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Netflix 'Our Planet' Animal Lovers, You've Been Warned Skip These Graphic Scenes

4/10/2019 11:05 AM PDT

Netflix is deeming its new series, "Our Planet," too graphic for some animal lovers, and warning them to shield their eyes during some disturbing scenes. 

Netflix issued a dire warning Wednesday, alerting folks to several scenes it feels might be too much for the faint of heart ... because seeing animals eat, prey, or die, is too much for some people.

Netflix's warning involves scenes in 5 segments of the multi-episode docuseries, which covers the effects of climate change on wildlife around the planet. Netflix only gave time codes for the scenes to skip, but we did the leg work and figured out what the hell they're actually talking about. 

Hit the fast forward button if these images will make you cringe:

- Baby flamingo's legs encased in solidified salt ("One Planet")

- Killer whales eating a penguin, polar bear making a meal of a baby seal, walrus falling off a cliff ("Frozen World")

- Jaguar killing an alligator ("Fresh Water")

-Cheetahs killing a wildebeest ("Deserts and Grassland") 

Not all of the potentially disturbing scenes are gory. One of the red-flagged time codes corresponds to a scene showing ... fish getting caught in fishing nets!!!

Oh, the humanity. 

Netflix Defends Graphic Walrus Scene in 'Our Planet'

4/9/2019 12:44 PM PDT

The new Netflix series "Our Planet" is pissing off some viewers distraught about graphic images of walruses falling to their deaths -- but the studio is standing behind the filmmakers and the disturbing scene.

In case you haven't heard, Netflix dropped the multi-episode series Friday. It documents the effects of climate change on wildlife around the globe. One episode focuses on Russian walruses that are dying off due to receding ice levels. 

In covering the epidemic, filmmakers recorded several walruses scaling rocky cliffs near the ocean, and some of them fell over the ledge ... leaving them seriously injured or even dead from the impact.

The scene left tons of viewers traumatized.

Some critics accuse the producers of emotional manipulation and twisting facts ... and that includes some zoologists and prominent environmentalists, who claim the walrus scene is out of context.

For instance, Dr. Susan Crockford went public this week saying the walruses filmed for this scene were falling off the cliff to escape polar bears ... not because climate change is reducing their natural icy habitat. Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, backed that up too.

Worth noting the clip doesn't show any polar bears, and you also don't see any of the walruses attempting to flee a predator.

Netflix is standing firm behind what they say is a documented fact -- that walruses are being forced to gather on land because there's less ice available ... which leaves them in unfamiliar, dangerous territory. 

Additionally, Netflix tells us the "Our Planet" team worked with a seasoned Russian biologist who's worked on that stretch of coastline -- and with those walruses -- for 35 years. 

Bottom line ... the walruses stay in the picture.

Chrishell Hartley 'Selling Sunset' Agents Not Just Hot, We Sell for Real!!!

4/3/2019 3:53 PM PDT

"Selling Sunset" star Chrishell Hartley knows there are haters who doubt she and her castmates are legit in the real estate game, and now she's punching back ... with a velvet glove.

If you haven't seen it (what the hell ya waiting for?), the new Netflix hit series follows the super hot female agents of The Oppenheim Group real estate brokerage. Chrishell joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and we asked her point-blank -- hardcore real estate agents or just pretty faces? What's the deal?

Chrishell says she understands why viewers might have doubts. We mentioned all 6 women on the show are super gorgeous, right?

But, she insists they don't just talk a big real estate game, they can all back it up in more ways than one. Even though she's low man on the totem pole, Chrishell -- whose husband is "This is Us" star Justin Hartley -- says she's quickly making a name for herself.

BTW, she also broke down the show's most cringe-worthy moment so far -- one of her co-workers getting hit on by a client who took things way too far.

Bob Saget, John Stamos We Love Lori Loughlin ... But It's Complicated

3/29/2019 7:37 AM PDT

A couple of Lori Loughlin's "Fuller House" costars are hesitant to talk about her legal situation, but the looks on their faces make it pretty clear ... they've got lots of love for her.

