KEEFE D SOSPECHOSO DE ASESINATO Primera vez ante el tribunal


8:37 AM PT -- Bueno, el resultado ha sido anticlimático, Keefe D se presentó pero su abogado no pudo llegar a la audiencia. El asunto se ha pospuesto por 2 otras semanas.

Keefe D, principal sospechoso del asesinato de Tupac, está dando la cara en la corte por primera vez y pronto tendrá la oportunidad de responder a la acusación en su contra.

Duane Davis ha sido acusado de un cargo de asesinato con uso de un arma mortal, además de cargos relacionados con las pandillas. El miércoles será su primera aparición pública desde que fue acusado y puesto bajo custodia la semana pasada.

Él está siendo procesado hoy, por lo que tendrá la acusación en su contra leída en voz alta en la corte abierta. Por lo general, un acusado se declara culpable o inocente en este momento.

Como informamos, La detención de Keefe se produjo después de una redada en la casa de su esposa a principios de este verano, donde pudieron obtener pruebas. Ahora, las autoridades sienten claramente que tienen suficiente para vincularlo oficialmente al crimen.

Por supuesto, en lo que respecta al público, gran parte del misterio sobre quién le disparó a Tupac ha sido resuelto, y gran parte de la narrativa ha venido de la boca del propio Keefe. El tipo ha estado haciendo entrevistas desde hace años, admitiendo su participación en el tiroteo.

Según Keefe, su sobrino menor, Orlando Anderson fue quien apretó el gatillo esa noche en el 96, con Keefe como pasajero y suministrando el arma utilizada. Orlando está muerto y también los otros 2 hombres que estaban en el carro con ellos. Keefe es aparentemente la única persona viva que iba a bordo esa noche.

Mientras que los fiscales parecen reconocer que Keefe probablemente no fue el que apretó el gatillo, argumentan que la ley de Nevada todavía se puede aplicar para acusarlo de asesinato.

Keefe D había sido implicado anteriormente en el asesinato de Tupac que, curiosamente, se reconstruyó durante la investigación del asesinato de Notorious B.I.G. Funcionarios de la policía de Los Angeles involucrados en el caso han dicho que a Keefe se le hizo una oferta para que hablara y potencialmente evitar el enjuiciamiento, sin embargo, sus muchas declaraciones públicas finalmente lo pusieron donde está.

no va a testificar

La única otra persona viva que tiene conocimiento directo del asesinato es Suge Knight, y ha dejado muy claro que no va a cooperar con los fiscales.

Los miembros de la familia de Tupac han expresado sorpresa, dolor y alivio a raíz de la noticia, al igual que otros que conocían a Tupac, incluyendo a Jada Pinkett Smith.

Tupac solo tenía 25 años cuando fue asesinado.

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Tupac Murder Suspect Keefe D Arraigned ... First Court Appearance


8:37 AM PT -- Well, that was anticlimactic ... Keefe D showed up, but the lawyer he hired couldn't make it to the hearing. The matter has been continued for another 2 weeks.


Tupac's murder suspect, Keefe D, is showing his face in court for the first time in the Tupac murder case -- where he'll soon have a chance to respond to the charge against him.

Duane Davis -- who's been charged with one count of murder with use of a deadly weapon, plus a gang enhancement -- is due to appear in front of a judge Wednesday ... marking his initial public appearance since he was indicted and taken into custody last week.

He's being arraigned today, so he'll have the charge against him read out loud in open court ... and usually, a defendant pleads guilty or not guilty at this time.

As we reported ... Keefe's arrest came after a raid at his wife's home earlier this summer, when law enforcement busted into their Henderson, NV address and collected evidence. Now, the authorities clearly feel like they have enough to officially tie him to the crime.

Of course, as far as the public is concerned ... much of the mystery over who shot Tupac has long been resolved -- and a big part of that narrative has come from Keefe's own mouth. The guy's been doing interviews for years now, admitting to his involvement in the shooting.

According to Keefe ... his younger nephew, Orlando Anderson was the actual trigger man that night in '96 -- with Keefe riding passenger and supplying the weapon used. Orlando is now dead ... and so are the other 2 men who were said to have been in the car with them. Keefe is apparently the only living person from the car that night.

