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NOFX's Fat Mike I Detoxed But I'm Going Back to Drugs and Booze

5/29/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_Fat-Mike_tmzNOFX frontman Fat Mike entered -- and quickly exited -- a detox facility this week.

Reports surfaced Monday that Mike entered rehab to get sober -- but sources close to him say that's only half true.

What really went down is Mike voluntarily checked into an L.A. facility to ween himself off a 2x daily Percocet habit after experiencing prolonged stomach pain -- docs treated, then released him 6 days later. 

We're told the punk legend says he has no intention to tone down the punkness. He's not sobering up ... it's just a "mini break" for the sake of his health ... then back to the drugs and booze.

Fat Mike's been open about his vices -- his band just released 'Hepatitis Bathtub,' a book about drug abuse.

Marc Anthony Sued Your Yacht Left Me with 9 Fingers

5/28/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Marc Anthony makes a crummy ship captain -- so says a former employee who claims he lost a finger working on the singer's boat.  

Jean-Pierre Perret says in a new lawsuit he was a member of the crew back in March 2015 on Anthony's yacht "Seas The Day." Perret says he was helping repair the boat's busted anchor when something went terribly wrong ... and a digit on his right hand went overboard. 

Perret says it was Marc's responsibility to make sure the boat was shipshape. He says he was never warned the anchor could be so dangerous. 

Ship happens.

Gucci Mane Silver Linings Prison Playbook

5/28/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-gucci-mane-TMZ-02Gucci Mane may have lost his freedom by doing time, but he also lost a ton of weight ... and he'll continue with his prison diet to keep his abs tight and the lbs off.

Gucci dumped 50 pounds behind bars by staying clear of carbs. It helped that he couldn't booze it up. He believes a no-carb diet is the key and he will carry that forward during his house arrest. Interesting ... we can't get a clear answer on whether Gucci will hit the bottle again.

The rapper knows exercise is critical, so he'll continue his prison regimen of sit-ups and weights ... just at a 24 Hour Fitness instead of the yard.  

Gucci's so serious about his new physique he turned his nose up to cake and booze for his coming home party ... so says his lawyer, Drew Findling. He stuck to chicken and agua.


Justin Bieber Here's Proof I Didn't Jack 'Sorry'

5/27/2016 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's camp thinks they have sufficient evidence to throw out indie pop star White Hinterland's lawsuit claiming he stole her vocal loop for "Sorry."

TMZ obtained a 25 second snippet that lays out how Blood, one of JB's co-producers on the song, manipulated a different female voice for the now famous loop that opens "Sorry." 

In the breakdown you hear the unidentified woman sing that "oohooh oohooh" at a regular tempo. It's then taken up a few octaves and repeated for the end result that went into the song. The important thing is ... Justin's camp denies using White Hinterland's voice at all.

Listen to the clip ... it still sounds very similar to WH's original loop, but in her suit she says JB and co. used her actual voice and effects.

We're told they believe this clip proves that just ain't the case.

Johnny Depp Rocks Hard with 'Vampires' ... Fans Show Major Love

5/27/2016 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Johnny Depp's fans are standing firm behind him as he does his rock star thing to a huge crowd in Portugal.

Depp and the Hollywood Vampires are headlining the Rock in Rio Festival -- and just took the stage well after midnight there. Almost all the fans in the front row said they were there purely to see Johnny -- and waited a looooong time for him.

We're guessing they're not exactly up to date on the news involving his estranged wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp I'm Doing Good Deeds Overseas

5/27/2016 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-johnny-depp-reutersJohnny Depp was playing ear doctor over in Portugal as his estranged wife was in court getting a restraining order against him.

Johnny and his band, the Hollywood Vampires, are in Lisbon to headline the Rock in Rio festival ... and a few hours before they hit the stage, they teamed up with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to help fit people with hearing aids.

If he's worried about Amber Heard's domestic violence allegations ... Depp certainly didn't show it during the charity event.

As we've reported, his camp denies he hit Heard.

Diplo Sorry, Bieber .. That Sample's Gonna Cost Ya

5/27/2016 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diplo says it's only a matter of time until Justin Bieber and his team cough up some dough to White Hinterland, the indie artist who says her vocals were jacked for JB's "Sorry."

We got Diplo at LAX Thursday fresh off a gig with Skrillex, and asked him about Hinterland's lawsuit ... which also named Skrillex, since he produced Justin's hit.

Check out his take on the tricky biz of sampling, and why he's pretty sure somebody on Bieber's side will have to pay. And you gotta hear how he almost got burned while producing Beyonce's "All Night."

Luckily for Diplo ... his ears saved his ass. His wallet, not so much.