Bob Saget and John Stamos were leaving Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills Thursday when we asked if they're still supporting Lori ... or if they're upset with her in any way for her alleged part in the college admissions bribery scandal.

Bob had a little more to say, telling us you love who you love and stick with them ... echoing the message of another "Fuller House" star, Candace Cameron Bure, at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Saget was quick to add ... "Life's complicated."

That's a sentiment with which Stamos agrees, but other than that he's tight-lipped.

As we reported ... Loughlin's not coming back to "Fuller House" for its fifth season, and also lost her Hallmark gig in the wake of her arrest for allegedly paying bribes to get her kids into USC.

Her husband was also indicted, along with Felicity Huffman and several other parents with children in prestigious schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown and UCLA.

Motley Crue & Netflix Sued I Got Electrocuted on Set of 'The Dirt'

3/26/2019 10:01 AM PDT

The crew member who was electrocuted on the set of Netflix's new Motley Crue movie is suing the band.

Louis DiVincenti just filed suit against the Crue and Netflix in Louisiana -- where filming for "The Dirt" took place, and where he suffered the electrocution. According to the suit, he says he was handing down metal pipes to other crew members, and one of the pipes made contact with a power line ... sending an electric current that "entered his body and blew out through his right foot."

DiVincenti says the March incident left him with third-degree burns on 50 percent of his body, and required a partial amputation on his foot ... as well as multiple surgeries and skin grafts.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, DiVincenti says Netflix and the producers -- which includes Tommy Lee and the rest of the band -- are on the hook for failing to address electrical hazards on set, and should be forced to pay for his suffering.


We broke the story ... DiVincenti had to be carried off in a stretcher at the time of the incident. 

He's suing to get Netflix and Motley Crue to pay for the medical bills he's racked up, and for at least $1.8 million in damages.

'Orange Is the New Black' Star Adrien Broner's An A**hole ... Condemns 'Hate Speech'

3/20/2019 3:04 PM PDT

Adrien Broner is a homophobic "a**hole" -- and should be charged with a crime for threatening to shoot gay people ... this according to "Orange Is the New Black" star Lea DeLaria.

Lea -- who famously plays Big Boo on the show -- was leaving the Rolling Stone: Women Shaping the World event in NYC ... when we asked for her reaction to Broner's vile video. 

And, since Lea is openly gay ... the issue of violent homophobia seemed deeply personal. 

"How do I feel about someone using those kind of slurs? I have a bigger issue with anybody who's threatening gay people with violence simply for being themselves."

"F*ck all the slurs. I'll use any f*cking slur I want. What I'm talking about is that a**hole is talking about hurting gay people."

Of course, Broner made the hate-filled video during a spat with Andrew Caldwell -- a viral video star who claims the boxer had made passes at him. 

During his rant (which he posted to social media) Broner said ... "If any f*g, punk-ass n**ga come run up on me, trying to touch me on all that gay sh*t, I'm letting you know right now if I ain't got my gun on me, I'm knocking you the f*ck out."

Lea says Broner's language should be considered "hate speech and should be a crime."

"Freedom of speech comes with responsibility," Lea added ... "You should not be allowed to incite people to violence against other people."

Kevin Spacey Spotted in L.A. ... Back in the Biz?

3/14/2019 7:03 AM PDT

Kevin Spacey's back in Hollywood after spending a lot of time -- and facing a criminal charge -- on the east coast, so it begs the question ... is he getting back to work?

The disgraced actor was seen leaving the Sunset Tower Hotel in WeHo Wednesday night, although it looks like he's still trying to keep a low profile.

As we've reported ... Spacey's mostly been hanging out on the other side of the country amid facing a felony charge for allegedly fondling a teenage boy's genitals in Massachusetts back in 2016. He appeared in a Nantucket court in early January to face the charge of indecent assault.

