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Clooney's Producing Partner Wife Files Police Report Over Online Death Threats

4/24/2018 12:10 AM PDT

George Clooney's producing partner, Grant Heslov, had a family cyber scare last week that ended with his wife going to cops over threats made to her life ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Lysa Heslov filed a police report after social media trolls made threatening comments to her over her politics. It's unclear what exactly they were discussing, but one guy commented on her FB page ... "She needs punched in the mouth ... *a bullet to the head. FIXED." She noted in the post that she took it as a threat.

Other people on what appears to be her Instagram message feed left vulgar comments, one of which encouraged Lysa to kill herself. 

Lysa has since made her social media accounts private -- except for Twitter -- and we're told the LAPD is investigating. 

Her hubby, Grant, has produced a number of films with Clooney over the years like "Good Night, and Good Luck," "The Men Who Stare at Goats" and "The Ides of March." He also won an Oscar in 2013 for producing Best Picture winner, "Argo."

Scott Baio's Costar Josie Davis Denies Nicole Eggert's Sexual Assault Claims

4/19/2018 6:04 PM PDT

Scott Baio's getting some reinforcement from former costar Josie Davis over claims made by Nicole Eggert saying Scott forced Josie to remove her pants when she was just 13.

Eggert was going back and forth with Baio fans on Twitter Wednesday, and at one point said, "Ask Scott Baio why he demanded Josie Davis pull her pants down when she was 13..." Eggert later deleted the tweet but not before Davis got wind of it.

Josie -- who was on "Charles in Charge" -- just came to Scott's defense, calling the allegation completely false. She continues, "I only had a positive and professional relationship with him."

A post shared by JOSIE DAVIS (@josiedavis) on

Eggerts new claims are among a string of bad blood between the two. Most recently, Nicole, Alexander Polinksy and attorney Lisa Bloom held a press conference where Polinsky claimed Scott had exposed himself and called Polinsky a "f****t" when he was just 11 years old. 

Scott's rep, Brian Glicklich tells us, "From the beginning, Nicole's inconsistent stories have proven her claims to be untrue. Now she has tripped over her words once again, and it is time to recognize this charade for what it is. Scott is profoundly grateful to Josie Davis for her integrity and decency."

Danielle Bregoli Brawls with Woah Vicky and Lil Tay!!!

4/16/2018 8:54 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:12 AM PT -- Sources close to Danielle tell TMZ ... the feud was actually sparked after Danielle claimed Vicky used a racially derogatory term to describe one of her best friends at a birthday party.

Danielle Bregoli confronted fellow social media star Woah Vicky to settle their smack-talking beef ... and all hell broke loose.

The incident went down Sunday in L.A. where Danielle -- aka Bhad Bhabie -- went after Vicky ... an 18-year-old Instagram star who claims to be a billionaire. The feud apparently started after Vicky called out Danielle in a post. 

Anyway, the fight video starts with Danielle and her bodyguard going up to Vicky, who was with 9-year-old rapper Lil Tay. Words are exchanged and Danielle threw a haymaker before leaving the scene.

Danielle later deleted a post on social media that said, "Don't be showin up tryin to film me to get views. I shouldn't have cracked dhat hoe like I did, but whatever. She a joke. Moving on."

Vicky and Tay tell a different story.

Azealia Banks Claims She was 'Lowkey' Raped ... On Since-Deleted IG Posts

4/15/2018 11:25 AM PDT

Azealia Banks was breaking down and sobbing on her Instagram story Saturday night, claiming she'd been sexually assaulted ... and threatening to quit music over it.

In since-deleted Instagram videos posted to the NYC rapper's Story, Azealia can be heard crying over being "low key" raped by a man she claims pressured her into sex.

In the posts -- which were captured by a third party and posted online -- she starts off with a disclaimer saying she fells "like dirt." She also partially blames herself for the alleged rape, and goes on to threaten deleting her social media accounts until she's okay again.

Azealia was clearly affected by the incident -- the details of which are left ambiguous for now. She doesn't say where this happened, but presumably it occurred Saturday night. She also doesn't name the alleged perpetrator. 

