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Dan Rather Giants Are Garbage ... But I Love Eli Manning!

11/13/2018 2:29 PM PST

Dan Rather ain't all that impressed by the Giants' win Monday night -- he thinks they're still awful ... but he's happy as hell for Eli Manning!!

The CBS News legend watched Eli turn back the clock on 'MNF' ... leading a game-winning TD drive over the 49ers late in the 4th quarter -- and dude couldn't have been more proud of the QB.

"I'll tell you what, whatever you think of the Giants -- and they are terrible -- I love Eli Manning," Rather tells TMZ Sports.

Dan says Eli reminds him a little bit of himself ... saying he too is an aging legend on the back 9 of his career -- and he understands exactly what the QB is going through.

"As an anchorman on the fade, on the way out, you say to yourself, 'I'm not as good as I once was. But, for once, I'm as good as I ever was.' That was Eli Manning last night against San Francisco."

Dan says he thinks the Giants should not only continue to roll with Eli this season -- he wants to see him under center NEXT season too.

Only thing he's asking the G-Men to do for Eli in the meantime?? JUST BLOCK FOR THE MAN ALREADY!!!

Eli Manning Wants To Stay With NY Giants ... Archie Manning Says

11/9/2018 12:20 AM PST

As tough as it may be, Eli Manning NEVER wants to play for another team besides the New York Giants ... his dad Archie Manning tells TMZ Sports.

"I know he doesn't want to," Archie told us at LAX ... "Eli's theory is kinda, 'Go win a game.' So, that's kinda mine too. Hopefully, they can go win a game and win another game."

The Giants have been struggling this season -- and last season -- they're 4-20 in their last 24 games and even NFL legends like Terrell Owens have called for the org. to bench Eli and move on. 

But, Archie's still optimistic -- "I think they can win some games and get going in a good direction."

We asked Archie if people should be pointing the finger at Eli ... 

"A lot of people [are] on Eli and he's the quarterback and that's kinda the way it works."

And, how long does Archie think 37-year-old Eli will play in the NFL?

"Eli, I always said a quarterback north of 35 can play, if he's healthy, as long as his team's good. Last couple of years we haven't been that good, so hopefully, they can turn that around second half of the season."

Our guy also asked ... if the Giants can't turn things around, what's your advice to Eli?

"I'm sticking with Eli. Go win a game and don't look beyond that." He's hanging tough and we'll see what happens."

The Giants take on the 49ers on Monday night. Archie will definitely be watching. 

"I do think they can win some games and get going in a good direction."

Victor Cruz Benching Eli Manning ... Ain't a Bad Idea

11/2/2018 6:37 AM PDT

Maybe Terrell Owens ain't so crazy after all ... because beloved ex-NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz tells TMZ Sports it might be time to finally sit Eli Manning

Remember, T.O. strongly called for the Giants to move on from #10 -- saying the skills are "eroding" and "the writing's on the wall."

So, when we saw Cruz -- who won Super Bowl 46 after the 2011 season with Manning -- we had to ask if the Giants should bench their legendary QB. 

"Maybe, yes at the moment," Cruz said ... "just to see what I got in my future. Just to see what's going on."

In other words, the Giants should test their backups to see if anyone can get the offense going. 

The problem for the Giants -- their backup QB, Kyle Lauletta, was arrested in New Jersey earlier this week after cops say he almost ran over an officer with his car during a stop. 

Might not be the right time to anoint him the QB of the future ... 

As for Eli, if the Giants really do want to move on -- but Eli still wants to play in the League -- Cruz says he doesn't think Manning would have a problem getting hired somewhere else. 

"It would be weird to see him in another jersey," Cruz told us ... "but I think he'll find a job somewhere for sure."

Stay tuned ... 

Terrell Owens Bench Eli Manning ... Stop Blaming O-Line

11/1/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Terrell Owens is sick of the excuses in New York -- and says the Giants need to suck it up and BENCH Eli Manning already ... because it's obvious he just ain't got it anymore. 

"Odell can't perform because the quarterback is not performing. So, they should basically replace the quarterback," the Hall of Famer tells TMZ Sports

"I mean, if it was anybody else, any other quarterback, he would have already been replaced. So, at this point, give someone else an opportunity."

And, to the people calling Eli a "legend" -- Owens has a bone to pick with them too. 

"He's won a couple of Super Bowls, but I wouldn't put him in the legendary status. I wouldn't put him in that legend status as of yet ... no disrespect."

Owens also says he's sick of people blaming Eli's offensive line -- saying other quarterbacks in the league have similar problems ... but elite players find a way to win. 

"You have special players that are behind those not so great lines that can make something out of nothing. Eli's not one of those types of quarterbacks. He needs protection."

But, the bottom line for Owens -- "[Eli's] skills are pretty much eroding and he's not really giving the guys an opportunity."

One last thing, even though he's a Hall of Famer, 44-year-old Owens is trying to get a roster spot with the Buffalo Bills ... and he's even rocking the hat to curry favor with management. 

Think it'll work? 

