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Guess Who This Cool Kid Turned Into!

1/17/2019 12:01 AM PST

Before this straight-faced young man was playing a plastic surgeon on a hit medical drama, he was just another kid growing up in Chicago, Illinois. Can you guess who he is?

Guess Who This Blue-Eyed Girl Turned Into!

1/15/2019 12:01 AM PST

Before this sweetie in stripes was cracking jokes on Saturday nights, she was just another photogenic girl growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. Can you guess who she is?

Jada Pinkett Smith on 'Surviving R. Kelly' I Had to Protect Willow as a Child ... And I'm Glad I Did

1/14/2019 10:33 AM PST

Jada Pinkett Smith says she fended off potential creepers from Willow at a young age -- and in light of "Surviving R. Kelly" ... she seems grateful she did.

Jada released another episode of "Red Table Talk" Monday, which continued a conversation with alleged R. Kelly victim Lisa Van Allen who explained why she gravitated toward the singer. She says the fact she was orphaned played into her embracing him.

It's just as emotional as their last segment, with tears being shed in recounting her experience.

At one point in the convo, Jada reveals she had to have some serious talks with Willow as a young teen -- Willow's now 18 -- to warn her about the dangers of the world, and people who might want to take advantage of her. She says she told Willow she couldn't be alone with certain people, no matter how close Willow thought she was with them.

For her part, Willow says she didn't understand why Jada was so strict at the time but now gets where her mom was coming from ... especially in the wake of 'Surviving.'

Chrissy Teigen Meet Mini-John ... But, Which One's Better???

1/12/2019 4:09 PM PST

Chrissy Teigen's throwing a birthday bash for her hubby John Legend tonight, and she's asking for help from her fans on what to wear ... for her son.

Chrissy shared a couple beyond adorable shots of the couple's 7-month-old son Miles in a black tuxedo and a white one, adding ... "need your help dressing mini-john. Which one!"

She also added a poll -- which as of now has nearly 400,000 votes -- and the baby white tux is ahead big time with 67 percent.

John's 40th bday was actually in late December, but the family's celebrating Saturday night ... and there's no doubt Miles' outfit will be a hit.

No word if Luna is dressing as mini-Chrissy ... but we wouldn't doubt it.

R. Kelly Thinks Daughter's Brainwashed ... Blames Ex for Turning Her

1/12/2019 1:00 AM PST

R. Kelly is rationalizing his daughter's powerful condemnation of his behavior -- he believes his ex-wife cooked it all up, despite the fact he's been estranged from their child for years.

Sources close to R. Kelly say ... the R&B singer isn't upset with Joann Lee Kelly for breaking her silence and calling him a "monster," because he thinks his daughter was only parroting her mother, Drea Kelly's views. We're told he feels Drea's brainwashed all 3 of their kids into hating him.

Although our sources say Kelly loves and misses his kids, he seems to be ignoring the reality -- that he has no relationship with them -- and hasn't for some time now.

Kelly did have a musical collab in 2015 with Joann, who is a talented singer -- but we're told he thinks Drea drove a wedge between them after that, because she was furious Joann had been in the studio with him.

We're told Drea brought their kids to an R. Kelly concert in Atlanta a couple years ago, but since then he's had little contact with them, and he has no clue why things switched up. 

However, anyone who's seen "Surviving R. Kelly" knows exactly how Drea feels about her ex ... and it ain't good. Worth nothing, Drea told us earlier this month she's open to Kelly reaching out to the kids because they're all adults now and free to make their own choices. 

Joann seems to have made her feelings extremely clear, but we're told her father wants to repair the relationship. 

North West Screw Chuck E. Cheese ... I'm Dining at Craig's!!!

1/12/2019 7:29 AM PST

North West is not your average kid ... she put on her Sunday best for a Friday night out at one of the glitziest restaurants in all of L.A.!

North joined Aunt Kourtney Kardashian and Grandma Kris Jenner in WeHo for a meal at Craig's. Check out what looks like a $1,000 Fendi tracksuit and $400 Fendi slides.  

