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Mama June

Oops, Sorry for the Death Threats

I Didn't Mean It

12/4/2014 10:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Georgia prosecutors clearly don't have a sense of humor -- they can't even tell the difference between a real death threat and a funny one ... so claims the guy who threatened to kill Mama June and Pumpkin.

Andrew Kurt Summers -- who now faces felony charges of making terroristic threats -- went on Facebook and threatened to shoot June and her daughter.

But Summers tells TMZ ... he was never serious. It was simply, as he puts it, "a joke, a dumb mistake."

Summers says he has no ill will toward the family. He says he was trolling her Facebook page because of the Mark McDaniel situation. As for what he specifically wrote ... he won't say because the case is going to trial. Nor would he explain how a threat to shoot someone is funny.

Summers was in proximity of the Honey Boo Boo clan. He lives just outside Atlanta, 2 hours from their home.

He's freaked out about the prospect of prison, saying he's a law abiding citizen with a clean record.

And clearly not that funny.

Miley Cyrus

She's Looking

a Little Pasty

12/4/2014 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus donned a silver wig to match her silver pasties when she showed up Wednesday night to perform at Art Basel in Miami ... with BF Patrick Schwarzenegger in tow.

Miley performed mostly covers -- Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Johnny Cash -- and mocked her own music, saying, "You thought (Art Basel) was a respected place where you could escape me."

One thing's for sure ... the Kennedys are having fun conversations today.


Lindsay Lohan

Scores Clothing Line

With Addict Status

12/3/2014 12:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Mens Clothing LineLindsay Lohan is putting her experience with booze and coke to good and profitable use ... she's launching a clothing line called ... MY ADDICTION.

We've learned LiLo has partnered with Civil Clothing to roll out a menswear collection that will be sold exclusively at every 13-year-old skater's favorite clothing store ... PacSun.

We're told Civil Clothing cleverly came up with the name, pitched it to Lindsay and she agreed. The collection starts at $29.95.

Now she can pull the wool over someone else's eyes.

Cuba Gooding Sr.

I Got Your $7K Right Here ...

But I Didn't Steal It

12/3/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Sr. didn't run off with a $7,000 fee to perform at a charity concert ... he's simply holding onto the cash juuust in case the failed event is ever reorganized in the future.

As we first told you ... the '70s soul singer got sued by Reginald Lewis -- who claims he paid Gooding Sr. to play a benefit at a Maryland children's hospital. The concert ended up getting scrubbed -- but Cuba tells us he and Lewis agreed ... the singer should keep the $7K.

Gooding -- who sang the '70s hit "Everybody Plays the Fool" -- claims they decided to do the concert at a later date, but there was "no time table" for when it would go down.

The Oscar winner's dad denies stealing, and claims Lewis is only suing to get publicity. Still, Cuba says he'd be happy to perform in 2015.

Best of all ... they won't have to show him the money.

Lady Gaga

Denies Claim By Kesha's Lawyer

That Dr. Luke Raped Her

12/2/2014 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga is calling BS on Kesha's lawyer, who claims Gaga has accused Dr. Luke of raping her.

Gaga insinuated on Howard Stern Tuesday morning she had been sexually assaulted by a record producer years ago, but she didn't name names.  

Mark Geragos just tweeted, "Guess who the rapist was?" Someone responded and asked if it was Luke, and Geragos replied, "#bingo."

Gaga's rep tells TMZ, "It's absolutely not true," although she would not comment on who Gaga was referring to when she made her comment on Stern.

Luke's rep tells TMZ, "Mark Geragos' statement is completely false and defamatory. Luke met Lady Gaga twice for less than half an hour total in those two meetings combined." The rep adds, "He has never been alone with her and never touched her. Neither meeting was in that time frame reported."

But Geragos tells TMZ, "I said it because it's true." Geragos says the Cosby scandal is a trigger for the revelation, saying, "The Cosby allegations have now made others more courageous about coming out."

Geragos says he will depose Gaga in Kesha's sexual assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke. He also tells us 3 other women -- "not as famous" -- also claim they had a similar experience to Kesha's and they will be deposed as well.

Gaga's rep just expanded on the singer's denial, saying, "The Dr. Luke lawsuit is utterly incomprehensible. This simply isn't true and how dare someone take advantage of such a sensitive matter."


Ray Rice

News Conference was Horrendous Mistake

... Blames Ravens

12/2/2014 6:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ray Rice says the disastrous news conference he and Janay held together in May was a "horrendous mistake" ... but he's pointing the finger at the Baltimore Ravens. 

Ray broke his silence with Matt Lauer during a stand-up interview in his kitchen for the "Today" show ... and said of the P.R. debacle, "I made a tremendous mistake not apologizing to my wife."

Ray and Janay also took heat over the May 23rd event because Janay APOLOGIZED for her role in the elevator incident.

"When we was going in, we were given what to speak about. It wasn't truly coming from us," Ray says. 

So, who told them what to say? Janay claims the Ravens "gave us a general script" going in to the news conference that day ... and Ray and Janay did what they were told thinking the team would have their back.

