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Rev. Al Sharpton Robert F. Smith's Gift to Morehouse More Than Trump's Ever Done for Students

5/20/2019 9:47 AM PDT

Al Sharpton's looking up at the scoreboard and it currently reads Robert F. Smith 1, President Trump 0 ... at least when it comes to taking care of America's crushing student debt.

We got the reverend out Monday morning at Reagan National Airport in D.C. and got his take on the billionaire investor's shocking commencement speech at Morehouse College. If ya missed it, Smith told the 2019 class he was paying off ALL of their student loans.

Not surprisingly ... the crowd went nuts and serenaded the richest African-American person in the U.S. (net worth around $5 billion) with "MVP!" chants. If you're doing the math ... school officials believe Smith will drop around $40 mil to cover 396 students.

Al, who in 2012 was honored by Morehouse and spoke to its graduating class, says the gift is nothing short of transformative. The reverend says that single gesture does WAY more than anything Trump's Department of Education has done since he's been in office.

Of course, we know Sharpton's no fan of Trump policies ... even before the White House.

Brooks Koepka Snubs GF's Attempt at Good Luck Kiss ... At PGA Championship

5/19/2019 3:54 PM PDT

3:54 PM PT -- Looks like the in-game no-kiss rule was the right call -- Brooks just won the 2019 PGA Championship. Congrats!!!

Pro golfer Brooks Koepka seems to be hyper-focused on winning another major this weekend -- even at the expense of a good luck kiss from his girlfriend, who he left hanging.

Brooks was getting ready for his final round at the PGA Championship Sunday when he was caught on camera walking side-by-side with his gal, Jena Sims ... who awkwardly tried going in for a smooch on the lips, only to quickly jerk away when she saw he wasn't into it.

If body language could talk, this right here would probably be saying ... "Nah, babe. Not now." It'd seem the snub is paying off for ol' Brooks -- he's leading the pack at under-8 as they wrap up the back 9. 

It doesn't appear Jena took it personally, though. She even told that she's not very discreet with her PDA so this might be par for the course for these two. 

Kiss the trophy first, girlfriend second. #priorities

Originally Published -- 3:40 PM PT

Arnold Schwarzenegger Not Pressing Charges Against Drop-Kick Attacker

5/19/2019 12:41 PM PDT

5/19 -- Arnold just tweeted a major update, saying he isn't planning on pursuing charges against the guy who drop-kicked him in South Africa. He wrote, "Update: A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and he gets his life on the right track."

Arnold continued, "But I’m moving on and I’d rather focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at @ArnoldSports Africa." 

All things considered, this fella's lucky Arnold's a class act. No harm, no foul.

11:33 AM PT -- Event organizers dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger's attacker as a "crazed fan" who can be heard screaming, "Help me, I need a Lamborghini," as he was being detained. Check it out ... he literally yells it out three different times while being dragged away.

As of now, Schwarzenegger has no plans of pressing charges and the organizers say that he views this as an unfortunate incident by a mischievous fan.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger got roped into a real-life action scene down in South Africa, where he was drop-kicked from behind in a truly bizarre attack.

The Hollywood icon was in Sandton Saturday for a sporting event that bares his name -- the Arnold Classic Africa, which hosts kids in a ton of judged sporting events. Arnold himself was minding his business, taking photos and chatting with fans ... when he got blindsided.

An unidentified man ran up to Arnold's back and leaped into a drop-kick maneuver, making contact with the actor and propelling him forward. The dude was immediately swarmed by security and detained. Reports say he was removed from the facility. 

As for Arnold, he says he's doing alright ... telling fans there was "nothing to worry about" and that he didn't even realize he was kicked until he saw the video afterward. He quipped that he was glad the idiot hadn't interrupt his Snapchat video. 

Considering 'The Terminator' ended up staying on his feet, it's clear the drop-kick wasn't successful.

No official word on what's gonna happen to the kicker -- one report says Arnold isn't looking to press charges, but it might very well be out of his hands. Rule of thumb for everyone out there ... DON'T ATTACK ARNOLD!!! A no-brainer, really.

Originally published -- 5/18 @ 10:24 AM PT

LAPD Cop Hits Awesome Trick Shot ... Kids Go Crazy!!!

5/17/2019 8:49 AM PDT
Breaking News

To Protect and ... SWISH!!!

Check out this real LAPD officer showing off his real basketball skills the other day ... hitting a no-look, backwards trick shot LIKE A BOSS!!!

The kids went absolutely CRAZY -- cheering and screaming like they just watched Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater in person. 

The officer's name is Arius George -- aka Trick Shot Cop -- and his hoop skills are so impressive, he caught the eye of the Harlem Globetrotters and they did an event together back in February. 

This dude's IG page is crazy too. He can ball for real. 

Nelly I Love My Fans, But ... Don't Untie My Shoe!!!

5/15/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Nelly had to hit pause on his show in Las Vegas after one of his fans did something that totally messed with his flow ... untied his shoe!!!

We just got this wild video from inside Nelly's Thursday night gig at Drai's Beachclub ... and you see him cut the music and go on a long rant after someone in the crowd reached onstage and tugged on his shoelaces!!!

