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'Shahs' Star Jessica Parido Here's How I Rolls Now

11/25/2015 7:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Shahs of Sunset" star Jessica Parido made a big entrance at Craig's in WeHo Tuesday night, showing up in the brand new car she got from the new guy holding her hand. 

We don't know the identity of the guy, but we're told he gave her the Rolls-Royce they rolled up in.

As for soon-to-be ex-hubby Mike Shouhed, Jessica says she wants nothing from him ... she's even giving the $200k ring back which is legally hers.  

Maybe she should rethink the ring ... 

'Shahs' Star Jessica Parido Mike Can Keep His Money ... And the Stupid Diamond

11/24/2015 3:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Shahs of Sunset" star Jessica Parido wants to wash her hands clean of husband Mike Shouhed, and she's willing to give back her 4.5 carat rock to do it. 

Sources close to Jess tell us when she walked out on Mike in August she left with only two small bags and her engagement ring ... worth around $200k. She left behind their two dogs and her wardrobe (mostly purchased by Mike) because she wants nothing to do with him or his money.

Although the box for spousal support was checked on the divorce docs -- we're told it was a mistake on her lawyer's part ... since Jessica doesn't want a dime.

Jess and Mike were only married for 4 months when she walked out. As for the wedding gifts ... that might have to be sorted out in court, since they haven't yet discussed what to do with them. They haven't even sent 'thank you' notes yet!

We're told their split will be featured on the next season of 'Shahs.'

Pauly D & Aubrey O'Day Reality Check ... We're Dating!!!

11/24/2015 11:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1124-oday-pauly-d-instagram-01Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day are dating after hitting things off on their new reality show. 

It's a match made in reality TV heaven if you think about it ... Pauly used to be on "Jersey Shore" and Aubrey launched her career on Diddy's MTV reality show, "Making the Band 3."  

We're told they met on the set of "Famously Single" where they've been holed up in the same pad with others for about a month.


'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Ex-Husband Arrested

11/24/2015 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1124-courtland-rogers-twitterHey, at least it wasn't me ... is what we imagine "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is saying after her ex-husband got busted by cops. Again.

Courtland Rogers, who was married to Jenelle for a whopping 18 months, was arrested in North Carolina for failing to appear in court to face a slew of charges ... including heroin possession and 2 counts of probation violation.

In 2013, Rogers and Evans were arrested together for domestic violence and heroin -- 5 months into their marriage. They divorced about a year later.

In related news, Jenelle has a streak going -- no arrests since August!


'Shahs of Sunset' DIVORCE ... For Jessica and Mike

11/23/2015 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1123-shahs-divorce-jessica-parido-mike-shouhed-TMZ-01"Shahs of Sunset" stars Jessica Parido and Michael Shouhed are getting a divorce after only 6 months.

Jessica filed the docs Friday, citing irreconcilable differences. They just got married at the end of March, but she claims they've been separated since August 1st ... so they had a few good months. Maybe.

Jessica is asking for spousal support. They have no kids.

Their courtship and engagement were a huge part of the show ... so, we'll see how the divorce plays out on the next season.


Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Get Yer Ya-Yas Out ... We're on Bourbon Street!

11/23/2015 8:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123_caitlyn_kris_jenner_bourbon_street_party_photos_launchIt's like the LAST place you'd expect Kris and Caitlyn Jenner to hang out -- but here they are ... tossing beads together off a balcony to drunk Bourbon Street revelers.

We're told the exes were in the French Quarter shooting for an episode of "I Am Cait." They hit up a couple bars and tried their hands at the Mardi Gras bead tradition. Far as we know, both women kept their tops on though.

Girls just wanna have fun ... but not THAT much fun.

Khloe Kardashian Stress Helped Trigger Staph Infection

11/22/2015 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Khloe Kardashian says the stress in her life was a big factor in her contracting a very dangerous infection -- staph.

It's not hard to read between the lines.  Khloe says the staph was "exacerbated by stress."  No doubt she's talking about the fact that her husband Lamar Odom was at death's door after ODing at a brothel.

Khloe believes she contracted staph at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A., where Lamar has been laid up.  Cedars acknowledges it's possible to get staph at the facility but says the incidence there is lower than the national average at hospitals.

Khloe also says, "Pay attention to your bodies!!!"   Sound advice.

