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Jim Brown Praises Trump 'I'm Pulling for the President'

8/21/2018 4:20 PM PDT
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Jim Brown says he's throwing his support behind President Donald Trump -- even though he knows he'll be vilified in the black community. 

The NFL Hall of Famer appeared on "The JT The Brick Show" on Fox Sports Radio and since he's met with so many Presidents in the past, he was asked how he felt about Trump. 

"I should be criticizing Trump on every level because he does certain things that call for criticism but when I look at television I see all these announcers become experts and they're pointing the fingers and they're not doing a doggone thing but pointing their fingers, I find myself really pulling for the president."

"Now, that that would make me very unpopular in the black community, very unpopular with a lot of Americans ... but I think that there are certain good things that are coming out of this Presidency because we've never seen anything like it."

He added, "I mean there's confusion. A lot of people are retiring. A lot of people are giving their opinions and we have to really dig deep down inside to come with the right kind of an answer."

Brown -- who also doubled down on his stance against NFL kneelers -- also had this to say to people who believe he's not a good American. 

"I believe that I have to work on myself first to be as good a person as I could be to back up my country as best as I know how."

"And the second situation I should be helpful to those people who need help that don't have life as good as I have it and if I do those two things, I think I'm making my contribution."

Brown famously went to Trump Tower right after Trump won the election to talk about how he can make a positive impact in the black community. 

Floyd Mayweather also famously met with Trump during the transition but he has since distanced himself from the president. Brown clearly feels differently. 

Ravens' Jimmy Smith Suspended ... For Threatening Ex-GF

8/21/2018 3:32 PM PDT
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Baltimore Ravens CB Jimmy Smith has been suspended 4 games for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy ... after an investigation determined he verbally threatened and emotionally abused his baby mama.

The Ravens released a statement Tuesday ... saying the investigation found "threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors by Jimmy toward his former girlfriend that showed a pattern of improper conduct."

The woman involved in the incident has a child with Smith. The two had been in a custody dispute that begin in 2015. 

Details on any specific incident are unclear ... but NFL insider Mike Garafolo reports the punishment stems from court docs filed by Smith's ex, claiming "physical violence."

While the league found no evidence of Smith putting his hands on his baby mama, the Ravens believe there was enough evidence to punish Smith for the first 4 weeks of the season.

The Ravens say they spoke with relationship and domestic violence experts and a group of "women and men executives, not directly involved with our football operations" to review the situation as well.

"We also engaged in conversations with Jimmy about his past behavior and his intention to change."

"Additionally, it is our understanding that following a long-running and difficult custody dispute with his former girlfriend and mother of his son, Jimmy has resolved his custody and support issues."

Smith -- the 27th overall pick in the 2011 Draft -- addressed the suspension, apologizing and owning up to his actions. 

"Moving forward, I will work with the NFL and the Ravens to ensure that what happened in the past will never happen again," Smith says. "I will take all necessary steps to be a positive role model for both my sons, for the NFL and for the entire Ravens community."

Kyle Shanahan Niners Aren't Blackballing Eric Reid ... We'd Take Him Back!!

8/21/2018 3:29 PM PDT
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Kyle Shanahan is adamant the 49ers are NOT one of the teams allegedly colluding against Eric Reid to keep him out of the NFL ... saying S.F. would LOVE to have him back.

But ... there's a catch -- with Shanahan telling reporters Tuesday the Niners would only take the safety back if he were willing to play on a minimum deal AND as a backup.

Remember ... Reid was one of Colin Kaepernick's first and loudest supporters when it came to kneeling during the national anthem -- and he's part of a lawsuit alleging the NFL is blackballing him from the league because of that.

Shanahan didn't comment on that matter ... but he did say he would have no problems re-signing the former Pro Bowler at the right price.

"I like Eric," Kyle says. "He's a good player. A good person. And, that'd be great if we could have him in that role."

In fact, Shanahan says it's actually Eric that might be holding up the whole process of being signed -- saying he thinks the DB wouldn't "be that interested in" a backup deal.

