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LAPD Gun Stalker Video Rap Group Claims Gun's a Phony

10/7/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD can chill, because there's no need to launch a criminal investigation into the video which seems to show someone lurking around a cop car with gun in hand ... because the people who shot the video say the gun's a fake. 

The '90s rap group Brownside produced an Instagram video showing someone in a car flashing a gun as an unsuspecting LAPD cop gets out of his patrol car. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck believes the guy with the gun has a prior conviction and may have committed a crime -- carrying a firearm inside a vehicle.

But a member of the group -- Toker -- tells us his brother is the one in the video, and the gun is a plastic prop ... one of many they bought earlier in the day for a music video shoot for their single, "Till the Casket Drops."

By the Way, the group was once signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records.

Eazy would be proud.

Terror Train Hero Alek Skarlatos Oregon Shooting Hits Close to Home ... Bolts Out of 'DWTS' Rehearsal

10/1/2015 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_ALEK_leaving-studio_AKM-GSITerror train hero Alek Skarlatos was rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars" when he got gut-wrenching news -- his college was under attack from the shooter who killed 10 people on Thursday.

Sources at 'DWTS' tell us Skarlatos was in the middle of rehearsals with Lindsay Arnold when he got a phone call about the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College. In addition to the 10 fatalities, police say the shooter injured at least 7 others. 

We're told Alek immediately left the studio when he got the news, and was making calls back home to make sure his friends were safe.

Skarlatos, who's an Army National Guardsman in Oregon, is studying at Umpqua CC for a career in law enforcement.

Shortly after leaving the studio, he tweeted, "Everyone send prayers out to ucc."


'Street Outlaws' Car Shop Shot Up

9/29/2015 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929_midwest_street_cars_shooting_photos_launchThe stars of "Street Outlaws" are dealing with a real criminal situation ... after their store was left riddled with bullets.

Oklahoma City PD tells TMZ they are still on scene investigating a shooting at Midwest Street Cars -- where "8 or 9" bullet holes were left in the building.

We're told the shooting happened Monday night -- and since nobody was working -- there were no injuries.

Sources with the Discovery show tell us armed men also showed up at the home of one of the stars -- Murder Nova -- but were scared off when he went outside.  We're told there is security footage.

Cops say they don't have suspects or a motive yet.

Story developing ... 

Lil Wayne Alleged Bus Shooter ... I'm As Likely to Kill as Drew Brees

9/29/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_lil_wayne_young-thug-jimmy-winfrey-TMZThe man accused of shooting up Lil Wayne's tour bus now says the notion he'd try to off Weezy is as absurd as Drew Brees trying to kill rival QB Matt Ryan.

Lawyers for Jimmy Winfrey -- who's currently behind bars, awaiting trial for the shooting in April -- claim their client did not have a motive to hurt Wayne. The lawyers acknowledge Winfrey was an associate of Young Thug, but they say Y.T. idolizes Wayne.

The lawyers acknowledge there's rivalry in the rap game, but that doesn't mean rappers automatically want to kill each other. Winfrey's lawyers say, "Clearly, the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons are rivals because they are fighting every year to win the same division: the NFC South. Yet, this does not provide a motive for Drew Brees to kill or maim Matt Ryan."

The lawyers say there are indeed actual rap beefs, but the idea that Wayne and Young Thug are the next Tupac and Biggie is absurd.

Jeremy Renner The Gun Locker

9/23/2015 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923-jeremy-renner-tmz-01Jeremy Renner was packing some serious heat in his shopping cart Monday after a trip to a Nevada gun store. 

Among the weapons Renner picked up ... a $300 Remington shotgun, a $750 Springfield Armory XD 9mm pistol and a machete. Sorry 'Avengers' fans ... no bow and arrow.  

Renner's a huge gun collector ... his estranged wife made a big deal about his firearm collection in their custody war during his divorce. 

The next stop ... likely Renner's 16-acre ranch outside Reno where he goes to pop off. It's not where you want to be caught trespassing.


David Guetta Gang Stabbings at Big Vegas Show

9/20/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918-xs-nightclub-vegas-GETTY-01.JPGupdate_graphic_red_barAccording to police docs, the stabbing went down at 7 AM on Labor Day ... which means it happened during the tail end of David Guetta's show. Skrillex and Diplo did not perform at XS until later that evening.update_grey_gray_barA violent fight was swept under the rug in Vegas over Labor Day, when 4 people were seriously stabbed night during a DJ's show at XS Nightclub.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, a huge fight involving around 20 people broke out in the middle of the show, leaving 4 with stab wounds. Our sources say it has all the markings of a gang fight. 

We're told the injuries were serious including a punctured lung and spleen but everyone survived -- one victim admitted to gang ties and didn't want to go forward with any charges.

However, law enforcement tells us they have arrested someone on 3 counts of attempted murder. That said, cops are having problems developing the case, because almost everyone they've tried to interview developed a case of amnesia. 

Colorado Theater Shooting Chilling Crime Scene Photos

9/10/2015 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910_aurora_crime_photos_mainDisturbing photos from inside the theater where James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 others are being seen for the first time.

