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Kim Kardashian My Stolen Jewelry's Long Gone

1/11/2017 12:50 AM PST

0109-kim-kardashian-tmzKim Kardashian won't be wearing that $4 million stolen ring anytime soon -- or ever for that matter -- because authorities have told her there's virtually no chance of retrieving it.

Sources close to the investigation tell us Kim's legal team has been briefed by Parisian cops on the big break in the robbery case -- rounding up 17 suspects -- and they have made it clear the only way she'll ever see the bling again is in photos.

The cops say most diamonds the size of Kim's are immediately shipped off to Antwerp's diamond district in Belgium and then quickly disappear.

TMZ broke the story -- Kim submitted an insurance claim after the robbery listing her 20 carat emerald cut stone diamond ring at $4 million -- in total, 13 items totaling $5.6 mil were stolen.


Kim Kardashian Limo Company says Driver Released without Charges

1/10/2017 4:21 PM PST

011017-kim-kardashian-ff-03The Paris limo driver who was arrested in the Kim Kardashian robbery dragnet has been released and was never even a suspect ... so claims the limo company that hired him.

UNIC Worldpass tells TMZ, driver Michael Madar has been released from custody with no criminal charges. UNIC says Madar was in custody "for testimony purposes" only.

The company insists neither it nor Madar had any connection to the October jewelry heist.

Le Monde, a leading French newspaper, was one of the first to report the robbery may have been an inside job and cops had their sights set on the limo driver.

The Kardashians DASH Store Hit by Thief

1/10/2017 12:54 PM PST

0110_cops_at_dash_store_mega-main-2Kim Kardashian has a new crime to deal with -- this time it's her family's DASH store that was hit, and it went down shortly after the Paris suspects got busted.

Law enforcement sources tell us a woman strolled into the Melrose Ave boutique Monday, grabbed a bunch of clothing and perfume and fled in a silver sedan. We're told the woman made off with around $1,600 in DASH gear ... and so far, cops haven't been able to locate her.

Odd coincidence -- since Paris cops announced Monday they'd arrested 17 people in connection with Kim's robbery in October.

New year. Same s***. 


Kim & Kanye All Torn Up For Sushi Night

1/10/2017 7:59 AM PST

0110-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-dinner-date-night-photos-launchHours after the Kim Kardashian robbery suspects were busted ... she and Kanye West had a celebratory dinner, and Kim's looking more and more like she did pre-robbery.

Kimye hit up a Shu Sushi near Bel-Air Monday night. Looks like they're slowly coming out of hiding ... on the heels of his breakdown and her Paris ordeal.

Kim's still wearing very little makeup and still kinda dressing down -- if down means rocking lace tights with destroyed denim.

She's so beyond the distressed look.

Kim Kardashian Multiple Suspects Nabbed by Cops In Paris Robbery

1/9/2017 3:16 AM PST
Breaking News

0109-kim-kardashian-TMZ-0French police have nabbed 16 people and hauled them into multiple police stations in connection with the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery.

The suspects were arrested in 5 different cities and it appears it was a coordinated effort by cops.  

Two masked men pulled off the jewelry heist last October at a luxury Paris apartment, but police think it's a much bigger conspiracy.

It's been widely reported the robbers made off with $10 million in bling, but TMZ reported based on rock-solid information the actual figure -- and insurance claim -- is $5.6 mil. That includes a massive ring worth $4 mil.

The suspects can be held for 96 hours before they have to be either charged or released.

Kim Kardashian Gold Chain Reaction To Robbery

1/9/2017 12:20 AM PST

0106-kim-chain-snapchatKim Kardashian has been truer to her word than we ever thought ... the bling around her neck has taken a nosedive from 7 figures to 3.

Kim vowed after her robbery in early October she would lose the expensive jewelry for good ... jewelry that exceeded $4 MILLION for certain pieces.

So check out the necklace she's been wearing lately. Turns out it's a custom piece from XIV Karats, which sells in the $500 range.

Kim’s stylist picked up the piece during the holidays, and we're told Kanye also made the trip and scored a bunch of zodiac signs he gifted to friends.

As we previously reported ... Kim said she was done flaunting her wealth on social media.


Kim Kardashian The Queen of Social Media Is Back And The Numbers Are Huge

1/7/2017 1:00 AM PST

0106-kim-kardashian-tmz-01Kim Kardashian is up and running again on social media -- and her numbers are pretty astonishing.

Kim jumped back on all platforms Tuesday, blasting out pics, tweets and messages. Our Snapchat sources say in just 24 hours Kim's snaps had 42.8 million views -- nearly setting a record.

