Amanda Bynes' Mom Drops Bid for CONSERVATORSHIP

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Amanda Bynes' mom is dropping her bid to get a permanent conservatorship, but not because she's turning her back on her very ill daughter ... it's because she already has the ammo she needs to protect her.

Amanda's mom was slated to go to court Monday to make the temporary conservatorship permanent. But here's the deal. Amanda is currently on an LPS hold -- translation, doctors have a tighter rein on Amanda than her mother would have with a conservatorship.

And there's a twist. Doctors have given Amanda's mom the power to make medical and financial decisions for her daughter under the LPS hold.

The mom has already exercised her power by getting Amanda admitted long term to UCLA Medical Center.

Bottom line. There's no need for a conservatorship anymore, so she's withdrawn her petition.

And finally, and sadly, we're told there has been no real improvement in Amanda's condition.

Amanda Bynes Psych Treatment Could Go to 2015

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Here's how bad off Amanda Bynes is ... it looks like she could be in a mental health facility for a year and a half.

Amanda's lawyer was in a NYC court today ... in connection with the case where Amanda allegedly threw a bong out the window of her apartment.

Her lawyer, Gerald Shargel, asked for a postponement for up to 18 months while she got psychiatric treatment.

Sources tell TMZ ... the likelihood is ... the case will be plea bargained ... there are major weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Translation -- the case could possibly be dropped altogether.

Amanda Bynes She's Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial


Amanda Bynes is mentally unfit to stand trial ... this according to her lawyer in her DUI case ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda was supposed to appear in court today for her DUI arrest in West Hollywood back in April, 2012. Amanda's lawyer, Rich Hutton, told the judge Amanda did not have the mental capacity to understand the nature of the legal proceedings.

The judge apparently had concern ... and transferred the matter to the mental health court. The judge in that court will conduct a hearing to determine Amanda's mental competency.

Meanwhile, Amanda is getting long-term treatment after being placed under a conservatorship.

Here's video ... of a noticeably unstable Amanda climbing into her Range Rover last year.

Amanda Bynes Stability Comes at a High Price


Amanda Bynes is ensconced at the UCLA Medical Center -- where she'll be for at least 60 days and worst case scenario a full year. And guess what it costs ... $3,500 a day.

Sources involved with Amanda's treatment tell TMZ ... the cost is so high because it covers not just treatment, but living expenses as well. To put this in perspective, you can get a deluxe executive suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in nearby Beverly Hills for $815 a night.

TMZ broke the story ... a judge ruled on Friday that doctors could keep Amanda on a long-term hold for up to a year, although the goal is 60 days ... after which she'd go home to her mom.

Now for some lump sums. 60 days at UCLA Med Center will cost $210,000. A full year would cost $1,277,500. As for Amanda's insurance, she's a member of SAG but we're told the policy will only cover a small portion of the cost.

Amanda Bynes Judge Green Lights Long-Term Psych Hold


Amanda Bynes could be confined to a mental health facility for up to a year ... based on a ruling that was just handed down by a judge ... TMZ has learned.

Doctors at the facility where Amanda has been held asked for a long-term hold, and they got it. Sources tell us the doctors then transferred control of the hold to Amanda's mother, who is currently the temporary conservator.

Sources tell us ... it's unlikely Amanda will be held for a year. In fact, we're told the plan is to keep her in a facility for 60 days to stabilize her and then transfer Amanda to her mom's home.

As for where Amanda is going ... we're told she is right now en route to the UCLA Medical Center for the long-term hold.

A photo agency sold TMZ a picture of a woman they claimed was Amanda leaving a Thousand Oaks facility in a blue wig. The lawyer for Amanda's mother, Tamar Arminak, tells TMZ the agency's representations were false, and it was not Amanda leaving the facility for UCLA.

Amanda Bynes On the Move

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Amanda Bynes has been transferred to the UCLA Medical Center for further treatment of her mental illness ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda was shielded by a blanket as she was taken Thursday from the psychiatric facility in Ventura County to UCLA. We're told her mom -- who is now Amanda's temporary conservator -- wanted the actress admitted to UCLA because it has one of the best psych facilities in the nation.

Our sources say Amanda would have been transferred earlier but a bed wasn't available until Thursday.

As TMZ first reported ... we're told Amanda has shown clear signs of schizophrenia ... but doctors continue to perform tests to evaluate her condition.

Amanda Bynes She's Crying And That's A Good Thing


Doctors for Amanda Bynes got a 30-day extension on her psychiatric hold ironically because she's doing better -- and surprisingly it involves a cascade of tears ... TMZ has learned.