The photos, released by The Aurora Police Department, show the severe damage done by Holmes during the 2012 shooting. We're also given a look inside his apartment where he constructed a homemade bomb.

Holmes was sentenced to life in prison last month.

Dan Bilzerian Burglars Target Mega-Gun Collection In Home Burglary

9/8/2015 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dan Bilzerian was the target of a burglary where the bad guys took direct aim at his sizable gun collection.

We're told while Dan was in NYC Friday night at the Electric Zoo Music Festival, someone broke a window at his Hollywood Hills home and climbed in. Cops don't know how many people were involved, but they apparently made a beeline for his gun room. 

Our LAPD sources say there was evidence someone tampered with the door to the room but could not open it. The thieves left without taking anything. 

As for how they knew about the gun room ... Dan posts pics of his stash on social media.

We're told he's increased security and he has a good start ... lots of guns.


Dwight Howard Brings Loaded Gun to Airport ... Doesn't Get Arrested

9/2/2015 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0902-dwight-howard-TMZ-01Everyone knows you NEVER BRING A LOADED GUN TO AN AIRPORT ... everyone, except Dwight Howard apparently.  

TMZ Sports has learned the NBA superstar was stopped at George Bush Airport in Houston on August 28th ... when Dwight put his carry-on bag through the scanner, and a TSA agent noticed a LOADED GLOCK inside!!! 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... a further inspection revealed the gun -- a Glock 26 9mm -- was LOADED with one round in the chamber. 

We're told Dwight said he simply forgot the gun was in the bag. 

But multiple law enforcement sources tell us ... because it's Texas -- and they have looser gun laws than states like California -- Dwight was NOT ARRESTED. 

Cops were called to the scene, but we're told he was allowed to give the weapon to an associate who took the gun out of the airport.  

As for Dwight, once he was disarmed -- he was allowed to get back in the security line ... and boarded his plane as if nothing ever happened!   

The Houston Police Department tells us ... the District Attorney was aware of the case, but ultimately decided NOT to prosecute Howard. 


Chris Brown Sued Your Lack of Security ... Got Me Shot!

8/31/2015 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0831-chris-brown-tmz-02One of Chris Brown's fans is blaming the singer for the gunshot wound he suffered during a Bay Area concert back in January.

Paul Briley filed a lawsuit against Brown for the shooting that went down at San Jose's Capricorn Bash. In the suit, Briley says Brown failed to provide enough security.

TMZ broke the story ... 5 people were injured when the shots rang out around 1:30 AM.

Briley says he sustained permanent injuries. He points out that Brown had multiple violent incidents at concerts before the San Jose show ... and therefore, should have had more security.

Young Dro Stripper Says Rapper Stole My Car ... And Got Me Busted

8/30/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



11:00 AM PST: TMZ has learned the woman arrested is not a stripper, but IS an employee of the Pink Pony strip club.


Young Dro has not only royally pissed off a stripper, she says he set her up and got her arrested for weed and an illegal gun.

According to a police report, Dro was in a city near Atlanta in February when he went to a stripper friend and asked to borrow her Cadillac. She agreed, with one condition ... that he pick her up after her shift at the Pink Pony.

Dro stood the stripper up, so she used her OnStar to track down the Caddy, which she found in a parking lot. Turns out cops were interested in the car as well, because they had just seen 2 men wildly driving it. So the stripper and cops showed up at the same time.

PROBLEM: Cops saw a big bag of weed in plain view in the backseat. That triggered a search, which produced a gun that turned out to be stolen.

To the stripper's shock, cops arrested her for the ganja and the gun.  

When the stripper got sprung, she filed a grand theft auto report against Dro, and cops arrested him.

An Uber would have been so much easier.

Bryce Williams Holding Submachine Gun ... In News Report

8/26/2015 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryce Williams, aka Vester Flanagan, the man who shot and killed two journalists live on TV today, once reported on gun control armed with an assault weapon.

The disturbing footage shows Williams holding a submachine gun in one of the several news clips where he's reporting on firearm and race issues.

It's significant ... considering it's believed Williams' motive for gunning down the journalists, who were his former co-workers at Virginia station WDBJ7, is a personal vendetta over racist comments. 

Reporter & Photog Killing Suspect Shoots Himself ... Posted Chilling Videos as Police Chased

8/26/2015 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news



11:20 PM PT -- Williams has been pronounced dead at the hospital. 


Bryce Williams -- the man who shot and killed a Virginia reporter and photographer -- turned a gun on himself, but survived the shooting. 

Police say they found him with a pulse, but he's in critical condition. While police were chasing Williams -- aka Vester L. Flanagan -- he put up the videos on Facebook and Twitter. One of the clips shows him walking up to his victims. Another shows him firing the deadly shots at point blank range.

Twitter and FB almost immediately suspended his accounts.

Williams claims the shooting was retaliation for Alison Parker and Adam Ward reporting him to human resources. He's not specific about why. He also claims Alison had made racist comments.

WDBJ says Williams was hired in April 2012 and fired a year ago.


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