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Jermall Charlo Bag Thief Suspect Catches Break ... After Officials Find She Helps Sick Kids

9/20/2018 12:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

The woman who stole a Louis Vuitton bag filled with cash and jewelry from pro boxer Jermall Charlo just caught a huge break ... in part 'cause officials say she's a pediatric nurse!!

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Charlo was partying at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan last March when he got into a fight with another group of people ... and left his bag unattended.

Sources say the bag had a $15,000 diamond bracelet, a $75,000 championship ring, a $10,000 Cartier ring and more in it ... and held around $40,000 in cash as well.

A 40-year-old Connecticut woman, Sarah Morin, nabbed the bag ... and after police asked the public for help identifying her -- she turned herself in.

She was facing felony charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property ... but officials say they cut a deal with her on Thursday to let her off easy because the whole thing appeared to be a misunderstanding -- and because she's a nurse.

Officials say Morin was given the bag to watch by an associate of Charlo's ... and while she bolted from the club with the bag -- she did return it with the jewelry ... and appeared to try to do so even prior to being contacted by police.

Officials say even though no cash was returned ... they were unable to verify if there was even any in the bag.

Officials also say her status as a pediatric nurse who works with children with cancer influenced their decision to let her walk with just a disorderly conduct charge.

Bottom line ... as long as Sarah keeps her nose clean for a year -- the case will be dismissed.

Floyd Mayweather Planning Comeback Fight In Tokyo ... Before Pacquiao Rematch

9/19/2018 11:37 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather isn't jumping right back into the ring with Manny Pacquiao ... instead, he's taking a tune-up fight in Tokyo, with the big money Pacman rematch to follow ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Mayweather called out Manny last weekend, telling Pacquiao and the world he wanted to run back the 2015 superfight in December.

It looks like Floyd is adjusting course a bit ... 'cause sources close to TBE tell us he's actually eyeing 2 comeback fights ... starting with a massive boxing event in Tokyo. 

Couple of interesting points here ... we're told Floyd hasn't yet picked an opponent -- and he ain't just lookin' at boxers -- he's also checking out kickboxers and MMA fighters.

We're told Conor McGregor's name has not been mentioned.

Floyd knows a fight with Pacquiao would likely be more lucrative than a lesser-known opponent, but there's a long play in place ... give fans in Tokyo a big-time fight, and open up the Asian markets for a bevy of business interests -- including clothing and endorsements. 

There's no date set in stone just yet ... but word is New Year's Eve is the target, if he can secure a swaggy enough venue.

If all goes according to Floyd's plan, the Pacquiao fight would then follow sometime in 2019.


Boxing Star Ryan Garcia Gervonta Davis, Stop Screwing Up ... So I Can Knock You Out

9/19/2018 6:19 AM PDT

Gervonta Davis just got called out -- personally and professionally -- by one of the biggest rising stars in sports (and Oscar De La Hoya's prized prospect) who says he'll easily KO Tank ...

If Tank can stay out of trouble to even make the fight.

The kid talking the trash is Ryan Garcia ... a 16-0 lightweight contender who is signed to Oscar's Golden Boy Promotions banner, and who's the talk of the boxing world.

Garcia is being hailed as the next Oscar ... and has already garnered over 1 million followers on IG ... because of his KO power, and movie star looks.

Ryan and Tank are in the same weight class, and when we ran into Garcia in L.A. and asked if he wanted a piece of Davis he said he didn't ... he wants the whole thing.

"When he stops getting into trouble and starts making weight, we can get it on."

SHADE ... Davis was arrested for disorderly conduct after a fight in D.C. last week, and has kinda been all over the place career-wise recently.

Garcia says if he can ever figure it out, there's a prize waiting for him ... AN ASS WHIPPING.

"I'll knock him out in like the 8th round."

Canelo Alvarez Hit GGG ... Then Hit the Club!

9/17/2018 6:27 AM PDT
Breaking News

After his 12-round war with Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez still had enough energy to hit the club Saturday night ... partying in Vegas past 2 AM!!

The boxer showed up to XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas ... where bikini-clad women were waiting for him with signs, glow sticks and champagne! 

Canelo arrived with a beautiful lady on his arm -- and sources inside the club say they were making out like his life depended on it. 

The fighter didn't seem too banged up -- though he did have a bandage over his left eye. 

Alvarez won a split decision over GGG -- a fight many critics say should have been ruled a draw ... begging the question ... are we doing Canelo vs. GGG 3???

Floyd Mayweather Watch Me Party with Manny ... And Watch Me Beat Him Up Again

9/15/2018 7:10 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have decided to put in another night's work ... a night that will produce a 9-figure payday.

