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Lil Wayne

Sued by Tour Bus Driver

He Threatened to Kill Me!!!

4/15/2015 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Wayne is being sued by his bus driver who claims the rapper was trying to kill him.

According to the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Mark Jones claims he was hired to drive Wayne and crew around for his 2014 summer concert tour. First stop: Buffalo.  

Jones says he pulled over at around 11:30 PM for gas. He says Wayne became irate and started cursing, to the point the driver became scared and continued driving without refueling.

But Jones says Wayne kept his tirade going, threatening to pistol whip him, "whip [his] ass" and finish the job by killing him.  

Jones says at that point things escalated, and Wayne came at him with a gun, cocked it at close range and demanded, "I want to get to the hotel now."

Jones says he obliged and the 30 minute drive was in total silence.

Jones is suing for false imprisonment, assault and emotional distress.


Busted for Pot & Meth

Cops Say Guns Also On Tour Bus

4/11/2015 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Nelly's tour bus got nailed by cops in Tennessee for a bunch of alleged offenses -- and the rapper  himself got hauled off to jail for felony possession of drugs ... including meth.

A state trooper pulled over the bus Saturday morning for not having a required Dept. of Transportation sticker ... and when the officer caught a strong whiff of pot ... he decided to conduct a search.

Cops say they found a baggie with crystal rocks that tested positive for meth, and a small amount of marijuana in the sleeper area of the bus. They say they also found quite the stash of guns -- a .50 caliber pistol, a .45 caliber pistol, and a .500 magnum Smith and Wesson.

Nelly was booked for the meth -- a felony -- and misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was also booked for drug paraphernalia -- cops say there were about 100 small Ziplock bags commonly used for the sale of drugs.

Another passenger, Brian Jones, was busted for possession of a handgun.


Sandra Bullock

Chilling 911 Call Played

At Stalker Hearing

4/9/2015 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A terrified Sandra Bullock feared for her life as she came face-to-face with her alleged stalker ... and an L.A. courtroom heard it all unfold Thursday as prosecutors played the disturbing 911 audio in court.

A judge heard the frantic call Bullock made to police as she hid in her closet from the man she claims stalked her and broke into her home. During the call, Sandra says she saw "the guy go upstairs into my attic."

A clearly terrified Sandra wonders how long it will be before officers arrive ... asking the operator, "Are they close?"

As we previously reported ... in June 2014, Joshua Corbett was charged with forcing his way into Bullock's house while she was inside ... cops later found an extensive weapons arsenal at his home that included assault rifles and machine guns.

Corbett was handcuffed in court while the tape was played. He's facing 19 felony counts including first degree burglary, stalking, and possession of a machine gun.

Corbett pled not guilty and bail was set at $2.2 mil.

Scientology Head David Miscavige

P.I.s Say They Stalked His Dad

David Said 'Let Him Die'

4/8/2015 9:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0408-david-ronald-miscavige-getty-youtubeA private investigator was arrested with an arsenal of weapons ... he says while he and his son were mercilessly harassing Scientology leader David Miscavige's father, and at one point when it appeared David's dad was having a heart attack the P.I.s say David told them to just "let him die."

The claims are absolutely shocking. P.I. Dwayne Powell and his son Daniel were on a job in West Allis, Wisconsin in 2013, where Ronald Miscavige lived with his wife. Dwayne says he was surveilling Ronald Miscavige for a year and a half on orders of the Church. Dwayne says the Church was worried Ronald -- who left Scientology -- would "divulge details about the church's activities."

Dwayne says he and his son were paid $10,000 a week to tail Ronald, and harass him. They would search his garbage, sit next to Ronald when he went to restaurants, stand behind him when Ron went to the library to check his emails so they could view the screen, and on and on. 

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Dwayne said on one occasion "Ron was loading his purchases into his car and slumped over while grasping his chest." Dwayne and his son thought Ron was having a heart attack so they called their Church contact. Dwayne says 2 minutes later he got a call from a man who identified himself as David Miscavige. The police report says Dwayne recounted that David told him, "If it was Ron's time to die, to let him die and not intervene in any way."

Dwayne was arrested in July 2013, after witnesses reported he was acting suspiciously. When cops searched his car, they found an arsenal of loaded weapons, including a silencer and hundreds of rounds of ammo. 

Most recently, in September 2014 ... Ronald went to cops again and said he was still being followed and someone had gone through his trash. He told police David was afraid he would "speak with the media about the negative inner workings of the church and David's abuse of the members of the church."

