Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart Meet Fans Outside Madison Square ... After Game 7 Loss

Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart showed love to the diehard Knicks fans -- who ride for their squad, win or lose -- after the season-ending game 7 defeat to the Pacers ... showing love to droves of NYK supporters hanging out around the Garden after the game!

Of course, the Knicks and Pacers were tied at 3 games each heading into Sunday's deciding contest. Indiana star Tyrese Haliburton went off, knocking down six threes, and shooting 67% as a team, ending the season for the beaten-up Knicks.

Despite the L in the crucial game, Knicks fans still posted up at The Garden ... and Brunson -- who suffered a fractured left hand during the game -- got out of his car to shake hands with the crowd.

Fat Joe 'F*** You, Reggie!' ... NY Rap Legend Joins MSG Chants


"We killed [Reggie Miller at The Garden.] The whole crowd, 20,000 people. 'F you, Reggie.' I ain't gonna lie, I might have been in on the chat."

That's New York legend, and forever Knicks superfan, Fat Joe ... recounting the insanely loud chant directed at the Pacers legend as game 2 came to a close, and the NY K took a 2-0 series lead.

58-year-old Miller was part of the ESPN broadcast ... and the Hall of Famer wasn't shy, continually taking jabs at Knicks fans throughout the game, reminding the MSG faithful that he "owned" NYC.

Knicks' Josh Hart Hot Mic Catches F-Bomb ... Hey, Reggie, Fans Are Saying 'F*** You!!!'

There were nearly 20,000 people screaming the f-word at Reggie Miller on Wednesday night ... but just in case he didn't hear it, Knicks star Josh Hart told him all about it -- repeating the obscenity to the Indiana legend on a hot mic!

The hilarious moment happened at the end of New York's playoff victory over the Pacers ... when fans at Madison Square Garden ribbed Miller, who was helping broadcast the game for TNT, with a "F*** you, Reggie" chant.

The Knicks supporters -- still clearly salty over the way the Hall of Famer tortured them during his playing days some three decades ago -- really let the former Pacers sharpshooter have it ... filling MSG with the shout loudly for several moments.

Action Bronson Current Knicks Already Legends... Better Than Ewing, '90s Squad!!!


Action Bronson says the best way to enjoy his KnicksTape is blunted on reality ... totally enhancing his courtside experience!!! 😵‍💫

We caught Mr. Bam Bam Baklava at LAX proudly waving the NYK banner, and he owned up to his viral moments of being completely blitzed inside Madison Square Garden.

No regrets for the Queens MC ... Action tells us that being stoned while sitting so close to the team's huddle gives his brain the 3D effect -- it's like Knicks HC Tom Thibodeau is drawing up plays from a spaceship!!!

Jalen Brunson On Verge Of Being Greatest Knick Ever ... Says Diehard Fan Fat Joe


Willis Reed, Walt Clyde Frazier, and Patrick Ewing are generally considered the greatest Knicks ever, but the trio of Hall of Famers may have to slide over ... 'cause diehard NYK fan, Fat Joe, says Jalen Brunson's on the verge of being the G.O.A.T.!

"[Jalen's] so close to being the greatest Knick ever," Crack told Babcock on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs nightly on FS1), adding ... "So close, and in such short time."

Of course, the hip-hop superstar grew up in The Bronx, New York, and has been a loyal Knicks fan through the good, and unfortunately for New Yorkers, many bad times in his 5 decades as an NYK supporter.

Saquon Barkley Claps Back At Angry New York Fans ... After Attending Sixers-Knicks In Philly

Saquon Barkley's goin' in on New York fans who were irked at his presence at the 76ers vs. Knicks game in Philadelphia Thursday night, with the NFL star telling the supporters of his former team to get over him jumping ship!

"It’s been two months… lol no way ya can still be this mad! Mf can’t even go to a basketball game 😂😂😂," 27-year-old Barkley tweeted on X after he was heckled for attending the game at the Wells Fargo Center in the City of Brotherly Love, where he sat courtside with Eagles WR A.J. Brown.

Of course, Barkley -- drafted by the G-Men in 2018 -- signed with the Eagles ... the Giants hated rivals, this offseason.

Tracy Morgan Gives Tyrese Maxey The Bird ... After Game-Tying Shot

The birds were flyin' at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday ... all thanks to diehard Knicks fan Tracy Morgan, who couldn't help but share his frustrations with Sixers star Tyrese Maxey by giving him the finger!!

The hilarious (not so much for New York fans) moment went down in the closing seconds of the Knicks' Game 5 matchup against Philadelphia ... when the former Kentucky Wildcat pulled up from behind the arc to tie things up at 97.

