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Logan Paul Aaron Paul's a 'Bully' ... I'd Beat Your Tiny Ass!

7/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Same last name ... but NO love between Logan Paul and "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul -- with Logan telling TMZ Sports he would beat Aaron's ass if they ever came face-to-face. 

Their beef goes back a few months ... when Aaron trashed Logan for his video stunt gone wrong in the suicide forest in Japan. Aaron told Logan to "go rot in hell."

Now, Logan is firing back ... calling Aaron an "Internet bully" -- and warning the actor that if he REALLY wants a piece, he'll end up getting hurt. 

Of course, Logan is training for a real boxing match against video game/YouTube superstar KSI next month in England ... and Logan tells us it's going to be one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. 

Carl Lentz Hesitates to Congratulate Bieber on Engagement ... After Major Falling Out

7/13/2018 7:41 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Carl Lentz -- the pastor at the Hillsong church who was inseparable from Justin Bieber -- appeared to have trouble congratulating Justin on his engagement, and we're told it's because the 2 have had a major falling out.

Lentz was in Sydney, Australia Friday when the photog asked about Bieber, and it's pretty clear Lentz was uncomfortable.

Sources connected to Bieber tell TMZ ... Justin became angry at Lentz a while ago and broke ties with the pastor.

Justin and his fiancee, Hailey Baldwin, have both been active members of Hillsong and continue to patronize the church but, at least as far as Justin is concerned ... Carl is history. 

We contacted Lentz, who told us he will not comment on his personal relationship with Bieber.

Sarah Palin Even Men Are Pissed at Sacha's Pranks ... It's Like #MeToo!!!

7/13/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Sarah Palin says politicians falling victim to Sacha Baron Cohen's pranks is kinda like the new #MeToo. Seriously. 

Palin's still railing at Sacha for duping her -- pretending to be a disabled veteran to interview her -- and says she's justified in her anger, because "all these men coming out now saying, 'Oh, yeah, me too.'" 

Unfortunate turn of phrase?

Anyway, she told 'GMA' she walked out on Cohen's prank because he's humiliating middle-class Americans, and blamed a speaker's organization for not vetting the comedian.

As for the fact she's, even if inadvertently, promoting the hell outta Sacha's show -- Sarah dropped a "pimp" line. Seriously.

Nick Diaz Blasts 'Dick Chest' Brock Lesnar ... You're a Cheater!

7/13/2018 5:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

Nick Diaz just went scorched Earth on the UFC and some its biggest stars -- including Brock Lesnar who Nick rips as a cheater with a "dick chest" tattoo.

Diaz began his rant in the middle of the night -- going off on people crowning Daniel Cormier as the "baddest man on the planet."

"I’ll fight for any title at Any weight," Nick said on an angry IG post ... "UFC wants to make bs wwf fights with guys that fight like sh*t and put on an act."

He then ripped Cormier's upcoming fight with Lesnar -- saying, "[Dana White] should give me this fight instead of dick chest Brock Lesnars cheating ass #dontbescaredhomie."

"Nothing personal I love Dc but I don’t like what he does-constantly embarrassed for him and the sport."

"I started doing MMA because it’s not WWF and I’ve never put on A bs act in my life I’m sure fans would like to see a real fight."

Cardi B Nicki Did Not Buy $5k Gift Basket For Kulture's Birth

7/12/2018 1:17 PM PDT

Cardi B caught wind Nicki Minaj had reportedly bought her a pricey gift basket from Petit Trésor -- but, as it turns out, it never happened ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Cardi's team reached out to the famed WeHo baby boutique after reading a report claiming Nicki had snapped up a $5,000 basket and sent it to Cardi after hearing she'd given birth to Kulture.

We're told Cardi's camp called Petit -- there's only one location -- looking for a tracking number for Nicki's gift, because Cardi's been flooded with presents. However, they were told by the store's owner ... Nicki had NOT purchased anything.

We also called the store, and an employee confirmed neither Nicki nor anyone on her team bought any items from them. 

