'Big Time Rush' Stephen Glickman Performing WNBA Halftime Gig ... After Viral TikTok Trend

The guy behind the viral 'Crazy' trend on TikTok is reaping a ton of benefits after setting the internet on fire with the latest frenzy -- and he's already got a gig out of it ... with the WNBA.

We talked to Stephen Glickman -- who's already famous from the "Big Time Rush" show -- on "The TMZ Podcast," where he discussed his now-viral TikTok sound ... in which he does a slow, dramatic rendition of Gnarls Barkley's 2006 hit, "Crazy." Tons of stars have hopped on the trend -- lip-syncing to his track and sharing something cringe-worthy from their past.

The TMZ Podcast

There's nothing cringey about Stephen's success, however ... 'cause he says he's set to perform a WNBA halftime show soon. SG tells us he and his band are gonna fly out to Las Vegas ... where he will perform for the sold-out crowd at the Aces vs. Minnesota Lynx game.

Drake All Clear After Shooting ... Surfaces in Soccer Dad Mode!!!


Drake's trying to get back to normal life after a month of craziness on the home front -- which included a shooting -- and nothing screams normal more than a proud soccer dad in a cardigan.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained video of Drake and his child's mother Sophie Brussaux soaking up a sideline view with a gaggle of fellow parents, as their son Adonis geared up Thursday for a match.

It's a total contrast from the picture Kendrick Lamar painted on his tide-turning tracks "Meet the Grahams" and "Not Like Us" -- Drake and Sophie are seen chatting it up as Adonis warms up on the field.

Young Thug Co-Defendant Refuses to Testify ... Judge Holds Him in Contempt

Young Thug's co-defendant Kenneth "YSL Woody" Copeland pled the fifth despite receiving immunity from prosecutors ... and found himself cuffed up for contempt of court!!!

On Friday, Judge Ural Glanville explained several times to Copeland he had to testify in the case because prosecutors had granted him immunity from prosecution with respect to his testimony.

The judge warned Copeland that he was skating on thin ice by continuing to invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.


"I was broke, broke"
7PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony & The Kid Mero

Will Smith will tell ya ... even fame can't spare you from the taxman's grip, as he found out the hard way -- in fact, he says it cost him everything he owned back in his Philly days.

The actor spilled the beans on the "7PM in Brooklyn" podcast -- reminiscing about the late '80s, when he snagged his first Grammy for Best Rap Performance with "Parents Just Don't Understand." But, right at that high point, he also got a not-so-friendly notice from the IRS.

Will reflected, "I was, like, 'the IRS gets money from everybody, they don't need mine' -- but they felt differently. So I didn't pay taxes for two years and winning a Grammy and all that…so they just thought they should take my stuff."

Supreme Court Ketanji Brown Jackson ... Was Gifted Free Beyoncé Tix!!!

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson nabbed free tickets to one of the biggest concerts of 2023 -- something she just made public ... confirming she's part of the BeyHive.

In the judge's financial disclosure report for 2023 -- obtained by TMZ -- the SCOTUS Justice revealed she was gifted 4 tickets to Beyoncé's "Renaissance" tour last year. She lists Bey as the source too -- and that speaks to their value ... she cites them as being worth $3,711.84.

Unclear which concert Justice Jackson went to ... but based on that price point -- it sounds like she had a great view, 'cause that amount divided by 4 comes out to about $927 a pop!

Nick Cannon To Hell with Brass ... I've Got a $10M Pair O' Balls!!!


Nick Cannon's putting his family jewels first ... taking out an insurance policy on his well-tested testes, which he's valuing at a whopping 8 figures!!!

Talk about money well spent -- remember, Nick's golden gonads have already spawned 12 kids with 6 different women, so it should come as no surprise he just launched a new collab with Dr. Squatch's Ball Valuation Tool.

Even less shocking, the men's care company assessed Nick's population-boosting balls at $10 million!

Brother Marquis 2 Live Crew Rapper Died From Massive Heart Attack

2 Live Crew's Brother Marquis died suddenly on June 3 ... the tragic result of a massive heart attack, TMZ Hip Hop has learned.

Dantez Robinson -- the Chief Deputy Coroner at Etowah County Coroner's Office -- ruled the massive heart attack ... and it was ruled as natural.

The passing rocked the hip hop community to the core ... 2LC famously took on the United States Supreme Court to fight for the culture's freedom of speech and will forever be pillars in history.

50 Cent Boebert's Cool and All ... But I'm Not On the Market!!!


50 Cent says his entire interaction with Rep. Lauren Boebert was blown out of proportion because the photo-op everyone's talking about is all he had time for, plus he ain't exactly looking for a new GF.

Of course, that's not the impression 50 or Lauren gave the internet after they posted flirty exchanges to go with the cozy pics they snapped Wednesday at the White House.

We caught 50 out in NYC promoting the final season of "Power Book II: Ghost" and he laughed off the notion he and LB have a congressional romance blossoming.