It's unclear if Kevin's returned to Tinseltown to get back into show business or other business, but ever since misconduct allegations began to dog him in 2017 ... he's only lost acting gigs.

Spacey was replaced in the film "All the Money in the World" and got fired from his "House of Cards" job after various stories of sexual misconduct surfaced.

In fact, the only real acting he's done recently came around Christmas time, when he posted a bizarre video defending himself ... in the character of President Frank Underwood.

Spacey is also the subject of investigations overseas, but despite all this ... it doesn't seem like he's content with hiding out.

Kiefer Sutherland We Have Obama Ties on 'Designated' ... No Need for the Real Deal

3/7/2019 2:29 PM PST

Kiefer Sutherland plays POTUS on his TV show, but says he doesn't need an actual President -- like say, Barack Obama -- to consult on it ... he already has the next best thing. 

"Designated Survivor" -- which stars Kiefer as the Prez -- just jumped from ABC to Netflix, and you know Obama already has a production deal with the streaming service. So, we asked Kiefer at LAX if there's any chance they'd hook up.

Believe it or not, he took a hard pass, but only because 44's already had a huge impact on 2 seasons of 'Designated.' Turns out, one of Kiefer's costars worked for the Obama administration. Check out the clip if you don't know which one.

As for how season 3 on Netflix will be different -- he gives one hint: they aim to please.

Farrah Abraham I'm with Penthouse Magazine Now ... Tackling Feminist Authors!!!

3/6/2019 12:20 AM PST

Farrah Abraham's got a new side hustle for Penthouse that has her taking on some amazing women ... including Presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris.

Take a breath. Farrah's new gig is a fully-clothed one -- she's the new book critic for Penthouse magazine and specifically, she'll be tackling feminist literature. We're told the former 'Teen Mom'/porn star was brought on board 'cause the racy mag wants to see if traditional heroes of female empowerment connect with the "average all-American girl."

Yes, someone's referring to Farrah as the average girl back next door.

BTW, she's already got one review under her belt -- Joan Didion's 1968 book, "Slouching Towards Bethlehem." If you're not in the know ... Didion's an iconic American writer and journalist. She even has her own Netflix documentary.

Anyway, Farrah's got quite a hot take on Joan's breakthrough book -- a collection of essays about her adventures in Cali -- which got rave reviews back in the '60s.

We got some excerpts of Farrah's review and she goes IN, calling it ... "a great book for people who abuse substances every day." She adds, "Without ever feeling the need to grow up, these baby boomers drink their way through life. They only think about drinking and drugs."

Guess Farrah's never heard of the '60s -- but it's clear she's not afraid to speak her mind. She summed up Joan's work like this ... "Was Didion even trying when she wrote this junk?" 

Penthouse digs her, anyway ... calling Farrah, "bravely brazen." Oh, and we're told her next review will be one of Senator Harris' books.

Happy Women's History Month!!!

Netflix Don't Blame New 'Notebook' Ending on Us ... We Got the Wrong Copy!!!

2/27/2019 11:39 AM PST

Netflix UK is working it's ass off to fix a huge issue in the version it released of "The Notebook" ... with an alternate ending that doesn't show the flick's main characters die together!!! 

For the uninitiated ... Netflix UK released the 2004 film on its streaming service. Fans were completely caught off guard after the original ending -- showing Allie and Noah get into their hospital bed together, hold hands and die -- is completely cut out. This is the original ending:

The alternative ending that's got fans foaming at the mouth shows no one dying, the couple holding hands and talking about miracles before cutting to a scene showing birds flying over a lake.

Netflix tells us there are a couple things fans should know -- Netflix did NOT edit the film. The streaming giants went on to say, "An alternate version exists and was supplied to us -- we are getting to the bottom of it asap. Apparently, some films have more than one ending?!"

BTW ... the author of the book, Nicholas Sparks, was on the "Today" show and said he prefers the original ending. For what it's worth ... "The Notebook" hits Netflix in the states on March 1. Netflix says rest assured "The Notebook" will be the version "that has always made you sob hysterically."