While prosecutors seem to acknowledge Keefe was likely not the one who pulled the trigger, they will argue Nevada law still applies to charge him with murder.

Keefe D had previously been implicated in Tupac's murder -- which, interestingly enough, got pieced together during the Notorious B.I.G. murder investigation. LAPD officials involved in that matter have said Keefe was given a proffer agreement to spill the beans and potentially avoid prosecution ... but it sounds like his many public statements eventually landed him on LVMPD's radar.


The only other living person who has direct knowledge of the murder is Suge Knight -- and he's made it abundantly clear to us that he won't cooperate with prosecutors here.

Members of Tupac's family have expressed both surprise, grief, and relief in the wake of the news ... as have others who knew Tupac back in the day, including Jada Pinkett Smith.

Tupac was only 25 when he was killed. And, even all these years later, the case draws interest.

Originally Published -- 8:20 AM PT

IShowSpeed Accidentally Flashes Junk During Stream

Popular gamer and internet personality IShowSpeed showed a lot more than speed during his recent YouTube live stream ... accidentally exposing his junk in front of thousands of viewers.

The super-famous streamer -- who has 19.4 million subscribers on the platform alone -- was playing "Five Nights at Freddy's," when he decided to stand up and thrust in front of the camera as the character "Chica" appeared on screen.

"Oh, Chica, I miss you," Speed -- real name Darren Watkins Jr. -- seemingly said during the stream. "I'm about to f*** you, Chica. Oh s***, this d*** up in you, baby."

But during his excitement, Speed's penis slipped through his shorts ... and he was immediately horrified.

"Oh my God, oh my God," Speed said before appearing to cut the stream short.

It could be bad news for Speed -- YouTube has strict guidelines regarding nudity ... and he could face banishment from the platform depending on how the company interprets the mishap.

As of this post, his account is still live ... but his stream was removed from his page.

The timing is pretty crazy -- Speed just made his big return to streaming after taking a few weeks off to deal with a medical emergency involving his eye.

We've reached out to Speed and YouTube for comment.

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Bosnian Bodybuilder Rampage Kills 3 People, Injures 3 Others ... Live Streams Violent Rampage

A bodybuilder went on a killing rampage in Bosnia, fatally shooting 3 people, including his ex-wife ... even worse, he live streamed the entire violent escapade.

Nermin Sulejmanovic had his phone camera turned on as he streamed 3 separate videos to Instagram, capturing his demented murder spree Friday in the northeastern Bosnian city of Gradacac.

In his first video, Sulejmanovic boasted he was about to carry out a live execution before showing his badly beaten former wife on a porch.

He said, “Look, when you’re dealing with a whore who reports you to the police,” trailing off before using a gun to shoot her in the head.

He then told his IG followers he was the dad of the woman's kid, who was crying in the background, and she was preventing him from seeing the child for close to a week.

Sulejmanovic filmed two additional live feeds while he was being chased by the police and bragged that he killed two other people off camera. Prosecutors later confirmed Sulejmanovic shot a man and his son to death on the street.

In the end, Sulejmanovic also shot and wounded a police officer, another man and a woman before taking his own life.

Police said at least 12,000 people watched Sulejmanovic's terrifying live streams. Investigators have not established a clear motive for the violence.

Montgomery Riverboat Brawl 3 White Males Charged with Assault ... Cops Consulted with FBI on Hate Crime Possibility



5:32 PM PT -- TMZ obtained the mug shot for Richard Roberts, who we're told is currently in jail.

11:23 AM PT -- Montgomery PD says the riverfront brawl has resulted in criminal charges -- with three white males getting rung up. However, there's still more potential charges to come ... and cops consulted with the FBI to determine if the incident was a hate crime.

Chief of Police Darryl Albert says 13 people were detained Saturday, and brought in for questioning after the fight but they were all released. After further investigation, warrants were issued for three men -- 48-year-old Richard Roberts (2 warrants for 3rd-degree assault); one warrant for 23--year-old Allen Todd (charged with 3rd-degree assault); and one warrant for 25-year-old Zachary Shipman (charged with 3rd-degree assault).


Albert says one of them is already in custody, and two are set to turn themselves in later today for booking and processing.