Ice Spice Snaps On Fan Who Spruced Up Album Cover ... 'Y2K' Was Meant For 🗑️!!!

Ice Spice got super defensive responding to a fan who gave her debut album cover art a few Photoshop modifications ... but it appears the rapper's in the minority with that opinion.

She debuted her "Y2K" album cover yesterday to a largely lukewarm reception, as some felt the design was, well ... let's just say subpar.

The rollout paid homage to Ice's Bronx roots with a subway-themed backdrop and was shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle -- still, lots of fans noted you could barely see the "Munch" rapper's name or the album title in the chicken-scratch cursive sprayed painted on a trash can.

Pharrell Williams Life Story Gets LEGO Treatment ... Jay, Snoop, K-Dot & Gwen Cameo

Pharrell Williams is maximizing his love for LEGO, using it to tell his career in motion picture form -- and several of his fellow artists got transformed into the toys to bring the film to life!

Skateboard P and Focus Features released the official trailer Thursday for his upcoming biopic, "Piece by Piece" ... led by Academy Award-winning director Morgan Neville, the film is a cross between "The Lego Movie" and the old VH-1 series, "Behind the Music."

Interviews were shot largely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they wrangled some big ones -- Kendrick Lamar, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, N.O.R.E., Teddy Riley and Snoop Dogg all make cameos.

On top of that, the flick will also feature new music!!!

Chris Brown Me, 'Blackballed'??? Celebrates Sold-Out Tour Opener


Chris Brown fans packed the house for his "11:11" tour opener in Detroit this week ... validating the R&B star's longtime claims that it's only the music industry that's against him.

Breezy took a moment to address the sold-out crowd inside the Little Caesar's Arena on Wednesday night -- with him musing ... "For a n**** they say is blackballed, this don't look blackballed to me!!!"


The show didn't spare any theatrics either -- a Michael Jackson voiceover opened the main event right before CB soared over the crowd on wires. It was certainly high production value.

Ray J Kim K Sex Tape Made OnlyFans Possible ... Help or Hurt Culture???

We Changed the Game
Club Shay Shay

Ray J is convinced he and his ex Kim Kardashian made self-produced XXX content mainstream ... claiming their infamous sex tape led the way for today's adult creators.

The singer addressed his sex tape legacy on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast, telling host Shannon Sharpe the world would be a very different place without "Kim Kardashian, Superstar" ... in every respect.

He says ... "Probably more people would be going to college... there might not be any OnlyFans and other things like that ... Are we a part of the cure or are we a part of the disease? I don't f***ing know. I'm just trying to make it right."

Sean Kingston Surfaces in FL Post-Jail Release ... Mom, Safaree Visit Him

Sean Kingston is leaning on family and friends after being released from jail in his fraud case ... 'cause his ma paid him a visit at his Florida home, and she brought Safaree along.

The "Beautiful Girls" singer couldn't be bothered to put on pants to welcome his guests Wednesday ... greeting them outside his Weston estate in nothing but a white tee and some black biker shorts. Indeed ... the dude looks totally relaxed, despite what's going on.

Sean's had a pretty busy day ... before the in-home visit, he got out of jail, which included conditions. He was released on a $100k bond after surrendering his passport and any firearms.

50 Cent and Lauren Boebert Flirty and Posing On Capitol Hill ... We Got 21 Questions

50 Cent and Rep. Lauren Boebert hung out at the White House during the rapper's visit to Capitol Hill ... and there are some definite flirty vibes in the air, or so it seems.

Fiddy and the Colorado Republican cheesed for the cameras Wednesday in D.C. ... and as you can see, they're locked into a pretty snug embrace here and flashing some huge smiles to boot. So yeah, they're definitely cozy.

Boebert fired off the first flirty social media post ... telling 50, "I'd still love you if you flipped burgers at Burger King ... I used to do that myself! Thanks for the photo, great to meet you!"

Lil Durk Rehab Got Me Off Lean, Xannies ... Bringing Healing to Chicago

@browngirlgrinding / LionsShareNews / Backgrid

Lil Durk says his rehab stint was very successful, and the best path to changing his outlook on life -- so, now he's eager to do the same for other addicts suffering in his community.

The Chicago rap star got very candid, speaking to a photog in Malibu about his rehab journey, which he says involved ridding his system of codeine and Xanax.

Durk endured a rocky 2023 ... despite releasing a gold-selling album and platinum single with J. Cole, he also spent a week in the hospital, causing him to miss several shows that could've propelled the album even higher.

ISLAND BOYS' FRANKY VENEGAS Allegedly Impersonated Bro During Reckless Driving Bust

One of the Island Boys tried passing himself off as his twin brother during his reckless driving arrest a few weeks ago ... so claim the cops anyway, who got it all spelled out in a report.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, officers say they observed Franky Venegas driving at a high rate of speed in his yellow Corvette Stingray on May 24 out in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Cops claim that after witnessing Venegas speed into a parking lot, they got a call about the yellow Corvette and another gray vehicle near multiple people armed with guns.

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