The shot completed the Sixers' late-game push ... coming back from down six in the last 30 seconds to force overtime.

Joel Embiid Pissed Knicks Fans Took Over Philly ... 'It's Not Okay!'

The Wells Fargo Center looked and sounded more like Madison Square Garden on Sunday ... 'cause Knicks fans took over the Sixers' arena for Game 4 of their NBA Playoff series -- and Joel Embiid's pissed!

The Knicks beat the Sixers, 97-92, taking a 3-1 series lead ... and their fanbase let their presence be known.

During the live broadcast, you could hear the Knicks faithful cheering -- louder than the Sixers fans -- as the Knicks won the pivotal game behind Jalen Brunson's epic 47-point performance.

Kelly Oubre Jr. Wrecks Lambo In Car Crash ... Hours After Game 2 Loss

Kelly Oubre Jr. lost a playoff game Monday night and then he lost his beloved car ... TMZ Sports has learned he wrecked his Lamborghini in a crash just hours after the Sixers fell to the Knicks in Game 2 of their postseason series.

The Philadelphia Police Dept. tells us the wreck happened at around 1:45 AM on Tuesday ... shortly after Oubre and the 76ers dropped a heartbreaker at Madison Square Garden, 104-101.

Cops say Oubre's 2021 matte purple Lambo "disregarded a red traffic signal" ... and plowed into a 2023 Hyundai Elantra.

Knicks' Isaiah Hartenstein 'I'm Brightskin' ... Opens Up On Race

Not Light Skinned, I'm Bright skinned
Roommates Show with Jalen Brunson & Josh Hart

NBA center Isaiah Hartenstein is opening up on how people react when they find out he's actually Black ... saying the experience is like something straight out of a "Key and Peele" sketch.

The 25-year-old hooper's teammates, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart, got right to the point when they invited him on their "Roommates" podcast this week ... when the former asked Hartenstein straight-up, "Are you Black?"

The six-year vet broke it all down ... explaining his dad, Florian, is Black.

"You know how it's like lightskin? I'm brightskin," Hartenstein said. "I'm above lightskin."

The 7'0" big man went on to point out there's one big difference he notices after folks learn he's Black ... and he compared it to the famous skit from the Comedy Central show, when Jordan Peele's Barack Obama character bases his handshake approach on race.

"When they find out I'm Black, it changes," Hartenstein added. "The whole vibe changes -- it goes from, 'Hey Zay, how are you doing?' to 'Yo, Zay, what up, man? You good?'"

Hartenstein even said Hart did the same thing to him ... and the guard backed his claim, calling the revelation "crazy."

NBA's Josh Hart Rips All-Star Weekend Location ... India-NAH!!!

You won't see Josh Hart anywhere near the NBA All-Star festivities this weekend ... 'cause the Knicks guard absolutely HATES the host city -- essentially calling the entire state of Indiana a dump.

All 30 teams' biggest names are flocking to Indianapolis for the event ... but Hart made it clear he's skipping out on hanging with his NBA buddies to avoid spending any unnecessary time in the Hoosier State.

Roommates Show

"Hell no, I'm not going to Indianapolis," Hart said on his "Roommates Show" podcast with Jalen Brunson and guest Mikal Bridges. "If I don't have to play the Indiana Pacers, I'm not stepping foot in that state."

"I do not want to be in Indiana for any All-Star break, anything. I'm not an Indiana guy. I don't want to be there [when I play against the Pacers]. I'm not an Indiana fan."

Hart continued to pile on the state ... evoking Joakim Noah's infamous rant about Cleveland in the process.

"What's good about Indiana?" he added ... admitting there are actually two positives that come to mind -- a White Castle and a local bakery.

"If not those two things ... Indiana, bottom of the barrel."

It's the latest installment of the historic Knicks/Pacers rivalry ... and we take it Tyrese Haliburton and Co. will take note.

LaMelo Ball Cracks Up With Teammates During Blowout Loss ... Dragged By Fans

LaMelo Ball is in some hot water with some of his biggest fans ... who are pissed at the NBA star for cracking up on the Hornets' bench during a blowout loss Monday.

Ball wasn't playing in Charlotte's home tilt against the New York Knicks while dealing with a sore ankle ... so he took a seat with some of his squadmates -- and despite the completely one-sided score, he was seen smiling throughout the contest.

At one point, when Charlotte was down 25 points early in the fourth quarter ... Ball was actually seen busting at the seams with Bryce McGowens and James Bouknight.

The images pissed off a whole lot of Hornets supporters, who found it downright disrespectful that the team's biggest star didn't appear locked in on the game.

What made it especially worse was "Let's Go Knicks" chants had broken out at the Spectrum Center right around the same time.