Now, as far as the Black man who was hitting people with a chair -- Chief Albert ID'd him as Reggie Gray, but notes he has not been charged yet ... although, MPD wants him to come in for further questioning.

One last thing ... Albert says Montgomery PD was consulting with the FBI to determine if hate crime charges are applicable or not. The investigation is ongoing -- and it sounds like this is far from over.

The Alabama riverfront brawl landed people in handcuffs, but not necessarily in jail -- which may all change starting Tuesday ... 'cause cops are about to provide a big update.

Montgomery PD is holding a press conference, where they're expected to discuss 4 arrest warrants that were issued Monday in relation to the melee that went down over the weekend. The names of the individuals who are now wanted and the exact charges they're facing have yet to be released ... that's presumably what the police are going to address.


Many assumed the fight participants were arrested on the spot Saturday at Riverfront Park -- where there's tons of video showing folks in police custody. However, authorities have since clarified that all those people were simply detained that day ... and none were arrested.

Montgomery's mayor signaled in his statement from this weekend that more consequences were coming -- and he seemed to point the finger at the group that originally started beating up the security guard/dock worker, who was trying to get them to move their boat.

Of course, all hell broke loose after that ... several others came running to this guy's defense, and a lot of 'em started whooping on the pontoon crew, pretty brutally as it turned out.


The whole thing ended up playing out along racial lines -- Black versus white, it seemed -- and there was a lot of commentary about it in the aftermath, with many championing what they perceived as an act of solidarity among the Black folks.

Time will tell who gets dragged into court over this, and how much trouble they're in.

Originally Published -- 10:52 AM PT

Adin Ross Unloads $5M L.A. Home ... Movin' Out After Swatting

YouTuber and live streamer Adin Ross has sold his beautiful L.A. home for a pretty penny ... this after his pad was repeatedly swatted.

The social media mogul unloaded the space for $4,999,999 -- he was originally asking just under $5.5 mil when he put it on the market back in March. He paid $5M last year, so he's probably losing a bit.

Before Adin moved in, it was home to the likes of NBA star Kelly Oubre Jr. and Charli D'Amelio's fam.

The pad is pretty sweet ... multiple fireplaces, a 3-car garage, a saltwater pool, and spa. It also has lots of privacy, backed up against a hill.

TMZ broke the story, Adin was the victim of repeat swatting pranks at the house. It got so bad, cops needed a workaround -- contacting his security team to confirm if the call was real or bogus before sending officers and choppers to the scene.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Anna and David Solomon of Douglas Elliman held the listing and Brendan Brown of Westside Estate Agency repped the buyer.

King Charles' Coronation Concert with Lionel, Katy & More ... Spectacular Showcase!!!


3:16 PM PT -- That's a wrap for Charles' coronation weekend -- which capped off with a big concert that went out with a bang ... all thanks to the big-name acts, who sang their asses off.


Lionel and Katy crushed it, as expected, but the other musicians who were on the bill stepped as well ... including Nicole, Steve and Take That. Take a look for yourself -- you can see everyone in the crowd was grooving to just about each set, including the Royal Family.


Speaking of which, Prince William gave a speech at one point ... and it was a poignant tribute to his dad. No Harry, of course, but all in all -- pretty darn fabulous. Well done!


The Coronation of King Charles might be done, but the party's just getting started ... because a massive concert with Lionel Richie and Katy Perry is about to kick off!

The big Coronation Concert, streamed by BBC, is almost underway ... other than the 2 "American Idol" hosts puttin' on a show, it's going to be a packed lineup -- with names like Andrea Bocelli, Steve Winwood, Nicole Scherzinger, and British group Take That jumping on stage.

The event supposedly is featuring prerecorded sketches with big names, too ... like Tom Cruise, Bear Grylls, and Joan Collins.

Winnie the Pooh's even making an appearance -- no doubt matching the same energy from Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Party when she had tea with Paddington.

As we reported, the big bash comes after Saturday's Coronation, which was observed by millions of folks ... whether they were right outside those Westminster doors or halfway across the globe.

Some members of the royal fam had some parts to play throughout the ceremony ... like Prince William, who pledged allegiance once Charles was crowned. 9-year-old Prince George had some big responsibilities, too -- taking on the role of one of the Kings' 4 Pages.

