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Prince Harry PHOTO PARANOIA After Naked Romp

8/24/2012 8:35 AM PDT
Prince Harry realized he made a huge mistake by allowing girls with cameras into his Vegas hotel room Friday night -- because just two days later in Sin City ... he was INCREDIBLY camera shy, refusing to pose for any pics with fans.

TMZ spoke with one of the girls Harry was hanging out with at a pool party Sunday night -- two days after the naked pics were taken -- and when she asked him to pose with her and her friends, Harry politely refused, saying. "No photos please."

It's a big shift in behavior from Friday -- when Harry invited several strange girls into his Vegas suite, and stripped naked in front of their cameras.

It didn't end there either, Harry happily goofed around at Wet Republic the next day -- probably the most photographed pool party in town.

But by Sunday night, Harry had grown tired of all the cameras.

As for his security ... our source says Harry was SURROUNDED -- in fact, she noticed at least 10 handlers around the pool. According to her, one of the security guards was even in the water with a waterproof cell phone (for aquatic emergencies).

But photos or no photos -- our girl says Harry was really flirty ... saying he was glad she made it to the pool party, and nodding to her bikini.

Harry, you dog.

Prince Harry's Naked Hotel Suite -- Inside the Ball Room!

8/24/2012 7:05 AM PDT
Grab your stick ... with both hands ... 'cause it's time for a full tour of the Las Vegas hotel suite where Prince Harry ran around naked ... starting with the billiards room!!

TMZ has obtained pics of the VIP room at Wynn's Encore Tower Suites just like the one Harry stayed in when he ran around naked with a bunch of chicks this past weekend. According to the Wynn website, the suite is a two-story, 5,829-square foot duplex with 3 master bedrooms.

Each bathroom features a steam shower, whirlpool deep-soak tub, His and Hers sinks, separate water closet and bidet.

So how much does a room like this cost?? A rep for the hotel tells us it generally runs $6,000 per night during the week ... and $8,000 per night on the weekends.

Just make sure you wipe down the pool table before you play.

Prince Harry Chippendales Wants Piece of Royal Stripper Action

8/24/2012 5:45 AM PDT
Prince Harry can now get naked in Vegas and actually get paid for it ... 'cause the people at Chippendales were so impressed with the nakie pics, they've officially offered him a job.

A rep for the bowtie bunch tells TMZ ... "Chippendales at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino are reaching out to the royalty to gauge his interest in being our next guest host."

"We figured that since he seems to enjoy taking his clothes off in Las Vegas, why not do it on stage at the #1 Male Revue in the World."

If (and when) he accepts the offer, Harry would follow in the half-naked footsteps of 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons, Joey Lawrence and Ronnie from "Jersey Shore."

Please, no cameras.

Prince Harry Royal Fam PISSED at Prince's Handlers

8/23/2012 7:00 AM PDT
The Royal Family is FURIOUS over the Prince Harry naked photo fiasco ... and the anger isn't  directed solely at Harry -- we're told the family is also pointing the finger at the Prince's minders and personal security team. 

Here's what we know.  The night of the naked Vegas hotel party, Harry was hanging with two male friends ... after some boozing, the group decided to bring a bunch of chicks they had just met back to Harry's VIP suite at Encore.

That's when Harry's people dropped the ball.

When the girls entered the room,  we're told the ladies were NOT asked to surrender their phones ...  an epic failure considering Harry's well-documented wild side.

As the party fired up, several girls began to snap pics on their cell-phones ... and one of Harry's minders lackadaisically told the women, "awww, come on .. no photos."

Sources who were there tell TMZ ...  the minders were asleep at the wheel, enjoying the party more than protecting the Prince from himself.

After more boozing, the clothes came off ... and more photos were taken, in plain view of the handlers, yet Harry's people did nothing. 

TMZ spoke with several people in the Las Vegas VIP scene who tell us they see situations like this every day and it could have been easily contained, but as one source put it, "Harry's team acted like a bunch of amateurs."

Prince Harry in Vegas Cue the Balls!

8/23/2012 12:02 AM PDT

Prince Harry clearly sucks at strip billiards -- but at least he had enough family pride (and jewels) to pay off his bet, and get naked when he lost. Not sure the Queen will see it that way, but ...

Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

'Real Housewives' Brit DISSES Prince Harry -- He's Got a Tinky Winky!

8/22/2012 3:44 PM PDT

Prince Harry
's package is so small ... he shouldn't be allowed to call himself a prince at all  -- this according to British "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa was out in Beverly Hills earlier today when we asked if she's seen the pictures -- and she must have been living under a rock the last 12 hours ... because she hadn't.

So our camera guy showed them to her on his phone -- and Lisa replied, "I need a magnifying glass to see that! Hold on, let me get my glasses."

Once she got a good look, Lisa handed the phone back in disbelief, saying, "That's not a ROYAL penis!"

Oh, but it is.

Prince Harry Naked Photos During Vegas Rager

8/22/2012 1:19 PM PDT
Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas this weekend ... getting BARE ASS NAKED during a game of strip billiards with a room full of friends in his VIP suite.
It all went down Friday night during a raging party in a high rollers hotel suite.

We're told Harry, along with a large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot chicks ... and invited them up to his VIP suite.

Once in the room, things got WILD ... with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity.

Some of the partiers snapped photos of the madness. In one photo, a fully nude Harry cups his genitals while a seemingly topless woman stands behind him.

In another photo, a naked Harry is bear-hugging a woman who appears to be completely naked as well.

No word on who the women are ... or if they got Harry's phone number.

A rep for the Royal Family tells us, "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time."


Prince Harry Takes His Naked Ass Back to England

8/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT
Prince Harry has just returned to the motherland, and he's got some serious 'splaining to do to one pissed off Queen.

Harry flew from Los Angeles to England last night, hours after TMZ posted pics of the prince buck naked during a strip billiards party in Vegas.

Passengers on the flight tell TMZ ... Harry did not mingle on board ... he stayed in the upstairs cabin of the 747.

We contacted people at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night, and they could not have been clearer ... they're none too pleased with Harry and his Sin City escapades.

Prince Harry Beats Hasty Retreat To L.A. Airport

8/22/2012 9:29 AM PDT

Prince Harry wasn't in the mood to discuss the ball-cupping naked photos from Vegas this weekend -- quickly hopping into a black Escalade yesterday in L.A. ... and gunning it to the airport.

Harry was leaving a swank restaurant near Venice Beach when a photog asked if he had any comment about the photos -- big surprise ... Harry did not.

As we reported, Harry has already returned to the Motherland after TMZ posted photos of the royal going Cockney in a Vegas hotel room with a bunch of hot chicks Friday night.

If you ask us, there's nothing to be ashamed about.

Prince Harry Chasin' Bikini Babes AFTER Naked Romp

8/22/2012 7:10 AM PDT

Prince Harry was still jonesin for ladies following his naked hotel party in Vegas ... 'cause later that weekend, he was back at the pool scene flirtin' with a bunch of bikini babes.

Harry hit the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Hotel on Sunday ... where he was playfully splashing around with one girl and high-fiving another ... while hanging in the pool with his buddies.

It's unclear if either of the women were in attendance at His Royal Highness' naked billiards tournament that went down in the Prince's VIP suite Friday night.

Prince Harry ... greatest royal ever.
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