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Mama June You Won't See Me In A Bikini Ever!

4/5/2017 12:06 PM PDT

Mama June is back to working out after being sidelined by several surgeries following her dramatic weight loss, but says only time will tell if she keeps the weight off.

We got June in NYC Wednesday where she gave us a laundry list of the operations she underwent to reach her dress size 4. They sound painful, and even she says she's done going under the knife.

As for being pleased with the results ... June still has reservations about throwing on a bikini, so that's saying something.

Mama June So Thin She Can Barely Keep On Her Pants

4/4/2017 11:13 AM PDT

Mama June's size 4 jeans -- she claims -- were already falling off her slimmed-down frame Monday in Midtown NYC.

June says she's lost about 300 lbs and undergone several painful plastic surgeries ... and in this video it looks like just walking is causing her pain. Unclear if her foot issues are related to the surgeries -- she was only rocking inch-high sandals. 

But yeah, she's gonna need new jeans if this keeps up ... or is it down?

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Sues Management For Allegedly Stealing Millions

4/4/2017 12:30 AM PDT

PEG tells us Adore's allegations are "categorically inaccurate in every regard, including [Adore's] income, expenses and PEG's commissions." The managers insist they "would never take actions that are adverse to the careers of our artists" ... and they're confident the suit will be tossed.Drag queen Adore Delano from "RuPaul's Drag Race" says he should be a multi-millionaire, but his management stole almost everything out from under his powdered nose.

In a lawsuit, Adore says he earned $2.5 million over the past 3 years -- mostly off 2 hit singles and hundreds of concerts -- but only walked away with $300k. He believes his managers at Producer Entertainment Group conspired with his record label, and others, to embezzle his hard earned dough.

Adore says he's found multiple examples of PEG nickel-and-diming him, often taking as much as 70% of his appearance fees and other revenue streams. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the management team threatened to "destroy his career" if Adore continued questioning his finances. 

He's suing for $1 million in lost wages, and another $2.5 mil in punitive damages.

Kim Kardashian Looks for Surrogate for Third Child Pregnancy Not an Option

4/3/2017 7:21 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian opened up about a story TMZ broke in December 2015 ... no more pregnancies for her.

Kim says she wants a 3rd kid badly, but surrogacy seems to be her only option.

As we reported, she suffers from placenta accreta -- a potentially life-threatening condition caused when the blood vessels and other parts of the placenta grow too deeply into the uterine wall.

Kim underwent surgery on her uterus to correct the problem, but it was unsuccessful.

Mama June Makeover Complete Mission Accomplished

4/3/2017 5:58 AM PDT

Yes, it's Mama June.

She's around 300 lbs lighter and a lot of other stuff has changed as well ... a boob job, plastic surgeries, the works. 

She was strolling a street near her home in Georgia Sunday, and she clearly knew photogs were watching.

'From Not to Hot' sounded absurd ...

Josh Altman PLEASE Let This Dish Send My Wife into Labor!

4/2/2017 4:22 PM PDT

Josh Altman gave one of Craig's menu items very high praise, and if his review holds up ... his wife should be giving birth any hour now -- she also might have had an orgasm.

We got the "Million Dollar Listing" star Saturday night heading into Craig's with his super pregnant wife, Heather. Josh had only one thing on his mind -- Heather pushing out that baby, which is now 5 days overdue. 

He was hoping a particular dish would push her over the edge ... in more ways than one. Check out what Josh calls the magic meal.

Fun fact: There really is something called the "maternity salad" in L.A. Pregnant women flock to Ciaoti Pizza Cafe believing their greens ... get the job done.

Jon Gosselin Stripping Debut Reveals Nothing ... Anyone Disappointed?

4/2/2017 8:14 AM PDT

Jon Gosselin got more dressed up than down for his big debut as a male stripper, and about the only skin he showed was his legs ... in a grass skirt.

The former reality star took the stage Saturday night in Atlantic City, and slipped into all kinds of outfits -- Secret Service agent, firefighter and even a hula dancer -- but never once took off his shirt or pants.

