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Chris Brown Tampa Club Says ... You Bounced, So Give Back Our $30k!

4/19/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Chris Brown's gonna take a huge hit if a Tampa club has its way -- it wants the singer to give back the $30k it paid because he bailed on his appearance after allegedly punching the club's photographer.

Club sources tell us CB was hired to perform for an hour but stayed only 5 minutes.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris and his entourage got into an all-out brawl after the singer became enraged photos were being snapped. The photog's adamant he was just taking crowd shots.

The club concedes Chris could have bounced and kept the money if he felt unsafe, but the club says he started the fight so he had couldn't have been that scared.

The club's reached out to Chris' camp for the loot but so far no word back. Sounds like this will be the latest CB lawsuit.

Adidas Taking Heat Over Email 'You Survived the Boston Marathon'

4/18/2017 11:43 AM PDT
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12:50 PM PT -- Adidas issued its mea culpa, saying: "We are incredibly sorry. Clearly, there was no thought given to the insensitive email subject line we sent Tuesday. We deeply apologize for our mistake." How did nobody screen this?!?!? 

Adidas is under fire Tuesday after sending out a mass email with the subject line: "Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!"

C'mon people ... really?!

The email opened into an advertisement urging runners to buy Boston Marathon gear like shirts and jackets ... but people are pissed at the lack of sensitivity after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

Three people were killed and hundreds were injured in the attack.

So far, no comment from Adidas ... but someone has some serious 'splainin to do.

Betsy DeVos Sec. of 'Educatuon' ... White House Trollin'?

4/17/2017 3:20 PM PDT

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos got a new title Monday, courtesy of a seriously ironic White House flub ... and we'd like to believe we're being trolled. No, we HOPE we're being trolled.

The White House posted a pic of DeVos reading to a bunch of kids at the annual Easter Egg Roll, but labeled her "Secretary of Educatuon" in the caption.

Of course, the Internet's been going off in the comments, but this is hardly the first typo in White House press releases under the Trump administration. Is someone just having a laugh, or ... 


Boston Bombing Survivor Furious Over Tribute Fail 'F**king A**holes'

4/17/2017 6:36 AM PDT
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Boston marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet was deeply offended over a makeshift memorial that was placed at the WRONG SPOT this weekend ... calling those responsible, "F**king a**holes."

Haslet lost her left leg in the 2013 blast and returned to Boylston Street over the weekend -- only to see a wreath incorrectly placed in front of a Starbucks instead of the old Forum restaurant, one shop over.

"Nice work, Boston," Haslet said sarcastically ... "Real good job of laying the wreath in front of the wrong place. That's real offensive to everyone. Appreciate it."

Haslet ended up taking the matter into her own hands and moved the wreath to the correct spot. 

She  added this comment -- "I bet if we had a permanent memorial people would remember where the actual attack happened."

Haslet famously returned to the course last year -- as a runner -- and completed the race with a prosthetic leg.

Aries Spears Repeatedly Punched in Head (CRAZY VIDEO) Attacked Mid-Interview!

4/16/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Aries Spears took repeated blows to the head from a pissed off host when a heated radio interview turned violent, and TMZ's obtained the video that was censored from the broadcast.

The incident went down during the 'Corey Holcomb 5150' online radio show. One of the co-hosts, Zo Williams, got into it with Aries, and then it got real racial. Aries went off on a jag about "light-skinned n****s" being loud.

That's when it got physical with Zo throwing the first punch. Actually, he threw all of 'em.

Sources tell us Zo and his co-hosts were fed up with Spears being rude. In the video, Spears said he was drunk during the show. After the incident he dismissed Zo as a "bitch n***a" ... on Twitter.

We smell a rematch.

Jennifer Lopez Together with Marc Anthony A-Rod Looks On

4/16/2017 7:40 AM PDT

Jennifer Lopez is an amazing multi-tasker ... dividing her attention between ex-hubby Marc Anthony and current BF A-Rod.

JLo was rehearsing with Marc at an historical amphitheatre in the Dominican Republic Saturday, while Alex watched/kept a watchful eye in the VIP section.

There were rumors JLo and Marc had hooked up recently but we're told that's all BS. Fact is ... together and separately, they sell out stadiums.

JLo's main singing gig now is Vegas, where she'll be appearing during the summer.

Cris Carter Aaron Hernandez Is Dead to the NFL ... Even If He's Freed

4/16/2017 12:35 AM PDT

It won't matter if Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction is overturned -- he'll NEVER get another shot in the NFL ... so says Cris Carter.

Here's the thing ... Hernandez's lawyer, Jose Baez, says he truly believes the ex-Patriots tight end is innocent in the murder of Odin Lloyd and will eventually get out of prison after he appeals.

