- but when we saw Becca out this week ... she didn't seem too concerned about his controversy.

Brigitte Nielsen I'm 54 and I'm Pregnant!!!

5/30/2018 11:33 AM PDT

Brigitte Nielsen has already proven age ain't nothing but a number with her stunning beauty ... but she just took it to a whole new level by announcing she's pregnant at 54!!

Sylvester Stallone's ex took to Instagram to announce she's pregnant with her 5th kid ... posting this picture in a white getup and holding her rather large baby bump. She captioned the pic,"family getting larger #me #family #brigittenielsen #babybump."

Brigitte -- who played Ivan Drago's wife in "Rocky IV" -- has 4 sons -- Julian (34), Killian (28), Douglas (25) and Raoul (23) -- but none with Stallone.

This is Brigitte and Mattia Dessi's first kid together. They've been married since 2006. 

'Bachelorette' Star Becca Kufrin Dodging Questions About Garrett Liking Bigoted Memes

5/30/2018 9:38 AM PDT

'Bachelorette' star Becca Kufrin happily smiled and posed for cameras in NYC, and appeared unfazed by our guy asking how she feels about her leading guy liking hateful memes on social media.

We got Becca leaving an event Tuesday, and a throng of fans and photogs snapped shots of her before she bolted. We tried to ask her about Garrett Yrigoyen -- the suitor who got Becca's first impression rose on Monday's season premiere, but who's also come under fire for allegedly liking Instagram posts mocking transgender people, Parkland shooting survivors and immigrants.

Garrett, who also appears to be the guy Becca picks in the finale, deleted his Instagram account after the posts were published on several blogs.

If Becca's concerned, she's not showing it in public.  

Towanda Braxton Toni Braxton Has Had No Work Done Do Your Research, She Has Lupus

5/30/2018 7:08 AM PDT

Towanda Braxton says stories that her sister Toni has had work done on her face are preposterous ... because she has a disease that prohibits such procedures.

Toni posted a photo on Instagram earlier this month, and some people thought it proved she'd gone under the knife. But, when we got Towanda at LAX Tuesday, she shot down the rumors, telling us Toni can't have anything synthetic in her body, including botox, since she suffers from lupus.

Lupus is an incurable autoimmune disease that Towanda says feels like having the worst flu for 24 hours a day. Towanda says lupus makes Toni's weight fluctuate due to the steroids she takes for her symptoms, and says people should do their homework instead of jumping to conclusions.

Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee Pregnant ... But, Who's the Dad?

5/22/2018 12:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

The woman who was engaged to Aaron Hernandez -- the mother of his daughter -- has announced she's pregnant ... but the big question -- who's the daddy?  

Shayanna Jenkins broke the news on Instagram ... saying, "Many of you have had speculated that I may be expecting another miracle which is very accurate."

FYI, Hernandez died in April 2017 after he hanged himself in his prison cell. In theory, he could have frozen his sperm for her to impregnate herself at a later date.

If Jenkins is in a new relationship, she hasn't gone public with it -- in fact, the last time she posted a photo of a man on her IG it was Aaron Hernandez.

Still, Jenkins is shedding SOME light on her pregnancy ... saying, "I wanted to have a moment for myself alone with my daughter ... we are beyond excited about the new addition and chapter we will soon begin."

Jenkins did not reveal how far along she is or when the baby is due -- but did say she's having a girl. 

"I couldn’t be a luckier woman to have such a perfect little girl that’s prepared to become the best big sister , and even more blessed to welcome another babygirl to our home."

"BabyG we are very excited to meet you !!! Mommy and sissy will continue to wait patiently for your arrival."

Hernandez left a suicide note to Jenkins calling her his "soul-mate" and telling her that she would be "rich" after his death.

We reached out to Jenkins to find out more -- but so far, we haven't heard back.

Bow Wow Give Lil Tay a Pass on Fake Ass Vids ... 9-Yr-Olds Gotta Eat Too!!

5/18/2018 1:35 PM PDT

Lil Tay getting busted for frontin' about her cars and her money is simply her take on the infamous Bow Wow Challenge ... according to BW, himself.

We got Bow Wow Friday in Marietta, GA -- where he's shooting a music video -- and got his take on the foul-mouthed 9-year-old rapper who was recently exposed as a social media fraud. Her red sports car really belongs to her realtor mom's ex-boss, and all the fancy cribs are just homes her mom was showing.

Bow Wow says don't knock Tay's hustle 'cause she's just doing her j-o-b ... which is to entertain her 2 million followers. In fact, sounds like he has a project in mind for her.

Lil advice for Lil Tay, this could be an actual paying gig -- unlike talking trash on Danielle Bregoli. Although that's also pretty damn entertaining.

Teairra Mari Suing Ex & 50 Cent For Leaking the Sex Tape

5/17/2018 9:51 AM PDT
Breaking News

'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari said her ex-bf leaked a sex video as revenge for breaking up with him ... so she's suing him and 50 Cent for reposting a sexually explicit image.

Teairra -- flanked by her attorneys, Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley -- broke down in tears during an emotional news conference Thursday to announce the suit. Teairra said the ugly episode was triggered after she broke up with Akbar Abdul-Ahad after finding out he was cheating on her.

The reality star claims Akbar had her Instagram password and posted a video and an obscene photo of her as payback and to humiliate her. Teairra claims Fiddy, Akbar's close friend, then reposted an image to his 18 million followers before it was taken down.

Lisa said they'll file a police report later Thursday along with the suit. She added, "We have a significant piece of evidence that points to [Akbar]." AAA denies he was behind the act.

Should be noted ... questions as to whether Teairra was allegedly behind taking a metal rod to Akbar's G-Wagon were not raised. 

Liam Hemsworth Good Genes, Mate!!! Mom & Dad Are Shredded

5/17/2018 7:33 AM PDT

Liam Hemsworth gets his good looks and physique from his mama ... and his daddy, clearly!

The youngest Hemsworth bro was out hiking Wednesday with his parents -- looks like they were in the Malibu Hills -- and even though he lovingly referred to them as "oldies" ... their bods are totally camera-ready.

This pic bodes well for Chris and Liam's futures -- their dad, Craig, is completely yoked, and mom Leonie looks like she's ready to run a marathon. Even the family dogs look fit!  

With genes this strong ... the whole family's winning.

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