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Roe v. Wade Attorney Trump Daughters Won't Let Him Overturn Abortion Rights

11/17/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump will make it impossible for their dad to appoint Supreme Court Justices who are gunning for Roe vs. Wade ... so says the lawyer who won the case giving women a Constitutional right to an abortion.

Dr. Sarah Weddington gave us her take on the future of the ruling she won back in 1973.

She's actually way more worried about Pence than Trump.



Kate Upton Rips MLB Writers Over Cy Young Snub ... You 'F'd' Justin Verlander!!!

11/16/2016 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1116_kate_upton_justin-verlander_tmz-2Kate Upton is FURIOUS Justin Verlander didn't win the A.L. Cy Young Award -- sending a scorching note to the MLB writers who voted on it ... YOU F**KED MY FIANCE. 

Verlander came in 2nd in the voting behind Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello -- despite the fact Justin had more 1st place votes. 

FYI -- the Cy Young voting system is weighted. Writers fill in a name for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place -- a 1st place vote is worth 7 points. 2nd is worth 4, 3rd is worth 3, 4th is 2 and 5th is 1. 

Verlander had 14 1st place votes. Rick had 8 ... but Rick beat Verlander out in the overall scoring. 

Enter Upton who went all scorched Earth on the process. 

"Hey @MLB I thought I was the only person allowed to f**k @JustinVerlander ?! What 2 writers didn't have him on their ballot?"

"He had the majority of 1st place votes and 2 writers didn't have him on their ballots?!! can you pick more out of touch people to vote?@MLB"

"Sorry Rick but you didn't get any 1st place votes? you didn't win. #ByeFelicia @MLB keep up with the times and fire those writers."

Conor McGregor Warned By UFC Fighters ... Careful, Tyron Will Beat Your Ass

11/12/2016 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conor McGregor is barking up the wrong tree by picking a fight with Tyron Woodley -- because if they really did throw down, the Irishman would get BEAT THE HELL UP ... so say 2 fellow UFC stars. 

As you know ... McGregor and Woodley went at it on Friday -- it started with an icy interaction at the weigh-in ... escalated on Twitter ... and got even nastier when they faced off in person Friday night

Now, both Anthony Pettis and Aljamain Sterling are warning McGregor to think twice ... Woodley's no bitch. 

Donald Trump's Election Comparison to 9/11 Is Disgusting Ignorance ... Victims' Families Lash Out

11/10/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks are outraged Donald Trump's detractors have dared to compare the day after his election to the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil.

Carmen Suarez and her daughter, Jillian, couldn't believe what they were seeing when the memes started popping up early Wednesday morning. One called 11/9 the "second worst day in America" -- and another said it was "more of a disaster than 9/11."

1109_snoopdogg_viral_post_instagram_3Carmen's husband and Jillian's dad, Ray, was an NYPD officer killed while saving people during the 2001 attack and they both told us the social media images were enraging. Carmen said she had to avoid the Internet because she knew she was "going to be very nasty about it."

FDNY Prez Jim Slevin was equally pissed, saying anyone who draws a parallel between a presidential election and the horrific attacks "has clearly lost their mind."

Tammy Perconti, whose husband died in the World Trade Center, summed it up best -- "Clearly none of these individuals suffered a loss on 9/11."

Dan Carpenter's Wife I'M NOT A RACIST Richard Sherman Post Was Innocent Humor

11/9/2016 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1109-dan-carpenter-getty-02The wife of Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter says she was NOT being racist when she called Richard Sherman an "animal" on Twitter this week ... but she still refuses to apologize for it. 

Kaela Carpenter got herself into hot water after the "Monday Night Football" game when she lashed out at Sherman for what she claims was a dirty hit on her husband. She posted a picture of a castration device with the caption, "I know what we do on the farm when a male can't control his own rage #ActLikeAnAnimalGetTreatedLike1"

Some people freaked out -- and pointed out the long, shameful history of white people comparing blacks to animals in America.

Kaela responded on Twitter Wednesday morning ... saying, "My attempt at humor during a heated and highly controversial NFL game has not been received the way I intended."

"When I saw the out of control nature of the events that happened on the field, I jokingly wanted to relate it to life on the farm, where I grew up, and how it would have been handled there."

"Unfortunately, I did not realize that a tone of racism would dominate the response to what I intended to be a lighthearted defense of my husband."

"Regardless of the narrative that has been attached to my post, it was never intended to be related to race, or the disgusting hatred that created the basis for racism."

No apology, just an explanation. 

So far, the only response from Sherman was a tweet back to her original post -- saying, "Thank you! Have a great day."

Rick Ross Uncle Sam Comes Knockin' Where's That $5.7 Mil In Taxes, Boss?

11/8/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1104-rick-ross-tmzUncle Sam has a bone to pick with Rick Ross -- millions of dollars in unpaid taxes, according to new legal docs.

The IRS went through 3 years of Ross' taxes, and claims he owes about $5.7 mil of cold hard cash. The back taxes are from 2012 to 2014.

According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Ross owes a little more than $4.6 million in 2012 alone, and then about $570,000 a piece for '13 and '14, respectively.

The feds have issued a tax lien, and if Rozay doesn't pay up they could haul away his stuff to cover his nut.


Chicago Cubs Fans Are INSANE ... Watch TRUST FALL!

11/4/2016 12:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chicago Cubs victory parade is officially BANANAS!

Cubbies faithfuls are pulling this stunt, the trust fall, all over Chi-town -- climbing up utility poles, statues ... whatever gets 'em high enough, and hurling themselves into the crowd.

