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Gonzalez Twins Making Moves For The WNBA ... Training Every Day

10/25/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Ridiculously gorgeous hoops playing sisters, the Gonzalez twins, are jumping out of the music biz to focus making it into the WNBA, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Dylan & Dakota were both stars at UNLV -- and even Drake came to their games to show the love. But, they left school early to pursue music careers, mainly because of NCAA made it tough for them to play and release songs.

But, now sources tell TMZ Sports the IG superstars (over 1 million followers each) have decided to jump back into basketball, training full-time to knock the rust off and get back into form.

We're told they even have a team in mind ... hoping to get roster spots on the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces by the time the 2019 season tips off next May.

If you think it's a pipe dream you're wrong, when the 6'0" twins were at UNLV they were HUGE contributors ... with Dakota actually leading the team in scoring.

We wish the girls luck, but if basketball doesn't work out (which it probably will, they're great) the gallery below proves they have plenty to fall back on.

Skylar Diggins-Smith I'm Pregnant!!

10/17/2018 3:46 PM PDT
Breaking News

Skylar Diggins-Smith is winning even in the off-season ... 'cause the WNBA superstar is pregnant with her first child!!

The 4-time All-Star and husband Daniel Smith announced the big news on Wednesday with an Instagram post of the sonogram captioned, "Can’t wait to meet you!"

Obviously, it's great news for the couple ... but could be bad news for the Wings -- they might've lost one of their best players for a little bit (if our math's right).

The WNBA season kicks off in May, and if Skylar is at least 12 weeks preggo, she's most likely gonna need some time away from the squad.

FYI -- it's incredible how quickly female athletes can get back to competing after giving birth. Candace Parker returned to practices a little over a month after giving birth in 2009 ... and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres competed again just 3 weeks after having a child in 2006.

Congrats to the couple!!

WNBA Star Cappie Pondexter Reveals Tiny Salary ... Demands Change

9/2/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Cappie Pondexter tells TMZ Sports she BARELY makes six figures a year as one of the WNBA's biggest superstars ... and she's pissed off about it, saying the league "should pay me what I deserve!"

It's been a heated topic in the hoops world recently -- with players like Skylar Diggins-Smith voicing their dismay about the pay difference between NBA players and their WNBA counterparts.

Pondexter couldn't have agreed more with Skylar when we got her out in L.A. promoting her CBD skin care line ... telling us the league ONLY shells out $113,000 a year for her to play.

"It's just getting out of line now," the Indiana Fever star says.

"I've been in the league for 13 years, making the vet minimum, which for me is $113,000 for the last five years, which is nothing compared to what the minimum is and the maximum is for the NBA."

"I'm not saying that we have to get what they have, but I think we should see some progress at this point."

Pondexter says she's so fed up with it all ... she's actually willing to be a part of a league-wide work stoppage -- if other stars like Diana Taurasi and Elena Delle Donne are down for it.

Fired WNBA Coach Breaks Silence After Reported Screaming Match With Owner

8/13/2018 10:07 AM PDT

You're looking at Fred Williams -- who was JUST fired from his job as the head coach of the Dallas Wings after getting into a screaming match with his boss Sunday night ... and now he's telling us why he thinks he got the chop.  

Williams -- who was the head coach from 2014 to 2018 -- was seen screaming at Wings CEO Greg Bibb after a 93-80 loss to the Mystics earlier in the day. Bibb issued a statement announcing he fired Williams a short time later. 

Williams touched down in D.C. early Monday -- and broke his silence about the situation to our photog ... telling us why HE thinks he got the axe. 

"It could be because we had some losses in row," Williams tells us. "Everything builds up. It's just the management decision."

Fred didn't seem too busted up over the move -- explaining to us this DEFINITELY won't be his last stop in the WNBA.

Dallas Wings star player Skylar Diggins-Smith seemed to agree ... saying players LOVED playing for Fred ... and they still support him after his firing.

Brittney Griner Engaged Again! After Disastrous 1st Marriage

8/2/2018 8:28 AM PDT
Breaking News

Brittney Griner is gonna try the marriage thing again -- the WNBA star just proposed to her longtime girlfriend with a fat ring ... and she said YES!!

