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Jeezy Kourtney's the Hottest Kardashian ... Call Me!!!

8/25/2018 2:49 PM PDT

Jeezy's officially weighed in on the debate over who's the most bangable Kardashian ... and he used it as an opportunity to shoot his shot with her too.

We got the rapper leaving Avra in Beverly Hills Friday, and showed him the recent pics of Kourtney in Cabo ... which only confirmed his top choice. He then tells Kourt to holla' at him.

Jeezy basically says he's single ... and Kourtney's now single ... so it just makes sense. He's not afraid of what her ex -- Scott Disick, not Younes Bendjima -- thinks about it either ... not at all.

We broke the story ... the "Put On" rapper put music on the back burner and moved to L.A. from Atlanta to become an actor, and even signed with major talent agency UTA.

Being in Hollywood definitely gives Jeezy an in with Kourtney, and if she's into luxury whips ... he says he's got plenty of those, too.

Oh yeah, we also get a Super Bowl pick out of Jeezy ... but it should come as no surprise.

Kourtney Kardashian Cabo's Booty-ful This Time of the Year!!!

8/24/2018 12:24 PM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian might have just turned Cabo San Lucas into the 8th Wonder of the World ... porque ay Dios mio that bikini bod is FUEGO!!

Kourtney hit up the popular resort town in Mexico with a few gal pals ... strutting what her mama gave her in a super revealing leopard print bikini. She's no doubt breaking necks left and right ... anyone trying to admire what Younes apparently didn't appreciate. #SMH

Check out the pics ... Kourtney struck several poses for her posse to snap pics. #NoFilter?

BTW ... Kourtney here might have put to rest the debate about who is the most bangable Kardashian.

Kourtney for the win!!

Nicki Minaj I Love Kylie!!! ... She's Not Part of This

8/23/2018 2:19 PM PDT

Nicki Minaj wants this on the record -- she F****** LOVES Kylie Jenner (but not Travis Scott) ... and will NOT be playing into a catfight narrative!!! GOT IT?! Got it, Nick.

The NY rapper cleared the air Thursday on her 'Queen Radio' show over a vid TMZ posted showing Kylie trying to avoid Nicki on the VMAs red carpet this week, saying Kylie's nothing more than an innocent bystander in this clear beef between Nicki, Travis and the music biz.

Nicki says Kylie is doing what anyone would do -- standing by their man. That's a bit of a flip from what Nicki tweeted over the weekend, blaming Kylie and Stormi for pumping up Travis' album sales. Now ... she insists they're all good.

As for the red carpet run-in, we just call it how we see it. Kylie was absolutely trying to dodge Nicki ... no debate on that. But, if Kylie can approach without worry, cool. Come on down! 

Drake, Odell Beckham Jr. Watch as Kourtney's Ex Brutally Attacks Man

8/23/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Drake and Odell Beckham Jr. watched as Kourtney's ex, Younes Bendjima, viciously beat a man outside a West Hollywood restaurant ... and TMZ has the video.

It went down March 24 at Delilah restaurant at 2:15 AM. Drake, Odell and at least a dozen other guys are leaving through the back door of the club when an employee throws open the door leading to the parking lot.  

The employee mouths something to the group, which clearly pisses them off, and Younes delivers a flurry of punches to the employee's head. Another member of the crew jumps in and delivers his own series of punches as the victim appears to go down. Younes grabs the guy's hair and continues the assault.

A source who was there tells TMZ the victim "talked smack" as he opened the door for the group.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the employee filed a police report, but changed his mind and decided not to pursue the matter.

TMZ shot video of Drake, Odell and the other guys entering and leaving the restaurant.

Kylie Jenner Swerves Out of Nicki's Lane at VMAs ... NOOOOPPPE

8/22/2018 9:48 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner did NOT want to come face-to-face with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs, 'cause she completely changed course on the red carpet to avoid her.

Nicki was making her entrance at Radio City Music Hall Monday night, and Kylie was walking in her direction from the other end ... when she stopped in her tracks upon seeing Nicki. It's pretty clear she didn't want a confrontation -- 'cause she doubled back fast.

Can't blame her. Nicki put Kylie and her baby, Stormi, on blast this weekend ... blaming them for unscrupulously boosting Travis Scott's album sales by promoting his merch. She later went on to call Travis a "hoe n**** of the week" on her Apple Music radio show.

VMA producers had already accommodated Travis and Kylie by seating them far away from Nicki after placing them right behind her at first in a seating arrangement.

Looks like you can't avoid running into your problems sometimes -- but you can always run away from them. Kylie definitely didn't want that smoke.

Kanye West No Slides, No Kim ... No Problemo!!!

8/22/2018 6:42 AM PDT

Kanye West couldn't give two f***s about his Yeezy slides being two sizes too small -- or that he was even wearing sandals to a wedding over the weekend -- but he's got 2 f***s for you.

Ye was spotted leaving Nobu in Malibu Tuesday night in an appropriate dinner outfit, complete with a pair of shoes ... which actually seemed to fit! He was dining sans Kim ...  she was on the other side of town at Madeo in Bev Hills.