The gift basket would have been an interesting olive branch because Nicki and Cardi were beefing earlier this year -- but no dice.

The good news ... Cardi's not exactly hurting for gifts or pricey baby gear.

Sacha Baron Cohen I Didn't Tell Palin I'm a War Vet ... I Said Postal Veteran!!!

7/12/2018 12:59 PM PDT

Sarah Palin is totally wrong about what happened when Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed her -- at least according to Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick ... the character Sacha was playing at the time.

Cohen just released a letter addressed to "Vice-President Palin" ... so, right off the bat y'know it's gonna be funny. Sacha, aka Dr. Ruddick, says he's the one who interviewed her, and adds ... "I was in the service -- not military, but United Parcel ... and I only fought for my country once -- when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property."

You'll recall, Palin blasted Cohen for pulling a prank on her that will, apparently, air on his new Showtime series, "Who Is America?" ... which premieres this weekend. She said she was especially incensed that he had posed as a disabled military vet.

Look, fact is Sarah inadvertently gave his show huge promotion, and now he's following through with this in-character rebuttal.

You gotta read the whole letter, because it also includes references to the Obama Birther movement ... and President Trump passing on military service due to bone spurs in his feet. Although, Sacha's moved the bone spurs to his "testies" for purpose of this letter.

Joakim Noah Of Course I Want To Stay With Knicks ... 'I Love New York!'

7/9/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Joakim Noah's tenure with the Knicks so far has been a disaster ... but he tells TMZ Sports he hopes the team doesn't cut him, saying, "I love New York!"

The NBA star inked a 4-year, $72 MILLION deal back in 2016 ... and has had about as many fights with Knicks coaches as big plays made since.

But Noah told us out in Malibu this week he wants to stay and turn things around with new coach David Fizdale.

"Coach Fizz is cool, man," Noah says.

It's an interesting statement, considering Joakim was exiled from the team last season after a blowout fight with ex-coach Jeff Hornacek ... but Noah's clearly ready to put that water under the bridge.

Are the Knicks??

Jesse Williams I Want a Do-Over, Judge!!! $50k/Month Child Support is Just Wrong

7/6/2018 2:06 PM PDT

Jesse Williams is going to request a new trial in his child support case ... less than a month after he was ordered to start paying $50k per month.

The "Grey's Anatomy" star filed docs Friday telling the court he intends to seek a modification of his child support. In the docs, he says he thinks the judge got it wrong when arriving at the $50k figure. Jesse believes there's insufficient evidence to support that amount.

TMZ broke the story ... Jesse's currently paying his ex, Aryn Drake-Lee, a total of $100k per month. The other $50k is for spousal support.

According to the docs, Jesse firmly believes he's the victim of an "error in law" ... and he's hoping a second bite of the apple will correct it.

UFC's Jeremy Stephens To Brian Ortega: 'Shut The F*ck Up And Fight Me'

7/6/2018 8:19 AM PDT

Jeremy Stephens has a message for Brian Ortega after the UFC star wouldn't take him on in a replacement fight at UFC 226 this weekend: "F*ck you, bitch!"

Yeah, Jeremy ain't happy.

After Max Holloway pulled out of his bout with Ortega this weekend after presenting concussion-like symptoms, Dana White offered the fight to Stephens -- but, Brian turned it down because of the short notice.

That has Jeremy livid ... with the fighter saying Ortega cares more about his hair than actually getting in the Octagon.

"I keep telling this kid, man, if you want to make money, and you want to make a name for yourself and you want to be a champion ... you have to fight," Stephens says.

"Like shut the f*ck up and fight. Ain't nobody caring about your hair, ain't nobody caring about what type of flying moves you're doing. I don't give two sh*ts what you do, let's fight."

Ortega reportedly is holding out for Holloway to get better, so he can fight for the title -- but, Stephens says he's ready for the scrap anytime and anyplace.

"If you're a fighter and you're really a true champion, it's only a matter of time until you face me."