Kyle Lauletta NY Giants Backup QB Arrested ... 'Attempted to Evade'

10/30/2018 11:38 AM PDT
Breaking News

11:38 AM PT -- New info directly from police ... 

The Weehawken PD says Lauletta was driving a 2017 Jaguar in a "dangerous manner" around 8 AM. 

When an officer tried to stop him, the QB "attempted to evade him, making an illegal turn and continuing towards Route 495, almost striking the officer."

Another officer then stopped Lauletta -- but the QB "refused various instructions to produce his driving credentials and exit his vehicle."

Lauletta was then arrested and charged with 3rd degree eluding police, obstructing administration of law, resisting arrest, reckless driving, disregarding an officer's directions, improper turn and failure to remain in a marked lane. 

There's more ... cops say upon further investigation, they realized the 2017 Jaguar registered to the QB was involved in a similar incident the previous day.

Cops say a summons for the previous incident was sent by mail since the car left the scene. 

Kyle Lauletta -- the NY Giants backup quarterback -- was arrested in New Jersey early Tuesday morning on his way to practice, law enforcement confirms to TMZ Sports

The 23-year-old was pulled over in Weehawken -- and allegedly failed to obey a police officer's directions, according to

Lauletta reportedly came close to striking the officer with his car. 

NY Giants head coach Pat Shurmur issued a statement saying, “We were made aware of the situation this morning, and we have been in contact with Kyle. We are still in the process of gathering information. This is obviously very disappointing.”

Lauletta is a rookie out of the University of Richmond. The Giants selected him in the 4th round of the 2018 Draft. 

With the Giants playing like garbage this season, there has been a push for Shurmur to start Lauletta over Eli Manning when they face the 49ers on Nov. 12. 

Story developing ... 

Originally published -- 9:29 AM PT

Amani Toomer Stop Blaming Eli ... The Giants O-Line's BAD!

10/24/2018 2:27 PM PDT

New York Giants legend Amani Toomer tells TMZ Sports the problem in NY ain't Eli Manning ... it's his trash O-line!!!

Of course ... Amani's biased -- dude is rockin' a Super Bowl ring these days 'cause of Eli's heroics in SB XLII -- but he swears he's tellin' the truth.

"I'm not an Eli apologist," Toomer tells us ... "I just think that, in my honest opinion, I just don't think Eli's it -- I don't think he's the issue."

So, what is? Amani tells us to look at the five dudes in front of Manning for that.

"Realistically, there's not many quarterbacks that you can insert in this situation and get an appreciable difference."

As for the future of the franchise ... Amani says the team just needs to stick with Eli -- 'cause the ex-WR clearly HATES the idea of drafting QBs.

"I think when you're getting a rookie quarterback," Toomer says ... "you're wishing on a star."


Eric Dickerson Feels For Saquon Giants O-Line Is 'Sorry'!

10/23/2018 6:14 AM PDT

Saquon Barkley is great -- but imagine how much better he'd be if he wasn't running behind the NY Giants "sorry" ass offensive line ... so says Eric Dickerson

The NFL Hall of Famer was at the 29 at Rocco’s Tavern event in Studio City -- where we had to ask the running back if he thinks Barkley has a shot at his rookie rushing yards record (1,808). 

But, ED shot that down -- saying, if Saquon wants to have a shot at ANY record, he needs help from the big boys up front ... and right now, that group is playing like trash. 

The good news for Barkley -- ED says Todd Gurley was in a similar situation a few years ago, but the Rams brought in the help he needed, and now he's exploding all over the NFL. 

The message -- "I don't care how great you are, if you're not getting the blocks, it's not gonna happen."

Lawrence Taylor Agrees With Bill Belichick ... Khalil Mack Ain't On My Level!

10/17/2018 3:24 PM PDT
Breaking News

Lawrence Taylor says Bill Belichick is absolutely correct ... Khalil Mack ain't NOWHERE near his level -- and neither is anybody else!!!

Of course, the reason we're even talking about this is 'cause a reporter had the onions to ask The Hoody -- who coached L.T. in NY -- if Mack was on the same level as the Giants legend.

"We're talking about Lawrence Taylor now," Bill said Wednesday morning, stone-faced and kinda pissed.

"I'm not putting anybody in Lawrence Taylor's class. So, put everybody down below that."

L.T. didn't take long to agree ...

"What he said!! The mold was made never to be duplicated!!!"

FYI ... L.T. was the NFL's 1986 MVP (the last defensive player to win the award), a 10-time Pro Bowler, an 8-time First-Team All-Pro member AND a 2-time Super Bowl winner.

As for Mack, he does have a Defensive Player of the Year award under his belt and 3 Pro Bowls in his 4-plus seasons ... but yeah, he ain't no L.T.

Then again, who the hell is?!?!?

Brandon Jacobs Giants Shouldn't Bench Eli Manning ... He's Still 'Great'

10/12/2018 3:33 PM PDT

The Giants SHOULDN'T bench Eli Manning -- they should block for his ass -- 'cause he's still a great QB ... so says the guy who won 2 Super Bowls with the embattled star.

