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Redmond O'Neal Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O'Neal's Son Charged with Attempted Murder

6/9/2018 9:24 AM PDT

Redmond O'Neal -- son of Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett -- has been charged with attempted murder and assault after a series of violent and random attacks in L.A.

Fawcett's 33-year-old son reportedly left 5 men seriously injured last month in what cops are calling unprovoked violence, including stabbing a man in the side near the Venice boardwalk on May 4 and stabbing another man later that night -- severely wounding his face and neck.

O'Neal was arrested a few days later on May 8 as a suspect of an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven, and was linked to the earlier attacks due to his red hair and distinctive tattoos.

He was charged Friday with attempted murder, 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a knife, battery and criminal threats. He's been held without bail since his arrest.

Redmond has a history of drug and legal problems, including being busted along with his father in 2008 for felony drug possession after a search of Ryan's Malibu home. Fawcett died in 2009.

Tekashi69 Blames Chief Keef's Music for Shooting ... Throws Jab at J. Cole

6/6/2018 12:29 PM PDT

Tekashi69 is distancing himself from any involvement in the attempted shooting of Chief Keef, and says Keef's got no one to blame ... but himself. 

The Brooklyn rapper told us Wednesday, on "TMZ Live," Keef's a gangsta rapper who promotes violence ... and claimed that's the real reason he's getting heat on the streets. As we reported, shots were fired at Keef last weekend in NYC, but missed. 

6ix9ine insists the violence isn't coming from him ... and claims he's never even shot a gun.

But, you've gotta see his reaction to all the violence around him lately. Tekashi says it's just part of life for rappers, and ditto for fans. And then -- because the Keef beef isn't enough -- he hurled a shot at J. Cole and his fans!

Zero you-know-whats given.

49ers LB Reuben Foster Gets Probation In Weapons Case

6/6/2018 9:58 AM PDT
Breaking News

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster just caught another break ... he won't do any jail time in his illegal weapons case after cutting plea deal with prosecutors. 

Foster was initially hit with a misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon charge after cops say they found a SIG Sauer 516 with a high-capacity magazine at the NFL player's home. 

He was facing serious prison time if convicted. 

But, Foster's legal team got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and he ultimately cut a deal in which he pled no contest and in exchange got 2 years probation, 232 hours of community service and $235 in fines.

Officials tell TMZ Sports ... as part of his probation, Foster may not possess guns of any kind. 

Just last month, a judge dropped the felony domestic violence case against Foster after the alleged victim testified that she lied about the NFL player attacking her. 

Jimmy Fallon Gives Speech for MSDHS Graduation ... 'You Are the Present'

6/3/2018 3:50 PM PDT

Jimmy Fallon gave a heartfelt commencement speech to the graduating glass at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School -- which paid tribute to the trauma they endured this year.

The 'Tonight Show' host made a surprise appearance Sunday at MSDHS's graduation ceremony at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida to make his remarks as the keynote speaker. While funny in its own right, Jimmy kept his address a bit more on the serious side.

He honored the students who spearheaded the March for Our Lives rally earlier this year, in response to the shooting massacre at the school ... which left 17 people dead, allegedly at the hands of Nikolas Cruz. Fallon himself attended the rally, and has been a vocal supporter of their cause. 

Toward the end of his speech, Jimmy notes that most commencement speakers will talk in the future tense when addressing a graduating class ... but says he wouldn't do that, because the kids of Marjory Stoneman Douglas are "the present."

As you might imagine, he got a big round of applause for that one. 

Off-Duty FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Someone ... While Dancing at Club

6/3/2018 10:41 AM PDT

An off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot someone at a night club in Denver after his gun fell out of his holster and went off while dancing ... but luckily the victim seems to be OK.

The unnamed agent was getting his groove on early Saturday morning at Mile High Spirits in Denver, CO, when he decided to do a backflip that made his gun fall loose on the floor.

He went to pick it up ... and mistakenly fired a round, according to local police. One man was hit in the lower leg and was hospitalized -- but cops say he's expected to recover.

The man has not been charged with a crime yet -- he was taken to police headquarters and eventually released to an FBI supervisor. The D.A. will decide whether or not to prosecute.

Chief Keef Shot at in NYC ... Rapper Unharmed

6/2/2018 8:41 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Chief Keef got shot at early Saturday morning in NYC, but fortunately the shooter -- or shooters -- missed ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Keef was shot at around 6 AM outside the W Hotel in Times Square. We're told a shell casing was discovered and police are looking for 2 black males wearing black hoodies who fled the scene.

Our sources say the bullet missed the rapper and struck hotel signage. It's unclear how many shots were fired at this time. Chief's staying at the hotel and was returning after a night out when he was shot at.

What's interesting -- Chief Keef's been in an apparent heated beef on social media with Tekashi69, but we're told at this point there's no connection between that and the shooting. Our sources say 6ix9ine is currently in L.A.

Tekashi69 Shots Fired In Confrontation with Fetty Wap's Crew

6/1/2018 9:29 AM PDT

Tekashi69 and Fetty Wap's crew got into a dangerous showdown that ended with shots fired ... according to law enforcement.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 6ix9ine and his crew hit up a recording studio Wednesday night in L.A. to meet up with Fetty. We're told Tekashi never made it inside because Fetty's posse stopped them at the door.

We're told a confrontation ensued and, at some point, someone pulled out a gun and fired a couple of shots in the air. A witness called cops, but everyone had already left by the time they showed up. We're told cops recovered shell casings and are now on the hunt for the shooter.

Our Fetty sources claim the rapper wasn't even in L.A. the night of the shooting. 