Paps peppered Mrs. West with questions about the now-infamous, kid-size slides -- which Kanye wore to 2 Chainz's nuptials last Saturday -- but all she had to say was that they were a dope fashion choice. Much to the photog's dismay ... it doesn't sound like the couple will be repeating with a Yeezy footwear handout like they did a couple years back. Rats!

Interestingly enough, Kanye previewed the latest of his Yeezy shoe collection, the 700 V3 Tuesday ... and it appears he was rocking them when he went out too. 

Like they say ... don't judge a dude until you're in his shoes. Or slides ... or whatever.

Kanye West Gets Slippery ... At 2 Chainz' Wedding

8/19/2018 7:21 AM PDT

You'd think Kanye West would not get shut down when he ordered a pair of Yeezy slides, but the ones he wore to 2 Chainz' wedding were waaaay 2 small.

The back of Ye's feet were hangin' off the slide. It may have affected his balance because it looks like he had to use Kim's ass to stay upright. Then again ... that's just a theory.

They otherwise had a great time at the nuptials.

BTW ... the slides go for $150 a pop. Larger sizes don't cost extra. 

Kim Kardashian West It's Not Easy Being Me ... Especially at Red Lights

8/18/2018 7:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian West made it clear Friday ... driving is a pain in the ass for her, especially when her whip comes to a stop.

Kim was out and about in Miami with pals Larsa Pippen and Jonathan Cheban when she stopped at a red light and crowds started to swarm around her. 

She explains how her security has to jump out and hold people at bay, so the vehicle can move when the light turns green.

BTW ... who knew Mercedes G-Wagons came in lime green?

French Montana I'll Tell You the Most Bangable Kardashian ...

8/18/2018 7:21 AM PDT

French Montana knows knows how to walk a tightrope ... skirting the issue Kanye raised in song ... whether someone married to a Kardashian thinks about banging the other Kardashians.

We got Khloe's ex Friday night at LAX, and asked him if Kanye's verse -- that he has thought about what it would be like to have sex with Kim's sisters -- was disgusting or understandable.

French navigates well and then drops a hint on the most bangable of the brood. In the end, French defaults and gives the safest answer.   

Kourtney Kardashian's Ex My Luxury Ride's Over

8/16/2018 5:45 PM PDT

Younes Bendjima's flying solo now, and because of that ... it appears his mode of transportation's a lot more basic than what it used to be.

Kourtney Kardashian's ex-bf was spotted out by himself in WeHo Thursday in very casual attire, before hopping in a ride worth hundreds of thousands less than Kourt's convertible Bentley he was seen gassing up in Calabasas last month ... a regular ol' Ford Explorer.

The 25-year-old model has been getting back to a normal way of living since Kourtney dumped him a few weeks ago ... possibly because he cheated on her.

'Vanderpump Rules' star Jax Taylor pointed it out to the world when he spotted Bendjima slumming it at the regular gym Monday night just like him ... with some regular water.

No more Fiji ... no more Rolls Royce. Poor Younes.

Kim Kardashian West Family Yacht Day ... All Aboard, Kiddos!!!

8/16/2018 12:08 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian West is teaching her kids how to live it up in Miami ... which should always include some time spent on a luxury sea vessel.

KKW brought her oldest children -- North and Saint -- onboard Miami mogul David Grutman's yacht Thursday ... and had her finest hot pink, skin-tight Chanel catsuit on to chase 'em around.

North matched her mom with some pink shorts, and Saint looked absolutely adorable rocking a captain's hat.

Also on the yacht were family friends Jonathan Cheban, Larsa Pippen and her daughter Sophia.

Btw ... Kim knows how to do an encore when it comes to her bright and tight Miami outfits. We see you, girl.

Kim Kardashian West Yellow ... Is It Me You're Looking For???

8/16/2018 9:35 AM PDT

Here's Kim Kardashian West just trying to stay low-key and under the radar in Miami and ... JUST KIDDING, SHE WANTS ALL THE ATTENTION!!!!

With the boobs out and the dress short, KKW shined bright like the sun in a tight, canary yellow Versace mini dress while vacationing in Miami this week. 

37-year-old Kim was leaving a fancy dinner at Komodo with a pretty solid squad -- Larsa Pippen, Jonathan Cheban, David Grutman and Isabela Grutman

The Kardashian West fam just got back to the States after spending some time in the Bahamas -- where her 2-year-old son, Saint West, grooved to Petey Pablo's old hit, "Raise Up."

Start 'em young, Kim.

As for Kanye, he's back in Cali -- the rapper was spotted in Malibu on Wednesday.

Blac Chyna Dream Looks Exactly Like Me!! ... Hmmm, That So?

8/16/2018 7:21 AM PDT

Blac Chyna thinks little Dream is a spitting image of her and not baby daddy Rob Kardashian ... but we gotta ask ... really???

We got BC Wednesday night heading into Project LA in Hollywood and she didn't hesitate on the issue of likeness -- Dream's a chip off the old mom block.

Rob's got a ton of recent photos of their almost 2-year-old up on social media, and her features are certainly starting to get much more defined. As for Chyna's claim ... we really can't say. Truthfully, Dream looks a little like both of them -- they each technically contributed half of themselves, after all. 

How about we just stick to the custody deal in place here and call it 50/50? That ... or you can just weigh in for yourself. Either way ...

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