We previously reported the Rx cocktail doctors have concocted to treat what appears to be her schizophrenia seems to be working. We're told in the last few days, Amanda has had a breakthrough.

Specifically, she's showing emotion -- something many schizophrenics don't show at all. We're told Amanda was crying on Wednesday and Thursday night, saying she was scared about the Friday court date -- which she did not attend. Patients who cry are viewed as improving, because sadness is typically not in the playbook.

And we're told Amanda spent Thursday night confiding in one of the nurses about her future, saying she's fine and did not need confinement in a hospital. We're told the doctors believe her ability to form clear thoughts is progress.

It seems a little inconsistent that she's doing better yet doctors sounded the alarm that they needed to keep her for an additional 30 days because she was "gravely disabled." We're told doctors insist they were honest about her condition and feel they can help her with more time.

Amanda Bynes REUNITED With Gasoline-Soaked Pooch


Amanda Bynes has been reunited with the dog she almost torched ... TMZ has learned.

You'll recall during Amanda's last flame out before being committed to a psychiatric hospital, she ignited a fire in a residential driveway in Thousand Oaks. Amanda was holding her Pomeranian -- Sherbert -- as she lit the fire, and the dog was doused in gasoline.

When Amanda was 5150'd, her parents took custody of the pooch.

We're told Amanda has been repeatedly asking for the dog during her confinement. On Thursday night, she got a 4-legged visitor, and it was no small feat. Her parents showed up with Sherbert after visiting hours, but doctors still allowed Amanda to spend 30-minutes with her doggie.

We're told the visit "thrilled" Amanda and brought her a lot of comfort.

Dogs are the best, right?


Breaking News

The judge in the Amanda Bynes case just granted a temporary conservatorship to her parents.

The judge based his decision in no small part on the findings of an investigator he appointed to evaluate Amanda's mental health.

As we first reported ... Amanda was not in court, because doctors at the psychiatric hospital got a 1-month extension on her psych hold ... because she's "gravely disabled" with mental illness.

Amanda's lawyer told the judge ... she's spoken with the actress several times and Amanda opposes the conservatorship, believing it's not necessary.

The conservatorship not only covers Amanda's personal well-being, it gives her mom the ability to manage her finances. Amanda's $4 million savings have been rapidly depleted, though it's unclear what she's been spending money on. The judge cautioned the parents not to make any significant deals without consulting with Amanda's lawyer.

The judge said he'd like to have some face-to-face time with Amanda, so he can make a firsthand evaluation.

The temporary conservatorship will last until Sept. 30. At that time the judge will hold a formal hearing on whether to make it permanent.

Amanda Bynes Doctors Get Emergency Extended Hold She's 'Gravely Disabled'


Amanda Bynes has just been placed on an extended, 30-day psychiatric hold ... and the people responsible for making that happen were not her parents -- they were her doctors ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital where Amanda has been held for the last 2 weeks determined she was not well enough to leave the hospital to attend today's hearing -- where her parents are trying to win a temporary conservatorship.

We're told doctors went to a judge who traveled to the hospital to conduct an emergency hearing. The judge granted the doctors' request, and extended Amanda's psych hold for 30 days.

According to the law, doctors can only get such an order if the patient is "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

Amanda's parents will still pursue the temporary conservatorship, we've learned, because it will stay in effect until Sept. 30th. And the conservatorship would allow her parents to control Amanda's finances.

Amanda Bynes Bussed to Court, Freedom on the Line


Amanda Bynes will be in court Friday --TMZ has learned -- and we're told she will mount a ferocious fight for her freedom.

Sources involved in the case tell TMZ ... Amanda will be transported from the psychiatric hospital -- where she's been staying against her will for the last 2 weeks -- to a courthouse where her parents will be asking a judge for a temporary conservatorship.

We're told Amanda will be transported by a hospital vehicle and accompanied by her lawyer. The only snag would be if Amanda goes off the rails before the hearing.

Sources tell us Amanda will be speaking with the judge -- possibly in chambers -- so he can get a read on her mental competency.

If the parents prevail, the temporary conservatorship will last until Sept. 30, when a full-blown conservatorship hearing will take place. If the parents get their way, Amanda will go back to the psych ward for further treatment.

If Amanda prevails, she will walk out of the courthouse a free woman.

We'll be there, so stay tuned.



Amanda Bynes was just shut down in her bid to leave the psychiatric hospital where she has been held against her will for more than a week ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda appeared before a judge in the psych ward, as her lawyer argued there was no legal basis to hold her for the two additional weeks ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

We broke the story ... Amanda was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold 10 days ago after starting a fire in the driveway of a home near L.A. The hold lasted 3 days, and then doctors stepped in and got a judge to extend the hold for 2 additional weeks so they could properly diagnose her.