You never see her face ... only her voice, which at one point says someone "got the best of me." She eventually asks someone to come pick her up -- but the posts were later deleted off her account. She did, however, allude to roofies in later posts ... and added she was "good" from the night before and that her show on Sunday was still on. 

It's unclear where she'll be performing tonight. 

Amanda Bynes Furious w/ Twitter and Instagram ... Take Down Fake 'Broke' Accounts!!!

4/11/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Amanda Bynes is waging war with Twitter and Instagram ... accusing the social media giants of allowing impersonator accounts to claim she's too broke to buy her meds and needs fans to wire her money.

Amanda's attorney, Tamar Arminak, tells TMZ ... she's sent multiple legal letters demanding Twitter shut down "@persianLA27" and Instagram remove "@alb4386" because they impersonate Amanda ... telling fans she's short on money and friends refuse to help her.

The accounts are private but we've obtained a screen shot of a recent IG post claiming she's $63 short from buying meds and begs fans to Venmo her the dough.

The fake Twitter account -- with more than 24k followers -- had numerous replies from fans saying "Amanda" deserves to get money that's owed to her "especially if it's court-ordered." 

Tamar says they've been fighting Twitter now for years to remove the account ... Amanda's verified account posted in 2016 telling her followers not to believe the impostors, and then again last year, calling out the fake account for saying she's pregnant and married.

What's more ... Tamar -- who thinks the same person's behind both accounts -- claims Twitter told her the account's a parody and therefore doesn't violate rules. She claims IG told her it doesn't violate their policy and offered no further explanation.

For the record -- Tamar says Amanda's financially well, thriving in fashion school and in a much better place following her 2014 health scare.

We've reached out to Twitter, Instagram and Venmo for comment ... so far no word back. 

Conor McGregor Uses Family for Damage Control

4/10/2018 6:18 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's Conor McGregor trying to convince you he's a not a monster who savagely attacks innocent people ... he's just a family man doing the best for his kid. 

You buyin' it? 

Clearly aware that his image is in the garbage right now ... McGregor went to social media and posted a photo with his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, and their 11-month-old son, Conor McGregor Jr. 

Conor is calculating -- so don't think for a second there isn't a plan behind the posting ... he wants to convince you he's not the wild animal he appeared in the bus attack video.

You know ... this bus attack video -- where he threw a dolly at a UFC bus at Barclays Center, injuring Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg so badly they had to pull out of their fights.

Still think this is just a regular, innocent family photo? 

Kendra Wilkinson Files for Divorce

4/6/2018 2:49 PM PDT

3:35 PM PT -- Kendra lists the date of separation as January 1, 2018 and is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their two kids. She also wants to legally restore Wilkinson as her last name. As for spousal support ... that'll be determined at a later time.

Kendra Wilkinson pulled the trigger on ending her marriage to NFL star Hank Baskett ... she just filed for divorce. 

Kendra filed papers Friday to end the matrimony. She cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

They have two kids -- 8-year-old Hank IV and 3-year-old Alijah. They got married back in 2009 at the Playboy Mansion ... with the late Hugh Hefner in attendance.

As we reported ... Kendra posted several emotional videos Monday confirming the split. She broke down in tears ... saying she's scared but will always love Hank.

There had been rumors in recent months that Kendra and Hank's relationship was on the rocks, signaling a split was imminent. 

Story developing ...

Von Miller Reels in Massive Hammerhead Shark ... on Miami Fishing Trip

3/30/2018 12:15 PM PDT
Breaking News

Here's more proof that Von Miller is the NFL's Steve Irwin ... landing a HUGE hammerhead shark after a wild tussle with the beast of the deep! 

It all went down off the shores of Miami Beach ... where the Denver Broncos star and his bros set sail on a sport fishing trip, 'cause why the hell not?

The crew caught a bunch of cool fishies ... but none could compare to their 9-AND-A-HALF-FOOT shark which, according to the boat captain, was the biggest hammerhead he's seen all season.

FYI, the guys made sure to throw it back in the water after bro'in out on their find.

Remember -- this is a dude that wrastled a live gator just a couple months back ... and we got a feeling he's only gonna keep upping the ante. 

XXXTentacion Fears Extortion From Girl in Video

3/29/2018 12:30 AM PDT

XXXTentacion says the girl he smacked in an old video that recently resurfaced is now trying to pull a money grab.

