Raz B Cops Release GF Photos ... Alleged Injuries from Domestic Assault Arrest

5/14/2019 12:10 AM PDT

Police Release Photos of Raz B's Girlfriend's Alleged Strangulation Injuries


More details have come to light in Raz B's altercation with his girlfriend that led to his arrest ... including photos of her alleged injuries.

Cops have released photos of Raz's GF -- obtained by TMZ -- showing the aftermath of him allegedly strangling her outside a Macy's in Minneapolis. Some redness can be seen on both sides of her neck ... which the police report indicates are consistent with the neck being squeezed.

Cops also say during the arrest, Raz B stared at his GF "with intense eyes and a clinched jaw while trying to get her attention" ... which was perceived as an attempt to intimidate her. 

We broke the story ... the B2K singer was arrested for domestic assault by strangulation but claimed the 2 had an argument that turned physical when she attacked him, and he was simply defending himself.

Dispatch audio and the police report reveal a witness claimed to see Raz grabbing her throat and dragging her into a parking area.

Prosecutors declined to press charges against Raz after investigating the incident, however, citing insufficient evidence. According to the report ... the girlfriend declined to speak with authorities about the case too.

The incident hasn't been the most recent bit of drama for Raz either -- he's also joined the cast of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" ... and had a very short beef with Lyft.