Get this ... in a 24 hour span she generated 4 million likes on Instagram.

Most impressive ... her Twitter impressions -- more than 84 million impressions in a single day.  To be clear, 84 million people cast their eyes on Kim's Twitter content in 24 hours.

What we really wanted to do was compare Kim's stats to Kylie's, who has been the reigning queen since Kim went MIA. So far, we've been unable to get numbers for Kylie.


'Keeping Up With Kardashians' New Season Cashing in on Kim's Robbery and Kanye's Meltdown

1/6/2017 11:39 AM PST

0106-kim-kardashian-crying-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-eonline-01A tearful Kim Kardashian weeps while recounting her Paris robbery in the new season 13 promo for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and the timing is pretty impeccable.

Kim returned to social media by posting several images of her family this week after a 3 month hiatus. The photos came two days before the new 'KUWTK' promo surfaced, which makes it seem like it was all a planned comeback.

As TMZ reported ... cameras weren't rolling when Kim was robbed of her multi-million dollar diamond rock and other jewelry in October, but they did capture the aftermath. Kim breaks down telling sisters Khloe and Kourtneyshe thought the robbers were going to kill her by shooting her in the back.

You can also hear a worried Kim talk about Kanye breaking down. "I think he needs me and I have to get home," she says.

Rob Kardashian Ready to Cut Ties with 1st House ... For $2.675 Million

1/5/2017 1:48 PM PST

0105-Rob-Kardashian-Lists-Calabasas-Home-launchRob Kardashian's parting ways with his home in the family compound ... another sign he's back with Blac Chyna and done with the bachelor life.

The pad's 4,256 sq ft with 4 bedrooms in the gated Oaks neighborhood where most of his sisters live. Rob just bought it last February for $2.285 mil ... so it'll be a decent payday if he gets his asking price.

As TMZ reported ... Rob and Blac Chyna started renting one of Kylie's cribs last month, so it certainly seems like he's happy with that for now. We reached out to Rob's real estate agent, Tomer Fridman, but haven't heard back.

Of course, if things go south with Chyna again, Rob could be booking couch time at Khloe's or Kendall's ... or one of Kylie's other houses.

Lamar Odom Checking Out of Rehab ... 'Doing Much Better'

1/5/2017 9:13 AM PST

0105-lamar-odom-tmzLamar Odom has completed a 35 day stint in rehab and will be heading back to his home in L.A. today ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Lamar initially checked into the San Diego treatment facility last month as a preventative measure fearing the anniversary of his son's death in 2006 would drive him back to drugs.

He was also struggling with the recent finalization of his divorce from Khloe Kardashian

Sources close to Lamar tell us he's doing much better now after "successfully completing the program" and looks forward to getting on with his life back in Los Angeles.

Here's hoping he finds a clean bill of health in 2017.

Kylie Jenner Ay Step Mami! Tyga's Son Vacays Too

1/5/2017 8:49 AM PST

0105-kylie-jenner-tyga-king-FAMEFLYNET-01Kylie Jenner is in the running for Mexico's top MILF this winter ... well, step-MILF.

Turns out Tyga's son, King, is on vacay with his dad and KJ too. He was splashing around in the pool Wednesday down in Punta Mita. Kid looks like he's having fun.

Not as much fun as Tyga ... but still fun.

And if you're NOT into kids, there's this shot. Best babysitting outfit. Ever.


Kim Kardashian Back in Power Lunch Mode

1/4/2017 2:49 PM PST

0104_kim_kardashian_At-The-Polo-Lounge_x17Kim Kardashian's slowly creeping back to her pre-Paris robbery lifestyle -- venturing out for lunch with songwriting legend, Carole Bayer Sager.

Kim was still flanked by massive bodyguards Wednesday in Bel-Air, and still dressing down -- hoodie and severely distressed jeans -- just as she said she would after the October ordeal.

Little more makeup though, and after the holiday trip with Kanye's family ... good to see her getting back in the swing.

Kylie Jenner Her Ass Is On Vacay ... Tyga's Hands Working OT

1/4/2017 11:03 AM PST

0104-kylie-jenner-tyga-mexico-launchWhen Kylie Jenner goes on vacation ... Tyga wins big time. So do we, come to think of it.

KJ and Tyga are down at Joe Francis' famed estate in Punta Mita, Mexico ... and lounging by the pool. Kylie didn't leave much to the imagination Tuesday as she flaunted some ass-tastic swimwear.

Two things:
1. She's gonna need more sunscreen
2. Tyga's hands never looked so small.

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