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Terry Bradshaw Sides with Eagles In Donald Trump Spat

6/10/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Terry Bradshaw is sticking up for the Philadelphia Eagles ... telling TMZ Sports he supports their decision to not go to the White House -- saying, "1st Amendment rights, I totally believe in it."

The "FOX NFL Sunday" star didn't mince his words when we asked about the issue -- telling us, "I agree with the Eagles. Totally. 100 percent." 

When asked about Donald Trump specifically, Bradshaw said ... "Trump just needs to ... he just needs to go somewhere and enjoy the money he's got."

Bradshaw continued ... "You know what's so bad about that whole event? Was how they were portrayed as protesting, kneeling, during the national anthem when they were praying. That is just wrong."

For the record, FOX News issued a statement after that incident -- saying, "We apologize for the error."

Wiz Khalifa Le'Veon Bell's My Studio Buddy ... Collab in the Works??

6/10/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Wiz Khalifa says he's been spending a lot of time in the recording studio with Le'Veon Bell ... and that can only mean one thing, right?!

TMZ Sports spoke with Wiz about the Pittsburgh Steelers superstar ... and the "Captain" spitter says Bell's been hangin' around the ID Labs studio a lot lately

FYI -- Bell's serious about his music. He's even collabed with Snoop Dogg in the past.

So, there are 2 possible explanations for this -- either Bell's getting 1-on-1 sessions with one of the biggest names in the game, or they're working on a project together.

Either way, we're for it.

Kellen Winslow Jr. 'Emphatically Denies' Burglarizing Mobile Home Park

6/8/2018 2:41 PM PDT

5:40 PM PT -- And get this ... Kellen is telling friends he believes the incident was racially motivated. Kellen is claiming he was only at the mobile home park to check out a place for his mother-in-law to live when a neighbor freaked out when she saw a big black man who doesn't live in the community.

Kellen is telling friends he knows the owners of the home which he is accused of burglarizing -- they're friends of his from church. He's adamant ... he didn't take anything or do anything wrong.

Kellen Winslow Jr. is breaking his silence about his felony burglary arrest ... insisting he absolutely did NOT commit any crime. 

The ex-NFL star issued a statement through his attorney, Harvey A. Steinberg, saying, "Mr. Winslow emphatically denies committing any burglary."

"He would have no need to burglarize or steal anything from anyone at a trailer park. He looks forward to being vindicated once this matter is fully adjudicated through the court system."

34-year-old Winslow was arrested Thursday afternoon in the San Diego area after cops say he broke into a mobile home community and stole something out of one of the units. 

Winslow made more than $40 MILLION during his NFL career -- and his attorney is essentially suggesting that he has no financial need to steal anything ... ever. 

Julian Edelman Apologizes for PED Test 'I Don't Know What Happened'

6/8/2018 11:01 AM PDT
Breaking News

New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman is breaking his silence about his positive PED test ... saying, "I am very sorry."

"I don't know what happened," Edelman said in a statement.

"I've taken many, many tests obviously over the course of my career, and nothing like this has ever happened."

"I apologize to the Kraft family, my coaches, teammate and fans. As this matter is being appealed, I can’t say anymore but no matter what, I will be ready to play and pursue another championship with our team and for Patriots fans around the world."

Edelman is facing a 4-game suspension for violating the league's performance-enhancing drugs policy. No word on what Edelman allegedly tested positive for. 

Diddy Rips NFL Over Anthem Rule I Don't Want to Be An Owner Anymore

6/8/2018 7:07 AM PDT
Breaking News

Diddy says he's GLAD he didn't win the bidding to buy the Carolina Panthers -- because he's pissed at the league for the new national anthem rule ... claiming it nothing short of "oppression."

Diddy appeared on BigBoyTV and said he was one of the last 2 bids for the Panthers -- and at the time he really wanted to be a part of a positive change

But after the new anthem rule, requiring players on the field to stand -- "I don't even wanna own an NFL team no more."

"I don't want to be associated with oppressing black men. I don't want to be associated with telling grown ass men what they can do and not do."

Diddy then calls for black athletes to stick together and fight back against the league ... and says he has their backs. 

"This is a defining time."

Diddy also says he's mad at the league for making him feel like the NFL is against him -- and he hopes the league can fix the problem, so he can love pro football the way he used to. 

Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested for Burglary at Mobile Home Park

6/8/2018 6:51 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested for residential burglary Thursday after cops say he broke into a home at a mobile home park near San Diego. 

Officials say cops got a call about an incident around 2:39 PM PT -- someone reported a black male adult walked into a neighbor's home. 

The person who called police confronted 34-year-old Winslow -- who then got into a waiting SUV and left, according to police. 

Cops say they found Winslow in a matching SUV a short distance away and arrested him for felony burglary. 

FYI, Winslow made more than $40 MILLION during his 10-year NFL career as a tight end for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots and NY Jets. 

Winslow was held on $50,000 bail -- which he posted. He has since been released. He faces up to 6 years in prison. 

It's not Winslow's first run-in with the law ... he was arrested for allegedly masturbating in a Target parking lot back in 2014. Cops say they found vaseline in the car and synthetic marijuana. 

He struck a plea deal and the drug charge was later dropped. Winslow claimed he was not pleasuring himself during that incident. 

Donald Trump To NFL Players ... Tell Me Who I Should Pardon!

6/8/2018 6:04 AM PDT
Breaking News

Donald Trump is making an offer to NFL players -- telling them he wants their recommendations for people who deserve a presidential pardon ... and promises to take their requests seriously. 

Trump was speaking with reporters in front of the White House when he talked about his new plan to help determine who should be pardoned. 

