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Paris Hilton

I Never Fake Orgasms ...

'I'm a Virgin!'

3/12/2015 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Verifiably inaccurate.

Paris Hilton was leaving The Nice Guy in L.A. Wednesday night when our photog complimented her on her performance the other night at a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, where she faked an orgasm. 

In an entirely separate encounter, we asked Kathy Hilton if she happened to see the video ... and it was AWK-ward.


Lindsay Lohan

Baby Got Back

... Courtesy of Photoshop

3/12/2015 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312-lindsay-lohan-instagramLindsay Lohan is as good at Photoshop as she is community service -- not very. 

LiLo posted a photo of herself striking an awkward pose, standing in front of a door. If you look closely ... you can see she altered the pic around the ass area, presumably to make it look more robust. 

Lindsay captions the pic with an admission ... she cropped out her dogs because she didn't like the way they looked.

Hey, poor Photoshop skills is better than dropping the N-word any day.

Rush Limbaugh

Kanye Should Rap Racist Frat Song

... It Would Hit #1

3/11/2015 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kanye West's next chart-topping hit is ready and waiting -- all he has to do is re-record the racist chant that got 2 University of Oklahoma frat boys expelled ... according to Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh made the suggestion during his radio show Wednesday ... claiming if Yeezy made a song out of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chant -- "You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me. There

will never be a ni***r SAE" -- he could cash in on it.

As Rush put it, "If this had been a song by Kim Kardashian's husband, and they had sung this song at the Grammys ... it'd be a hit."

He seemed to be defending an MSNBC anchor who said the frat guys learned the n-word from rap music.

D. L. Hughley

Don't Expel Racist Frat Brats ...

Blame the Parents

3/11/2015 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

D. L. Hughley delivered a curveball -- he's siding with the 2 racist frat guys booted from the University of Oklahoma ... in a way ... well, you need to see his explanation.

Hughley weighed in on the explosive situation with a TMZ photog ... he doesn't think the guys should be expelled because he's pretty sure they learned that kind of hate at home, way before they joined ΣΑΕ or even started college.

He makes some interesting points for sure -- like that the frat's been around since the Civil War era ... but he thinks it will take something way bigger than expulsion to fix this mess.

James Van Der Beek

Wins Bidding War

For Rescue Dog

3/11/2015 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

James Van Der Beek Dog Shelter

James Van Der Beek adopted an adorable dog at an L.A. pound this week, which sounds fantastic for everyone except the woman who also had her heart set on the pooch.

Kristin Halvorsen tells us she saw the Chihuahua mix Sunday at a charity event called Woofstock. Kristin fell in love with the mutt and was told to come back on Tuesday to seal the deal. Problem was ... James was also at the event and told the very same thing.

They both returned to the shelter at the same time and were shocked that there was competition for the animal. The shelter people told them the policy ... when more than one person wanted the same dog, each would be told to write down a bid and submit it. Highest bidder gets the dog.

Kristin wrote down $300, but James bid higher, though we don't know how much, and he got the dog.  

Kristin tells us she dissolved into tears, which is a little weird because she posed with James and his kids after she lost. 



Lindsay Lohan

Drops the N-Word

... Quickly Deletes It

3/11/2015 6:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is about to learn a life lesson ... nothing on the Internet is ever really gone ... because her attempt to delete the N-word from social media has failed miserably. 

Lohan went to see Kanye West perform Tuesday night as part of Paris Fashion Week. She posted a photo of Kanye onstage that included the caption, "#kanye&kimAlldaynigga$."

Lindsay deleted the corresponding tweet and edited the Instagram post to remove the N-word ... but her followers noticed and called her out on it, writing things like: 

-- "Why did you change what you wrote?"
-- "You said the N word?!? Wow I seen your original post and so did thousands others"
-- "She deleted N word so fast ..... Wow !!" 

0310-subasset-2-lindsay-lohan-instagramMight want to start scheduling some of those extra community service hours with the NAACP.

'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Long Arrrrrm of the Law

Hunting for Arrrmed Pirate

3/10/2015 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


APB Australia -- be on the lookout for a pirate with a knife and a grudge and a parrot.

The pirate in question apparently is interested in breaking into showbiz, because he snuck on the set of  the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and allegedly pulled a knife on security.

The pirate sure looked authentic ... down to a parrot on his shoulder. He fled into the bushland before cops arrived.  

The pirate somehow made his way to a Kmart. There's surveillance video of him hiding in one of the changing rooms while cops were trying to hunt him down.

The pirate and the bird are still on the loose. 