Check out the clip ... Nelly was NOT having it. He paused the show for a few minutes, ranting about being too grown to have people untying his kicks, and ripping an overzealous fan for getting too close for comfort. 

Fortunately, Shoelacegate didn't derail the whole show ... folks at the club tell us Nelly got back to rapping after addressing the crowd. 

So, if you're trying to grab Nelly's attention the next time you're at one of his shows ... stay away from his footwear.

Side note ... looks like Nelly's no longer stomping in his Air Force Ones. 

Garden Bros Circus Stuntman Falls During Wheel Act ... The Show Must Go On!!!

5/14/2019 10:55 AM PDT
Exclusive Video

10:55 AM PT -- A rep for the show tells us the performer got X-rays and results confirmed nothing was broken. He will get an MRI later Tuesday ... and he'll be sore for a while.

Crazy video here of a circus acrobat who plummeted to the ground in the middle of a dangerous, death-defying act ... bringing the circus to an abrupt halt -- but the miracle is somehow the guy survived.

The acrobat was part of the Garden Bros Circus performing in Toledo, Ohio Monday night at the Huntington Center. In this exclusive footage, obtained by TMZ, you can see the guy and his partner pulling insane moves in and outside of giant spinning wheels -- kinda like human hamsters, if hamsters could do flips.

The crowd screamed in horror though when one of the guys slipped while doing a front flip on top of the spinning wheel. He did not stick the landing and crashed to the ground. 

Fortunately for him, the fall happened as his end of the apparatus was closer to the ground ... as opposed to its highest point, which seems to have seriously helped the dude. Spotters couldn't do much to break his fall.

His partner eventually got out of his own wheel and rushed down a ladder to help. 

Paramedics quickly responded too ... and according to Huntington Center brass, the performer was released from a hospital with minor injuries. As of now, he's set to return for Tuesday night's show.

Originally Published -- 6:45 AM PT

Men's Wearhouse Founder You're Gonna Like How Petty I Look ... I Still Guarantee It!!!

5/14/2019 7:40 AM PDT

'Memba the Men's Wearhouse pitchman who had those iconic commercials guaranteeing satisfaction? Well, he's still makin' the same promises ... almost word-for-word, but for his new company.

George Zimmer -- the founder of MW, who got booted from the company back in 2013 -- is now the face of Generation Tux ... another retail startup he launched that specializes in tuxedos for men. Sound familiar? Yeah ... that ain't the only thing, trust us.

Zimmer's GT ads feature VERY similar language to the ones he doled out for Men's Wearhouse, once upon a time. You know the commercials we're talking about ... we guarantee it!!!

In case you hadn't heard, Zimmer was essentially forced out of his original company by the board of directors after a new regime came on board, and they couldn't see eye-to-eye. They said they'd fired him, but he insisted he resigned, at the time. Who knows? 

It's not news that ol' George started Generation Tux ... that's been established for years now. What's hilarious is his ads are still running on TV -- we spotted one on ESPN this morning -- and they continue to feature almost the exact same lines he made famous.

Old grudges die hard it seems. Lookin' good there, Georgie.

President Trump Buttigieg Looks Like Al Neuman ... Can't Have MAD in the WH!!!

5/11/2019 11:33 AM PDT

President Trump says Mayor Pete Buttigieg bears a striking resemblance to the fictional MAD Magazine cover guy, Alfred E. Neuman, and that alone disqualifies him.

DT shared his thoughts -- one of the first times he's acknowledged Buttigieg's presidential campaign, it seems -- in an interview with Politico Friday, where he's described as dismissively saying about the South Bend, Indiana mayor ... "Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States."

It doesn't appear Trump said much else about Pete, who's one of the first openly gay candidates to be seeking the highest office in the land ... and actually catching fire.

Regarding the Neuman remark -- definitely harsh ... but Mayor Pete was quick to fire back, taking a shot at Trump's age (72 going on 73) in quite a classy way.

Buttigieg was asked for a response, and he said he actually "had to Google that," suggesting the reference was lost on him ... and perhaps a "generational thing." In case you forgot ... Mayor Pete is only 37 years old -- one of the youngest candidates running.

Always the good sport, Buttigieg even says the quote was kinda funny to him, but then asks a serious question -- why isn't Trump trying to resolve the major trade impasse he's at with China, and instead, taking the time to make fun of me? Fair question.

Funny enough, the folks over at MAD got in on the joke as well, tweeting out the response ... "Who's Pete Buttigieg? Must be a generational thing." 2019, y'all.

Alyssa Milano Calls for Sex Strike Until Anti-Abortion Law is Repealed

5/11/2019 6:59 AM PDT

Alyssa Milano has declared all-out war on Georgia ... urging women to stop having sex until Georgia repeals its law severely limiting abortion.

In case you haven't heard, Georgia is the latest state -- there are 5 others -- that prohibits abortion after doctors can detect a heartbeat in the fetus. Heartbeats are usually detected after 6 weeks, and many women don't even know they're pregnant until later.