Gucci Mane I'm Free ... To Drop New Music!

5/27/2016 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gucci Mane proved he was NOT joking about getting back in the rap game, by dropping a single less than 24 hours after his release from prison.

Gucci released "First Day Out Tha Feds" on Friday, and it sounds like he hasn't lost a step when it comes to his flow on the mic. Mike WiLL Made-It produced the track, and there's likely more to come. Word is he's getting ready to release a full mixtape.

TMZ broke the story ... Gucci was released 4 months early from prison, and it looks like he's on a mission.


Georgia Athletic Director Sorry For Giving Ludacris Condoms ... To Perform at Football Game

5/27/2016 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0527-ludacris-GETTY-02The University of Georgia's athletic director has apologized for "mistakes" in booking talent to perform at sporting events -- and it's obvious he was talking about the Magnum condoms and booze he gave to Ludacris last month. 

Long story short, after Ludacris performed at the school's spring football game in April, his rider was obtained by CBS Sports ... which showed Luda demanded things like vodka, fruit roll-ups and Trojan Magnum condoms.

Luda was also paid $65k for a 15 minute performance. 

Good times. 

But according to OnlineAthens, UGA athletic director, Greg McGarity, finally addressed the issue during a board meeting Wednesday -- and, while not mentioning Ludacris directly, it was obvious what he was talking about. 

"I do want to take this opportunity to apologize to our board for mistakes we made with certain aspects of the details of an entertainment agreement," McGarity said.

"Few things in my professional life have bothered me more than this situation. There are no reruns in life so we need to turn the page, learn from our mistakes and do everything we can to make sure errors of this nature do not reoccur."

Mally Mall Furious Over Dead Exotic Cat Pic

5/27/2016 8:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-mally-mal-cat-twitter-launch-01Mally Mall is pissed Clark County tweeted a pic of his dead exotic cat with laughing emojis ... mocking the tragic situation.

TMZ broke the story ... the rapper/producer lost his pet caracal, Nyla, Thursday in a house fire. Shortly after the fire, the Clark County official Twitter page posted a pic of the dead cat. But that's not all ... the tweet included the "laughing so hard you cry" emoji. 

The county deleted the tweet within minutes and apologized for using the "wrong emojis." It appears they intended to use the "crying" emoji.

Still, we're told Mally's furious and says it's totally insensitive and an invasion of his privacy. It's still unclear what started the blaze. 


T.I. Shootout Ruins H.S. Gig He's Too Gangsta!

5/27/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525-ti-tmz-02T.I.'s wallet got caught in the crossfire of that NYC shooting -- a huge high school graduation party thinks he's damaged goods after the violent incident ... and organizers are demanding a $55k refund. 

Tip was set to perform a concert in South Florida for grads from multiple high schools on June 11. The contract was signed and promoters had sent him $55,000 to retain his services -- but then the shootout happened.

TMZ has learned promoters fired off a legal notice saying, due to the shooting, "the quality of the Talents services is not satisfactory to our Client." They added ... the event was marketed "as a safe environment for the students."

Translation: We're worried kids will get shot if you do this show.

To be fair -- T.I. and his crew had nothing to do with the NYC incident. He hadn't even taken the stage when the shots rang out.

We've reached out to T.I. ... no word yet on how he plans to respond.

Beyonce I'm #2 I Need to Try Harder

5/27/2016 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-beyonce-jay-z-lemonade-ring-SPLASH-AKMGSI-01Beyonce is just one step from strapping on a sandwich board that reads, "Buy my album, please."

Bey and Jay Z took a post-dinner stroll through Midtown NYC Thursday, which doesn't happen often ... making it all look suspiciously promotional.

BTW ... Bey's album fell to No. 2 after only one week at the top ... toppled by Drake's "Views" ... so Bey's hustle is very real.


Chris Cornell FBI Swoops In After Stalker Skips Court, Goes Missing

5/27/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0526-chris-cornell-TMZ-01Chris Cornell's stalker is on the loose and could show up at his doorstep at any minute ... this according to the FBI.  

The feds contacted Cornell Wednesday to let him know Jessica Robbins -- who was charged with stalking Cornell in 2014 -- is on the loose again. Robbins allegedly sent hundreds of online threats to Cornell and his family, and drove 7 hours in a failed attempt to get inside his home.

We're told Robbins removed her court-ordered GPS ankle monitor and bailed on a Tuesday appearance in NYC federal court.

The FBI obtained a bench warrant for her arrest the next day, and we're told U.S. Marshals and Florida authorities are working together to track her down.

The timing is problematic ... Cornell has 2 shows in Florida soon  -- both within driving distance from Tampa, Robbins' last known location.


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