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Kourtney & Kendall Soak it Up, Girls

5/29/2018 7:37 AM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner stuck to their guns on Memorial Day -- which, as far as we can tell, reads something like ... wetter is better.

The sisters posed for a photo together Monday, which showed them, Jordyn Woods and one of the Simi and Haze twins in their bathing suits ... and holding Super Soakers.

They definitely looked like a hot new posse of 4, rivaling some classic ones like the 'A-Team,' the 'SATC' gang ... or, hell, even the 'Golden Girls.' And then, suddenly, there were two -- namely, Kourt and Kendall striking floatie poses in the pool. Rear to rear, mind you.

Just goes to show that while there's strength in numbers ... nothing beats a dynamic duo.

George Lopez to Prez Trump Honor Those Who Served ... Not Yourself, Jackass!!

5/29/2018 6:38 AM PDT

George Lopez knows Memorial Day's about appreciating the sacrifice of people who died for freedom in America, but says someone needs to teach President Trump.

We got the comedian -- and perhaps Trump's #1 critic -- in WeHo Monday, where we asked what he made of Trump's self-praising holiday tweet.

In case you missed it ... Trump shouted out his own administration more than saying an actual "thank-you" to fallen soldiers, saying they'd be pleased with the country's unemployment numbers and revamped military.

George acknowledges Hollywood types are pretty self-absorbed, but says even he knows not to blow his own horn on such a day -- unlike Trump ... and a legendary porn star.

Spencer Pratt Starstruck By Ben Affleck Encounter

5/28/2018 11:05 AM PDT

Spencer Pratt is having the best Memorial Day ... thanks to Ben Affleck.

The former 'Hills' star apparently had a chance encounter with Batman Monday, and he's totally stoked about it. He shared a vid with the actor and wasn't shy about gushing over him ... saying he had chills from the meeting.

Spencer was pretty quick to point out he's been starstruck before, though -- recently -- by another huge celeb ... but Ben didn't seem to mind.

Affleck's got reason to be in good spirits, too -- he's moving into his new $19 mil Pacific Palisades mansion ... and things look to be going great with his gf, Lindsay Shookus.

Janet Jackson Park Escapade On Mother's Day With Son

5/14/2018 7:51 AM PDT

Janet Jackson's hands were full on Mother's Day because she spent it with a firm grip on her adorable 1-year-old son, Eissa Al Mana.

Janet and the kid spent Sunday in a Beverly Hills park. Janet's bodyguard also accompanied them and looks like he's picked up some manny skills ... toting the kid around. No word if the matching blue outfits was a planned thing.

Eissa's dad is businessman Wissam Al Mana, but he hasn't been in the picture since he and Janet split last year, right after Eissa was born. It was a nasty breakup with the two fighting over custody, but looks like Janet's all smiles now ... at least on Mom's Day.

We're guessing Janet spent part of the day with her mom, Katherine, who's living in the L.A. area.

Mother's Day Hollywood <3 Mom

5/13/2018 11:59 AM PDT

It's Mother's Day, and if there's one thing we know about Hollywood ... it's that they love their mamas, and aren't afraid to show it. 

Tons of stars posted photos Sunday shouting out their moms, themselves, and/or their baby mamas. Some of the A-listers who heart Mom include Ryan Seacrest, Tom Brady, Jessica Alba, DrakeDrew Barrymore, Oprah, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj ... and lots more.

Remember ... if it weren't for all of these special ladies, none of our favorites celebs would even exist! So give it up for the mama bears of the world today -- they've earned it. 

Heather Locklear Hanging with Ava for Mother's Day

5/13/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Heather Locklear's come a long way since her domestic violence arrest, and is back in the good graces of her daughter, Ava ... just in time for Mother's Day.

Sources close to Heather tell TMZ ... she and Ava have been repairing their relationship ever since Heather got out of rehab, and they have Sunday plans for a mother-daughter spa day.

We're told they'll be together at Heather's house in Thousand Oaks, CA to watch Ava's new Lifetime movie, "Mommy Be Mine." The Mom's Day weekend is just the second time they've hung out since March.

We broke the story ... Ava was "concerned and sad" over her mom's mental state after her arrest, and took off to Hawaii with her dad, Richie Sambora.

As for what Richie will be doing while his daughter and ex-wife bond ... we're told he just launched a new humanitarian platform called Csnaps -- where fans take selfies with celebs for cash that goes to their choice of several different charities.

Cinco de Mayo Back Alley Brawl Chicks vs. Dudes!!!

5/7/2018 3:41 PM PDT

Cinco de Mayo turned into Cinco de K-O after cinco chicks and dudes -- most likely way more than cinco cervezas into the day -- got into an epic brawl.

The melee went down Saturday in a WeHo alley. The video starts with the guy in the salmon and blue shirt trying to fend off a chick charging at him. He shoved her to the ground, and it was on!