The 26-year-old Reid played five seasons for the Niners, playing in 70 total games. He's yet to draw much interest from any team this offseason -- claiming one workout with the Bengals was actually canceled after not answering a question about his kneeling intentions in 2018.

Kobe Bryant 100% NOT Playing In BIG3 ... Rep Says

8/21/2018 1:37 PM PDT
Breaking News

Kobe Bryant playing in the BIG3 next year is "100% not happening" ... so says the woman who runs Kobe's company. 

Rumors started swirling Tuesday when BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz told reporters on a conference call that he heard from a "credible source" that "Kobe is going to be playing next year."

Of course, Ice Cube and several BIG3 players including Stephen Jackson and Allen Iverson have called for Kobe to join the league -- because it would be awesome -- but Bryant had always said he's retired from basketball. 

In fact, when rumors swirled that Kobe was considering coming back to the Lakers for one last season with LeBron James, Vanessa Bryant was adamant he's DONE with hoop. 

So, when Kwatinetz suggested Kobe was down for some 3-on-3, we reached out to Molly Carter -- the Chief Marketing Officer at Kobe Inc. -- who told us straight-up, "NOT True. 100% not happening."

Kobe is 39 years old -- he turns 40 on Thursday -- but he's still in good shape and better than 99% of pro basketball players. 

Asia Argento, Jimmy Bennett Smoking Gun Photo ... Shows Post-Sex Bliss

8/21/2018 5:00 AM PDT

A 37-year-old Asia Argento snuggled with then-17-year-old Jimmy Bennett on a bed, shirtless, their foreheads pressed together, her arm over his as they lay with satisfied smiles ... that is the photo that Asia paid $380,000 for -- a photo TMZ has now seen.

The photo was taken on May 9, 2013 in a room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, California. Our sources say the selfie was shot by Jimmy after the 2 had sex. Jimmy claimed Asia liquored him up, began kissing him, pushed him onto the bed, performed oral sex on him and then climbed on top of him and had intercourse ... this according to documents obtained by the New York Times.

The photo is not overtly sexual, however a casual observer would clearly conclude it looks like a post-sex pic as the 2 faintly smiled while they lay on a shared pillow.

Asia -- who is one of the first alleged victims to come forward claiming Harvey Weinstein raped her -- has not been reachable since the recent story broke. What's interesting ... she still has up the Instagram pictures of her at the Ritz-Carlton that day ... saying in one photo, "Waiting for my long lost son my love."

We also have information as to why Asia did not have Jimmy sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in return for paying $380k. Fact is, she couldn't, because in California confidentiality agreements are not enforceable when they involve allegations of child sex acts ... even if the victim is now an adult.

Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman, lashed out at Argento, saying it was the height of hypocrisy for her to secretly cut a deal involving her own alleged sexual misconduct at the same time she was going after his client. She settled her case with Jimmy in April.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is now investigating and will be reaching out to Jimmy.

Animal Crackers They Let Us Out!!! ... Roaming Free After 116 Years

8/21/2018 7:07 AM PDT

Animal Crackers are now FREE ... from their cages, that is.

It took 116 years, but the packaging of Barnum's Animals no longer depicts the exotic creatures in pens.

Nabisco's popular snack now features a zebra, an elephant, a lion, a giraffe and a gorilla roaming free among grass and trees. 

Previously, packaging showed animals and their young locked up in cages.

The stark change has been driven by PETA. In April 2016, the animal rights organization gave notice to Nabisco's parent company, Mondelez International, saying circuses would shock, chain, beat and whip animals in order to intimidate them and force them into performing tricks.

PETA also brought to light dubious practices like circuses separating mothers from their babies and holding animals in chains and cages.

Circuses across the country have also been undergoing change. Ringling Bros. shut down in May 2017 after 146 years in operation, the result of mounting pressure from animal welfare groups, skyrocketing operation costs, legal battles and declining ticket sales.

As for Barnum's Animals, the new-look crackers have already hit store shelves.

Nicki Minaj 'I Am the New Harriet Tubman'

8/20/2018 6:18 PM PDT

Nicki Minaj isn't just comparing herself to Harriet Tubman -- she's now saying she IS Harriet Tubman ... just new and improved. 