Our sources say Amanda's lawyer argued at today's hearing the actress was capable of caring for herself and she was not a danger to others. As we reported, Amanda is actually doing a lot better since doctors have started giving her a cocktail of meds. We're told there are clear signs Amanda is schizophrenic.

In the end the judge agreed with the doctors, that Amanda needed to stay in the hospital because her mental situation is still precarious. Amanda does not acknowledge she has a mental illness, and doctors believe there's more than a good chance she would not take the meds that have stabilized her if she's out on her own.



Amanda Bynes is doing remarkably better ... she's stabilized, not hearing voices and it's all because of a cocktail ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she's being held have given her a combination of meds -- referred to as a cocktail -- to control what appears to be schizophrenia.

Our sources say Amanda responded quickly and dramatically. We're told in the last 3 days, Amanda has stopped talking to herself and stopped insulting people. To the contrary, we're told she's become downright polite, even saying "please" and "thank you." She has shown no signs of violence.

The progress is all the more stunning because these cocktails are notoriously difficult to gauge -- getting the right combination of meds with the right doses is something of a crap shoot. Our sources say the meds take 7 to 10 days to fully kick in, so they're not declaring victory yet, but they're optimistic.

But there's an ironic twist. Amanda is scheduled to have a court hearing today ... where she's trying to get out of the psych hospital. The fact that she's doing better can actually help her case, but we're told doctors are confident the judge will not let her out for several reasons. First, it's unclear if the meds will work long-term. Also, it's highly uncertain she'll voluntarily take the drugs.

One more thing. There are reports Amanda's parents may back off the conservatorship if she does better in the psych ward. Our sources say that is "absolutely untrue." Amanda's parents feel it's essential for her to get long-term care and supervision.

Amanda Bynes Driveway Fire Rap Producer To The Rescue


Good News!!! Someone has stepped up and PAID for the damages caused by the driveway fire Amanda Bynes set at an elderly woman's home a few days ago.

But there's more to the story ... and it involves Amanda's aspirations to become a rap star. Allow us to explain ...

The good Samaritan who paid for the driveway cleanup is Daniel Herman -- who owns Chinga Chang Records, an East coast hip hop record label.

Daniel tells TMZ he's been following Amanda's journey to become a rap star and would love nothing more than to sign her to his label.

That being said, Daniel says when he saw the damage Amanda caused at the elderly woman's home, he wanted to help -- so he called the woman, Bonnie Braaten, and asked for permission to bankroll the cleanup. She agreed ... and he happily cut a check for the $1,000 job.

So, is Daniel a good guy who saw an opportunity ... or is he an opportunist posing as a good guy?

Either way ... Bonnie tells TMZ she's happy for Daniel's help and is looking forward to moving on with her life.

Amanda Bynes Hotel Disaster Scene Ash, Trash & Busted Alarm

Amanda Bynes left a trail of destruction at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC -- days before she was taken in on a 5150 hold -- and TMZ has pics of the disaster zone.

Piles of of garbage, ashes, cosmetics, and even a destroyed smoke alarm can be seen in the photos taken inside Amanda's room.

As we reported, Bynes was booted from the posh hotel last Thursday for smoking weed in the room and being rude to hotel staff. Bynes denied the allegations, but the photos paint a pretty damning picture.

The damaged smoke alarm pic is noteworthy -- Amanda's parents say she has a history of disabling the devices because she thinks they're watching her.

Bynes ran up a $9,000 bill over 9 days -- and sources at the Ritz tell us the hotel is still tallying up the room damages.

Amanda Bynes I Need Time For My Meds to Kick In


Amanda Bynes has CANCELLED the hearing she requested today to get out of the psych ward, because she wants the meds to kick in before making her case to the judge ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Amanda had requested a hearing for 2 PM today at the psychiatric hospital where she's being treated, arguing that she's being held illegally. A judge decided Thursday that the psychiatric hold would be extended for another 2 weeks.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Amanda and her lawyer agreed that the evidence they had planned to present today was basically the same evidence she presented yesterday, when she lost.

We're told Amanda asked for another hearing in a week. Now this is important ... we're told Amanda and her lawyers believe the medications she's getting now may improve her condition and that would allow her to make a more compelling case for freedom.

The fact that Amanda believes the meds may help her seems to be a big step forward -- up to now she's refused to acknowledge she has a mental illness.

The hearing is set for August 1.

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