Corey Gamble, who's becoming a longtime BF of Kris, was also on hand but no sign of Kim or Kanye.

The night out was a little much for North, who was half asleep as she left on Corey's shoulders. 

Guess Who This Crying Kid Turned Into!

1/11/2019 12:01 AM PST

Before this grumpy girl was a famous beauty queen, she was just another teary-eyed tot growing up in Cranston, Rhode Island. Can you guess who she is?

Layzie Bone 1 Step Closer to Getting Maury Povich'd Over Baby Girl

1/9/2019 12:40 AM PST

Layzie Bone's getting dragged to court in a new paternity case ... TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has filed a paternity complaint against the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper (government name, Steven Howse) on behalf of the baby's mother, Shateira Marketa Childress.

The baby's name is Sevyn Isreal Childress-Howse ... born in May 2018. The date of conception is listed as September 2017. The Department of Health and Human Services is looking to establish Layzie as the father in order to determine how much dough the rapper will have to fork over in child support. 

It's interesting ... back in 2013, a different woman claimed in a paternity suit Layzie was the father of her one-and-a-half-year-old child, and it turned out she was right.

He's also the father to 3 other kids. We've reached out to Layzie ... so far, no word back.

Guess Who This Sporty Kid Turned Into!

1/9/2019 12:01 AM PST

Before this bandana boy was giving us reasons why we should love his on-screen character, he was just another mini athlete in Evansville, Indiana. Can you guess who he is?

Guess Who This Pigtail Pipsqueak Turned Into!

1/7/2019 12:01 AM PST

Before this little lady was an actress know for having a perfect pitch, she was just another tiny tot rocking pigtails in Tampa, Florida. Can you guess who she is?

Kim Kardashian We're Starting a Sunday Service! Ye Leads Choir 'Rehearsal'

1/6/2019 11:55 AM PST

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting in touch with God ... by having a choir sing some of Kanye's songs and calling it a "Sunday Service."

KKW has been posting a ton of videos on her Instagram story throughout Sunday morning which shows Kanye leading a full choir in what appears to be a private studio, as they sing old and new tunes of his, like "Heard 'Em Say," "Father Stretch My Hands," "Lift Yourself," "Reborn" and others. 

Interestingly enough ... we didn't hear "Jesus Walks" in any of her posts. 

Kim tweeted about the gathering, saying, "Our new Sunday Service is starting. Check out the rehearsals on my Instagram stories." She didn't add much context to what the "Sunday Service" entails or when exactly it's starting ... but it seems they're ramping up for a church venture of some sort.

BTW ... Kid Cudi's in the studio too, as is baby Chicago -- who's big enough now to get her groove on. 

Guess Who This Cozy Cutie Turned Into!

1/3/2019 12:01 AM PST

Before this cozy cutie was a child actress and dancer, she was just another little lady staying warm in Toledo, Ohio! Can you guess who she is?

Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber Famous Model Son Presley Arrested for DUI

1/2/2019 10:56 AM PST

The son of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber -- who has become a force in the modeling world -- ended the year on a bad note ... getting arrested for DUI.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops pulled Presley Gerber over Sunday at around 4 AM in Beverly Hills for speeding in his Tesla. Cops say he reeked of booze, so they gave him a field sobriety test ... which he failed. 

The 19-year-old model was booked for DUI and released without bail.

In California, it doesn't matter what his blood alcohol level was ... there is zero tolerance for underage drivers who drink. A .01 will get you arrested. 

If convicted, Presley will automatically have his driver's license suspended for at least 1 year.

Presley's lawyer, Scott Spindel, tells TMZ, his client has no criminal record and has never been arrested, adding, "Presley Gerber takes this very seriously and is taking the necessary steps to address the allegations."

Presley's still a teenager but he's already huge in the modeling world. He's been signed to IMG for several years now and has done campaigns for Calvin Klein, Doce & Gabbana and Paris Vogue.

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