The Hornets went on to lose 113-92 ... and their record is now a measly 10-35.

Ball's likely still a few days away from suiting up again -- but it seems his fans might want to hear a bit of a mea culpa before then.

James Dolan Sued You Trafficked Me to Weinstein!!! So Claims Masseuse

MSG and Knicks owner James Dolan allegedly trafficked a massage therapist to Harvey Weinstein in the 2010s -- and also taking advantage of her himself -- but he's pushing back on her claim as BS.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Dolan is named as a defendant in a suit alleging he partook in outright sex trafficking after taking a young masseuse under his wing between late 2013 and early 2014 ... while he was performing on the road.

The plaintiff, Kellye Croft, claims she was initially hired to be the traveling massage therapist for the Eagles in 2013 ... but after some trouble with the touring staff, she says she ended up meeting Dolan, whose own band was the opening act.

Croft says she opened up to JD about her woes, and afterward, he apparently got involved to alleviate her issues ... and, she alleges he started pushing a sexual relationship with her.

While she doesn't straight up accuse Dolan of sexual assault, Croft does say she felt pressured to engage in sex acts with him ... throughout the rest of the tour.

Fast-forward to January, when Croft claims Irving Azoff's company -- which she says was handling the Eagles tour at the time -- flew her out to California to do more massage work ... only this time, she claims it became clear it was at Dolan's request.

Basically, she alleges Dolan simply wanted her on the road with him for sex -- and during this stint in L.A., she claims she had an ugly run-in with Weinstein ... who she says was good friends with Dolan, and who she alleges sexually assaulted her at a hotel.

Croft claims she actually ran into Weinstein at the hotel where she was staying -- and once he learned she was Dolan's massage therapist, she alleges he tried to rope her into giving one to him right then and there -- which ended in a chase down the hallway.

Croft claims Weinstein pursued her to her room, and pinned her down and sexually assaulted her ... only to be saved by a phone call from Dolan.

Once Weinstein realized Dolan was on the other end, Croft claims he backed off and said to her ... "Well, you know Jim and I are best friends. He’s going to be very disappointed that you led me on, this won’t look good for you." She claims he then left, and it was over.

Afterward, Croft claims she relayed all this to Dolan himself -- and she says he simply brushed it off ... allegedly noting that he and everyone in Weinstein's circle knew he was a "troubled person" who had "serious issues," and that his pals had tried to get him help.

Croft also points out a song she claims Dolan sent to her other associates years after the fact -- with lyrics that she claims nod to the Weinstein scandal that broke in 2017. It's a real song from his band, called "I Should've Known."

Croft says the lyrics -- which touch on a friend who falls from grace -- are actually a reference to Weinstein, but she claims Dolan knew about him for years.

Croft is alleging she was sexually trafficked, claiming Dolan flew her out to L.A. to continue the sexual relationship, and allowed her to be put in the situation with Weinstein ... an allegation which seems to have opened the door for a federal complaint to be filed.  Of course, she wants major damages.

Dolan is calling this entire suit pure fiction, with an attorney for the mogul telling TMZ ... "There is absolutely no merit to any of the allegations against Mr. Dolan. Kellye Croft and James Dolan had a friendship. The references to Harvey Weinstein are simply meant to inflame and appear to be plagiarized from prior cases against Mr. Weinstein."

His lawyer adds, "These claims reflect an act of retaliation by an attorney who has brought multiple cases against Mr. Dolan and has not won, and cannot win, a judgment against him. Mr. Dolan always believed Ms. Croft to be a good person and is surprised she would agree to these claims. Bottom line, this is not a he said/she said matter and there is compelling evidence to back up our position. We look forward to proving that in court."

Weinstein's own attorney, Jennifer Bonjean tells TMZ … "Mr. Weinstein vehemently denies these meritless allegations and looks forward to litigating these claims in court of law where the truth will be revealed."

A rep for Azoff tells us ... "Irving Azoff is not a party to this lawsuit. Neither he nor his companies had any involvement in any alleged misconduct by others."

James Dolan acusado de traficar para Harvey Weinstein en una nueva demanda

El propietario de los Knicks —James Dolan supuestamente traficó a una masajista para Harvey Weinstein en la década de 2010, y además, se aprovechó de ella él mismo. Ahora él niega las afirmaciones.

De acuerdo con documentos legales obtenidos por TMZ, Dolan es nombrado como acusado en una demanda alegando que participó en el tráfico sexual después de tomar a una joven masajista bajo su ala entre finales de 2013 y principios de 2014 mientras estaba de gira.