Alyssa says, "Our reproductive rights are being erased.  Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy ... JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back.  I'm calling for a #SexStrike.  Pass it on."

Milano's call to arms is reminiscent of ancient Greece and Spike Lee. In famous Greek literature, a character convinces women to refuse sex with their husbands until they end a war. As for Spike, he suggested the same remedy for gang violence in the film, "Chi-Raq."

There's also been a movie to boycott the film industry in Georgia until the law is repealed, but this clearly affects more people.

The other states that have similar laws are Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa and North Dakota. The Georgia law takes effect in January. 

Jason Momoa Cashing In On Catchphrase Social Media Saying Is All Mine!!!

5/11/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Jason Momoa is looking to say "aloha" to a boatload of cash ... by locking up the rights to his favorite social media catchphrase. 

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Jason filed trademark paperwork for the phrase "Aloha J" with the intent of using his favorite saying for advertising, marketing and communications services ... mainly over the internet and on social media.

View this post on Instagram

HOLY SHIT I saw Game of Thrones Mind blown. The greatest ever. Love u dan and david. Aloha j

A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

The "Aquaman" star is staying true to his Hawaiian heritage ... he's been signing off his social media posts with "Aloha J" for quite a while now, and it's kinda become his own little saying. Now, he wants to turn his slogan into financial gain. 

Jason wants to lock down the rights to "Aloha J" for all sorts of 21st-century marketing methods ... including search engines, mobile phones, blogs and anything that goes viral. Ya know, things the ancient Hawaiians never dreamed of. 

If the application gets approved, we're guessing Jason will send a big "mahalo" to the trademark office.

Donald Trump 2 Years Were 'Stollen' from Me!!! ... Mmmm, Delicious

5/5/2019 3:35 PM PDT

Never has a typo from President Trump sounded so tasty as when he misspelled "stolen" to gripe about his presidency ... reminding everyone of a sweet holiday treat in the process.

DT made the hilarious blunder Sunday while going on a Twitter tirade about two years of his presidency that he feels were "stollen" due to Robert Mueller's investigation into potential Russia collusion -- which his team found no clear evidence of, BTW.

On obstruction of justice though ... well, that's a whole other can of worms. 

Anyway, folks online seemed to overlook the President's complaint and zero in on the spelling error -- which brought forth an entirely different word in an entirely different context ... sweet, sweet Euro bread. 

Stollen is a rich German fruit and nut loaf, usually covered in powdered sugar. You've probably seen it around your relatives' homes during Christmas time ... it's kind of a staple for the holiday. 

Clearly, that's not what Trump meant at all -- but the dude hasn't corrected his tweet yet. So, "stollen" bread it is for the time being. The big question now ... will it get as big as his other "words?"  

Covfefe and stollen ... now there's a delicious pairing. 

Racism in America Ohio HS Student Banned from Prom For Racist Promposal Sign

5/2/2019 3:35 PM PDT

A high schooler in Ohio just joined the ranks of hardcore U.S. racists by asking a girl to go to prom with unspeakable words ... and now he's banned from the event.

The student's invitation or "promposal" to his potential date -- which he posted to his social media account -- was a sign reading, "If I was black I'd be picking cotton but I'm white so I'm picking u for prom."

The online backlash from his fellow students made its way to school officials at the Clear Fork High School, and Superintendent Janice Wyckoff banned him from attending the prom.

She claims the student was sorry for what he did and deleted his posts touting the sign.

As for his intended prom date featured in the photo ... she's reportedly a student at a different school. We don't know if she said "yes" or "take a hike."

It's unclear if the student behind the sign will face further disciplinary action, but Wyckoff says she doesn't believe this incident is reflective of the student body. She says ... "This is one person making a bad decision that's going to reflect on everybody. This is actually a terrible day in the Clear Fork Valley."

Sadly, a quick internet search of this particular racist promposal yields several results ... a number of white students from many different schools over the course of years have used the same promposal.

Scary times. 

Baby Burro Suffers Ass Injury On Barbed Wire Fence

5/2/2019 11:16 AM PDT

Remember the puppies dumped in a Coachella trash bin??? The same team that helped rescue them is at it again ... rescuing this baby burro which is proving to be a real, tough ass.

Riverside County Animal Services tells TMZ ... the 3-day-old female donkey was found in the middle of the road Wednesday in the San Jacinto Mountains, about 3 hours southeast of L.A. We're told the person who found it brought it home after noticing a big cut ... on the burro's butt.

The good Samaritan -- who said he coaxed the animal to follow him home -- told officials the donkey was alone and its mother nowhere in sight. A veterinary team from Animal Services scooped up the animal and treated the laceration. Officials think it was cut on a barbed wire fence.

The burro's now in the hands of veterinarian Sharon Gonzales, who volunteered to foster the beast ... no burden. Turns out she already has 2 others at home.

Of course, Riverside County Animal Services got the public to help identify the heartless bitch caught on camera throwing a bag of 7 puppies in a dumpster last month. Authorities ultimately arrested Deborah Sue Culwell, who faces 7 felony counts of animal cruelty.

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