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Alexis Ren I'm a Modeling Trailblazer ... Thanks SI Swimsuit Issue!

2/14/2018 3:28 PM PST

Alexis Ren's not trying to hear the haters dismissing her as an Instagram model who has no biz being SI's Swimsuit Rookie of the Year -- she's too busy changing the game ... for the better, she says.

Alexis told us she's excited to be part of the new wave of nontraditional models, who don't get their start on catwalks and glossy magazines. She's not planning to rest on the laurels of her SI title or her nearly 12 million IG followers ... instead, Alexis wants to prove she's the new model for modeling success.

The good news for her fans is ... she wants to find new ways to connect with you.

As for her status on Instagram, now that she's got the ROTY title? More good news.

Kate Upton Wave Goodbye ... I'm Going Down!!!

2/13/2018 3:11 PM PST

Kate Upton really coulda used a hand -- hers were busy covering her naked boobs when a powerful wave crashed her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot, which took place last October.

The gorgeous model was in Aruba ... posing topless, mind you, and standing on top of a massive rock. The photographer and crew were all set to get the perfect shot, but mother nature had other ideas.

The video shows the sheer panic on set once they saw the incoming wave -- a crew member raced to rescue Kate, with shoes in hand, but couldn't get a good grip and it was too late.

Model go boom, and sheer hysteria broke out. Ya gotta see the reaction -- it's Hindenburg-esque ... for the modeling world, anyway.

Olivia Culpo Butt Naked For SI Swimsuit ... Amendola Jealousy Ensues

2/13/2018 8:36 AM PST

Here's Olivia Culpo fully nude for the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition -- begging one very important question: 


The former Miss Universe (2012) was a finalist for S.I.'s "Rookie of the Year" -- and despite these insane photos, she somehow didn't win.

Culpo's pics were part of a shoot called "In Her Own Words" where models like Hunter McGrady, Sailor Brinkley Cook (Christie Brinkley's daughter) and Paulina Porizkova wrote meaningful words on their body. 

SI says the shoot is "a platform that allows the voice, the strength and the passion of these women to be expressed in the rawest form…on the naked body."

Mission accomplished. 

The Swimsuit -- er, lack thereof -- issue hit shelves today ... and it's full of insanely gorgeous women who will end up dating Patriots players because that's how life works.

Seriously though ... good for you, Danny.

Bella Hadid Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

2/13/2018 6:49 AM PST

Bella Hadid just got a restraining order against a man who had allegedly been threatening her online and apparently lurking around her apartment.

Brian Perez has been ordered to stay clear of Bella. He had posted a pic of Bella's apartment recently, and she fears he might be staking out her New York City apartment.

Cops say Perez had been on a harassment campaign against Bella. According to legal docs, Hadid had received multiple Instagram messages from an account registered to Perez. She also received an Instagram video of Perez near her Tribeca apartment building.

One Instagram message reads, "You want me to come? I'm going to come there now." He goes on, "Please don't make me come all the way down there."

Bella also says she actually observed Perez in front of her apartment building screaming her name. 

Chrissy Teigen I'm Unstoppable ... Parts of Me Are, Anyway

2/12/2018 2:37 PM PST

Chrissy Teigen is on a commercial shoot ... but from the looks of it, her dress is doing all the work.

Chrissy, John Legend and daughter Luna all showed up Monday for the shoot, which apparently requires Mom to show off some MAJOR cleavage.

She's about 5 months along with her second pregnancy, but she's clearly not slowing down a bit. In fact, she's still rocking some super-high heels.

While Chrissy's dress struggled to contain her ample assets -- John's super colorful tracksuit was fighting to get a little shine. Almost didn't see him there, right? It's okay, John ... hard to compete with the miracle of life.

Gotta hand it to her -- the supermodel makes maternity wear look really good ... REALLY good.

Claudia Jordan Million Dollar Case of The Fab 40s on Miami Beach!!!

2/12/2018 2:52 PM PST

Claudia Jordan briefcase modeling days are well behind her, but she still looks like a million bucks in a bikini.

The former "Deal or No Deal" star hit the beach Monday in Miami, where she flaunted a pink bikini from all angles ... front, side and back. 

Here's the thing -- we know Father Time's undefeated, but 44-year-old Claudia's got the ol' bastard on the ropes. She's got a bunch of upcoming acting gigs, but 1997's Miss USA Rhode Island can clearly jump back into modeling whenever she wants.

Once a hottie, always a hottie.

Irina Shayk Beam Me Down, Philipp! Struts Out of UFO for NYFW

2/12/2018 8:33 AM PST

Irina Shayk brought new meaning to looking outta this world after she stepped out of a giant spaceship in Brooklyn.

Shayk was the star of Philipp Plein's NY Fashion Week show which transformed the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a snowy planet inhabited by a Transformer-looking robot ... which greeted Shayk and escorted her down the runway.

If you're wondering how much something like this would cost, it's probably a lot, but Plein's t-shirts and jeans start around $400 a pop so he's got the dough. 

Needless to say ... Plein's gotta knack for making headlines with his runways.

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin We're 2 Tough Cookies!!!

2/10/2018 8:09 AM PST

You gotta love supermodels eating in public.

Kendall Jenner fed BFF Hailey Baldwin cookies during a grocery store outing Friday in Brooklyn, New York.

The women took a break from New York Fashion Week and hit up City Acres Market, which sells high end, super expensive stuff. It's kind of like a Whole Foods for supermodels.