See what happens when your team doesn't win a World Series in 108 years?

Don't let this happen to you, Cleveland.

ABC News BUSTED Faked Crime Scene for Live Shot

11/4/2016 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1104_abc_news_staged_live_shot_cnnWhen is a crime scene not really a crime scene?? When ABC News FAKES IT for a live TV shot.

Viewers at home watched live Friday morning as Linsey Davis reported in front of what appeared to be a crime scene in South Carolina ... where a woman had allegedly been held captive in a storage container by a sex offender. 

Problem was ... the crime scene tape was just a TV prop to make it look like she was in front of the real crime scene ... and the lie was exposed in a photo obtained by CNN. 

You can clearly see the yellow tape was tied to production equipment to give the illusion Davis was reporting right from the scene of the investigation. The segment aired on "Good Morning America."

ABC News is placing the blame on the field producer -- saying, "As soon as it was brought to our attention, we decided to take the producer out of the field, and we're investigating further."

"This action is completely unacceptable and fails to meet the standards of ABC News," ABC News' VP of Communication said in a statement.

By the way, this isn't the first time Davis has been in the headlines this week -- she was the reporter who interviewed Lil Wayne for 'Nightline' when he ranted about Black Lives Matter and stormed out of the interview

Lil Wayne Furiously Tried to Block 'Nightline' After Anti-BLM Rant

11/4/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1103-lil-wayne-interview-abc-01Lil Wayne was so furious about his "Nightline" interview we're told his camp repeatedly demanded ABC News pull the plug.

Sources connected to Wayne tell TMZ ... the rapper's camp sent the network several emails insisting the interview never see the light of day, but ABC never responded. We're told Wayne's rationale was simple -- the interviewer, Linsey Davis, crossed the line by asking questions he says were NOT pre-approved.  

We broke the story ... Weezy got agitated when Davis asked a question about his daughter, which he says aggravated him so much ... he blasted the black lives matter movement a few minutes later.

ABC News tells us nothing was pre-approved with Wayne's camp, and, "When it came to the questions and the topics of the interview nothing was off limits."

Wayne was definitely not happy -- we're told he fired his publicists when the segment aired.

Harvard University School Suspends Soccer Team ... Over Sex-Rating Scandal

11/3/2016 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1103-harvard-soccer-GETTY-01Harvard University has suspended the men's soccer team for the remainder of the season after officials found that players had been creating detailed reports on women they'd like to bang. 

An investigation was launched into the program over allegations the 2012 team had created a ranking system for Harvard's female soccer recruits -- detailing who they'd like to bang and why.

Officials say there was essentially a "scouting report" in which the women were rated on a number scale and assigned a hypothetical sexual position.

The school says the investigation showed the "report" wasn't limited to 2012 -- and continued into 2016.

So, Harvard's Dean, Drew Faust, dropped the hammer on team -- which is currently ranked #1 in the Ivy League -- canceling the final 2 games of the season and banning them from the NCAA tourney.

Story developing ...

Chris Brown I'm Poppin' on My ATV Screw My Neighbors

11/2/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is a dumbass, wheely-poppin' ATV enthusiast -- not our words ... that's what his neighbors are saying. 

One of Brown's San Fernando Valley neighbors was so pissed she recorded him traversing one of the streets in the hood, and her commentary is hilarious.

Chris clearly knows she's shooting the video, because he shows off in grand fashion as he passes her.

It's not the first time a neighbor has recorded Chris on his ATV.  

Suffice it to say ... he won't be getting a lot of stop-by-for-Thanksgiving invites.


Ace of Diamonds Strip Club Mally Mall's Monkey Not Kosher With Public Health Dept.

11/2/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mally Mall's Halloween stunt -- bringing his monkey into a strip club -- might prove costly for the club ... TMZ has learned.

L.A. County's Dept. of Public Health confirms it's investigating Ace of Diamonds for possible violations after it got wind of Mally Mall bringing his capuchin monkey to the joint Monday night.

Official safety codes prohibit live animals inside any food facility except if it's a service animal or police dog. The owner of AoD's building has a license to serve food ... although AoD doesn't serve grub.

We've reached out to the club, but no word back yet.

For his part, Mally Mall thought Bubbs was a huge hit at the club ... as he told us on "TMZ Live."

2016 Election California Celebs Snap a Pic at the Polls, Go to Prison, Maybe

10/27/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1026_CELEBS_AT_THE_POLLS_instagram_tumblr-launch-2Justin Timberlake may have skated by taking an illegal selfie of his ballot at the Tennessee polls, but if celebs in Hollywood snap their ballots they could be in peril ... as in FELONY peril.

Most people don't know it, but there's a dusty old California law that makes it illegal for a voter to disclose their ballot choices at the polls. The law was passed 125 years ago, but it's still in effect and the punishment is up to 4 YEARS IN PRISON.

The law Timberlake violated pales by comparison. If prosecutors went after him, the most he'd get is 30 days in the pokey.

Now here's the weird part. The good folks in Sacramento just passed a law that will allow people to take selfies at the polls and display their choices to the world. The logic ... it encourages people to vote. Problem is ... the new law doesn't take effect until January 1, 2017.

So, what to do? We did some digging and couldn't find a single case where a voter was prosecuted.

We called the L.A. County D.A. and asked if they would let celebs and others skate if they dare disclose their preferences at the polls. The D.A. would not say one way or the other ... an official said they will not comment on "hypotheticals."

So, Barbra Streisand, Scooter Braun, Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga, Jamie Foxx and George Clooney ... snap at your peril.


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