'Jersey Shore' Ronnie Baby Mama Skates on Dom. Violence

7/3/2018 9:36 AM PDT

12:25 PM PT -- A rep for the Clark County District Attorney's office tells us they dropped the charges due to insufficient evidence.Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama won't face domestic violence charges for allegedly dragging him outside their moving car ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Las Vegas Justice Court tells TMZ ... Jen Harley's domestic violence case will be officially dropped in court later this month. According to court officials, prosecutors haven't yet revealed why they're not moving forward with the case.

As we reported ... Jen was arrested last month after allegedly dragging Ronnie when they got into a fight on their way back from a BBQ. Jen allegedly hit him in the face and he asked to get out ... but when he got caught in his seat belt, she drove off anyway.

Their 3-month-old daughter, Ariana, was in the car at the time.

TMZ broke the story ... Ronnie's since decided to seek a formal custody agreement.

Farrah Abraham to Drita D'Avanzo Slap Me When You See Me? Good Luck w/ That!!

7/3/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham's seen the last of Drita D'Avanzo's face ... Farrah doesn't run in pathetic circles and that's why Drita's slap to the face will NEVER come to fruition.

Farrah tells TMZ ... the ex-'Teen Mom' OG star has zero plans to ever be near the likes of the former "Mob Wives" star, and the reason's simple ... Farrah doesn't ever want to associate with someone like her. As Farrah put it, "I don't see pathetic people."

As we reported ... the reality stars are beefing after Farrah called out Drita on Instagram. Farrah tells us Drita's "lack of professionalism started it" when Drita bailed after dinner for the event they were supposed to co-host in Atlantic City. Drita reportedly said she was there and no one paid attention to Farrah.

Farrah scoffs at the notion she's an unknown. She says, "I'm sure she's not invited to the ESPYs."

As for reports her lawyers are gunning for a restraining order ... Farrah tells us the only thing her lawyers have fired off is a cease and desist to get Drita to stop making threats against her.

7/3 6:27 AM PT -- Drita tells TMZ ... "She already backed down by getting a lawyer involved with the restraining order bulls**t. Tell that pig I'm going to call her people and book an appearance for her at my house! I'll pay her the 2 hrs even though her appearance will last about a minute."

Michael Cohen Calls Avenatti 'Small-Town Carnival Magician'

7/2/2018 10:30 AM PDT

Michael Cohen is calling Michael Avenatti a "small-town carnival magician" who should be ordered to stop talking publicly about the Stormy Daniels case.

Cohen just filed legal docs saying Avenatti is using free speech as a justification for tainting the jury pool ... saying Daniels' lawyer is "pulling the First Amendment out of his tiny bag of tricks."

Cohen claims Avenatti is poisoning the jury pool by his numerous public appearances ... 170 TV interviews and 500 tweets. Cohen claims the upshot is that Avenatti is making it impossible to get a fair trial.

As you know, Daniels is suing Trump and Cohen over the $130,000 hush money agreement.

Lee Daniels Please, Mo'Nique ... You Blackballed Yourself!!!

7/2/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Lee Daniels says he knows exactly who is responsible for Mo'Nique getting blackballed from Hollywood -- Mo'Nique.

The famed director tells us it's past time for Mo'Nique to quit bitching and blaming Tyler PerryOprah and himself for shutting her out of the movie biz. Especially because Lee played a key role in her winning an Oscar.

As we reported ... Mo'Nique went after Lee, Tyler and O during a stand-up special last year at the Apollo Theater -- telling the Hollywood power trio they "can suck my d***, if I had one!"

Lee fired back at her on "Raq Rants" ... telling Raquel no one should confuse the Mo situation with what went down with Damon Dash. He insists he gave Mo'Nique as much as she gave him when they made "Precious" -- comparing it to "making love without having sex."

It's clear there's ZERO love now. He says Mo'Nique is playing herself, and it would be best for her to quit complaining -- but that's putting it nicely. Watch how he actually said it.

And check out the full interview to see what he said about Diana Ross, Billie Holiday, and something he's never talked about before ... his sexuality.

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