Kendall and Hailey headlined Adidas's Original Fall/Winter Collection on Thursday. Both women are ambassadors for the brand.

As for what's in the shopping cart, we see flour, Essentia Alkaline Water, organic milk, cream cheese, chips and blueberries. 

Kendall is now the last one standing after a baby rush in the Kardashian fam. Khloe's 29 weeks and counting.

We're guessing they paid for the cookies. Be real ... they probably just split one.

Gigi Hadid Reflective At New York Fashion Week

2/9/2018 7:49 AM PST

Celebs heading to New York Fashion Week might wanna borrow a pair of Anna Wintour's shades for all the metallics and sequins on the runway.

Gigi Hadid looked straight outta the sequel to 'Fifth Element' walking in Jeremy Scott's sci-fi-inspired show Thursday. Meanwhile Cindy Crawford's mini-me Kaia Gerber walked the Tom Ford sequin-infested runway.

Ford's show drew celebs like Julianne Moore, Elizabeth BanksLa La Anthony, Hailey Baldwin, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Christian Combs and Doutzen Kroes. Hadid's own bf, Zayn, and bro Anwar had front-row seats there too.

Anna Wintour's always on trend being shady.

Bella Hadid Alleged Stalker Lurks at Her Apt. ... Suspect Arrested

2/8/2018 9:05 PM PST

6:25 AM PT -- Bella's security detail actually tracked the suspect as he was leaving the area around her building Thursday night. We're told police eventually nabbed him about a mile north of her apartment.

Bella Hadid felt a guy who's allegedly been threatening her on the Internet got a little too close -- and, thanks to her quick thinking, police were able to bust him ... TMZ has learned.

The 37-year-old man was arrested Thursday around 9:30 PM ... according to our law enforcement sources. We're told the model's security called police after she noticed the man had posted a photo of her apartment building.

Cops believe the suspect is the same man who's been sending Bella messages over social media, which she considered threatening, since October.

He was arrested shortly after Bella's security called it in, but it's unclear where he was when NYPD caught up to him. We're told he was booked for aggravated harassment and stalking, and was still in custody as of Thursday night.

Kate Upton Guess Needs to Clean House ... Marciano's Just the Start

2/8/2018 2:05 PM PST

Kate Upton's calling for wholesale changes at Guess, and suggests the company's problems go far beyond co-founder Paul Marciano.

We got Kate Thursday leaving Nello in NYC and she did NOT rule out working with Guess again, but she's got some big caveats. On the heels of her bombshell allegation Marciano groped her breasts, thighs and forcibly kissed her back in 2010 -- she's now adding there are others who need to be 86'd. 

Paul has denied Kate's claims, but she's now saying there's a culture at Guess that won't change until its co-founder takes a hike.

Upton also has some words for Jennifer Lopez and any women still on the roster.

You'll recall, J Lo was the guest of honor at a Guess launch party thrown just hours after Kate started hinting on social media about her Marciano allegations.

Marciano has told us he thinks she purposely timed it, attempting to upstage his moment with Jennifer. 

Taylor Swift Bad Blood with Karlie? Ask Katy Perry!!!

2/8/2018 9:14 AM PST

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss aren't just a little on the outs ... it's looking like that bridge is TOTALLY burned, and Karlie's standing with Katy Perry waving from the other side.

Paps got Karlie with Katy and NYT bestselling author Derek Blasberg grabbing sushi in L.A. Wednesday night. The key thing here, of course, is Karlie and Katy hanging together.

Here's why it matters -- Karlie and former BFF Taylor haven't hung out in a minute ... not since their "Bad Blood" squad days back in 2015. And everyone knows Taylor and Katy's rocky relationship.

Adding fuel to the fire, Karlie appeared to shade T-Swift earlier this year with her LOVE Advent calendar shoot, which she posted with the caption, "Swish swish" -- a clear nod to Katy's diss track about Taylor. 

The night out with Katy convinces us ... Karlie and Tay are never, ever getting back together. 

Kate Upton Claims Marciano Grabbed Her Breasts, Thighs During Their First Meeting

2/7/2018 2:23 PM PST
Breaking News

Kate Upton is finally detailing her allegations against Guess co-founder Paul Marciano ... claiming he was all over her during a meeting, forcibly kissing her and groping her.

Kate alleges during the 2010 meeting, Marciano "grabbed my breasts and started feeling them -- playing with them actually. After I pushed him away, he said, 'I'm making sure they're real.'"

The supermodel also told TIME ... although a photographer was with them, Marciano went on to grab her thighs, pull her closer by her shoulders and kiss her face and neck. She says he tried to walk her up to her hotel room, but the photog stepped in, in order to protect her from Marciano.

She says she was fired from the shoot the next day -- and eventually the photographer who helped her was also fired. Kate feels it was retaliation.

Kate says the last straw came in May 2011, when she claims Marciano was rude and degrading toward her -- and she was told to leave set after Marciano said, "Get that fat pig off my set."

Marciano has claimed Upton was hungover and unprofessional on that final shoot, but she denies that and accuses him of "spreading rumors."

As we reported ... Marciano got out ahead of Kate's allegations when she initially hinted about misconduct on social media, claiming he was "sexually and emotionally" harassing women.

Marciano insisted to us ... he had never touched Kate or acted inappropriately toward her.

Upton also told TIME ... "I'm sick of being expected to laugh off these aggressive advances and accept the power imbalances that exist. I'm sick of being expected to endure all of this while being polite and professional through it all."

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