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Iggy Azalea Keeping Up With Kardashians ... As Their New Neighbor

10/12/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1011-gallery-iggy-azalea-crib-instagramIggy Azalea has moved into Kardashian country ... renting a new pad inside their gated community for around $15k a month.

We're told Iggy got the home 4 months ago in The Oaks -- where most of the Kardashians and Jenners live -- right after she broke off her engagement to Nick Young

Sources close to Azalea tell us renting makes sense for her right now while she's looking to buy. Plus, she wanted to live near horse facilities because she's an avid equestrian.

She's been flaunting her new digs in pics -- making it clear the old pad with Nick is just a memory.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Pulled From Site

10/11/2016 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1011-kim-kardashian-robbery-costume-COSTUMEISH-01The public has spoken, and does NOT want to see people dressed up as Kim Kardashian, bound and gagged by armed robbers for Halloween.

Costumeish founder Johnathon Weeks says the backlash was so severe by Tuesday afternoon, it became clear the Parisian Robbery Victim costume wasn't gonna fly. It's been yanked from his website. 

Weeks says this is the first time they've removed a costume from their online store -- and there have been plenty of borderline tasteless options in the past, including Cecil the Lion and crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford.

The move won't ruin Halloween for too many -- Weeks says he'll be fully refunding all SIX people who actually forked over the $69.99.


Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Backlash ... 'Pathetic' & 'Disgusting'

10/11/2016 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1011-kim-kardashian-robbery-costume-COSTUMEISH-01Kim Kardashian will have to relive the trauma of the Paris robbery come Halloween, thanks to a new costume, which a ton of people are calling a "disgusting" cheap joke.'s "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit" includes a short white robe, black wig, "$4 million" ring, sunglasses, a gag and a rope ... all for $69.99.

The getup is as controversial as it is timely ... which explains the wave of negative product reviews:

- "What kind of sociopathic a****** makes someones trauma a f***** COSTUME?!"
- "You should be ashamed of yourselves you sick f***s. Hope you get robbed at gunpoint so you psychopaths know how it feels. Pathetic."
- "This is ridiculous. Are you going to have a Brock Turner costume with optional dumpster and passed out girl?"

Costumeish founder Johnathon Weeks tells TMZ ... he expected backlash, but pop culture's become a huge part of Halloween. This is the same company that did Cecil the Lion and Caitlyn Jenner costumes ... so this is just par for the course.


Kim Kardashian Robbery Goes on the Attack! Sues Over Claims She Lied

10/11/2016 8:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004-kim-kardashian-tmz-05Kim Kardashian's calling out a media outlet ... Tom Cruise style ... suing for published stories that accuse her of lying about the whole Paris robbery.

Kim just filed a federal lawsuit against for 3 posts about her ordeal ... one of which alleged there was evidence Kim "staged" the robbery. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kim says the site used random people off social media as its sources.

The site also posted a story about "French authorities" suspecting Kim had actually "let the robbers in" the apartment. The final indignity, according to the suit by her lawyers Marty Singer and Andrew Brettler, was a post about Kim's insurance claim. She says MediaTakeOut reported, "If she faked the robbery ... she just committed a FEDERAL CRIME."

Kim says she immediately sicced her legal team on the site ... demanding they retract the posts and apologize, but got no response. So now, she'll see 'em in court.

MediaTakeOut had no comment.

Kim Kardashian to Cops Thieves Were a Bunch of Amateurs

10/11/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004-kim-kardashian-tmz-11Kim Kardashian's robbers were rank amateurs ... and it showed from start to finish.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ ... she told cops the robbers were extremely hesitant and tentative ... whisking her in and out of the bathtub, pointing a gun at her head ... walking away and then pulling the gun again for no apparent reason.

We're also told it seemed to Kim that the robbers were arguing over how to pull off the heist. Remember ... the robbers only spoke French.

As for the robbers mimicking cops ... we're told not even close. The uniforms looked like they came from a Halloween store.

The thieves used a garden-variety backpack to carry the jewels out. But they were extremely careless ... a $33,000 necklace ended up on the street as they made their getaway. And they left zip ties and duct tape behind.

Still ... they got away with it -- for now.


Kim Kardashian Robbery Diamond Cross Found ... Small Change Next to Ring

10/10/2016 8:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-tmz-07Kim Kardashian's robbers did NOT make a clean getaway -- they dropped one item, and we've learned the blinged-out piece came straight from famed jeweler, Jacob and Co. 

The recovered jewelry is a platinum mounted diamond cross ... according to our sources. Amazingly, a passerby found it on a sidewalk outside the apartment complex the day after the robbery. We're told it's worth $33,180.

Police are checking the pendant for any traces of DNA that could potentially help crack the case. 

1010-kim-kardashian-pendant-sub-01As we first told you, the robbers made off with a total of 13 items, worth $5.6 million ... and that includes the massive $4 million diamond ring. 

Hard to tell if it has enough diamonds to be the actual pendant, but Kim was sporting this cross in Paris just 2 days before the robbery went down.