Superfans even camped out ahead of yesterday's festivities, rocking some pretty awesome garbs in support of the big day. While there are certainly a lot of Brits out in support of their King this weekend -- one person who is noticeably absent is Prince Harry ... who made a very brief appearance during Saturday's coronation ceremony, only to bounce soon after.

Like we reported ... the dude was relegated to the cheap seats, and didn't have any major role in it whatsoever. He didn't even get to wear his military uniform, despite having served for Britain. Instead, he was in and out ... showing face, and skedaddling almost as quickly as he came. Reports say Harry wanted to make it back to L.A. to celebrate his kid's birthday.

No matter ... the show must go on regardless, and the performers are about to hit the stage.

Buckle up, we're sure to be guaranteed a solid few hours of music!

Originally Published -- 11:51 AM PT

NBA YoungBoy No-Shows Live Stream Album Release Party

NBA YoungBoy and his team got super creative so the rapper could enjoy his album release with fans while still on house arrest ... but there was one big problem ... YoungBoy didn't hold up his end of the deal.

Elevate Lounge in Los Angeles was packed with friends and fans Thursday night who were all eager to not only hear the rapper's new album, but to also get a live stream video appearance from the man himself.


If you didn't know, YoungBoy's been on house arrest in Utah for a gun possession charge ... so the live stream seemed like a perfect idea.

The plan was for the album to play at midnight and YB to join in once it dropped ... however, that didn't happen, and a source with direct knowledge tells us it's because he fell asleep.

A statement from YB's team refutes that claim, saying, "There was a technical difficulty and they couldn't get NBA YoungBoy on the live stream. They tried Zoom and FaceTime without any success and unfortunately, NBA YoungBoy was unable to connect with his friends and fans."

Nonetheless, "Don't Try This At Home" was released on time ... and fans still seemed to enjoy hearing the new tunes, even without their favorite rapper.

Kick Streamer MadiHunni Faceplants, Breaks Front Teeth on Live Stream!!!


Kick streamer MadiHunni is gonna need a really good dentist after one of her streams ended in pieces, literally.

Madi was vibing out by a pool with some friends over the weekend to LMFAO's song "Shots" before she slipped and completely faceplanted on the ground.

There are a few awkward moments, as she and her friends look completely stunned by her spill ... with the silence finally broken by her friend asking, "Are you ok?"

Madi grabs her mouth, apparently feeling some of her chiclets were missing, picks herself back up and checks out her teeth in the camera ... revealing two broken front teeth!

After the incident, she posted an IG story saying, "just f****** broke my front teeth on @ac7ionman's live stream" ... followed by a series of posts joking about the whole thing and asking around for dentist referrals.

She left off on a positive note, saying .... "tell me why i finally feel pretty for the first time in a month & it's right after i bust my teeth lmao"

Here's to a speedy recovery!!!

Chris Rock 'Whipped' Joke About Will Smith ... Might Air on Netflix Special

Chris Rock is set to talk about the Oscars slap tonight in a new comedy special, but some of his material appears to have already leaked ... including a joke about watching Will Smith suffer on film -- which, if the internet is to be believed, he'd be wise in avoiding.

Here's the deal ... we all know Chris' live Netflix show is going down tonight, and everyone's expecting him to discuss the slap at length for the first time, publicly, on his own terms. The problem ... he's been working out his jokes on this topic for months, and one particular bit he recently did about Will was widely reported this week ... and Twitter ain't feeling it.

The Baltimore Sun came out with a story about a comedy show Chris did there in mid-February ... where he reportedly touched on the Oscars and said to the crowd, "The other day, I watched 'Emancipation' just so I could watch him getting whipped."

Of course, he's referring to Will's character from the film -- a runaway slave named "Whipped Peter" who was infamously depicted in a photo from the 1800s with scars on his back.

That quote has made the rounds these past few days, and now ... Chris Rock is trending for all the wrong reasons, because it seems a good majority of folks have turned on him.

Whereas he had sympathy in the wake of the slap -- especially for how he handled it -- a lot of time has passed ... and a lot of people have aired their grievances about Chris since then ... including the notion that he might've had it coming -- harsh, but it's a POV out there.

