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Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Feeling the Magic ... Long Before Hookup

1/27/2016 8:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127-rob-chyna-splash-02Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's budding relationship might have its roots in a theme park trip way back in 2013. 

Rob and BC were photographed chilling at Six Flags Magic Mountain for Kendall Jenner's 18th birthday. The rest of the Kardashian family and a bunch of friends were there too. For the record, Blac Chyna and Tyga were still together

We know the Kardashian-Jenner sisters aren't happy about the new romance -- but looks like they at least gave the couple the initial stage to get acquainted.

Blac Chyna Look How I Keep Rob in the Gym

1/26/2016 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian put on his best pair of Yeezys and hit the gym with his girl, Blac Chyna -- and then she showed us exactly how she got him to work out in the first place.

BC posted a clip ... first from the kitchen -- looks like breakfast -- and then from the gym. You can clearly hear a guy in the background the whole time.

Our first clue it's Rob -- the guy's wearing Yeezys, the official footwear of Kardashian-Jenners everywhere. Also, the bird's-eye view of Chyna's boobs while she's on the elliptical is a dead giveaway. For the record, she's not showing a bit ... yet.

Get it, Rob!

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna's Having My Baby ... Trolls His Sisters, Hard

1/26/2016 10:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0126-rob-kardashian-meme-instaRob Kardashian just kicked a social media hornet nest by joking (we think) about knocking up Blac Chyna, while also taking a jab at his sisters ... in one brilliant meme.

Rob posted the pic of BC carrying a baby car seat and saying she's out to birth the "next generation of the Kardashian name!"

It's a hardcore troll of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Blac Chyna's nemesis, Kylie -- especially since we know Rob's friends and family aren't happy about his hook-up with Chyna. 

Funny to us ... but not so much for the sisters, we're betting.


Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Getting Sweaty Together

1/26/2016 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125-rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been getting hot and heavy in more ways than one.

Sources close to the unexpected couple tell TMZ, Chyna has been a positive influence on Rob because she's helping him get back in shape.

But don't get it twisted ... we're told they're definitely more than just workout buddies -- the romantic relationship is fairly recent, and things are more playful than serious.

We're told Chyna introduced Rob to her personal trainer about a month ago, and since then they've done several intense workouts together. With and without the trainer, we're guessing.

Scott Disick and Tyga Bros and Woes

1/26/2016 7:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0126-disck-tyga-akm-01Scott Disick and Tyga had a lot in common Monday ... they were both under fire by hot chicks with big butts.

Scott and Tyga were filming Khloe Kardashian's TV show when they took a break and commiserated.

As we reported, Tyga's baby mama, Blac Chyna, has been hanging with Rob Kardashian which we're told has royally pissed off Kylie and company.

As for Scott, Blac Chyna's BFF, Amber Rose, was hanging with Scott in Vegas over the weekend and started following him on Instagram ... not particularly pleasing to Kourtney Kardashian.

The blonde leading the blind.

Lamar Odom I'm Living Next to Khloe Now .... Thanks to Khloe

1/26/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125-lamar-odom-khloe-kardashian-TMZ-SPLASH-03Lamar Odom has a new lease on life ... in Calabasas, thanks to estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

We've learned Khloe has leased a home for Lamar just blocks from her home in The Oaks, an exclusive gated community. Our Kardashian sources say Khloe's name is on the lease, which makes sense. Lamar is still in no position to sign contracts.

Although Lamar is not living with Khloe, they are spending time together. He was spotted at her home Monday and looked good.

Khloe has vowed to stick by Lamar during his rehab after his near-fatal OD, and she's clearly staying true to her word.


Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna's Preying On Him ... Friends Say

1/25/2016 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125-rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-tyga-kylie-jenner-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian is in a vulnerable place right now and Blac Chyna not only knows it, she's taking full advantage ... according to people in Rob's inner circle.

Sources tell us Rob's close friends and family members tell us he's dealing with so much right now -- his ongoing weight issues and his recent diabetes diagnosis -- and they think BC made her move now, because his guard is down.

0125-blac-chyna-rob-instagram-01We're told they think Chyna really only wants 2 things: publicity and to get back at Kylie Jenner for hooking up with BC's baby daddy, Tyga.