Floyd says he and Manny will have a rematch later this year, saying, "I'm coming back to fight Manny Pacquiao this year another 9 figure pay day on the way."

It's not like Floyd needs the cash ... he made around $220 mil from his 2015 fight against Manny. Money Mayweather added to his 401k to the tune of $275 mil with his Conor McGregor fight last year.

Floyd's 50-0 and it sure seemed like the stat was right for hanging up the gloves, but $$$ is $$$.

The video (above) was shot Saturday at a Tokyo concert ... where Floyd and Manny are together. 

Kinda funny ... they clearly don't hate each other, but are willing to beat the living daylights out of each other for a price ... and the price is right. 

The first time around, Floyd won in a unanimous decision. Most people called the fight boring.  

Oscar De La Hoya Death Threats After 1st Canelo/GGG ... People Thought I Fixed it

9/15/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Oscar De La Hoya says some people were so PISSED at him after the first Canelo/GGG fight ended in a draw that they THREATENED HIS LIFE because they thought ODLH rigged the outcome.

The first fight was hotly contested, but most ringside observers thought GGG pulled it out. Couple that with a historically bad scorecard from judge Adalaide Byrd, and rumors of chicanery were afoot. 

Oscar says he's hoping for a Canelo KO this time ... because it would be best for boxing -- AND HIS PERSONAL SAFETY -- for there to be no doubt about the outcome.

"You have no idea how many threats that I received because it was a draw ... People thought that I fixed it, as the promoter."

GGG and Canelo run it back Saturday night on HBO PPV ... and for his part, Oscar says he's as nervous for the fight as he's ever been for any of the times he stepped in the ring himself.

Makes sense, might've been less risk for him then.

Hulk Hogan GGG Will Turn Canelo Into 'Canary' ... Gennady Loves It!

9/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Hulk Hogan is weighing in on the Gennady Golvkin vs. Canelo Alvarez fight -- telling TMZ Sports his guy GGG is gonna beat on Canelo so badly, he'll turn him into "Canary" Alvarez. 

"His feathers are gonna be flyin' and he's gonna be looking for some bird seed to try to get back on his feet, brother!"

We played the clip for Gennady -- and he loved it ... calling Hulk a legend and hoping he can turn Hogan's prediction into a reality. 

The two finally get in the ring on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Gennady's camp is adamant Canelo is a cheater who purposely took a performance-enhancing drug. 

In fact, GGG's trainer, Abel Sanchez, says Canelo's excuse that he unknowingly consumed tainted Mexican beef (and that's why he tested positive for Clenbuterol) is complete B.S.

Abel told us ... Canelo's nickname should be CCC -- "Canelo Con Carne."

For his part, Canelo has vigorously denied the allegations -- and vows to shut down all the haters on Saturday night. 

Canelo Alvarez PED Scandal Won't Taint Legacy ... Says Boxing Legend

9/15/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Former boxing champ Ray Mancini says Canelo Alvarez ain't like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Ben Johnson ... cause unlike those guys, PED's won't hurt Alvarez's legacy.

Canelo is set to take on GGG Saturday in the biggest fight of the year ... but there are some people who think that an Alvarez win would be tainted by his positive drug tests from earlier this year.

You might remember, the fight was postponed because the Mexican champ twice tested dirty for Clenbuterol in his bloodstream ... blaming meat from his home country for the positive results.

We got Mancini out in NYC ... and asked the boxing Hall of Famer if Canelo's good name is ruined forever and Ray couldn't have been more clear ... NO.

"Either you can fight or you can't fight, you can punch or you can't, take a shot or you can't."

We feel what Ray is saying ... but we do know one thing that can DEFINITELY hurt Canelo's legacy ... another draw. SOMEONE KNOCK SOMEONE THE F**K OUT THIS TIME.

Canelo Alvarez Gunning for 1st Round Knockout ... Against GGG

9/14/2018 11:24 AM PDT

Canelo Alvarez says he doesn't want his rematch with Gennady Golovkin to go to the judges -- he wants to take matters into his own hands and knock the dude out in the 1ST ROUND. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Canelo (via translator) about his upcoming fight with GGG -- and he made it clear, he wants to stop the killer from Kazakhstan by putting him on the canvas.

"Without a doubt, I’ll be going in there to knock him out, that’s what I’ve worked for," Canelo says ... "I’m gonna work from the first round to complete my objective which is to knock him out."