Now, in light of this new joke that may or may not make the special ... even more people are groaning, especially if he actually works it in. It appears some feel like leaning in the way he seems set to do is overkill -- and not just that, but many feel him exploiting the ugly moment a full year later is cringeworthy. And yet, Chris is powering forward ... as is Netflix.

Time will tell what Chris does onstage. Like we said, this is live -- but if he cares about public opinion (which he usually doesn't) he might wanna peep Twitter right quick.😬

The Netflix special, "Chris Rock: Selective Outrage," starts at 10 PM ET.

Prince Harry Diagnosed with ADD, PTSD, Etc ... In Sit-Down with Dr. Maté

Prince Harry has broken open the cookie jar of his life -- even more so than he already had -- and let a doctor dig in deep during an hour-plus sit-down ... who even diagnosed him.

The Duke of Sussex had a long convo with Dr. Gabor Maté Saturday, where they dove into his book, "Spare," and the benefits of Harry living his true, authentic life ... while breaking away from the Royal Family, which he says was holding him back from this for years.

During the chat, they talked at length about trauma, vulnerability, healing and why Harry was opening up as much as he is. For that last bit, PH actually calls all this (the book/press run) a service to others ... because he genuinely believes it'll help folks better themselves.

There were a lot of standout moments -- including the fact Harry insists he's not a victim, nor is he seeking sympathy here -- but one that truly flashed was when Dr. Maté diagnosed him right on the spot ... handing down disorders that he says he perceived from reading about Harry and talking to him too. Among them ... ADD, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Much of it, DGM explained, stems from his childhood -- with the death of his mother being a main factor, of course. Harry seemed to accept Dr. Mate's diagnoses at face value ... even acknowledging that he'd been diagnosed with PTSD by his own personal therapist.

Another interesting tidbit ... Harry talking about his past substance use. He distanced himself from cocaine -- saying he felt no benefit from it -- but he did praise marijuana and psychedelics ... explaining that he felt both of those had helped him become more clear.

At one point, Harry also addressed the flak he continues to catch from the media and others for speaking up about his private life/woes -- in his mind, he actually thinks the criticism hurts more than it helps, because he says it discourages normies from opening up.

Harry also talked about his wife, Meghan Markle, and his kids. In terms of MM, he praised her as saving his life and helping him break free from what he essentially calls shackles of the Royal institution ... and when it comes to his kids, he says he's trying to heap on as much love and affection as he can, to compensate for what he says he lacked as a child.

Frankly, much of the conversation focused on mental health ... not so much on Harry's father or brother or any other particular Royal. But, there was a noteworthy revelation PH dropped -- he says when he was first getting into therapy, he actually encouraged his "family" to do the same ... presumably, that means he approached Will/Charles with the prospect. It doesn't sound like they took him up on it, though, and Harry says he believes it actually widened the divide between them. As he put it, therapy was both a blessing and a hindrance.

Toward the end, Harry fielded Qs from people who were watching ... none of them were all that profound or pointed -- most simply asked how/why Harry thought it was important to seek help ... and some of the most effective ways he thought folks could do that.

The takeaway ... Harry very much believes in his work to bring mental health awareness to the forefront -- and one of the vehicles he's using to do that is to put his own life and story on the dissection table for all to see. Not everyone may love it, but he thinks it's ultimately a good thing to lay it all out there ... even at the risk of further pissing off the Royals.

A few things that were NOT discussed here ... Harry and Meghan getting evicted from Frogmore Cottage (which they confirmed was happening this past week), King Charles' coronation, South Park making fun of them ... or next steps with the Royals at large.

Dr. Maté did somewhat allude to a controversy surrounding himself -- where he was accused of being antisemitic by some for his defense of Palestine -- and the guy made clear ... he comes from Jewish heritage and had family that lived through Nazi-occupied Europe. Without directly saying it, he seemed to suggest he wasn't antisemitic ... far from it, in fact.

All in all, it was insightful. And it's obvious Harry might keep on talking from here on out.

For more royal drama, tune into our podcast "Spilling Royal Tea," dropping every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts.