So much for weeks of rehearsing. Walk ... squeeze fake fire hose nozzle ... walk again. Still, women put a few bucks in Jon's waistband.

Guess they were happy to NOT see much.

'Below Deck' Star Captain Lee I'm No Deadbeat ... Bankruptcy Case is a Fraud!!!

4/2/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Captain Lee Rosbach claims someone filed for bankruptcy for him without his knowledge or consent and he has no idea why ... but he's on the hunt and is looking for revenge.

The "Below Deck" sea captain tells TMZ ... he was shocked to hear reports of his bankruptcy case while he was out at sea filming for season 5.

Lee notified the Dept. of Justice which launched a federal investigation, targeting 2 individuals whose names also appear on the bankruptcy docs -- Maurice Clarence Jeffries and Edward Tinsley. Lee says he doesn't know either. The feds seem to be buying Lee's story.

The "Below Deck" Captain says he has hard proof it's all BS ... the signature on the bankruptcy petition is forged and the social security number is wrong.

Draya Michele Good for Blac Chyna But Not Me ... No Work for My Baby!

4/1/2017 8:46 AM PDT

Draya Michele says don't lump her in with other Hollywood moms like Blac Chyna -- because she won't be putting her baby to work anytime soon.

The ex "Basketball Wives" star was in Bev Hills Friday afternoon, and talked to us about BC's decision to get work permits for her 4-year-old and 4-month-old kids. Draya quickly gave Chyna props ... so you'd think she's all about rushing showbiz tots into the spotlight.

But check out how the tone changed when we asked about her almost 1-year-old son, Jru, with Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick. Her response is either a little shady at Chyna, Rob Kardashian and Tyga ... or it's just real.

You make the call.

Kenya Moore's Ex-BF Gets Cold Shoulder from 'RHOA' Reunion

3/31/2017 12:30 PM PDT

Even 'RHOA' producers are showing Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend the door -- we've learned Matt Jordan didn't get an invite to the reunion episode.

Matt and Kenya's drama was a staple of the latest season, but we're told producers ultimately thought he was too violent to bring back. Not to mention the severe awkwardness that would have ensued during the taping a couple weeks ago.

We broke the story ... Kenya says Matt's been harassing her for months and, in fact, just got a temporary restraining order against him. He now has to stay 200 yards away.

Jordan infamously punched a driver while cameras were rolling during the previous season, so it seems he's worn out his welcome ... on several fronts.

'WAGS' Bachelorette My Girls and I Party T-O-P-L-E-S-S

3/31/2017 8:32 AM PDT

We know this ... "WAGS" star Nicole Williams and her hot model girlfriends won't come home with many tan lines -- her bachelorette party is tops optional.

Nicole, who's marrying ex-NFL star Larry English, is over in Hawaii with her crew (including Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson) and when they took to the high seas Thursday ... some bikini tops dropped. 

Models Shanina Shaik, Angelica Lee and Sharina Gutierrez and many more are on hand.

Don't forget the SPF, ladies!

Todd Chrisley Me Owe $800k in Back Taxes? Give Me a Break!!!

3/31/2017 7:34 AM PDT

Todd Chrisley laughed off reports he owes $800k in back taxes, and although he's adamant it's NOT true ... he admits his lawyers are hard at work.

The "Chrisley Knows Best" patriarch was at LAX Thursday night when he was asked point-blank if he's in debt to the state of Georgia. WSB-TV in Atlanta reported Todd and his wife have not paid state taxes in years, according to Fulton County court records.

Todd does some serious humble bragging here about his real estate portfolio, but insists ... don't believe the tax hype.

Kim Kardashian It's the Tooth! I Have a Hidden Talent

3/30/2017 4:40 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian says her nose ALWAYS knows when it comes to rotting teeth ... and that's not just some BS her 'KUWTK' producers cooked up for the show.

We got Kim at Cuvee restaurant in West Hollywood, and asked about a very strange claim she once made about Lamar Odom's mouth. She totally doubled down.

The dentist will see you now.

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