'Last Chance U' Coach Jason Brown Resigns ... After Hitler Text

2/25/2019 9:00 AM PST
Breaking News

Jason Brown -- the head football coach featured on seasons 3 and 4 of "Last Chance U" -- has resigned after sending texts to one of his players saying, "I'm your new Hitler."

The scandal broke last week after the Montgomery County Chronicle newspaper published text messages Brown sent to freshman Alexandros Alexiou, who was born in Germany.

Brown's controversial career at Independence Community College in Kansas has been documented on the Netflix series "Last Chance U" for the past 2 seasons ... where he often used strong, explicit language to chew out players. 

Regarding Alexiou, Brown had reached out via text to scold the player for racking up more "points" in the team's disciplinary point system -- in which players get dinged every time they violate team rules. 

"410pm on field u German f*ck," Brown texted to Alexiou ...  “u have 17 points toward your 25 points. U got an extra point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed."

"I’m your new Hitler," Brown added ... "Figure out your life.”

The school launched an investigation into Brown last week -- but on Sunday, the coach announced his resignation. 

"It is with strong emotions that I announce my decision to resign as Head Football Coach at Independent Community College," Brown said in a statement. 

After listing his accomplishments, Brown said ... "The events of the past few weeks has led me to resign."

"Given what has most recently been allowed to transpire, it is clear, that it will be nearly impossible to stay here."

"More plainly, the Montgomery County Chronicle has greatly diminished my ability to do my job, and has set this football program back significantly, and the cumulative effect of all these detrimental factors I believe clearly constitute a constructive discharge of my employment."

Brown added, "I urge all the naysayers on campus and in town to really look at yourself in the mirror and do a self-evaluation of yourself before so harshly judging others."

Brown has coached at ICC for 3.5 years. 

Story developing ... 

'Abducted in Plain Sight' Victim Movie Offers Rolling In ... 'This is Us' Meets 'Breaking Bad' Meets Pedophilia

2/24/2019 12:55 AM PST

Millie Bobby Brown is spot on for the starring role in a movie adaption of the "Abducted in Plain Sight" documentary ... so says the woman who was kidnapped and repeatedly molested. 

Jan Broberg Felt, the victim who spoke out in the insanely popular Netflix doc, tells TMZ she's fielding tons of calls from Hollywood producers interested in turning her story into a feature film ... and it sounds like just about every producer in Hollywood is pitching a flick. 

You've heard the story ... a little of this movie meets a little of that movie. In her case, she sees her family in "This Is Us," and sees the f***** up part of her family as "Breaking Bad."

If you haven't seen the doc ... Jan shares her harrowing tale of being kidnapped TWICE and raped multiple times by her neighbor, Robert "B" Berchtold -- a scandal that rocked her Idaho community.

As for her movie offers ... Jan wants her story told in its entirety ... something she feels wasn't accomplished in the 90-minute doc.

Watch ... Jan tells us why Millie's her first choice for the lead, and name drops a couple A-listers who could star as the villain. 

'Punisher' Star Jason R. Moore Cancellation's Part of the Biz ... But I Wish Eminem Spoke Up Sooner!!!

2/24/2019 12:40 AM PST

Jason R. Moore's super chill for a guy whose show just got axed -- in fact, he's way less upset about the situation than one of its biggest fans ... Eminem.

"The Punisher" star -- who played Curtis Hoyle on the Netflix series -- was leaving a Starbucks Friday in Studio City and gave us a thoughtful take on the show being canceled, and why he saw it coming.

Jason was also pretty stoked to learn Eminem's a big 'Punisher' fan ... as the rapper made clear on Twitter this week.

Sadly for Marshall, Jason doesn't think there's a chance to revive the show -- at least not with the current cast -- for many reasons ... unless they can go back in time and get Eminem to yell at the Netflix honchos.

Time traveling Eminem? Now, THAT would be awesome!

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