"What I'm thinking to do, you have a lot of people in the NFL in particular ... they're not proud enough to stand for our national anthem ..."

"I'm gonna ask all of those people to recommend to me ... people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system and I'm gonna ask them to recommend to me, people that were unfairly treated, friends of theirs or people that they know about and im gonna take a look at those applications."

"And if I find and my committee finds that they were unfairly treated, then we will pardon them or at least let them out."

Female Football Player Demands Penalty For Boob Grab 'Could You See My Tit?!'

6/7/2018 11:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

A female football player got her boob straight-up YANKED in an LFL game ... and was HEATED when she didn't get a penalty called for it.

It all went down last month in a May 11 matchup between the Chicago Bliss and the Los Angeles Temptation -- when Bliss safety Alli Alberts had her boob, um, held while she tried to make a tackle.

Her ensuing gripe with refs was unlike anything you've ever heard on a football field before.

"Hey! Did you not see her grab my tit?! Did you not see her grab my tit?! Did you not see my tit out?!"

The ref tries to explain to her the difficulty of making such a call when she blatantly asks, "Could you see my tit?!"

His reaction is priceless ... but no flag was thrown.

Alberts and Chicago ultimately ended up with the last laugh, winning the game 34-18 ... and as far as we know, Alli's boob's gonna be OK.

Terrell Owens To Hall Of Fame: I'm Not Coming to My Induction!

6/7/2018 9:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Shocking statement from Terrell Owens ... who says he has officially TURNED DOWN his invitation to attend his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

Owens says he will NOT go to Canton, Ohio for the ceremony in August -- instead, he will "celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life, elsewhere."

T.O. did not explain the reason behind his decision -- he did, however, praise the NFL and the H.O.F.

"While I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity, I have made the decision to publicly decline my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in Canton."

"I have already shared this information with the Hall. After visiting Canton earlier this year, I came to the realization that I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life, elsewhere. At a later date, I will announce where and when I will celebrate my induction."

"I would also like to thank the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals for the time I was granted with each organization. I am thankful for the relationships forged and the lessons learned while part of each team."

"I wish to congratulate all past, current and future inductees. It is quite an honor to be part of such elite company. This honor is something that I will cherish forever."

Story developing ... 

Malcolm Jenkins To Donald Trump: 'You Aren't Listening'

6/6/2018 11:45 AM PDT
Breaking News

Malcolm Jenkins wants people like Donald Trump to know what the national anthem demonstrations were really about ... so he spelled it out in the Eagles' locker room today -- using signs.

He didn't speak a word to reporters -- instead, Jenkins flipped through a series of handwritted signs he made ... clearly trying to get his point across to critics like POTUS. 

Here are a few examples ...

"You aren't listening" 

"More than 60% of people in prison are people of color"

"Nearly 200,000 juveniles enter the adult criminal system each year, most for non-violent crimes" 

"Chris Long gave his entire year's salary to educational initiatives"

"Colin Kaepernick gave $1 million to charity"

"Devin McCourty, Duron Harmon, Matt Slater and Johnson Bademosi lobbied to raise the age from 7 to 12 entering the criminal justice system"

While Jenkins elected to stay silent, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spoke with reporters Wednesday morning ... saying he was "looking forward to" the visit.

49ers LB Reuben Foster Gets Probation In Weapons Case

6/6/2018 9:58 AM PDT
Breaking News

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster just caught another break ... he won't do any jail time in his illegal weapons case after cutting plea deal with prosecutors. 

Foster was initially hit with a misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon charge after cops say they found a SIG Sauer 516 with a high-capacity magazine at the NFL player's home. 

He was facing serious prison time if convicted. 

But, Foster's legal team got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and he ultimately cut a deal in which he pled no contest and in exchange got 2 years probation, 232 hours of community service and $235 in fines.

Officials tell TMZ Sports ... as part of his probation, Foster may not possess guns of any kind. 

Just last month, a judge dropped the felony domestic violence case against Foster after the alleged victim testified that she lied about the NFL player attacking her. 

Deion Sanders Warns MLB Draft Pick Don't EVER Play Football Again!

6/6/2018 9:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

Deion Sanders has a question for the MLB first-round draft pick who's still going to play quarterback for Oklahoma this season ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

The Oakland A's took Kyler Murray with the #9 pick in Monday's draft ... and despite that, and the roughly $5 MILLION contract that comes with that, Kyler says he still wants to play football at OU this season.

And Primetime Can. Not. Believe. It.

"Why are we even having this conversation?" Deion told 105.3 The Fan. "It don't even make sense to me."

"This kid, if he plays, and he should, is going to probably spend one year in the bushes -- in the minor league -- and then he's going to go to the pros. The big leagues."

"And then several years, four or five years after that, the kid's going to be making $200 million."

Prime made stacks playing football ... but he also had an impressive baseball career ... and clearly would have chosen the diamond full time if he weren't the greatest DB to ever play on the gridiron.

So ... bottom line, Kyler ... listen up!!

Eagles Coach Doug Pederson On White House Visit: I Was 'Looking Forward' to It

6/6/2018 7:51 AM PDT
Breaking News

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson says he was "looking forward" to visiting the White House to celebrate the Super Bowl victory ... and seemed kinda bummed it didn't happen. 

"I was looking forward to it," Pederson said at a Wednesday news conference ... "You win a world championship ... you wanna be recognized that way."

When asked if other teams should boycott the White House after the drama that surrounded his team, Pederson said he can't speak for other teams, but reiterated ... "I was looking forward to it."

Pederson also says his team is "united" and trying to put all of the Donald Trump drama behind them so they can focus on the season. 

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