Ryan Seacrest That's a Wrap On 'Kelly & Ryan' ... Tearful Farewell


Ryan Seacrest has just closed out his final day of "Live With Kelly & Ryan" ... and his last episode had just about everyone reaching for tissues.

Ryan walked out with Kelly Ripa one last time Friday morning to a roar of applause from the audience -- which included his parents, sister Meredith, and GF Aubrey. The screen behind the cohosts read "Bye Bye, Ry Ry."

Kelly and Ryan were emotional from the get-go, joking about realizing they'll be shedding some tears today. They even showed an adorable send-off video from his niece. Ryan's last guest on the show was Dr. Jill Biden. The First Lady said they sometimes watch 'Live' in the White House.


His official goodbye at the end was every bit as sad as you'd think, too ... with Kelly first saying so long to her pal, before Ryan thanked her for everything, saying goodbye to the show he's been able to call home.

You'll recall, Ryan took the spot in 2017 ... a year after Michael Strahan made the switch to "Good Morning America" -- something that apparently blindsided Kelly.

Ryan covered a LOT during his 6 years on the morning show, including the pandemic -- which forced them both to take their hosting duties to their homes. With Ryan now off the air, Kelly's husband, Mark Consuelos, will take his place.


As we reported, Ryan made the shocking announcement in February -- sources connected to the host told us he had only planned to stay for 3 years but obviously kept things going. He'll be staying pretty busy with "American Idol," his morning radio show, "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve," and even producing his own olive oil.

Congrats, Ryan!

'Kelly and Michael' Sued I Fell into Their 'Trap'

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan's TV studio was a dark and dangerous place -- and not only because of their feud -- according to an audience member who says she had a trippy and painful experience.

The woman, named Judith, says her January 2014 visit to "Live with Kelly and Michael" included a hard fall on her ass, and she's blaming it on an incompetent employee leading her through a poorly lit area of the studio with cables all over the place.

She's not specific about exactly how she went down, but in the lawsuit she just filed ... she mentions the words "negligent" and "negligence" dozens of times while describing the scene. She calls it "trap like" conditions.

In the docs, Judith says she suffered severe and permanent injury -- again, short on specifics. She's suing the show, Disney and ABC. Kelly and Michael are not named as defendants, so ... no chance for a reunion on the witness stand.

Sherri Shepherd How 'Bout 'Live with Kelly and the Black Chick'


Kelly Ripa needs a different kind of co-host this time around ... maybe a black woman by the name of Sherri Shepherd.

Sherri was in NYC Wednesday and made the case that male co-hosts have been played out on 'Live,' and a woman of color might fit the bill.

And guess who would get top billing?

Michael Strahan Played Off During Bye-Bye Speech


Producers weren't taking any chances ... they played Michael Strahan off as he was saying his goodbyes on 'Live' ... just like the Oscars.

As Michael and Kelly sipped champagne ... Strahan thanks the fans and the staff, but not Kelly.

In the end, he told her he loved her and gave her a smooch.

Done, done and done.

Michael Strahan & Kelly Ripa And the Best Acting Oscar Goes to ...


They are good ... Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were all over each other, holding hands, hugging, and even being mutually chivalrous for Michael's last stand.

You just gotta watch ... 2 people who now have unbridled contempt for each other ... you would never, ever know.

Good show.

Michael Strahan Flashbacks on Final Friday Kelly Ramps Up Bitterness

Michael Strahan doesn't want fanfare Friday as he exits 'Live' for 'GMA' ... we've learned the show will be a look back at the last 4 years, minus some hard feelings by his co-host over the last 2 weeks.

Sources on the show tell us ... Friday's 'Live' will be laced with clips from shows past, highlighting Michael's ascendancy ... ironically the very thing that caused Kelly Ripa to intensely dislike him.

We're told there will be 2 guests ... Carmelo Anthony and Matt Bomer.

Michael will likely end the show thanking the staff and his fans for their support.

His exit isn't coming a day too soon. We're told Kelly barely says a word to him off camera. He has a habit of knocking on her door when it's time to go out onstage, and she now walks out without even acknowledging him. As we reported, her makeup door used to be open and he'd say hi. It's now shut.