During the interview, Ray also told Matt he had never laid a finger on Janay before the elevator attack

Ray says he wants to play football again, but if he can't get a job in the NFL -- Janay told Matt she's willing to  go out, get a job and "be the provider."

Cuba Gooding Sr.

Allegedly Stole Thousands

Played Charity For The Fool

11/30/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125-cuba-gooding-sr-tmz-01Cuba Gooding Jr.'s dad put Scrooge and the Grinch to shame by bailing on a Christmas charity concert for a children's hospital, while making off with a bunch of cash ... according to a lawsuit.

Reginald Lewis says he's been trying to track down '70s soul singer Cuba Gooding Sr. ever since he cancelled a benefit gig for the Kennedy Krieger Institute last December in Baltimore. Lewis claims he loaned Gooding $7,000 to promote the event ... and never got the money back. 

Lewis is suing for the dough, but says he can't locate Gooding -- whose group The Main Ingredient sang the '72 hit "Everybody Plays the Fool" -- to serve him with papers.

We reached out to one of his reps -- but same result ... radio silence.

Nipsey Hussle


When it Comes to Weed

11/29/2014 7:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112914_nipsey_hussle_launch_v2Nipsey Hussle apparently is of the belief that airport cops have bigger fish to fry than a weed-smoking passenger, because he was about as flagrant as it gets when he showed up at LAX Friday.

Apparently Nipsey knows what's up, because he smoked undeterred and entered the terminal in a haze.

One deleterious byproduct of weed ... our camera guy doesn't get coherent answers.

'Mean Girls' Star


In 'DWTS' Prep Video

11/26/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1126-mean-girls-star-massive-fail-ytJonathan Bennett's "Dancing With the Stars" appearance almost never happened ... because he suffered a humongous fall as he jokingly tried to prep for the show ... and it was all caught on tape.

So here's the deal ... the "Mean Girls" star shot this video a few months back, but kept it hidden until "DWTS" finished its run (congrats, Alfonso).

In the video, he and a few friends attempt an "interpretive dance" ... but Bennett tried a move on the railing of a staircase that ended ... well, you gotta see it. He ended up with 2 broken ribs and his arm in a sling for 2 months.

The best part -- they were dancing to "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Seeing as he was the one who allowed the video to be posted ... Bennett's ego escaped unscathed.

Roseanne Barr

Burns Self and Cosby

11/26/2014 8:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr Bill Cosby Joke
Roseanne Barr did a lot with a single selfie ... insinuating Bill Cosby brutally beat her but really just made a domestic violence joke, and at the same time showed the perils of a chemical peel. 

Barr posted a photo of her swollen and badly bruised face with the caption "tussle w bill cosby."

Apparently, no one found it funny. She took it down and reposted with an explanation, saying, "Got a chemical peel to look more sexier. Joked about tussling cosby."

Better luck next time.

Tom Bergeron

Cracks Erin Andrews

Stalking Joke

11/25/2014 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112514_tom_dwts_launchTom Bergeron hit a little too close to home Monday night on "Dancing With the Stars" ... when he made a stalking joke about Erin Andrews ... who very famously dealt with a stalker of her own.

Andrews was debriefing Alfonso Ribeiro when she began gushing over Will Smith ... who went on a social media campaign supporting his former "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" co-star. 

After Andrews repeatedly invited Will to show up to a taping, Bergeron followed it up by saying Will could do worse than having Erin as a stalker ... insinuating it's ok for hot chicks to stalk guys.

You'll recall ... Erin dealt with a stalker/Peeping Tom who secretly filmed her inside a hotel room and posted a video of her naked online. The creepy peeper was sentenced to 30 months.

'Redneck Island'

The Nipple Ring Beer Bong

11/24/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Redneck Island Nipple Ring Beer BongA group of rednecks just took beer bonging to a whole new level ... by introducing a nipple ring into the mix -- and the results are extremely uncomfortable.

Lucas Albert -- a cast member on the upcoming season of CMT's "Redneck Island" -- caught the attention of another housemate for having a nipple ring ... and that's when things got weird.

Eventually they decide to pour liquid gold into a beer bong by attaching the can to his nipple ring ... and well, we've already explained too much.

So just watch ... and don't try this at home -- unless you're a redneck, obviously.

'Pregnant Man'

I GPS'd My Ex

But I Thought It Was Legal!

11/21/2014 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pregnant Man Stalking
Thomas Beatie believes he had every right to track his ex-wife ... so says his current fiancee, who insists the famous "Pregnant Man" LEGALLY GPS'd the woman's whereabouts.

Amber Beatie tells TMZ ... after Nancy Beatie threatened to take off with Thomas' kids ... he secretly placed the GPS tracker on the car she was driving.

We're told Thomas did his own legal research and concluded GPSing her was fair game under Arizona law. He put the tracker on 2 years ago but she didn't discover it until recently.

Turns out he was right ... he was allowed to put the device on the car 2 years ago because at the time he was the registered owner.  

But Thomas transferred title to Nancy more than a year ago, and at that point cops say keeping the device on the whip is plain 'ol criminal stalking ... which is why he was arrested.

Beatie was released from jail Friday morning.

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