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NFL's Willie Colon Don't Sink to Trump's Level!

8/15/2018 12:26 PM PDT

Ex-NFL lineman Willie Colon has a strategy for dealing with President Trump's personal attacks on his enemies -- "When they go low, we go high."

The former Steelers and Jets player was out in NYC (wearing a sweet NY Knicks shirt) when we asked for his thoughts on a possible tape of Trump saying the n-word

"Nobody should use the n-word," Colon said ... "Let alone Trump!"

At the end of the day, Colon says people should follow Michelle Obama's advice -- and hold themselves to a higher standard than the one Trump has set. 

Le'Veon Bell Needs To Stay Out Of Strip Clubs ... Ex-Steelers Star Says

8/12/2018 12:05 AM PDT

Former Steelers star LaMarr Woodley has advice for Le'Veon Bell ... telling TMZ Sports, "No strip clubs" during the holdout!!

Bell's been in a huge feud with Pittsburgh brass over his contract ... and while he's sitting out for more money -- he's spent some time slappin' butt in the booty club.

Woodley -- who was teammates with Bell during the RB's rookie year in 2013 -- is advising Le'Veon to avoid doing that again ... 'cause a big contract is on the line!!

"It's OK to have a little fun," Woodley tells us.

"But, I have to say no strip clubs. Stay out the limelight that way and just work. 'Cause the big deal about to get ready to come."

Good news for Le'Veon ... Woodley says the rap career is still acceptable.

Sorry, LeSean.

LaMarr Woodley Watch Out, Steelers ... Browns Are Dangerous

8/10/2018 1:18 PM PDT

The Steelers have been dominating their rivalry with the Browns for YEARS ... but LaMarr Woodley says that's all about to change ... telling TMZ Sports Cleveland is finally a legitimately dangerous team.

FYI -- the Stillers has had their way with Cleveland ... going 33-6 since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999.

The Super Bowl champ says the Browns have made all the right moves to get back to relevance ... and warns his old club they don't wanna meet Cleveland in the playoffs.

The Browns got a lot of hype this year -- with the additions of Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor and Jarvis Landry ... and the squad looked pretty good against the Giants on Thursday (we know, preseason ... but still). 

As for his Steelers, Woodley says there's one major weakness they gotta improve on to get ready for another Super Bowl run.

Le'Veon Bell Strip Club Booty Slappin' ... During Steelers Holdout

7/31/2018 8:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Le'Veon Bell is spending his time away from Steelers camp in epic fashion ... turning up with his girlfriend and smackin' a whole lotta butts at a strip club -- and it's all on video.

The Pro Bowl running back is staying away from Pittsburgh practices after he didn't get the contract extension he wanted ... and he's livin' it up in Miami with his GF, Marliesia Ortiz, in the meantime.

The two hit up Rockwell in South Beach on Monday ... where we're told gold bottles of Ace of Spades were flowing to his table all night.

The party didn't stop there ... Bell bounced to a strip club after -- where he got pretty hands-on with some booty ... while Marliesia watched!!

FYI ... Steelers coach Mike Tomlin shaded Bell before his big night out Monday, telling CBS Sports he hopes Le'Veon shows up in better condition than he did after returning from his holdout last season.

We're pretty sure this isn't the conditioning that Mike wanted to see ...

Eric Dickerson Patriots Would Be Great Fit For Le'Veon Bell

7/18/2018 8:19 AM PDT

Eric Dickerson's got the perfect fit for Le'Veon Bell when he inevitably bolts from the Steelers after this season ... and it's going to make Tom Brady VERY happy.

"The Patriots would be a good team," the NFL legend tells us.

Bell and the Steelers missed the deadline (again) on Tuesday to sign a long-term deal ... and all signs are pointing toward the running back leaving Pittsburgh in 2019 for a team that WILL pay him.

Sooo ... Dickerson says the Steelers' loss should be Bill Belichick's gain!

There's more ... E.D. also says Bell's contract demands are going to eventually pay off for guys like Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott -- and you gotta hear the Hall of Famer's reasons why.

Antonio Brown Boomin' Birthday Bling ... Worth $200K!!!

7/14/2018 12:25 AM PDT

Antonio Brown got himself one helluva birthday present this year ... copping an insane diamond chain made with A KILO OF GOLD ... and it's got an awesome meaning behind it.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Steelers superstar hit up Gabriel the Jeweler -- the go-to guy for pretty much every NFLer -- for the piece featuring his logo made of 100 handpicked VS2 diamonds.

But if you look closely ... AB's fiancee and children's names are featured along the outside of the plate ... a special request Brown made to show love for his family.

Gabe tells us Brown -- whose birthday was July 10 -- was totally stoked with the results and has been rockin' it everywhere. 

And, we know what you're wondering ... we're told the piece is worth around $200K!! 

Before you freak out, dude's in the middle of a 4-year, $68 million contract. So ... just a drop in the bucket for AB.

Jerome Bettis Le'Veon Bell Needs the Steelers ... Work It Out Already

7/3/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Jerome Bettis has a message for Le'Veon Bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers -- "Neither one of you are as good by yourself as you are together."

Translation ... stop messing around and get a long-term deal done already. 

Bell has been beefing with the Steelers for years -- demanding (and failing to get) a long-term contract. Instead, the team hit him with the franchise tag for the past 2 seasons. 

Bell has threatened to hold out and even retire if the two sides don't get a long-term deal done -- and Bettis says it's in the best interest of BOTH sides to make something work. 

"Le'Veon, you're not going to be as good going somewhere else because they're not going to have the offensive line, they're not going to have the quarterback, the receivers that they have in Pittsburgh."