Hernandez is only 27 -- and when he was playing, he was one of the best tight ends in the game.

But Carter says it won't matter if he's exonerated -- no NFL team will touch him.

In fact, Hernandez will have a tough time getting a job in any industry ... except one.

Kendall Jenner Coachella Media Warned No Pepsi Talk!!!

4/15/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner's ready for mics all up in her business when she hits up Coachella this weekend ... but there are strings attached -- NO PEPSI TALK!!!

Our Kendall sources tell us the model's got several interviews lined up when she hits up events at the festival ... but questions must be submitted in advance. Everyone interviewing Kendall will have a hard rule ... no direct or indirect mention of her failed Pepsi ad.

As we reported ... Kendall's hosting a party for the dating app Bumble and she'll be a guest DJ at another event.

There are consequences for outlets that get sneaky -- Kendall will be immediately pulled from the interview and the outlet will forever be persona non grata.

Ask at your peril ...

United Airlines Policy Change for Overbooking, Removing Passengers

4/14/2017 2:11 PM PDT

United Airlines has just made a big change to its overbooking policy, in the wake of the disastrous removal of passenger Dr. David Dao.

Effective immediately, a passenger cannot be removed to accommodate a United crew member unless it's essential for the crew member to make the flight in order to work another flight, AND the crew member arrives at least 60 minutes before the doors close.

The idea is that the airline will make decisions on who to boot from a flight at the gate or lobby area ... before the passengers board the jet.

If a crew member arrives less than 60 minutes before the doors close, tough luck ... they have to take a later flight.

There have been a flurry of internal emails Friday. A Senior VP of In-Flight Service confesses about the Dao incident, "No one should ever be mistreated this way ... The world saw us in a bad moment."

In another email, Chairman of the Board Robert A. Milton concedes, "We need to use this regrettable event as a defining moment and pivot off it to craft friendly policies and redouble our efforts to win back the trust of everyone -- something I know we will do."

Gilbert Arenas Says Dark Skinned Black Women Aren't Pretty ... Sorta Apologizes

4/14/2017 11:47 AM PDT
Breaking News

Gilbert Arenas says he didn't mean to say darker skinned black women aren't beautiful (although that's exactly what he said) and is apologizing for his insulting remarks ... sorta.

This started when Gilbert commented on a meme encouraging women with more African features (darker complected) to be proud of their beauty, saying he didn't think they had much of it at all.

"How black we talking?? Not to be funny can you name a beautiful black woman on the outside ... not brown skin ... like Tyrese black."

He was immediately dragged for his dumbass statement on social media ... and kinda walked it back ... but not entirely, and not without dissing another darker black woman ... Lupita Nyong'o.

"I thought I was saying if you're mixed you're not considered black and beautiful and my kids are dark skinned so I perceived it how I wanted to. I was trying to defend all shades of black but that's what the post was also doing."

"As for Lupita she ain't cute to me sorry ... just like I'm not cute to 95% of you."

Classy as always.

[h/t Baller Alert

Andy Cohen Good Won Over Evil In 'Survivor' Outing

4/13/2017 3:33 PM PDT

Andy Cohen thinks the 'Survivor' contestant who outed his fellow castmate as transgender did a terrible thing, but believes there's a silver lining.

We got Andy Thursday at LAX where he was clearly disgusted by what went down -- Jeff Varner telling the whole tribe Zeke Smith is transgender. Andy told us what he'd like to say to Jeff, and didn't pull punches.

He did see some good news in how the rest of the cast responded. Varner has since apologized.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Cut the Crap on My Spaceship! No Bathroom Breaks

4/13/2017 1:39 PM PDT

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos will someday let you fly into space on his shuttle -- for a price -- and only if your bowels and bladder are running on empty. 

Jeff announced the bathroom ban at the 33rd annual Space Symposium. He was talking about his Blue Origin private spaceflight company, and shockingly said ... there would be no bathroom break requests, or anything to deal with vomiting during the 40-minute flight. 

As he put it, "Go to the bathroom in advance. The whole thing, from boarding until you’re back on the ground, is probably 40 or 41 minutes. So you’re going to be fine."

Pretty ballsy game plan by Bezos. Of course, he won't be on cleanup duty.

Danielle Bregoli Busted for Weed

4/12/2017 5:08 PM PDT

14-year-old Danielle Bregoli is living the high life, which is why police just cited her for weed possession.

Sources connected with Danielle tell us she was at a friend's house Wednesday in Boynton Beach, Florida, hanging outside when her friend pulled out a joint. Danielle insists she was not indulging, but cops rolled by, saw the girls and made their move.

We're told cops asked the 2 girls if they were both smoking but neither would rat out the other, so the cops gave both citations.

We've reached out to the police dept. but so far no comment.