Our sources say Rob's peeps think the fact Chyna's BFF Amber Rose just started following Scott Disick on IG ... is more proof this is a full scale "thirsty" attack.

They're all for Rob "having some fun" -- but they just hope he sees BC for what she is.

Tyga Hanging a Lot with Look-alike ... But Still with Kylie

1/22/2016 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0122-tyga-mercado-tmz-instagram-01The Kylie Jenner look-alike who was spotted with Tyga this week has been in the picture for a couple months now ... TMZ has learned. 

Her name is Val Mercado -- she's a 23-year-old model and aspiring singer -- and our Tyga sources tell us she's been very tight with him since shortly after his mini breakup from Kylie.  

We're told they even hung out in Paris back in December when Tyga was there for a gig. 


As for whether it's romantic -- we're told Tyga's interested in her ... for her music, and that's what he's told Kylie.

Although we haven't seen Kylie and Tyga together in a long time -- we're told they are still together, but as we reported ... they're focusing on their individual careers.


Tyga I Can't Believe It's Not Kylie

1/22/2016 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0122-tyga-fame-01Tyga's found himself a fine, fine Kylie Jenner substitute. 

Hard to ignore it ... the chick he was with in West Hollywood on Thursday really looks like she could be Kylie's body double. Of course, the question ... is she a Kylie-authorized stand-in or is Tyga staffing up on his own?

She could be a potential singer for his label -- like that 14-year-old girl. If so, at least he's not texting this one. Best to keep it in the open.

As we first reported, KJ and Tyga are giving each other "more space" after their mini-split.

Everyone defines "space" differently.


Farrah Abraham Fires Shot at Kardashians With a Ray J Assist

1/21/2016 12:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Abraham is ready to take on anyone who wants a piece of her (and not in the porn sense) -- because she fired off a helluva comeback at Kendall Jenner

Kendall took the opening shot on Wednesday night's debut episode of Khloe Kardashian's show, "Kocktails with Khloe." When Farrah's recent beef with Nicki Minaj came up ... she ripped Farrah for her "decisions in life." 

Check it out ... Khloe and co. had some laughs, especially with Snoop's Farrah impersonation. But then Farrah dropped this meme bomb -- a Kardashian/Jenner family pic (vintage with Lamar and Bruce) ... with Ray J photoshopped over them. The caption, giving props to Ray's famous junk, is straight outta the comeback hall of fame.

Which should definitely be a thing.


Rob Kardashian Masking the Real Rob

1/20/2016 6:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120-rob-kardashian-instagramRob Kardashian posted a mysterious pic that has a lot of people wondering if this is Rob 2.0 ... it's not.

Rob put the pic up on Instagram early Wednesday, showing him substantially shielded with a bandana.

Turns out he posted the same pic on his 27th birthday back in 2014 and then took it down.

As we reported, Rob's family is worried sick he's not taking his diabetes diagnosis seriously and isn't taking steps to get better.


Rob Kardashian Diabetes NOT a Wake-up Call Family Fears the Worst

1/16/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0116-rob-kardashian-tmz-01Rob Kardashian's diabetes diagnosis did not scare him healthy ... not by a long shot ... and his family is worried sick if he doesn't radically change his ways he could die.   

Our Kardashian sources tell us they were confident after Rob was admitted to the hospital late last month and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes he'd begin eating healthy, exercising and doing whatever it took to beat the disease.

It's so bad, Rob has to give himself insulin injections once a day ... but he's still unfazed by the scare.

Our sources say he's still eating crap and not seriously doing anything to lose weight. 

We're told Kris and Rob's sisters have stepped up and hired a full-time chef who specializes in diabetes diets to prepare all of his meals. They've also hired a nutritionist and trainer. 

Problem is -- Rob is halfhearted about the whole thing ... not committing to the diet or exercise, and the family is worried his condition will worsen and his life will be in peril. 

Caitlyn Jenner I'm Ready To Date A Man!

1/14/2016 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Caitlyn Jenner is done dating women. 

In the season 2 trailer for "I Am Cait" she flat out says it ... "To be honest I don't see myself dating women in the future." 

Up to this point, Cait's been very coy about her dating life -- and she's been on the fence about whether she supports same sex marriages. So maybe she's tipping her hand by deciding to date men.

One other option? It's all BS ... since this is a promo and nobody gives promo like a Jenner/Kardashian. 


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