'James Bond' Star Timothy Dalton

Cops Shut Down MASSIVE Rager

Thrown By Son

3/8/2015 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0308-timothy-dalton-son-party-TMZ-01When the cat's away ... his son will throw a MASSIVE house party -- at least that's what happened to Timothy Dalton -- and the whole backyard bash in Hollywood was shut down by cops.

Law enforcement sources tell us they were dispatched around 10:30 PM Saturday after neighbors complained about the massive group -- 300 strong -- waiting outside a party thrown by 17 year-old Alexander Dalton -- whose mom is no stranger to ragers ... Oksana Grigorieva.

Apparently a fight also broke out, so cops rushed over to break things up ... they even had a helicopter as back up.

Timothy wasn't home -- and officers made everyone leave in a hurry.

No arrests were made ... but you don't wanna piss off Bond, James Bond.

Scott Disick

Bails Last Minute on UK Clubs

... Via Twitter

3/6/2015 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Scott Disick continues to piss people off all over the U.K. -- this time by bailing on two club appearances at the very last minute ... and the clubs only found out by checking Twitter.

Disick was supposed to appear at  Southampton's Switch night club and Bournemouth’s Cameo club, but instead jetted off to Paris to hang at Fashion Week with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner

Switch night club blasted him, saying ... "Scott Disick has let us know via his manager's Twitter at 9.30pm that he cannot come tonight due to 'unforeseen circumstances.' The real truth is he's gone to Paris to party and ignore his fans."

Switch continued, "These famous for nothing celebs have too much money and don't realise [sic] they are letting down venues, ruining peoples reputations and livelihood, and their fans." 

Disick has two more club appearances scheduled in the U.K. for Friday night -- and both clubs say Disick's people have assured them he'll be back from Paris in time.

Disick is already in hot water for his behavior at an appearance earlier this week. The organizers plan to sue him, claiming his poor attitude and general disinterest cost them a lot of money. 


Kim Kardashian

Hits the Bottle ...

Of Hair Dye, HARD

3/5/2015 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
 said hey baby, take a walk on the bright side -- debuting an ultra blonde hairdo in Paris.

Kim and Kanye West walked out of Le Royal Monceau Hotel, and -- it might just be the new 'do -- but she had a disturbingly distant look on her face ... maybe thinking if change is a good thing. 

And you thought Kim she was just into black. 

Lil Boosie

Fan Learns the Hard Way

Don't Try to Jump on the Stage!

3/4/2015 12:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304-lil-boosie-tmz-launch-01This public service message about trying to jump up onstage at a Lil Boosie concert is brought to you by his security team and the letters G, T, F and O.

An excited fan hell-bent on getting onstage with rapper Lil Boosie finally got his wish, but it only lasted a few seconds ... because the guy was quickly smacked back into the crowd.

The beatdown was delivered during a recent show in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to our sources, the fan was acting drunk and repeatedly tried to climb onstage. We're told Boosie ignored him, but security didn't ... and quickly sent the guy packing once he finally crawled onstage.  

We're told the fan was eventually kicked out of the show ... maybe literally. 

Chris Brown

Baby Mama Partied with Karrueche!

3/4/2015 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0306-karrueche-nia-instagramChris Brown had his cake and banged it too -- because months before he knocked up his baby mama ... he was partying with her AND Karrueche Tran at the same time.

Karrueche, who was Chris' gf at the time, actually had her arm around Nia in a photo they took -- with Christina Milian too -- during a Las Vegas party back in May 2013. Chris was also there.

0304-SUB-nia-karruche-chris-instagram-01Nia got pregnant with Chris' baby later that summer. We're guessing the ladies won't be having a reunion anytime soon.

We've also learned Nia was very popular on the video vixen scene ... appearing in several music videos, including a half-naked role in Phill Wade's "Dreams of You" video.

Ex-NFL Player

I'd Crush Ronda Rousey In MMA

'She Wouldn't Stand a Chance'

3/2/2015 8:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

030215_jesse_holley_launchA former NFL player says he's found the ONE person who could beat Ronda Rousey in an MMA fight -- himself -- saying if the two got in the octagon, Rousey wouldn't stand a chance!!!

The man talking the smack is Jesse Holley -- who played WR for the Dallas Cowboys after winning a tryout with the team on Michael Irvin's 2009 reality show "4th and Long."

Holley -- who's 6'3", 215 pounds -- was on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas this morning ... when the gang began questioning if ANYONE will ever defeat the greatest female fighter in UFC history.

That's when Holley suggested ... himself. 

Holley says if he had 8 weeks to train ... he's 100% confident he'd squish her like a bug.

FYI -- Cat Zingano was also 100% confident ... and we all know how that went. 


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