Prince Harry Taking Heat For Therapy Sit-Down With Controversial Doctor ... Alleged Antisemitism Afoot

Prince Harry is ready to unpack his emotional baggage with a controversial trauma expert at a virtual conference ... and now he's getting some serious pushback.

The Duke Of Sussex will sit down Saturday with Dr. Gabor Maté for an "intimate conversation" about "living with loss and the importance of personal healing," according to Harry's website. After the discussion, viewers can ask the men questions during a live Q&A set up by Random House -- the publisher of Harry's new book, "Spare."

Problem is ... Maté has previously compared Hamas to heroic Jews who fought the Nazis in Warsaw, Poland, during WWII. Maté has also labeled Israel's leaders as terrorists.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre blasted Harry for his affiliation with Maté. Cooper told the Jewish Chronicle: "Whoever made the arrangements to have this individual appear with Prince Harry, did him no favors. If Prince Harry knew this man's record and still chose him for the interview, our Centre would criticize the prince for such an inappropriate choice."

As we reported, Harry has been hocking his book about his life struggles. His memoir covers his deteriorating relationship with the Royal Family over their treatment of his wife, Meghan Markle. Harry and Meghan, as you know, moved out of Buckingham Palace and now live in a mansion in Oprah country -- AKA Montecito.

The Royal Family reportedly plans to watch Harry's convo with Maté, who has his own disturbing story growing up in Nazi-occupied Budapest in 1944. When Maté was just five months old, his maternal grandparents were among the Jews murdered in Auschwitz. He was also ripped away from his mother and turned over to his aunt, who kept him hidden until the war ended.


Harry and Meghan were seen out together for the first time since the release of "Spare" at hot spot San Vicente Bungalows, a members-only club for date night.

For more royal drama, tune into our podcast "Spilling Royal Tea," dropping every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts.


Lisa Marie Presley Graceland Memorial Service

Lisa Marie Presley's celebration of life at Graceland took place today, as her family members, friends and countless Elvis Presley fans gathered to honor her.

Priscilla Presley arrived with her family, including son Navarone Garibaldi, daughter Riley Keough and Lisa Marie’s ex-husband, Michael Lockwood.

It's unclear if Lisa's daughters Harper and Finley were in attendance for the public service ... or if the twins only attended the private family memorial that took place earlier this weekend.

Lisa's close friend Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, arrived a few minutes before the Presley family.

Austin Butler, who played Elvis in the new movie, arrived with Kaia Gerber. Austin's sister Ashley Butler is said to have joined him to pay respects as well.

Lisa's father Elvis' solemn song, "He Touched Me" played while the memorial live stream waited to begin, as well as a touching duet of Lisa and her father singing “Where No One Stands Alone.”


The memorial started with a performance of "Amazing Grace," sung by Jason Clark & the Tennessee Mass Choir.


Producer Joel Weinshanker then gave the opening remarks. He said Lisa Marie left instructions on her wishes for her memorial, and stated "don't make it sad."


During a tribute, former Mayor of Memphis AC Wharton listed off a lot of the famous children born after Lisa Marie, and spoke of Lisa as being the one that came before them all ... calling her a bright light and, "the image of a king."


Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins then performed his band's 1998 song "To Sheila."


Sarah Ferguson spoke of her friendship with Lisa, and reminisced on how they called each other "Sissy."


Alanis Morissette performed her 2021 song "Rest" in honor of Lisa.


Talent manager Jerry Schilling spoke of an 18-year-old Lisa telling him, "I need to have a meeting with you. I need a job, I know people don’t think I’m responsible, but I really am."

He says they then went to an exclusive place to have a meeting, "The Hamburger Hamlet." He and the audience chuckled.

He continued, "She became my secretary, and every time I would say that she would correct me and say “I’m your ASSISTANT,” which made the crowd laugh again.


Priscilla then read a beautiful personal poem titled, "The Old Soul," saying "... a broken heart was the doing of her death, now she is home where she always belonged, but my heart is missing her love.”


Riley Keough was listed to speak, but instead, a note she wrote, titled "A Letter to My Mama," was read on stage by her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen.

Aaron Carter Concern for His Well-being In Days Leading Up to Death


Aaron Carter's friends, family and even his fans believed the singer was in a dark place, and desperately needed help ... but clearly, it was too late.