Sources close the 20-year-old rapper tell TMZ ... X and the the girl were in touch right after the video made the rounds online. We're told they jokingly made the video in 2013 when they were both 15 and she agreed to go on the record with X's lawyer to make it clear -- the video was made as a joke.

But our sources say things went south when the girl's grandparents called the rapper's team asking what they'd be willing to do to "make everything good" ... leading X to think they were after money. The girl also posted this statement on her Instagram.

XXX's attorney, Jaclyn Broudy, tells TMZ ... "This 'terrified' woman decides to post this video now, conveniently, when [XXX] becomes famous. Draw your own conclusions."

X -- who currently has the No. 1 album on Billboard -- is fighting this on the heels of another domestic violence case for which he's been let out of house arrest to go on tour.

Danica Patrick's 36th Birthday I Love Getting Older ... Just as Long as Aaron's There

3/26/2018 5:15 PM PDT

Danica Patrick might be hinting at some long-term relationship goals with her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers, 'cause she apparently loves getting older ... with her man by her side.

Danica rang in her 36th birthday Sunday with the Packers QB front and center for a group photo. The party looked pretty fun -- it was unicorn-themed ... for the ladies, anyway.

The soon-to-be retired race car driver shared a few photos of the shindig from over the weekend, in which all of her girlfriends were wearing unicorn hats and were sipping what looked like champagne. The guys went hat-free, but were also all smiles in celebration.

She captioned her photos ... "I love getting older!!!!!!!!!!! Super grateful for all the love around me in my life! People, work, opportunities, dreams.....full heart space." She went on ... "Don't forget to dream big for the things you want in your life."

Sounds to us like Danica's pretty happy with Aaron, who she's been dating since at least December. And with a stud like that in her life, why wouldn't she be stoked to cross off another year? 


Will Smith Gets Salsa Lessons ... From Marc Anthony!

3/25/2018 11:32 AM PDT

Will Smith is no stranger to Miami, and now he's no stranger to salsa dancing either ... all thanks to Marc Anthony!

Big Willie created his 100th Instagram post Sunday, featuring a video of himself getting salsa lessons in Miami from none other than Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Marc. Oh, and they were getting down on a boat, of course. Nothing says "Wepa!" like the open seas. 

Perhaps to no one's surprise, Will's got rhythm. He seemed to be able to keep up with Marc's moves step for step ... and he definitely got the Latin pop star's approval by the end of the dance number. 

Apparently, learning salsa from Marc was on Will's bucket list. He captioned the post "#Bucketlist - Salsa Lessons from @MarcAnthony."

Oddly specific ... but hey, he got it done. Bienvenido al baile, Mr. Smith. 

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Getting The Royal Emoji Treatment

3/20/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are going the way of Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna and getting their own line of emojis. 

A company called DRKHORS filed docs to trademark KateMojis and MeghanMojis.

We're told the two will be different ... KateMoji will focus on Kate and her royal family, while MeghanMoji will focus on Meghan and Harry falling in love. Each package will include British sayings and phrases -- some, like "American princess" and "cheeky bugger," are already up on the company's website, along with some KateMoji and MeghanMoji prototypes.

A rep for DRKHORS tells us the emojis are scheduled to launch May 2018, so just in time for texting around the Royal Wedding. Best of all ... the apps only cost $1.99 each.

Keep calm and emoji on.

Johnny Manziel & Bre Tiesi Honeymoon SZN Newlyweds Crush Cabo!!

3/19/2018 9:55 AM PDT
Breaking News

Johnny Manziel and his smokin' hot wife, Bre Tiesi, aren't wasting any time celebrating the ol' ball and chain ... whisking away to Cabo for some married fun in the sun!!

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Johnny and Bre got hitched in a private California ceremony last week -- 1 year after Manziel popped the question.

Word is they might have a proper wedding bash for all the homies later this year ... but first, they're hitting the sweet Mexican sand for their 1st vacay as Mr. and Mrs. Manziel!

As for what they're up to ... it's all pretty cute-sy stuff -- taste-testing some salsa, lounging by the water, even trolling each other on their March Madness allegiances (seems Bre ain't a Texas A&M fan). 


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