We got the "QUEEN" MC leaving her hotel Monday night on her way to the VMAs at Radio City Music Hall, where our camera guy asked about a new controversy swarming around Nick from a tweet she put out earlier in the day ... conjuring Harriet's name, and drawing comparisons.

Some Twitter fans were furious Nicki insinuated she was in the same league as Harriet, although Nicki never explicitly compared herself to the civil rights icon. Until now, that is. Our photog has her on camera saying it straight-up ... "I am the new Harriet Tubman."

We press her to make sure she knew what she's saying, and the implications of her remarks -- which are certainly shocking. She pushes right back, insisting she is the next Harriet Tubman. You do you, Nick?

BTW ... we also got Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner heading to the VMAs, and asked if they were gonna try to squash the beef Nicki started on Sunday. They were mum on all that ... but we're guessing that whole mess will sort itself out in the stands

We got 50 Cent out after the VMA's and asked him what he thought about the Harriet Tubman reference and he was ... guarded.

Safaree at VMAs Takes Shots at Nicki ... Karma's a Bitch

8/20/2018 5:49 PM PDT

Safaree says he isn't worried about potentially running into his ex, Nicki Minaj, on the red carpet at the VMAs ... but he does have some advice for her.

We got the 'Love & Hip Hop' star Monday as he was heading to Radio City Music Hall in NYC to attend the MTV awards show when he took some clear shots at Nicki on the heels of their online beef ... not to mention all her other Twitter squabbles this week. 

As we reported ... Safaree claimed Nicki once tried to stab him with a knife in 2014 -- she called him a liar. Nicki also called out Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner over the weekend for working together to push his album sales past hers on the charts.

Safaree's got some thoughts on that too ... pick your battles, Nick. And grow with the times.

Our guy also asks if he beefed up security to avoid any nasty run-ins with Nicki on the red carpet -- like MTV brass is already doing to accommodate the feuding exes -- but he insists he's only rolling deep as a result of his robbery earlier this year.

As far as who should get top-tier seating between Nicki, Travis and Kylie ... Safaree's got a pretty hilarious answer ... and kind of an obvious one if you think about it.

Asia Argento Reportedly Paid $380k To Settle Sexual Assault Case

8/19/2018 7:46 PM PDT

Asia Argento -- one of Harvey Weinstein's first accusers and a prominent figure in the #MeToo movement -- reportedly paid off her own accuser, a then 17-year-old boy.

The NYT cites documents it obtained outlining an agreement between Argento's lawyer and her accuser's attorney to pay former child actor Jimmy Bennett -- who once co-starred alongside Argento in a 2004 film -- $380,000 over multiple installments.

The Times reports Bennett's attorney reached out to Argento's camp late last year -- shortly before Ronan Farrow's bombshell New Yorker piece -- stating an intent to sue ... and describing alleged "sexual battery" between Argento and Bennett in 2013 -- when he was only 17 years old. He's 22 now.

Happiest day of my life reunion with @jimmymbennett xox

A post shared by asiaargento (@asiaargento) on

According to the Times, the documents claim Jimmy met Asia at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, CA on May 9, 2013 and that she proceeded to give him alcohol, kiss him, push him back onto the bed, perform oral sex on him ... and then climb on top of him to have intercourse.

Argento has photos of her and Bennett on her social media account from the day in question. One post shows a photo of the two of them with her caption reading "Happiest day of my life reunion with @jimmymbennett xox". The Times says Bennett's lawyer claimed his client had more photos, one of which allegedly depicts both of them lying topless in bed from that day.

My son my love until I will live @jimmymbennett marina del rey 05.2013

A post shared by asiaargento (@asiaargento) on

According to the Times ... Argento agreed to pay Bennett $200,000 this past April as an initial installment for the copyright to the risque photo that was in his possession. The Times also cites an email written to Argento from her lawyer saying ... "Ultimately, you decided against the non-disclosure [NDA] language because you felt it was inconsistent with the public messages you’ve conveyed about the societal perils of non-disclosure agreements." 