David Miscavige's lawyer told the L.A. Times, which broke the story, that David did not know Dwayne Powell, hasn't heard of him, hasn't spoken with him and never hired him.

The L.A. Times says Dwayne Powell was indicted last year on possessing an illegal silencer, but the indictment was dismissed and he was allowed to enter a pre-trial diversion program.

'Point Break' Actor

Vaya con Dios, Brah!

I Got 30 Days for Loaded Gun

4/5/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Point Break John Philbin Gun Possession"Point Break" actor John Philbin pled no contest to a misdemeanor weapons charge for pulling a loaded gun while arguing with his GF -- and the judge told him ... Utah, get me 3 years probation! 

Actually, Philbin's sentence was 30 days in county jail, plus 3 years probation -- but he was credited 26 days ... so he's got a short stint left in the clink. 

The actor was arrested back in March when a neighbor told cops he walked out of his home waving the loaded weapon after a testy domestic dispute with his lady.

Philbin also has to complete a 52 week AA program and domestic violence classes.

Chris Johnson

1st Pic After Being Shot

... With Warning to Gunman

3/13/2015 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0313-chris-johnson-instagramSporting a sling on his injured arm, NFL running back Chris Johnson posed for a photo for the first time since he was shot in the shoulder during a drive by shooting in Florida this weekend. 

Johnson appears in the photo with two other men -- one of whom is sporting bandages on an injured arm ... and the other who is flipping off the camera. 

The man with the double-bird is rapper Kenny Turner -- a friend of Johnson's who posted the pic and included a message that appears to be directed at the shooter. 

"I HEARD YOU P*SSIES LOOKIN 4 me!!!!! WE GOT something in common....f*ck YA!!!! #juice."

As we previously reported, one of Johnson's friends was killed in the shooting -- and Johnson is not cooperating with police in the investigation. 

Judging by Turner's message -- seems cops aren't the only ones on the hunt ... 

update_graphic_red_bar11:38 AM PT -- Johnson just issued a statement on Instagram insisting the message is NOT a threat directed at the gunman. 

He added, "I don't live that life."

Lil Wayne Swatting Incident

Caller Told Police ...

'I Just Shot 4 People'

3/12/2015 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got a recording of the call made to Miami Beach cops Wednesday, where a guy claims he just shot 4 people at Lil Wayne's house ... and sounds like he's making it all up as he goes along.

Cops descended on Wayne's mansion, despite the fact the guy promised a firefight with officers. He claimed he would "kill anyone and everything."   

Police clearly did the right thing responding, but listen carefully as the dispatcher asks a slew of questions ... it really does sound like swatting from the get-go.

 BTW ... cops are on the hunt for the swatter.


NFL's Chris Johnson

Gun Charge Dropped

... From Jan. Arrest

3/12/2015 6:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Finally some good news for NFL star Chris Johnson -- officials in Florida have dropped the misdemeanor gun charge against him stemming from a January arrest. 

Johnson was arrested on January 9th after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign and cops found 2 guns in his car. According to reports, the guns weren't properly stowed, so he was arrested for "open carrying" of firearms. Johnson maintained his innocence and later pled not guilty to the charge. 

Now, court officials in Orange County, FL tell TMZ Sports ... the State Attorney has officially dropped the case against the running back. 

Johnson posted a comment on the situation via social media Wednesday night ... writing, "Gun charges was dropped yesterday due to no evidence of me doing anything wrong."

He continued, "Also me have concealed weapons license the arrest should have never happen #GOD100."

Johnson is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder he received in a drive-by shooting in Orlando this weekend, in which CJ's close friend was killed. So far, no arrests have been made in that case. 

Ex-WWE Star Victoria

Husband Body Slams

Gun-Toting Intruder

3/11/2015 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE Victoria Husband Intruder Fight

Scary moment for ex-WWE superstar Victoria ... when her husband confronted a gun-toting intruder at her Chicago restaurant ... AND BODY SLAMMED THE GUY. 

We spoke with Victoria -- real name Lisa Marie Varon -- who tells us a suspicious man entered "The Squared Circle" restaurant this weekend and started making trouble inside the women's bathroom. 

That's when Victoria's husband, Lee (who manages the joint) approached the man to find out what the hell he was up to. 