TMZ Sports talked to Brandon Jacobs -- Eli's NYG teammate from 2005-2011 -- about the 1-5 Giants' crappy offense ... and whether it's time to put Manning on the pine.

"I still think right now, I think Eli is great."

B.J. says Eli's gotta be used right, 'cause he ain't the guy to operate a run-and-gun style offense.

"Eli's a pocket passer. He's a pocket passer. He'll sit there and get balls off and put balls in small areas. I've seen him do that."

It's true ... Jacobs was on the field for a bunch of huge moments -- including David Tyree's "Helmet Catch."

But, if Manning's still got it ... why do the Giants have the worst record in football?

Most of that blame falls on the NYG struggling O-line.

"I wouldn't trust the guys in front of me if I was him," Jacobs says ... "Ya ask me, the poor guy's shell-shocked."

Block for the man.

Naughty By Nature's Treach Eli Manning's a Legend ... But, It's Over

10/9/2018 12:12 PM PDT

This is the most respectful way we've ever seen anyone call for a QB to hit the pine ... 

The guy calling for Eli Manning to bench himself is Treach -- the leader of Naughty By Nature -- who happens to be a HUGE fan of the NY Giants. 

Treach respects Eli. He likes Eli. He appreciates Eli. 

But, he makes it crystal clear the future Hall of Famer's time is up -- dude needs to hand over the reins to a new quarterback. 

"He loves the game so much, but he might need to fall back and show the team how to do it and let new legs come in," Treach said ... "But, he did great things for us. We gonna love him forever."

Treach is the latest rapper to weigh in on the NY Giants saga -- Lil Wayne took a shot at Eli on Tuesday after the QB told reporters he doesn't watch Weezy very often. 

Eli was responding to an interview Odell Beckham did with Lil Wayne and Josina Anderson in which Odell said he "wasn't being given an opportunity to be the very best that I can."

He also said the Giants lacked heart. 

Eli was asked about the interview on Monday and said, "I don't watch Lil Wayne much."

Wayne responded on Tuesday morning, saying, "You don't have to watch much of me, but you can listen if you could. You probably need to the way you've been playing."

Meanwhile, the Giants are 1-4 and in last place ... and they're playing the Eagles on Thursday. 

Yeesh ... 

Bruce Springsteen The Boss Watches a Tough Loss ... For Giants Game at NJ Bar

10/7/2018 5:51 PM PDT

Bruce Springsteen looked the way a lot of NY Giants fans felt Sunday after a gut-wrenching loss against the Carolina Panthers ... with the game slipping away in the final seconds.

The Boss was spotted at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey watching the Giants game with friends. The team was up by a point after a clutch touchdown by rookie Saquon Barkley in the last minute of the game -- but Cam and co. came charging back up the field.

As great of a play as Saquon made, it was trumped by Panthers kicker Graham Gano in the last 6 seconds of the game ... when he kicked a 63-yard field goal to win it 33-31. 

Now, we don't know if Bruce was watching these last few plays -- but based on how down and out he looks here ... we're just gonna say it's very possible. Eyewitnesses tell us he rode to the bar on his motorcycle earlier in the day, and had some beer and a burger while there. 

As you might know, Bruce is no stranger to Asbury Park. He's a local boy -- and this is a place we're told he frequents from time to time with loved ones. His hometown, for sure.

NY Giants Owner Steve Tisch Don't Sleep On Eli Manning!

9/26/2018 6:06 AM PDT

Eli Manning still has the full support of NY Giants co-owner Steve Tisch ... who tells TMZ Sports, "Do not count Eli out!" 

Of course, Eli struggled last year and was benched in Week 13 for Geno Smith. And, with the Giants going 1-2 in their first three games this season, some fans are wondering if the Manning era is over. 

Not Tisch though ... who says he believes in the 37-year-old -- but wouldn't commit to Manning in 2019 and beyond. 

"One game at a time," Tisch told us in Beverly Hills on Tuesday ... "We're going into Week 4. It's a long season. Hopefully an exciting season."

So, who would replace Eli if Tisch and the Giants have a change of heart? Technically, the #2 QB on the depth chart is Alex Tanney from Monmouth College. 

Yeah, sounds like 2018 is all Manning. 

Tiki Barber I Want Saquon To Break My Record ... Here's Why!

9/11/2018 9:20 AM PDT

Nothing would make Tiki Barber happier than to see Saquon Barkley break his NY rushing record this season ... 'CAUSE IT WOULD MEAN HIS GIANTS WOULDN'T SUCK ANYMORE!!

"If he breaks my records, then that means good things," the NY legend tells TMZ Sports.

Tiki holds a grip of Giants records ... but it's his 1,860-yard, single-season rushing total that many have said could be within reach for Barkley by season's end.

And, if you think Barber is secretly hoping the star rookie falls short of that ... you'd be wrong.

"That means good things for the New York Giants," Tiki says.

Barber's ex-teammate, Amani Toomer, seems to think it's certainly possible the record falls this year ... 'cause the ex-receiver tells us Saquon was undoubtedly the most impressive NFL rookie of Week 1!!

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