Scott Weiland Seizure Couldn't Stop My Show

How's this for a rockstar move -- just 24 hours after suffering a mid-flight seizure, Scott Weiland was already back on stage singing his face off.

As TMZ first reported, Weiland's Miami-bound plane made an emergency landing in Dallas Friday afternoon due to the singer's condition. But once Weiland left the hospital, he went straight to Miami to play his gig.

Scott grabbed the mic at Mansion in Miami -- and we're told he cranked out STP and Velvet Revolver classics for more than an hour.

So much for "recovery time."

Scott Weiland Is Going to Jail

Rock star Scott Weiland has just been sentenced to 192 hours in county jail for his November DUI arrest. This is Weiland's second DUI offense. He has until May 28 to serve the sentence.

Scott, who was not present in court today, entered a no contest plea through his attorney, Anthony Brooklier. The former Velvet Revolver singer was also ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol program and pay almost $2,000 in fines. He will be put on a four-year summary probation.

Weiland was charged with one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior conviction, and with an allegation that he refused a chemical test as required by law. We are told he was over the legal limit of .08%, but not by much.

According to the police report, he failed the field sobriety tests and refused to take a blood or urine test. He was booked for DUI and released on $40,000 bail.

Velvet Revolver: Gravedancing?

Velvet Revolver's frontman Scott Weiland and drummer Matt Sorum don't seem to be getting along well lately, sparking rumors that Velvet Revolver days are coming to an end.

Last Thursday night during a show in Glasgow, UK, Weiland shocked the crowd -- and his bandmates -- by announcing they were "watching something special... the last tour by Velvet Revolver." According to several reports, the rest of the band looked at each other in disbelief.

Weiland to Fans I'm No Choir Boy, So What?

Scott Weiland and Velvet Revolver rocked out in Hollywood last night, and the frontman made a point to remind the crowd that aging rockers are no role models. Uh, Keith Richards?

Weiland, who was recently charged with driving under the influence of drugs, went on an on-stage rant about not believing everything you hear, and reminding everyone that VR is not the "Mormon Tabernacle F**king Choir." Ya think?

A source backstage at the show tells TMZ, "Scott looked out of it ... he kept away from the rest of the band and didn't take any pictures."

Weiland was set to face a judge this morning in criminal court for his most recent DUI bust, but the case was continued until January 17.

Prosecutor to Scott Weiland: You Were Hopped Up!

Scott Weiland has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs with a prior conviction, and with an allegation that he refused a chemical test as required by law.

In a statement from Los Angeles City Attorney spokesperson Frank Mateljan, Scott faces "maximum penalty of one year county jail and a $1000 fine, and a minimum penalty eight days in jail (because of the prior conviction and the refusal to take a drug test). His car could also be impounded for up to 30 days. "

He will be arraigned tomorrow in a Los Angeles County court.

On November 21, the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer was arrested, when he crashed his car while driving on an L.A. highway.

A rep for Velvet Revolver tells TMZ that the band's show tonight at L.A.'s Gibson Amphitheater is still going on as scheduled.

Velvet Revolving Door Weiland Arrested Again

TMZ has learned that rocker Scott Weiland has been arrested, again, for DUI. Shocker, we know.

The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer was driving on an L.A. highway around 6:15 PM on November 21 when he crashed his car. While the California Highway Patrol was investigating the non-injury wreck, they noticed Weiland appeared to be impaired. (Um ... ya think?) According to the police report, Weiland failed sobriety tests and refused to take a blood or urine test. He was booked for "driving under the influence of a drug. "

Tommy Lee -- Hell Raiser

Nobody loves Pink Taco more than the devilish Tommy Lee. You've seen the tape, right?

TMZ cameras caught the bad boy rocker throwing up the demon horns as he rolled out of the grand opening of Pink Taco restaurant in Century City last night with six-foot socialite Kim Stewart -- 17 years his junior. ¡Ay Dios mio! Hopefully, papa Rod approves!

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash also got in on the taco munching, while pornmeister Ron Jeremy danced with long-legged beauties.

All this and much more in today's "Holy guacamole!" edición of La Estrella Catcher!



Scott Weiland's Wife Arrested for Torching Wardrobe

The wife of Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland was arrested this weekend after cops say she torched the rocker's $10,000 wardrobe in front of the couple's home in Toluca Lake, Ca.

According to police, 31-year-old Mary Weiland was booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after cops responded to a "female burning clothes" call late Saturday evening.

The couple's two kids were placed in the custody of family friends.

Weiland was booked at a Burbank police station just after midnight Sunday morning and was released after posting $50,000 bail three hours later.

The arrest came only hours after the couple was kicked out of the Graciela Hotel in Burbank following a ferocious argument that left Weiland's room in shambles and blood on the linens, as TMZ exclusively reported. The hotel is pressing charges against the Weilands for the damage they caused.

Scott Weiland and Wife Trash Hotel Room in Bloody Fight

Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland and his wife trashed a Burbank hotel room during a rockstar-caliber rampage last weekend, and now the hotel is pressing charges against the Weilands for the damage they caused.

Sources tell TMZ that Weiland and his wife Mary ripped alarm clocks and phones from their sockets and threw them, made "dents and gauges" in the walls, and that there was even blood found on some of the linens afterward. (A picture taken at the scene shows a note attached to a trash bag that says, in Spanish, "with blood.")

The trouble started when Mary arrived at the hotel Saturday, whereupon the couple got into "a huge argument" witnessed by their two young children, who had to be taken away by Weiland's assistant. Weiland himself then left, leaving behind Mary, who could be heard throwing things in the room. The police were called, and the hotel is pressing charges for the damage caused. There's no word whether either Weiland or his wife were injured in the spat.

Weiland pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges against Mary in December 2001 and was sentenced to probation and forced to pay a fine.

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