The alleged email ends with this  ... "Bennett could theoretically tell people his claims against you. However, under this agreement, he cannot sue you for them. Nor can he post the photo of the two of you. At the very he is not permitted to bother you for more money, disparage you or sue -- so long as you comply with your obligations in the agreement."

We've reached out to Argento's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Rudy Giuliani to Chuck Todd Truth Isn't Truth And We're Not Rushing Trump Into Perjury

8/19/2018 11:05 AM PDT

Rudy Giuliani just added a new edition to the "alternative facts" library from the Trump White House -- telling a reporter "truth isn't truth" when it comes to ... well, the truth.

The President's personal attorney was on NBC's 'Meet the Press' with Chuck Todd and got grilled on why 45 hasn't sat down for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to wrap up the Russia investigation. Giuliani's reason ... let's not rush into a lie under oath.

He basically says Mueller's gonna get a he said, he said -- from Trump and Comey -- as to who said what to whom ... who knew what ... and when. And, because Comey used to be tight with Mueller in the FBI, Rudy says it's a no-brainer who the latter will believe.

Unfortunately for Rudy, there's only one objective reality ... which is probably why Chuck couldn't help but laugh at the "truth" line. And, yes, this did become a meme.

Andre Rison Terrell Owens' Antics ... Ain't Helping My Hall Of Fame Case!!

8/18/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Andre Rison sure as hell wishes Terrell Owens hadn't blown off his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony ... 'cause he's telling TMZ Sports that REALLY HURT his chances at getting in!!

The legendary Falcon was one of the baddest receivers in the game ... and his career numbers stack up with just about every wideout in the Hall.

But ... he tells us his HOF candidacy -- which didn't have a whole lot of steam to begin with from NFL writers -- took a serious hit when T.O. pulled out of Canton earlier this month.

"When I hear T.O.'s argument, I know it's valid, I know it's good, but I really wish he would've went," Rison says.

"Because he does make it hard sometimes for guys like myself, who was a rough rider."

Rison says he's not going to complain about it ... he's just trying to let his numbers do the talking.

And, if you listen to him list his career accomplishments ... dude's actually got a point!!

Fat Joe Steak House Needs Lesson ... From Rosa Parks

8/18/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Fat Joe wanted to lean back after a good meal at Ruth's Chris Steak House ... but the rapper instead got booted for a dress code violation he says was reminiscent of the Old South. 

The big man from the Bronx was stunned last week when he and his crew were asked to leave the Ruth's Chris Steak House in North Carolina ... and even more perplexed by the fact the manager who made the request was black. 

Fat Joe says attire has never been an issue for him or his entourage at high-end restaurants around the world ... and he's especially hurt that they were hassled by someone they felt should be on their side.

Ohio State's Zach Smith Took Penis Pics In White House ... Ex-Wife Claims

8/17/2018 3:38 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith took pictures of his penis while inside the White House during a 2015 team visit to celebrate the OSU national championship ... so says his ex-wife. 

But, Smith's attorney says the penis in the photo -- which reportedly shows a tie and wedding ring that match up with Smith -- does not belong to his client.

FYI, Zach is the former Ohio State WRs coach who was fired last month in the wake of reports detailing an alleged history of domestic violence. 

As for the penis photos, Zach's ex-wife Courtney told college football reporter Brett McMurphy she believes the pics to be authentic. 

McMurphy did not publish the pics but described them in detail -- saying one features Zach's penis while he's wearing the black suit he wore to the White House event. 

Another photo features Zach's penis next to a towel with the presidential seal on it. 

Courtney also claims Zach took multiple penis pics in the Ohio State coaches' office during his employment with OSU -- including one where he's receiving oral sex from an OSU staffer. 

Zach's attorney told McMurphy none of the penis pics are actually his client -- but didn't offer up an explanation. 

McMurphy is also reporting Smith ordered $2,200 in "sex toys, male apparel and photography equipment" which he had sent to the Ohio State athletic offices. 

Among the items ... "Men’s spider enhancer thong triple c**kring, body wear CS2 metallic erotic c**k strap gold and snake skin, WildmanT ball lifter red, candyman men’s jock suspenders" and more. 

Zach's attorney told McMurphy the items were "gag gifts."

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