Kim Kardashian My New Security's Ready for Gun Battle

10/10/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004-kim-kardashian-security-tmz-getty-02Kim Kardashian wants to make it clear to anyone who's even thinking of pulling off a heist at her expense ... you could end up dead, because she's amping up her security to Presidential levels.

Sources close to Kim tell us ... her new security detail includes former members of the Secret Service, who will be armed to the teeth.  

There will be at least one team of 2 hired muscles (minimum) everywhere she goes. We're also told her car will be "armored."  

We're told after the Paris robbery Kim met with some ex-special force members from the Israeli army, ex-CIA agents as well as former Secret Service members. Kanye met with owners of 2 top security firms. 

As for Pascal Duvier ... he still has a job.

We're also told Kris Jenner is heavily involved in security meetings, and plans to get protection for KourtneyKhloeKendall and Kylie ... stat. We've heard nothing about Rob.

No word on Kim's code name.


Kim Kardashian Concierge Says I'm a Victim Too Staying Calm Saved Us

10/7/2016 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-paris-apartment-tmz-getty-02Kim Kardashian has no reason to feel suspicious of the concierge who let gunmen into her apartment this week ... so says the concierge himself.

The 40-year-old apartment gatekeeper has written an open letter to Kim, trying to assuage her doubts that he's simply a victim. Kim has made a point of saying the concierge remained almost too calm when confronted by the robbers.  

The concierge wrote, "Dear Kim: When you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the difference of life or death, both our lives."  In the letter, published in Closer magazine, he ends with "I hope you are feeling better."

As we previously reported, Kim turned to the concierge and said, "Are we gonna die?" He responded in a calm voice, "I don't know."

Kim Kardashian My Bling Was the Real Thing

10/7/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-ring-INSTAGRAM-01Kim Kardashian is no faker ... we found out the stolen ring at the center of the Paris robbery really was as advertised ... insanely expensive.

Kim showed the ring off frequently, and seemed happy that media outlets were setting the value in the millions. After it was stolen, Paris authorities said it was worth $4.5 million. 

Sources familiar with the case tell us ... Kim has already submitted an insurance claim, setting the value of the ring at an even $4 million. 

The insurance docs describe the ring in detail ... a 20 carat emerald cut stone.

According to the docs, 13 items were taken, with a total value of $5.6 million ... significantly less than the reported $10 million or $11 million. 


Kim Kardashian Back on Home Turf ... Totally Low Key

10/6/2016 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-kris-jenner-return-to-la-post-robbery-X17-01Kim Kardashian is finally back in Los Angeles ... safe and sound with her 2 kids.

Kim cradled Saint -- who's too freakin' adorable -- while her mom, Kris Jenner, carried North off the private jet they took Thursday from NYC to L.A. Looks like Kanye West stayed behind on the east coast ... he's resuming his tour Friday night.

As we first reported, Kim's pulling back on flaunting her wealth -- and she was clearly understated when she touched down.

As much as you can be while stepping off a G4.


Kim Kardashian Pascal Needs Backup ... Call in the Cavalry

10/6/2016 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-akm-startraks-01Kim Kardashian is pulling out even more big guns for her new security detail ... as if Pascal Duvier wasn't enough mountain of a man.

Kim and Kanye West were seen in public with Saint and North in NYC Thursday morning ... the first time they've been out since the robbery. They were flanked by new men in black ... for increased protection.

Pascal's still in the mix. As we reported ... Kim doesn't blame him for what happened -- but it's obvious she's taking a seriously new approach to keeping herself and her family safe.


Kim Kardashian Video of Robbers Hits Dead End

10/6/2016 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1005-kim-kardashian-tmzThere's video of the robbers fleeing Kim Kardashian's Paris apartment alright, but it doesn't show squat ... TMZ has learned.

Paris law enforcement sources tell us ... they have looked frame by frame at video recorded across the street from Kim's apartment, showing images of the robbers fleeing the scene.  

The video is not a direct shot ... you see the robbers on a reflection of glass in a shopping area.

Here's what it shows ... the robbers were fleeing on bicycles. Problem is ... there's no way to distinguish any facial features. We're told the images are so blurry you can't even tell if the robbers are still wearing masks.

As for suspects ... we're told cops have their eye on at least one person. 

Kim Kardashian My Wealth Won't Be in Your Face Anymore

10/6/2016 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004-kim-kardashian-tmz-09Kim Kardashian has found God -- at a discount -- because after the robbery wealth will no longer be the driver of her brand.

Sources close to Kim tell us ... she actually agrees with critics who say she put a target on her back by flaunting her wealth and jewelry on social media. A number of people have been critical of Kim for posing with her $4.5 million diamond ring in the apartment shortly before the hit.

We're told Kim is taking a month off work and when she returns she's pulling back in a big way on social media. She won't be displaying her personal wealth ... and she'll even be less ostentatious with the promotion of her fashion line.

Kim has been rocked to her core after being tied up with a gun to her head. She's saying privately ... "Material things mean nothing. It's not all about the money," adding, "It's not worth it."


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