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Guess Who This Grinning Guy Turned Into!

3/21/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Before this fantastic fella was an actor cheesin' for Hollywood cameras, he was just a kid from Santa Ana, California with a smile lighting up the night. Can you guess who he is?

Guess Who This Sixers Kid Turned Into!

3/19/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Before this glasses guy was a ballin' out as a professional rapper, he was just another kid with hoop dreams in Cheltenham Township, PA. Can you guess who he is?

'Black Panther' Actor Got a Grand a Day To Play Young Killmonger

3/18/2018 1:00 AM PDT

"Black Panther" is a smashing success and producers probably always knew it would be ... because they paid good money to a kid hardly even in the movie.

10-year-old Seth Carr -- who plays the child version of Michael B. Jordan's character Killmonger in the movie -- got paid $1,000 a day on set ... according to his contract obtained by TMZ.

It is unclear how many days young Seth worked on the film, but his guaranteed paycheck was at least $7,654 ... plus any future residuals.

Not bad at all for the few minutes of screen time.

Along with Young Killmonger, Carr is known for his roles on the shows "Bosch" and "Knight Squad" ... and also played Young Holt on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." 

Guess Who This Little Redhead Turned Into!

3/15/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Before this redheaded rugrat was acting in a popular mystery series, she was just another little lady rockin' bangs on picture day in the United Kingdom. Can you guess who she is?

Guess Who This Pianist Pipsqueak Turned Into!

3/13/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Before this musical man found the right pitch, he was just another slicked back sprout perfecting his skills in New York City. Can you guess who he is?

Khloe Kardashian $90k Worth o' Gifts Should Cover it for Baby #1

3/12/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Khloe Kardashian's baby girl will be born with several silver spoons, dripping in Versace and other designer names ... TMZ has learned. 

As we showed you, Khloe and Kris Jenner went shopping last week in WeHo, and one of the high-end boutiques they hit up was Couture Kids. We did some digging and found out Khloe's registered there, and her wish list totals over $90,000 ... and counting!

So, what does that kinda dough get ya? How about a $10k crib, or a Versace baby blanket for $365 and, because ya gotta have it ... the $600 Versace changing bag! Fit for only the finest baby deuces.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson's little one will also be decked out in a Givenchy Kids leather jacket for a mere $1,450. And that's just a taste.

Our sources tell us most of the items in Khloe's registry are pink, but another source says they think Khloe came close to picking out one of everything in the store. 

Guess Who This Sassy Sweetheart Turned Into!

3/9/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this floral female was a well-known women's rights activist, she was just another girl rocking bangs in Philadelphia, PA. Can you guess who she is?

Guess Who This Blue-Eyed Boy Turned Into!

3/7/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this dapper darling was a rosy TV personality, he was just another Netherlands native cheesin' for the camera on picture day. Can you guess who he is?

Stevie J To Get Prison Time For Being a Deadbeat Dad

3/5/2018 2:23 PM PST

Stevie J wouldn't put up in his child support case ... so he's getting locked up.

The U.S. Attorney Southern District of NY, tells TMZ ... the 'Love & Hip Hop' star will have to turn himself in to authorities April 10 for failure to pay child support. Stevie owes more than $1.3 MILLION in back child support. These cases are usually handled in state court, but the amount owed, the length of time he was in arrears, and the fact that the people involved are in different states all make it a federal case.

The judge also skewered Stevie for ID'ing his probation officer's name on social media.

TMZ broke the story ... Stevie pled guilty for failure to pay child support back in February 2017. He accepted full responsibility and had been ordered to fork over $1,304,835.86. He was also placed on probation for 3 years ... unless he paid off his tab sooner than that.

At the time, federal prosecutors wanted Stevie to do hard time. They finally got their wish.

Lil Wayne Ordered to Take Paternity Test For Realsies This Time!!!

3/5/2018 10:32 AM PST

Lil Wayne's finally ready to get Maury Povich on standby ... because he's about to find out if he's the daddy of a kid the mom says is Wayne's son.

The rapper has been ordered to submit to DNA paternity testing to determine once and for all if he fathered a son with Keiotia Watson. We broke the story ... Keiotia filed legal docs in 2015 to establish paternity and get child support.

Keiotia claims she had a sexual relationship with Wayne in 2001. The child, Dwayne Brown, is now 16. Wayne has denied he had a sexual relationship with her.

A Louisiana judge ruled in her favor and ordered Weezy to fork over $5k a month, but he never paid up ... claiming he was never served with legal papers. The previous judgment was tossed and a new trial's been ordered.

Wayne has 4 kids with 4 different baby mamas. Stand by for No. 5.

Guess Who This Glasses Girl Turned Into!

3/5/2018 12:10 AM PST

Before this blonde beauty was acting in her daisy dukes, she was just another girl in glasses growing up in Abilene, Texas. Can you guess who she is?

Carmelo, CP3 & IT Diddy Made Our Sons Supermodels!

3/1/2018 12:31 PM PST
Breaking News

Diddy's kids clothing line just got A LOT more baller -- 'cause his newest models are the spawn of 3 of the NBA's biggest superstars!!

The WAGs of Carmelo Anthony (La La), Chris Paul and Isaiah Thomas just shared the first look of their sons as the faces of Sean John Kids ... and we gotta say, these boys flyyyyy.

The starting 4:

-- Melo's kid, Kiyan, in white 

-- CP3's kid, Chris II, in black

-- IT's kids, Jaiden and James, in red and blue

La La showed love to Puff for making it happen ... and you know it's only a matter of time before these young kings get scouted by BBB. 

Tori Spelling Overwhelmed by Motherhood ... says Corinne Olympios

3/1/2018 11:14 AM PST

Tori Spelling talked mommyhood struggles the day before her mental breakdown ... so says Corinne Olympios.

The 'Bachelor' alum tells TMZ she hung out with Tori following her "Secrets in the Sauce" cooking segment Wednesday with Erica Domesek. Corinne says she was in the makeup room with Tori, who was quiet at first and exhibited signs of a distressed mom.

Corinne says Tori seemed particularly overwhelmed that she got pregnant immediately after giving birth to kid no. 4 last year. Corinne adds Tori cracked a joke about not wanting to head straight home ... and then there was the "naked" hands quip about Tori.

TMZ broke the story ... cops responded to a call Thursday morning to saying Tori was being very aggressive.

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