Canelo also responded to GGG's trainer Abel Sanchez -- who labeled the boxer a liar and a cheater for blaming tainted Mexican cow beef for that positive PED test

"What he says brings me more desire to win," Canelo says ... "At this point, I don’t know whether to laugh or get mad at what he’s saying. But, at the end of the day, he’s not gonna be the one getting in the ring."

"I’m gonna demonstrate my victory with facts and by getting in the ring with his fighter on Saturday."

We also asked Canelo if he'd consider joining Oscar De La Hoya's presidential campaign -- maybe push for a V.P. spot -- but it's clear Alvarez ain't one for politics. 

Gervonta Davis Arrested After D.C. Fist Fight

9/14/2018 6:13 AM PDT

Boxing star Gervonta Davis -- the reigning WBA super featherweight champ -- was arrested in Washington D.C. early Friday morning after fighting in the street ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We're told the incident began at Rosebar Lounge ... where sources say Davis spent more than $10,000 turning up. 

One source tells us there was a dispute over the bill that escalated -- and Davis and another man took the beef into the street. 

According to the police report, the two guys started to fist fight -- "punching each other with a closed fist about the upper body." 

Several people tried to break it up but the two guys tried to flee -- until cops swooped in and picked them both up. 

Both men -- including Davis -- were arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to a nearby station where they were booked and processed. 

In the video, you can see Davis in handcuffs being walked to a squad car. 

Davis is a rising superstar in the sport -- and is one of Floyd Mayweather's prodigies. In fact, he fought on the undercard at the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. 

Adrien Broner Banned From Uber After Going Berserk On Driver

9/14/2018 12:20 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Adrien Broner terrorized his Uber driver -- and now he's paying the price ... he's been BANNED from using the app ever again all because he's the passenger from hell, TMZ Sports has learned. 

The boxing star captured his out-of-control ride on his own social media earlier this week -- trying to turn up from the backseat when Drake and Travis Scott's hit "Sicko Mode" started playing. 

Broner leans over and unleashes a full-throated scream right in the driver's face -- before grabbing the volume knob and turning it to the max. 

Then he started wildly dancing -- while the driver tried to focus on driving in the rain. 

Finally, the driver has enough, slams on the brakes and pulls the car over -- demanding Broner and his crew get the hell out of the vehicle immediately.

A rep for Uber tells us ... company officials looked into the incident, and decided Broner's behavior was unacceptable and his access to the app has been revoked. 

And yeah, guessing his Uber rating sucked anyway ... 

Sage Northcutt 100% Down to Fight Logan Paul ... 'Could Be Massive!'

9/13/2018 3:12 PM PDT

If Logan Paul REALLY wants an MMA fight -- Sage Northcutt tells TMZ Sports he's READY!!!

Remember, before his big boxing match with KSI, Logan said his dream is to fight in the UFC


Well, Sage has 8 fights in the UFC under his belt -- and told us, if Logan is serious ... bring it on! 

"I think my fans would love watching that," 22-year-old Northcutt said on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1). 

"It could be massive."

Sage says he's impressed with Logan's high school wrestling accomplishments (he placed in the Ohio state tournament, one of the most respected state tourneys in the country). 

He also watched Logan's boxing match and thinks the dude has real talent. 

"I would like to see myself fight him ... I think it would be a good match-up."

And, if Logan isn't down for a true mixed martial arts fight -- Sage says he's down for a traditional boxing match, too. 

"This actually could be really cool."

We reached out to Logan to see if he's interested in making this thing happen -- so far, no word back. 

GGG's Trainer Blasts Canelo 'You're An Insult to the Sport!'

9/13/2018 10:46 AM PDT

Gennady Golovkin's camp is coming out swingin' at Canelo Alvarez -- aka CCC -- "Canelo Con Carne."

Yeah, it's a shot at the boxer's positive PED test, which Canelo blamed on tainted beef he ate in Mexico. 

GGG's famous trainer, Abel Sanchez, ain't buyin' Canelo's excuse -- telling us straight-up the guy's a cheater who's a disgrace to the sport of boxing. 

"He did some things that were insulting," Sanchez says ... "insulting not only to the sport, to the fans."

"We feel that an athlete at that level has got to be more cognizant of what is allowed and not allowed and for him to make the excuse that he made I think that it's insulting."

Sanchez says Gennady is also very insulted -- and plans to exact his revenge when the two clash in Vegas on Sept. 15. 

"I think that if Canelo is true to his word that I think this fight ends somewhere after the 10th, when Golovkin has dropped him once or hurt him a couple of times."

"I see Canelo wearing out because of the punishment. Golovkin is a much, much better fighter than Canelo."

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