"You have a full complement around you that allows you to be as great as you want to be."

As for the Steelers, Bettis says there's little risk in signing Bell to a long-term deal because he'll be able to produce at a high level for at least 5 more years. 

By the way ... Bettis is competing in a golf tournament next week that features a Korbel champagne celebrity cork-shooting contest -- and you gotta hear why he thinks Steph Curry shouldn't be the favorite!!

Antonio Brown & Cam Newton Sit-Ups And Routes In Miami ... 'So Much Juice And Swag!'

6/26/2018 8:20 AM PDT
Breaking News

Antonio Brown and Cam Newton worked out with each other in Miami this week ... and as the Panthers star QB put it -- there was "so much swag and juice" on the videos of it all ... "your phone probably leakin' right now!!"

Before you get ahead of yourself ... Cam's in the middle of a monster 5-year deal with Carolina, and A.B.'s in a huge 4-year contract of his own with the Steelers ... so this ain't a preview of anything.

But still ... it's one of the top QBs in the NFL with the best wideout in the game ... and it's awesome to see.

If you're unfamiliar ... A.B.'s been in Florida this offseason, grinding away with a crazy trainer -- and he's had fellow NFLers tag along sometimes. This week was Cam's turn.

They banged out abs with weights ... then hit the football field, where Newton dropped some heavy long balls to the Pittsburgh wideout.

Sadly ... unless A.B. posts more clips these next few weeks -- you won't see this on a football field again, 'cause there's no way in hell their teams are trading them away.

But, hey, there's always Madden 19!

Wiz Khalifa Le'Veon Bell's My Studio Buddy ... Collab in the Works??

6/10/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Wiz Khalifa says he's been spending a lot of time in the recording studio with Le'Veon Bell ... and that can only mean one thing, right?!

TMZ Sports spoke with Wiz about the Pittsburgh Steelers superstar ... and the "Captain" spitter says Bell's been hangin' around the ID Labs studio a lot lately

FYI -- Bell's serious about his music. He's even collabed with Snoop Dogg in the past.

So, there are 2 possible explanations for this -- either Bell's getting 1-on-1 sessions with one of the biggest names in the game, or they're working on a project together.

Either way, we're for it.

JuJu Smith-Schuster I Got Pantsed By a TMZ Photog!!!

3/31/2018 6:59 AM PDT

JuJu Smith-Schuster may be one of the best rookies in the NFL, but that's not enough to get him into a fancy restaurant when he's rockin' sweats, so our photog came to the rescue ... for a price.

JuJu hit up Mastro's in Bev Hills Friday night, but the doorman gave him a 10 yard penalty for violating the dress code. The Steelers wide receiver thought he could walk down the street and buy some fancy duds, but the stores were all closed.

Enter Dan the man ... who offers JuJu a trade ... Dan's pants -- which he guarantees are non-sharted -- for the sweats. But Dan's no fool, and he offers up a deal that could score JuJu a butter cake.

You gotta watch's hilarious.  

Antonio Brown & Josh Norman Crush Crazy Beach Workouts ... with Crazier Trainer!!

3/27/2018 10:23 AM PDT
Breaking News

Antonio Brown and Josh Norman are droppin' sweat in South Beach with Miami's version of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman ... smashing beach drills while their trainer unleashes hell -- and it's awesome!!

Seems like AB and Josh are goin' 100 -- and you would be too with this dude barking orders at ya ... not to mention smoking elite athletes on the sand.

At one point, he hits Antonio with a speech that's equal parts motivating and demoralizing ... before making the Steelers star pray for divine intervention at the Super Bowl.

FYI, AB had a nasty breakup with his last trainer. Hoping this one sticks. 

Julio Jones Pay Le'Veon Bell ... Hates the Franchise Tag!

3/6/2018 4:15 PM PST

Julio Jones is going to bat for Le'Veon Bell -- saying the Pittsburgh Steelers should sign the man to the HUGE contract he wants ... instead of slapping him with the franchise tag again. 

FYI, franchise tagged players are essentially locked to their team in a 1-year deal. In Bell's case, the Steelers must pay him 120% of his previous salary because it's the 2nd year in a row he's been tagged. 

Bell got $12.1 mil in 2017 -- so, he'll be making around $14.5 in 2018. Not bad ... but Bell has previously told TMZ Sports he's looking for a $100 million contract and hopes to stay in Pittsburgh for the rest of his career. 

Enter Jones, who says Bell is a stud player and tells us, "I wish they could do away with the franchise tag."

There's more with Jones -- he also gives us an update on the diamond earring he lost in a lake last year and tells us if he's got any plans to pursue a career in Hollywood!

JuJu Smith-Schuster Surprises Steelers Fans ... Helps Girl Score Prom Date!!!

2/24/2018 10:43 AM PST

Stud Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster got a Hail Mary attempt from a high school girl looking to spice up her promposal, and as expected ... he came through big-time.

Here's how it went down -- Cate Bauer, a junior at Manasquan High School in New Jersey, hit up JuJu on Instagram earlier this week to see if he would help with asking her BF Brian Mason, who attends another local school, to her prom.

Since Brian and his family are diehard Steelers fans, JuJu was happy to assist ... and decided to pull it off with a surprise FaceTime call Friday.

Check out the vid -- the plan goes off without a hitch, and not only is Brian stoked (and he says yes) ... but his dad totally geeks out too!

JuJu's reward for his good deed -- as he tells everyone --  is a cruise to Mexico. Hopefully he takes Brian's dad's advice down there.

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