The women got in their blows, too. You have to keep watching because just when you think the final weave has been yanked, more punches get thrown.

It's unclear what started the melee and, honestly ... we don't care. Cops told us no complaints were filed, and no arrests were made despite someone screaming cops were on the way.

Hard to tell who had it worse -- the male or female combatants. Our vote is the poor homeless guy who got a rude awakening.

Ireland Baldwin No Weed to Wait ... Everyday is 4/20!!!

4/19/2018 6:51 AM PDT

Warning: watching this Ireland Baldwin video will induce strong urges to smoke marijuana. The Surgeon General recommends not operating anything heavier than a Funyuns bag or Pringles canister afterward.

Yep, Ireland's decided 4/20 is for amateurs ... she's lighting up now!

The model slipped into some barely-there lingerie to twist a blunt and light it up -- and you can tell, this ain't her first rodeo.

We're ganja go out on a limb, and say Ireland is single-handedly (okay, she used 2 hands) trying to swing any upcoming state elections on legalization.

Remember to vote!

Nas If I Ruled Jurassic World ... With My Kid!

4/3/2018 6:55 AM PDT

Nas didn't have to take his son, Knight, to an island off the coast of Costa Rica to see dinosaurs over Spring Break ... he took him to Universal Studios where they hopped on the Jurassic Park ride.

Hard to tell who had more fun Monday on the ride ... Nas or his 8-year-old kid. Nas has plenty of reasons to smile though, and staying dry is the least of them.

He's been embroiled in a war over child support and custody with Knight's mom, Kelis. She wants Nas to cough up more than the $8k he's paying her now in child support. They recently settled their custody battle switching off birthdays -- he gets even years, she gets odds -- and holidays.

Looks like he got Easter.

Ex-NFLer Anthony 'Spice' Adams April Fools' Easter Egg Hunt ... Sorry, Kiddos!!

4/2/2018 9:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

NFL linebacker turned actor Anthony "Spice" Adams pulled out one of the coldest April Fools' pranks we've ever seen -- sending his own kids on a FAKE Easter egg hunt!

It's heartless, but also hilarious ... and we still can't decide whether it's OK to laugh.

In the video, Spice describes his devious plot before bustin' up in laughter ... and sending his kids on the pointless search through their backyard.

You'd think he'd let them in on the joke after a couple minutes ... but it seems like he let his youngins loose for A LOT longer. 

But don't feel too bad for 'em ... TMZ Sports spoke to the "Ballers" star and he told us they got PLENTY of candy before the fake-out. 

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton In The Name Of The Father ...

4/2/2018 6:42 AM PDT

Blake Shelton sprang into dad duty after Easter Sunday mass in L.A. with Gwen Stefani and her 3 kids, and it makes you think their next trip to church might not be for a holiday.

The group was dressed in their Sunday best-ish as Blake carried out Gwen's youngest son, Apollo. The country crooner even looked liked he coordinated his outfit to match the boys' blues.

Gwen and Blake have been dating since November 2015, right after Gwen split with rocker and the boys' dad, Gavin Rossdale

Holidays with Gwen's kids is no new thing. They all spent Christmas together too. Cute fam.

Easter 2018 Putting All Their Eggs In One Basket ... Hollywood Hops to It

4/1/2018 6:06 PM PDT

Another year means another Easter ... and another reason for celebs to throw on their bunny ears and take some epic shots for the holiday.

Stars were out in force Sunday posing for the cameras to celebrate Easter weekend, many of them hanging with friends and family ... and others rolling solo. Some A-listers who posted photos of themselves include Robert Downey Jr., Paris Hilton, Rob Grownkowski, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Tyra Banks, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Tom Brady ... just to name a few. 

There was also interesting posts from the likes of Aubrey O'Day, Justin Bieber and even photos of President Trump and Melania celebrating Easter at Mar-a-Lago. 

A little something for everyone it seems. 

Justin Bieber Forget the Bunnies ... Easter's All About Jesus!

4/1/2018 12:39 PM PDT

If there was any doubt Justin Bieber is a true believer in Christ ... he just put all that to rest with a huge plug to his Lord and savior on the holiest of days. 

Bieber posted an Easter message Sunday that confirms pretty much everything we knew about his renewed Christian faith. In the post he starts with ... "JESUS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE," going on to mention the true meaning of the holiday -- and it ain't about a bunny or eggs.

Happy easter

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

It's pretty clear JB gets down with JC -- he's at church quite a lot these days, and hell, even canceled the rest of his world tour last year over him. But this appears to be one of the few explicit endorsements of his religious views coming straight from the horse's mouth. 

Quite the difference from, say, Aubrey O'Day's Easter special. But hey, we can't all be saints. 

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