The Phoenix Mercury center popped the question to Cherelle Watson -- the two met while they were students back at Baylor.

Hopefully, Griner's 2nd time on the alter will go better than her first -- a 28-day marriage to fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson that ended in violence. 

As we previously reported, both Griner and Johnson were arrested for domestic violence in 2015 after an argument turned physical ... and they ended up in a full-on fight in their Arizona home. 

Johnson got pregnant with twins during their relationship -- and when they split, the judge ordered Griner to pay child support to Johnson. 

Johnson reportedly moved on and began dating a man. Griner began her relationship with Watson shortly after. 

In a social media post to Watson, Griner wrote ... "My best friend, my lover, my partner in life. I love you."

Good luck! 

WNBA's Diamond DeShields Trolled By Teammate ... 'Is Your Rash Okay?'

7/26/2018 8:52 AM PDT
Breaking News

WNBA star Diamond DeShields took an immediate L courtesy of her teammate after getting a huge win Wednesday ... and the video of it is hilarious.

After the Chicago Sky beat the Phoenix Mercury, 101-87, DeShields earned the postgame interview attention as the star of the day ... and then Gabby Williams struck.

The reporter asks how big of a win it was ... and while Diamond's giving her answer -- Williams yells, "Hey, is your rash okay?!"

Diamond -- clearly embarrassed -- tries to laugh it off, turns to the camera and says, "Jokes! Jokes!"

We know one person who's certainly hoping Gabby was kidding -- Diamond's BF, Saints star Alvin Kamara!!

Seems like it's all fake though ... so no rash lotion necessary.

As for that new burn she's got courtesy of Gabby ... that might need some caretaking.

Alvin Kamara Le'Veon Bell Is Gonna Make Me Rich

7/22/2018 12:55 AM PDT

Alvin Kamara is pretty sure Le'Veon Bell is about to make his wallet a whole lot fatter ... 'cause the Saints star says Bell's big contract demands are going to revolutionize how RBs are paid.

We got the NFL's reigning Rookie of the Year outside The Highlight Room when he praised Le'Veon for balking at the Steelers' long-term offer for the second straight year.

"All I know is Le'Veon is about to change something up for us," he says.

The money talk didn't stop there ... Kamara gave us his thoughts on why NFL contracts aren't fully guaranteed, saying it's all the owners' faults.

And, while we were on the subject ... Kamara told us the WNBA needs to pay its players some more cheddar too -- especially the Chicago Sky, where his girlfriend plays.

"They doing all the same things males are doing," he tells us.

FYI ... Kamara's rookie deal with the Saints expires after the 2020 season -- and here's a sneak peak into how those negotiations will look ... probably.

Lisa Leslie Rips Trump 'He's Not About Equality At All'

6/7/2018 7:06 AM PDT

Lisa Leslie wants to see more equality when it comes to the way women are paid in pro sports -- but she's adamant Trump is NOT the guy to help make that happen.

"I don't think 45 is the person I want to meet for equality," the WNBA legend told us in NYC ... "He's  talking about grabbing women and those types of things."

"I don't think he's about equality at all."

The conversation started about the lack of female representation on the 2018 Forbes Highest Paid Athletes list ... something Leslie described as "so messed up."

She's right ... and says a big part of the issue is the lack of endorsement deals for top women athletes.

We also asked if she took offense over the WNBA champions Minnesota Lynx not getting a White House invite ... and she gives a fire answer on that too.

By the way, here are some Leslie highlights to remind you she was a BEAST on the court!!!!

Oakland Raiders Owner Hits Golden Knights Game Commitment to Vegascellence

5/31/2018 7:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis was sitting right up on the glass at the Vegas Golden Knights game Wednesday night ... and even though the team lost, it's probably another big win for him. 

The Raiders have been on a PR push to win over Vegas fans before the Silver and Black move into town -- they've taken out newspaper ads and put up billboards. 

But, having Davis with his face pressed against the glass (sitting next to Jim Gray) is another good look for the Raiders ... especially since he's been to a TON of Knights' regular season games. 

He's also supported other Vegas teams -- attending the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces game on Sunday night. That's commitment! 