And our sources say there's a lot of acrimony on the staff, because when Kelly came back after her boycott she talked about how they were all family, and how important it was to keep the lines of communications open. We're told the day she came back she hardly said a word to anyone on the staff or to Michael ... she only spoke to her husband and her agent.

There's also lots of support for Michael, because many on the staff say he did nothing wrong. All he did was agree to be a good soldier and go to another show on the same network ... per bosses orders.

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan Major Cold Front On 'Live' Set Before His Last Day

Expect a snowstorm for Michael Strahan's last day on 'Live' -- that's how frigid things are right now with Kelly Ripa, and there's one obvious sign every morning.

Sources connected to production tell us prior to Kelly's protest a few weeks ago, she would sit in her makeup room with the door open and Michael would greet her as he arrived ... but that's all changed.

We're told Kelly's door is shut every morning ... delaying any "good morning" salutations, and Strahan believes she's sending a clear message. Although they're putting on a good face on the air -- we're told the tension between them is palpable.

As for Strahan's last show, airing this Friday, we're told he's asked for it to be low key. One source says Michael would be happy with "a few flashback" segments and he just wants out of what's become an unfriendly environment.

Eddie George To Kelly Ripa I'll Replace Strahan ... For Cheap!!


Listen up, Kelly Ripa ... your on-air war with Michael Strahan could have a happy ending ... 'cause another NFL star says he's willing to take Strahan's spot in the host chair ... for a fraction of the price.

Michael Strahan Leaving 'Live' for Good in Two Weeks

Michael Strahan's getting the hell outta dodge months earlier than anticipated -- instead of staying at 'Live' through the summer, he'll be gone in just over 2 weeks.

Sources connected to the show tell us Michael's last day will be Friday, May 13. We're told an internal memo went around to the show staff Tuesday morning ... just as Kelly Ripa finally returned to the show.

The memo reads: "After meeting with the producers of both 'Live' and "Good Morning America," and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future."

"To that end, Michael's last day on 'Live' will be Friday, May 13, which not only gives the show the chance to have an appropriate send off for him during the May sweeps, but to also immediately give Kelly and the producers an opportunity to begin the on-air search for a new co-host."

When Strahan's move to 'GMA' was announced, Disney said he'd be at 'Live' through August -- but that was before Ripa staged her protest.

The memo also said, "This plan also allows 'GMA' to start integrating Michael into the show more often this summer before his full-time start in September."

Kelly Ripa I Got My Apology and Some Respect


Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan proved they're not only good hosts ... they're really good actors.

Kelly and Michael locked hands as they walked out ... a little surreal given that they have bad feelings toward each other.

She took the spotlight and was not the least bit contrite about boycotting the show for 2 days ... something she readily acknowledged. To the contrary, she said she got what she was looking for ... an apology from Disney for what she believes is a lack of respect.

Check out the video ... even when she mentions Michael they never show him.

Weird, and uncomfortable.

Michael Strahan He Was Sick of the Sniping He Wanted to Bail on 'Live'

Jumping ship from 'Live' was an easy call for Michael Strahan ... he wanted to work where his co-host wasn't tormenting him.

Sources connected with the production tell us, Michael had his fill of Kelly Ripa long before the 'GMA' opportunity surfaced. Sources say Kelly couldn't stand the fact that he stole some of her shine. Strahan became an instant star and got lots of attention, and we're told she hated it.

One source says it got to a point where she was "bullying" him, although on camera you couldn't tell. But another source says the notion Kelly was bullying Michael is "a joke."

The 'GMA' job gives Strahan more money, a group of co-hosts he likes and who like him, and the right to continue his sports stuff. He also wants to grow beyond interviewing celebrities.

As we reported, after Strahan broke the news to Kelly he texted her Tuesday, trying to create an atmosphere where they could co-exist for the duration of his time on 'Live.' We're told she did not respond until Saturday, and it was "short and superficial."

From Kelly's perspective, we know he was at war with Executive Producer Michael Gelman for the first year and made things very uncomfortable for everyone. These sources also say a lot of the conflict surfaced because Michael was not "present enough" on 'Live' because of his part-time 'GMA' duties.

