Morena Baccarin Spousal Support Discount Judge Shaves $15k!

4/13/2017 2:04 PM PDT

Morena Baccarin Gets Spousal Support Payments Reduced by $15k


Morena Baccarin won big in court Thursday -- a judge greatly reduced the amount of spousal support she has to pay her ex, partly because her TV and movie gigs ain't a lock just yet.

Morena's lawyer, Samantha Spector, told a judge her client's income was truly up in the air, and she couldn't afford to keep paying Austin Chick $20k per month. 

Spector pointed out Morena's TV show, "Gotham," hadn't been picked up yet for a 4th season -- and she's not a lock for "Deadpool 2" either. She also argued Austin could support himself with a j-o-b ... at Starbucks.

Morena's been fighting to get this discount, claiming Chick was sucking her finances dry instead of finding work. As of June 1, she'll only have to pay him $5k/month.

We got Morena leaving court with her "Gotham" co-star/BF, Ben McKenzie. They were both tight-lipped, but Morena's grin said a lot.