Here's what's strange ... Tekashi and Fetty's crew have been hanging out since the shooting ... posting videos together on social media. For what it's worth ... Tekashi and Fetty released a single together this year too.


Michael Rotondo Evicted 30-Year-Old Moving Out After Altercation with Dad Over Toys

5/31/2018 10:43 AM PDT

Michael Rotondo -- the 30-year-old man who was taken to court by his mom and dad to get him booted out of their house -- is packing up to leave ... but it has not gone smoothly.

Rotondo tells TMZ ... he called the cops on his father in the midst of the moving process because his dad refused to hand over some toys he wanted to pack for his child -- yes, Michael has a son.

We're told when cops arrived, they asked Rotondo if any weapons were involved in his altercation with his dad and he said no ... but revealed he does own a gun and showed them where he kept it. Cops offered to store it for him since he's dealing with a volatile situation and he could get it back later ... but Michael decided to keep it and added it to the moving pile.

He tells us he still didn't get the toys back from his dad, though.

Rotondo says he's got to be out of his parents' home by Friday at noon, so he's putting most of his stuff in storage. He'll be staying at an Airbnb nearby for $25/night for a week ... which included a free night.

After that, he tells us he's going to stay with a distant cousin ... he just needs to iron out the details.

Michael also wants to make it clear -- he's a responsible gun owner and there should be no concern about him having a gun while he packs up and moves out.

Nikolas Cruz Recorded Himself Planning Parkland Mass Shooting 'You Will All Know Who I Am'

5/30/2018 3:56 PM PDT
Breaking News

Nikolas Cruz recorded a chilling video of himself meticulously plotting how he was about to carry out a deadly attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The Broward State Attorney's Office released the video Wednesday as prosecutors prepare to possibly ask for a death penalty trial. In one of the videos, Cruz looks into his cell phone and says, "With the power of my AR you will all know who I am." Prosecutors would not say when exactly the videos were made, though Cruz suggests in one video he was going to carry out the mass shooting later that day.

Cruz killed 17 people on February 14 ... a deadly outcome that triggered massive nationwide protests for better gun control spearheaded by the Parkland kids. 

In another video, Cruz said his goal was to kill at least 20 people and said, "You're all going to die. Can't wait." Cruz faces 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder. 

Ronda Rousey IN. School Teacher's a Hero I'd Love to Go in the Ring with Him

5/27/2018 10:40 AM PDT

Ronda Rousey says she'd be honored to host the Indiana school teacher who risked his life to save his students during a shooting this week ... assuming the guy's a fan of WWE.

We got Ronda touching down in D.C. Sunday ahead of Monday Night Raw in neighboring Richmond, VA, and she tells us she'd have no problem allowing 29-year-old Jason Seaman of Noblesville West Middle School walk her into the ring at one of her matches.

In case you hadn't heard, Jason is being hailed as a hero after he's said to have tackled an unnamed suspect who opened fire in one of his classes Friday, saving countless lives.

He just got released from the hospital, too, so if he's into wrestling, or Ronda or both ... get on the horn, bud. The spotlight's waiting for ya.

Shawn Mendes at Billboard Awards You Can't Take My Youth Away ... Sings w/ MSD Choir Kids

5/20/2018 7:04 PM PDT

Shawn Mendes just honored victims of gun violence with an emotional tribute at the Billboard Music Awards ... and with the help of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Shawn took the stage Sunday to perform his song "Youth," and was joined by singer Khalid ... who's featured on the song. Toward the end of the performance, multiple students from MSD's choir came out as well to help him finish out the tune. 

We broke the story ... Shawn was aiming to send an uplifting message with the Parkland students' cameo -- especially in the wake of another school shooting this week that left 10 people dead. 

As you can see ... the message was well received by those there. A standing ovation ... and not a dry eye in the room. 

Texas School Shooting Suspect Was Dancing at Church ... Days Before Massacre

5/20/2018 11:26 AM PDT

The student arrested for gunning down 10 people at his high school appeared to be nothing more than a church-going dancer mere days before the shooting.

TMZ has obtained video of 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis participating in a choreographed dance for his Greek Orthodox church the weekend before he allegedly shot and killed 8 of his peers and 2 teachers.

Sources connected to the event tell us the dance was part of a larger Greek festival in a town about 30 minutes away from Santa Fe, TX where he went to school. The performance was rehearsed well before showtime -- Pagourtzis was involved from the start.

Another harrowing detail ... we're told those who knew or knew of Pagourtzis never saw any signs that would indicate he would go absolutely mad.

Pagourtzis has been charged with multiple counts of capital murder and aggravated assault on a public servant after allegedly opening fire Friday at Santa Fe High School -- killing 10 and injuring many others. Cops say he used a shotgun and a revolver as weapons.

He has not entered a plea. 

Chris Paul On TX School Shooting: We Gotta Do Something About It

5/18/2018 11:08 AM PDT
Breaking News

Chris Paul is speaking out about the Texas school shooting that happened roughly 35 miles from Houston on Friday ... and he's calling for change to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.

“First and foremost, aside from the playoffs going on, which is minor compared to what is taking place down in Santa Fe," Paul said Friday morning at Rockets practice.

"Our prayers going out to the victims and the families having to deal with that situation."

FYI, 10 people were killed and several more injured at Santa Fe HS when a shooter opened fire inside the building.

"We have a lot of fan support there. Those people come out and support us night in, night out. So, this is very minor compared to what those people are dealing with.”

"It's scary that that's becoming a norm here and we gotta do something about it, 'cause yeah, I can't imagine something like that taking place with one of my kids."

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