'Love And Hip Hop' Stevie J I'm Going to Rehab To Stay Outta Jail

11/22/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1117_stevie-j_TMZStevie J just avoided going back to jail, but there's a catch ... he's going to rehab instead. 

Stevie was in court last week for his child support case so the judge could decide whether to revoke his bail for failing a recent drug test. Luck was on Stevie's side -- instead of locking him up, the judge ordered him to enroll in an outpatient drug treatment program. 

Under the order, Stevie must report to a facility twice a week and comply with drug testing. 

He has to go back to court next month, and show proof he's been following rehab rules. If he screws up -- jail time will be back in play. 

Blac Chyna Car Crash Reality Star is Hit and Run Culprit

11/21/2015 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1110-blac-chyna-car-crash-accident-photos-launch-3Blac Chyna was telling the truth when she said she wasn't behind the wheel during a hit and run crash earlier this month ... we've learned, the driver's a reality TV star, and she's in big trouble.

TMZ broke the story ... Chyna's white BMW nailed another vehicle carrying 3 passengers in the valley. Witnesses say two African-American women in mini skirts bailed from the Beamer and Chyna remained adamant, it wasn't her. 

Now, sources close to the investigation are backing BC up. We're told Paige Addison from the show "Boss Nails" met with the LAPD earlier this week with her attorney and admitted she was the driver.

We're told Paige told cops Blac Chyna was not in the car and not at the crash scene.

Law enforcement sources say the case will be referred to prosecutors ... leaving the scene of an accident where there are injuries can be prosecuted as a felony.

We reached out to Paige ... so far, no word back. 


Kim and Kanye We're Selling Our Starter Home ... For $20 Plus Mil!!!

11/20/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1120-kim-kanye-house-akmgsi-02Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are proving the old adage, "the rich get richer," because they're making more on a single house than 10 random people combined will ever make in a lifetime.

Kim and Kanye bought the sprawling Bel-Air mansion in 2013 for $9 million, and our sources say they spent around $2 million renovating it.   

We've learned the home is going on the market in the next few days, and the asking price will be more than $20 million.  

Our West L.A. real estate sources say they will get what they're asking, and maybe more. The house is in a hot area of town and it's likely they'll get multiple offers which will trigger a bidding war.

Here's the real bitch of it all ... they didn't even bother to live there. They moved to Calabasas to live with Kris for a while, and then bought a house in nearby Hidden Hills.

Rich people ... it's really hard to like them. 


'Alaskan Bush People' Your Asses Belong in Jail ... Judge Rips Up Plea Deal

11/20/2015 6:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1120-alaskan-bush-people-DISCOVERY-CHANNEL-01The "Alaskan Bush People" just got smacked down by a judge who made one thing clear -- if you steal from Alaska ... you're gonna do jail time.

Billy Brown -- the dad on the popular Discovery Channel show -- and his son Joshua Brown thought they'd struck a sweet plea deal. As we reported ... they copped to lying on their annual Alaskan oil refund docs and essentially stealing $8,000 from the state. The deal called for them to pay back the money, but dodge jail.

Not soooo fast -- on Thursday the judge in the case rejected that deal and said they deserve jail time for jacking oil funds from honest Alaskans. 

The Browns -- who phoned in to the hearing -- and prosecutors will have to go back to the drawing board.

Mama June Got a Case of the Blues ... Back in Jeans!!

11/19/2015 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June has hard evidence she's trimming down her waistline ... she's back to wearing blue jeans!

We got June arriving at LAX with a friend, and while it was clear she'd continued her pattern of dropping lbs -- we didn't know just how much ... until her friend pointed out June's new wardrobe.

The "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" matriarch was rocking some distressed denim, and says it's been years since she zipped up a pair.

She's pretty proud in this clip, and reveals her simple exercise routine for losing the pounds.

'Alaskan Bush People' Stars We Stole Money From Everyone In Our State

11/19/2015 10:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1119-alaskan-bush-people-discovery-02"Alaskan Bush People" stars Billy and Joshua Brown just pled guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from the good folks of Alaska.

The father and son appeared before a judge Thursday and admitted to lying on an application for their yearly oil revenue check. 

Billy admitted he stole around $8k. 

The Discovery stars were ordered to pay back the money, put on 2 years of probation and required to complete 40 hours of community service. The judge also cautioned nothing on the reality show could be used for community service.

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