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Rick Ross

Tired of Jail

Asks for Bail

7/1/2015 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0701-rick-ross-court-01Rick Ross finally has his day in court ... after sitting in a Georgia jail for 7 days.

Ross -- who's visibly tired -- didn't have the option of bailing out ... the judge has treated this as a no-bail case because the rapper faces kidnapping and aggravated assault charges over an altercation he had with a groundskeeper at his estate.

It appears Ross' lawyer is there to argue his client should be released on bail.  

The alleged victim claims Ross pistol-whipped him, injuring his jaw and neck and chipping two teeth, and that the injuries were so bad, he's been forced to eat through a straw.

The judge hasn't ruled yet.



Frantic 911 Call

They're Holding 'White Guys' Hostage

6/28/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626_plies_mike_caskey_music_videoPlies and one of his friends took a white guy hostage ... at least that's what was reported to Florida cops, but it wasn't what it seemed.  

Cops were called to the St. Cloud home of Mike Busey (Gary's nephew, aka the white guy) after a passerby saw what he thought was a hostage situation. Someone called 911, saying 2 black males with assault rifles were holding a white male hostage.

Deputies rolled up with sirens blazing, then discovered the guns were unloaded and the only thing the guys were shooting was a music video.

The scene had Plies picking up guns from Haitian gangsters with assault rifles.

Check out  the video ...  the crew gets a stern talkin'-to by the cops.


Fights with Club Owner ...

Eyewitness Says Gun Drawn

6/26/2015 6:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyga pissed off a Swiss club owner so much, the guy chased him outside and started a fist fight with the rapper and his entourage ... and Kylie Jenner had a front row seat.

Tyga was scheduled to play a show at Envogue Genève, a club in Geneva, Switzerland. According to our sources, Tyga was supposed to play for an hour ... but he showed up super late and only performed for about 10 minutes.

0626-sub-kylie-tyga-wm-tmz-01Tyga left the club around 4 AM and got in his car with Kylie. The enraged owner was hot on Tyga's heels, running out of the club, yelling for Tyga ... a fight then broke out.

At that point Tyga got out of the car to join in the fracas, but an eyewitness says someone in the owner's posse flashed a gun. That was apparently enough for Tyga to make a hasty retreat, leaving his bodyguards behind. 


Rick Ross

Groundskeeper: He Broke My Face

I'm Eating Through a Straw

6/24/2015 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0624-rick-ross-mug-shot-01 update_graphic_red_bar9:20 AM PT -- Ross was DENIED bail and will remain behind bars until his next court hearing, which is on July 1.update_grey_gray_bar Rick Ross took a Glock 9MM pistol and then viciously pistol-whipped one of his workers so badly, he messed up his jaw and neck ... so claim the cops who arrested him.

As TMZ reported, Ross was arrested early Wednesday morning for kidnapping and aggravated assault. Now we know the details.

Ross got into an argument with his groundskeeper at the massive Georgia home he bought from Evander Holyfield, this according to legal docs. According to law enforcement, Ross forced the groundskeeper into the guesthouse bedroom at gunpoint and started grilling him.  

0624-rick-ross-holyfield-house-PCN-01Cops say when Ross didn't get the answers he wanted, he pistol-whipped the guy twice, messing up his jaw and neck and chipping 2 teeth. The groundskeeper was hurt badly enough that he couldn't use his jaw and is now on a liquid diet. 

Ross is still in custody.

'Big Brother'

Burglars Strike Football Player

... Steal Guns

6/17/2015 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0617-clay-honeycutt-TUMBLR-01Some scumbag burglars just hit the home of a former Texas A&M football -- stealing several guns -- and he may have been targeted BECAUSE he's a contestant on "Big Brother."

As we previously reported, ex-Aggies defensive back Clay Honeycutt will be a houseguest this season -- and is already in sequester, cut off from the outside world, as the show requires. 

But after he left this past weekend, burglars struck his home in College Station, TX ... stealing all sorts of Honeycutt's belongings ... this according to the Brazos County Sheriffs Office.

Among the items reported stolen:

-- A 70" TV
-- A black Kindle Fire
-- An iPad
-- An Apple laptop
-- Three handguns (a 9mm, a .22 and a .45)
-- A leather jewelry box 

The estimated value of the stolen goods: $4,510.

We're told Honeycutt's family believes the jewelry box may have held a ring from his A&M playing days, but they aren't sure and they've been unable to contact him ... per the show's strict rules.

Family members tell us they believe the timing is no accident ... insisting the burglars waited until Clay left for the show to strike his home. 

The investigation is ongoing.


Yeah, I Got Shot Down ...

But I Can Still Turn Up

6/15/2015 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0615-yg-twitter-01Three bullets to the hip ain't gonna keep YG from partying his ass off ... even though he's on crutches, and his shooter is still on the loose. 

Sources close to YG tell TMZ, just 3 days after he was shot ... the young gangster hit up a Hollywood Hills rager at famous party spot, the PingTank mansion.

We broke the story -- YG was shot 3 times, and refused to cooperate with police working the case. We're told he was plenty social inside the party though.

YG's not-so hidden message to the shooter -- I'm number one? 