Don't worry Bay Area teams ... Mark's been courtside cheerin' on the Warriors this season -- he just likes Vegas better now.

And you would too, if this was your future home!!

Zach Randolph Having a Female Coach ... 'One of the Best Experiences'

5/9/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Zach Randolph is ALL ABOUT having a female head coach in the NBA -- especially after working with a female asst. coach on the Kings ... telling TMZ Sports it was one of best experiences of his career. 

The entire NBA is buzzing about Becky Hammon -- an assistant with the Spurs who's in the running for the head coaching job in Milwaukee. If hired, she'd be the first female head coach in NBA history. 

Enter Z-Bo who was out in ATL when he stopped to rave about Jenny Boucek ... an assistant player development coach with the Sacramento Kings. 

"This was the first year we had a [female assistant coach]. This was my first year ever experiencing that and it was a great experience ... probably one of the best experiences."

As for Hammon, Randolph says ... "If she knows basketball -- and she KNOWS basketball -- I think she'll be fine."

WNBA's Candace Parker Pays $400k In Alimony ... To Divorce NBA Hubby

4/17/2018 9:37 AM PDT

How's this for turning the tables ... a former NBA lottery pick getting a massive $400,000 alimony check from his WNBA star wife? 

That's exactly what happened between Candace Parker and Shelden Williams ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports

Candace -- one of the biggest stars in WNBA history -- married Williams back in 2008, two years after he was selected 5th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft. 

Despite the fact Williams reportedly made more than $12 MILLION during his 6-year NBA career, Parker has apparently done better ... and agreed to shell out the $400k alimony payment. In exchange, she won't have to pay ongoing spousal support. 

The couple also divided the profits on their former home in Encino, CA which they just sold for $3.75 mil.  

As for their 8-year-old daughter, the couple agreed on joint legal and physical custody -- but neither party will pay child support. Instead, they both agreed to equally fund her education and split any major costs associated with her care. 

And that's a wrap. 

BIG3's Clyde Drexler Hires First Female Head Coach In Men's Pro Basketball

3/21/2018 7:30 AM PDT

Clyde Drexler ain't been on the job for a week as BIG3 commish -- and he's already makin' history -- hiring the 1st ever female as head coach of a men's pro basketball team ... TMZ Sports has learned.

"The Glide" tapped Nancy Lieberman -- a member of the Naismith and Women's Basketball Hall of Fame -- to coach Power, the squad he previously coached before leaving to run the league.

Lieberman -- a legend for her hoopin' on the court -- isn't a novice to coaching either. She was an assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings ... and was the head coach of a WNBA team from '98 to '00.

N.L. isn't goin' to be coaching bums ... she's got former NBA stars Corey Maggette and Cuttino Mobley in her starting lineup.

Ice Cube -- the leagues co-founder is behind the move -- saying, "She was a helluva player and she's a helluva coach. Nancy's a winner and I expect her to win in this league."

WNBA Superstar Demands Equal Pay As Men We're Over Playing Overseas!

2/13/2018 3:53 PM PST

One of the best basketball players alive says she's sick and tired of having to play overseas to make a decent living -- and she's calling for the WNBA to start paying women like their male counterparts. 

Angel McCoughtry was the #1 overall pick in the 2009 WNBA draft and went on to become the 2009 WNBA Rookie of the Year, a 4-time WNBA All-Star and has already won the scoring title TWICE! 

Problem is ... the top female players make SQUAT compared to NBA stars. According to a 2017 report, the top WNBA players only make around $100k in annual base salary. 

To compare -- Steph Curry is making $34.6 million this season and that goes up to $45.7 mil per season at the end of his contract. 

McCoughtry says the top women are forced to play overseas -- where they can make 10 times as much. McCoughtry has played everywhere from Russia to Lebanon to Turkey. 

But she's clearly over it ... 

"Pay us like you pay the men. I don't want to get paid more overseas. I want to get paid in my country."

In fact, McCoughtry says she sometimes wears the medals she wins in overseas tournaments out in public because people usually buy her a free meal when she does. 

Could you imagine LeBron James or Kevin Durant doing that?!  

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