According to Victoria, the man tried to push his way into the kitchen ... so Lee sprung into action and attempted to physically restrain him. 

Lee says he saw the man reaching for his waistband and believed he had a gun -- so he slammed the guy down to the ground. 

Turns out, Lee's instincts were right ... the guy did have a gun -- which was quickly recovered by one of the cooks. 

Cops were called to the scene and arrested 18-year-old Arnez Harper on a count of felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. 

"He (my husband) used to be a bouncer when he was a young lad," Victoria says of her hubby ... "I think that guy crossed the wrong person."


Chris Johnson

Shooters Gunned For Jeep

Not Necessarily CJ2K

3/9/2015 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0308-chris-johnson-GETTY-03Police in Orlando are operating under the assumption that shooters targeted the Jeep NFL star Chris Johnson was in Sunday morning ... which led to his injuries and the death of another man.

While cops believe the Jeep was the intended target, they are unsure if the shooters were specifically going after Chris or anyone else in the vehicle.

According to the report, Chris was "uncooperative and would only state that he saw 'a car roll by, and they shot.'"

Police say Chris was riding in the front passenger seat when an unknown driver pulled up at a stoplight and opened fire - shooting him in the shoulder. The driver was declared dead on the scene with a gunshot wound to the head. Reggie Johnson, the other passenger - was shot twice in his right leg.

Neighbors near the crime scene tell TMZ Sports they heard at least 4 shots Sunday morning from what sounded like a large handgun - before hearing police arrive a few minutes later.

Chris Johnson

NFL Star Shot in Drive-By

... One Person Dead

3/8/2015 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


update_graphic_red_bar1:25 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained footage taken moments after the shooting ... showing bullet holes in Johnson's ride.

12:02 PM PT -- A source very close with Johnson tell us ... "When the driver got shot, Chris was leaning back in his seat texting like he always does. If he wasn't leaning back that shot would have killed him."

"It wasn't his time."

update-grey-gray-barNFL running back Chris Johnson was shot in the shoulder during a drive-by in Orlando, FL early Sunday morning  ... and one of the people in his car was killed.

Orange County Sheriff officials say the shooting took place around 4:09 AM -- when a mystery shooter opened fire on a Jeep that Chris was in ... along with two other people.

The victims told police they were stopped at a red light when another car pulled up next to them and began shooting.

29-year-old Chris was hit in the shoulder ... and another person in the car was also hit and died from his wounds. We're told Chris was taken to a nearby hospital -- and cops say he's in stable condition.

Sources close to Johnson tell us the former NY Jets and Tennessee Titans player was returning from a concert and was heading to a recording studio when he was shot.

Johnson posted a picture of himself and a friend together before the show.

Chris had been in L.A. training at Jay Glazer's Unbreakable gym but went home for the weekend to hang with friends and family.



Six People Stabbed at Concert

3/7/2015 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A concert for the rap group Migos turned violent Friday in New York ... with concertgoers throwing trash cans while fighting -- and SIX stabbings were reported.

Albany PD officials tell us the multiple stabbings -- and one robbery -- all went down at the Washington Avenue Armory during, and after, the concert.

We're told cops arrived on scene for a stabbing call around 12:50 AM ... and found two victims -- both were hospitalized. Minutes later ... victims 3 and 4 came into the ER.

Less than hour later, cops went to a home over a report of a stabbing ... and found victims 5 and 6. Plus, a girl claims she was beat up and robbed in the bathroom.

All the victims had non-life threatening injuries. Cops don't have a suspect ... but they're investigating. 

'Workaholics' Adam DeVine

Deadwood Pistol Goes Missing

After House Break-In

3/5/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Adam DeVine Home Break InAdam DeVine lost more than a vehicle during a break-in at his home last weekend ... there's also an antique gun missing ... according to our DeVine family sources. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, DeVine's L.A. home was broken into over the weekend and the crooks made off with his brand new truck. We're told there was no surveillance video and right now police have no leads. 

DeVine family sources say they are most upset about cops finding an empty gun case ... meaning one or more of DeVine's weapons was also jacked. We're told DeVine has an antique pistol in his collection that his parents bought for him in Deadwood, SD and he's pretty sentimental about it.

The "Workaholics" and "Modern Family" star is clearly pissed ... tweeting, "Luckily it's just stuff and no one was hurt but it just sucks that I work so hard to buy cool stuff and you just steal it because you have no ambition and are too stupid to earn enough money to buy nice things."

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