Kelly Ripa I'm Not Looking Forward to This

Kelly Ripa left her swanky Upper East Side townhouse as she ends her boycott of her show ... and her expression tells it all.

There's an air of dread looming over her 'Live' show as she prepares to sit next to co-host Michael Strahan. The 2 haven't gotten along for several years, and the last week has only made things worse.

As we reported, Michael reached out to Kelly by text ... hours after he told her he was leaving for 'GMA.' She didn't respond until Saturday, and only superficially.

BTW ... this time she's clutching "The Rainbow Comes and Goes" by Anderson Cooper ... pretty clearly telegraphing he's a front-runner to replace Michael.

Makes for good TV.

Kelly Ripa Back Tuesday After Tough Talk With Disney

Kelly Ripa will be back Tuesday on 'Live' ... TMZ has learned ... this after her people jawboned it with Disney over the fate of her show and the tenure of her co-host.

Our ABC sources say Kelly's people made it clear she would come back if they could get assurance the show wasn't getting the ax. As we reported, ABC honchos are noodling whether to add a third hour of 'GMA,' which would displace 'Live.'

From what we can gather, the brass gave Kelly enough assurance to end her boycott. Based on what we know, even Disney doesn't know if they'll expand 'GMA.' A lot depends on morning show ratings and the performance of 'Live' over the next year.

Even if 'GMA' moves to 9 ... ABC could save 'Live' by moving it to 10 or 11 AM.

Our ABC sources say Kelly made it clear she'd be a happy camper if Michael Strahan leaves before his scheduled September departure. Our sources say both Kelly and Michael are extremely uncomfortable about sitting together under the circumstances, and they'd both like to stop the bleeding STAT.

As we reported, the 2 have not gotten along for 2 years ... various sources say they don't like each other.

We're told Kelly has a little more than a year left on her contract. Makes for good TV.

Kelly Ripa Crew Furious Her Boycott Could Cost Us Our Jobs

Kelly Ripa is alienating lots of people on 'Live,' because they believe she's jeopardizing their jobs by refusing to work.

Production sources tell us, some members of the crew believe ABC execs are weighing the benefits of either killing the show or moving it to a later hour so they can add a third hour of 'GMA.'

These crew members are grousing, the longer Kelly stays out, the more damage it will do to 'Live' and the greater the chance that they'll be replaced by 'GMA.' If 'Live' goes away, so do they.

That said, we're told the crew generally likes Kelly, but many of them think what they call "her tantrum" is hurting the show.

As we reported, ABC is indeed mulling over the prospect of adding a 3rd 'GMA' hour.

Kelly Ripa She Won't/Can't Leave 'Live' It's a Money Thing

Kelly Ripa may be saber-rattling -- boycotting the show and even threatening to leave -- but sources connected with the production don't believe she's going anywhere, because of her paycheck and her spending habits.

As we reported, Kelly has been beside herself with anger after getting blindsided by ABC's announcement that Michael Strahan is leaving 'Live' for 'GMA.' If she's not back in the chair Thursday, she won't be back until Tuesday at the earliest.

Our sources say ABC brass isn't worried that Ripa will bail on the show. We're told she makes just shy of $15 million a year, and her lifestyle eats up most of it. Kelly and hubby Mark bought a big townhouse on the Upper East Side of NYC a year ago, and they have a mansion in The Hamptons.

As one source put it, "She makes a lot of money, but she spends a lot of money, and so does he."

Kelly Ripa Everybody and Their Brother Wants Strahan's Job

Kelly Ripa has suitors lining up, because we've learned just about every agent in Hollywood and New York has gotten calls from male clients saying they'd be a perfect replacement for Michael Strahan.

We're told some of the names are hilariously ill-suited for the job ... lots of local news anchors/reporters and sports types. The agents are dutifully following up ... our ABC sources say network brass was flooded with calls Wednesday pitching their clients.

We're told there has been "absolutely no movement" to find Strahan's replacement, largely because everyone on the staff of 'Live' was kept in the dark until Tuesday's announcement. We're told there are no front-runners and the tryouts could lead execs to someone who hasn't been tested before.

Our sources say ABC will give Kelly sign-off rights on her co-host.

Old news is old news!
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