Shooter Screwed

Cameras Were Rolling

6/13/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612-yg-tmz-04The guy who shot YG may have unwittingly done it in front of an audience ... unfortunately for him, an audience of cops.

We've learned multiple cameras may have captured the violence early Friday morning outside a San Fernando Valley recording studio/apartment complex, when YG was shot 3 times in the hip. The shooter is still on the loose.   

Our sources say the cameras appear to have been in position to capture the shooting. LAPD detectives have already requested the video, which they'll get within a day or 2.

What's more ... we're told there are video cameras in the studio where YG was recording just before the shooting. Our sources say a number of people were in the studio and some sort of fight erupted shortly before shots were fired.

As for YG ... he's on the mend.


Shot in L.A.

6/12/2015 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612-yg-tmz-02Rapper YG was shot early Friday morning at an L.A. recording studio ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, it happened at around 1:45 AM in Studio City. We're told someone shot YG 3 times in the hip. 

Somehow the rapper was able to get in his car and someone from his group drove him to a nearby hospital.  

Cops were called and found multiple shell casings and blood on the sidewalk. Police went to the hospital to interview YG but we are told he was "very uncooperative."

YG's rep says the injuries are not life threatening, and he's doing fine.

We're told the shooter is still on the loose.


Meek Mill

Pistol-Whipping Goes Down

On Rival Rapper's Crew

6/10/2015 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Meek Mill's beef with a rival exploded into a pistol-whipping melee on the streets of Philly ... with people fleeing for their lives -- and the violence is crystal clear in this video. 

Meek and his crew were shooting a music video Tuesday evening ... when Louie V Gutta and his homies showed up. Watch the video -- there's a little bit of jawing, a little bit of pushing, tensions rising, and then ... chaos.

A guy standing behind Louie V got CRACKED in the face with what looks like the butt of a handgun -- and then everyone scatters ... fearing a shootout was about to go down. 

No shots were fired, but police were called to the scene. No one got arrested.

Right after the incident, Louie V claimed he wasn't involved but admitted he was there talking to Meek. 

Taylor 'Lil Bit' Wright

I'm Always Packing Heat ...

Check My Diaper Bag!

6/5/2015 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright is worried someone's going to break into her house before she heals from childbirth -- and that's why she keeps a loaded weapon handy ... even next to her newborn.

The ex "Party Down South" star came on TMZ Live to respond to the critics who've been blasting her about the pic of her handgun on a nightstand, right next to her one-month old and baby daddy, Dalton Elliott.

To say Lil Bit is a proud gun-toting mama would be a huge understatement. Check out this clip -- she explains she's still recovering from a c-section ... so she wants to be armed and ready. As she puts it ... "Someone breaks in, I'm killin' 'em."

Make sure you watch to the end -- that ain't just diapers and wipes in her baby bag!


'Party Down South' Star

I Have A Right To Bear Arms

… And My Baby

6/5/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604-taylor-wright-party-down-south-facebook-01Former "Party Down South" star Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright is hollerin' like a stuck pig about all the haters who think she's crazy for keeping a gun near her newborn.

Backlash erupted after Wright posted a pic of her BF and baby daddy tending to their month-old baby ... with a semi-automatic handgun sitting on the nightstand next to them. 

Lil Bit thinks the only real danger is having the gun locked away. She reminded us about her 2nd Amendment rights, and added, "By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family."

Wright promises she keeps her firearm in "safety mode" ... so in her mind, it's all good. However, North Carolina law says it's a misdemeanor to leave a gun any place an unsupervised minor could reach it. It's debatable whether that applies to a one-month-old.

Lil Bit promises she'll hide the gun once the kid gets older ... but for now, she's not worried about him messin' with it. 



Lil Wayne

Cops Arrest Suspect

In Tour Bus Shooting

6/2/2015 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy accused of shooting up Lil Wayne's tour bus is finally in police custody.

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey surrendered early Tuesday morning in Cobb County, Georgia. He faces charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon, and criminal gang activity.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Winfrey, but it took a month before he turned himself in. According to his booking report, he had a  gunshot scar on his wrist. 

Wayne's bus was shot up in April after a club gig in Atlanta. Police believe Winfrey -- who has ties to Wayne's rival, Young Thug -- opened fire to gain favor with the Bloods

Dustin Diamond

Convicted in Stabbing Case

5/30/2015 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0530-dustin-diamond-getty-02Dustin Diamond was convicted Friday in the case where he stabbed a guy in a bar, but in a way it's really a victory for him.

Diamond was convicted of 2 misdemeanors but acquitted of the far more serious felonies.

1226-dustin-diamond-at-bar-fight-christmas-TMZ-02As TMZ reported, Diamond, who was with his girlfriend, stabbed a man in the Wisconsin bar last XMAS, but he claimed self defense. Diamond testified, "I felt like we were being set up for antagonistic purposes." The actor who famously played Screech claimed he was merely waiving a pocket knife around to fend off aggressors, never intending to stab anyone.

The guy he stabbed didn't even know he was cut until after he left the bar.

Diamond was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.  Worst case scenario is a 9 month jail sentence. 

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