In a video allegedly captured from a live stream the singer did in the days leading up to his death Aaron reads a message he says is from his fiancée Melanie which states, "You're going to die."

The words clearly upset Aaron, though we're told he only cherry-picked one part of her text to read to his fans. The text from Melanie was a cry to him to stop huffing on Instagram Live, which had been alleged by many fans. Melanie told him, "If it's true what you're doing, you're not going to end up alive. You're going to die. I love you, this is not safe. Please don't do this to yourself."

Aaron's fans were also very active in commenting on his live streams and social media posts, sometimes voicing their concern if he seemed to be out of it. After his death, one fan wrote, "I was watching his IG live the other day thinking the guy needed help asap."


TMZ broke the story, fans called the cops to Aaron's home for a welfare check in September after they believed he was huffing during a live-streaming session. First responders made contact with Aaron, who told them he'd been asleep, and they left as there was no additional cause for concern.


In another video from Aaron's live just a couple weeks before he died, Aaron expressed his love for his older brother and Backstreet Boys star, Nick Carter, during a live session -- letting Nick know he always would have his back.


Nick released a statement about Aaron Sunday, saying, "My heart is broken. Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded. I have always held on to the hope that he would somehow, someday want to walk a healthy path and eventually find the help that he so desperately needed."

TMZ broke the story, Aaron was found dead inside his L.A. home Saturday -- cops responded to a call for a drowning ... and multiple sources tell us he was found in his tub.

Highland Park Shooter New Mug Shot Released Held Without Bond


8:38 AM PT -- The hearing just wrapped, prosecutors went over many details that have already been reported -- including the fact the shooter dressed in women's clothing and used makeup to cover his tattoos in order to hide his identity, they also say he made a voluntary statement confessing to the crime.


Prosecutors say they found 83 spent shell casings on the rooftop where the shooter opened fire. His rifle fell out of his bag as he was running through an alleyway when he left the scene.


The judge ordered he be held without bail ... he's looking at life behind bars if convicted.

The 21-year-old allegedly responsible for the deaths of 7 innocent people at Highland Park's 4th of July parade is appearing in court for the first time since the massacre.

The man, who has been charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder will answer to those charges, though more are expected.

As we reported, people watching the parade Monday were sent into a panic when the shots started to ring out. It's believed the shooter shot more than 70 times, killing 6 at the event ... the 7th person died at a hospital Tuesday from their injuries.

The alleged shooter has a history of making violent threats against others and himself ... but a report says his father still signed off on him to be able to purchase a semi-automatic weapon in 2020.

One of the more devastating stories to surface since the shooting ... both parents of 2-year-old Aiden McCarthy, 37-year-old Kevin and 35-year-old Irina were killed during the massacre.

The young boy was found alone in the chaos, taken to a local fire station by a couple who saw him, and later reunited with his grandparents ... a GoFundMe has been set up to help the young boy.

Originally Published -- 8:09 AM PT

F2 Driver Juri Vips Suspended By Red Bull Racing ... After Using N-Word During Live Stream


Red Bull Racing has suspended junior driver Juri Vips after the 21-year-old used the n-word this week while playing "Call of Duty" on a live stream.

The driver -- who's racing in Formula 2 this year -- was gaming on Twitch with another driver when microphones caught him abruptly using the racial slur.

On Tuesday, Red Bull Racing announced its suspended Vips "from all team duties" over the language ... saying an investigation is ongoing.

"As an organization, we condemn abuse of any kind," the Red Bull Racing team said in a statement, "and have a zero-tolerance policy to racist language or behaviors within our organization.”

Vips released an apology on his Instagram page shortly after the suspension was announced -- saying what he did was "unacceptable."

"I wish to unreservedly apologize for the offensive language used during a live gaming stream earlier today," Vips said.

"This language is entirely unacceptable and does not portray the values and principles that I hold. I deeply regret my actions and this is not the example I wish to set."

The Estonian driver -- who won the 2017 ADAC Formula championship -- had been sitting 7th in the Formula 2 standings this season.


Of course, Vips is sadly not the first driver to mutter offensive language while streaming ... NASCAR star Kyle Larson infamously used the n-word during an iRacing event back in 2020 and was fired from his racing team over it all.

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