La demandante, Kellye Croft, afirma que fue contratada inicialmente para ser la masajista itinerante de los Eagles en 2013, pero después de algunos problemas con el personal de gira, dice que terminó conociendo a Dolan, cuya banda era el acto de apertura.

Croft dice que James le comentó sus dolencias y después, al parecer, quiso que le realizara terapia, sin embargo, ella sostiene que intentó tener relaciones.

Aunque no acusa directamente a Dolan de agresión sexual, Croft dice que se sintió presionada para participar en actos sexuales con él durante el resto de la gira.

En enero, Croft afirma que la compañía de Irving Azoff, que según ella se encargaba de la gira de los Eagles en ese momento, la llevó a California para que hiciera más masajes, pero esta vez, según ella, estaba claro que era a petición de Dolan.

Básicamente, alega que Dolan la quería en la carretera con él para tener sexo, y durante este período en Los Ángeles, ella afirma que tuvo un feo encuentro con Weinstein —quien era buen amigo de Dolan— y alega que la agredió sexualmente en un hotel.

Croft afirma que se encontró con Weinstein en el hotel donde se alojaba y una vez que se enteró de que era la terapeuta de Dolan, ella sostiene que él trató de negociar un masaje ahí mismo, lo cual terminó en una persecución por el pasillo.

Croft afirma que Weinstein la persiguió hasta su habitación, la inmovilizó y trató de violarla, solo para ser salvado por una llamada telefónica de Dolan.

Una vez que Weinstein se dio cuenta de que Dolan estaba al otro lado del teléfono, Croft afirma que retrocedió y le dijo: "Bueno, ya sabes, Jim y yo somos mejores amigos. Va a estar muy decepcionado de que me hayas engañado, esto no se verá bien para ti". Ella afirma que luego se fue y todo se acabó.

Después, Croft afirma que ella le dijo todo esto al propio Dolan, y él le bajó el perfil al asunto, señalando que todo el mundo en el círculo de Weinstein sabía que era una "persona con problemas" y que tenía "problemas graves", incluso que sus amigos habían tratado de conseguirle ayuda.

Lo último que Croft señala en su demanda es una canción que, según ella, Dolan le envió a sus otros socios años después de los hechos, con una letra que, según ella, hace un guiño al escándalo con Weinstein que estalló en 2017. Es una canción real de su banda, llamada "I Should've Known".

Croft dice que la letra —que se trata de un amigo que cae en desgracia— es en realidad una referencia a Weinstein, pero ella afirma que Dolan sabía de él durante años.

Croft está alegando que fue víctima de trata sexual, alegando que Dolan la hizo volar a Los Ángeles para continuar la relación sexual, y la expuso a una situación con Weinstein. Esta alegación que parece haber abierto la puerta a una denuncia federal. Por supuesto, ella va por daños y perjuicios.

Dolan está llamando a toda esta demanda pura ficción, con un abogado del magnate diciendole a TMZ: "No hay absolutamente ningún mérito a cualquiera de las acusaciones contra el Sr. Dolan. Kellye Croft y James Dolan tenían una amistad. Las referencias a Harvey Weinstein están simplemente destinadas a inflamar y parecen plagiadas de casos anteriores contra el Sr. Weinstein".

Su abogado añade: "Estas afirmaciones reflejan un acto de represalia por parte de una abogada que ha presentado múltiples casos contra el Sr. Dolan y no ha ganado, ni puede ganar una sentencia contra él. El Sr. Dolan siempre creyó que la Sra. Croft era una buena persona y le sorprende que haya accedido a estas demandas. En resumidas cuentas, esto no se trata de "la palabra de uno contra la del otro", hay pruebas convincentes para respaldar nuestra posición. Esperamos poder demostrarlo en los tribunales".

La propia abogada de Weinstein, Jennifer Bonjean le dice a TMZ: "El Sr. Weinstein niega vehementemente estas acusaciones sin mérito y espera litigar estas reclamaciones en los tribunales de justicia donde la verdad será revelada".

Un representante de Azoff nos dice: "Irving Azoff no es parte en esta demanda. Ni él ni sus empresas tuvieron nada que ver con la supuesta mala conducta de otros".

Travis Scott Su bebida explota en un partido de los Nets ... Sale un tremendo chorro

Olvídense del Sicko Mode, esto fue como estar en modo Slippo (escurridizo) para Travis Scott en el partido de los Knicks contra los Nets el miércoles por la noche, ¡¡¡porque el balón del juego hizo que el rapero derramara su bebida por todo el suelo del Barclays Center!!!

El incidente ocurrió al comienzo del cuarto trimestre del partido de Brooklyn contra Nueva York, cuando Immanuel Quickley perdió el control de una pelota de baloncesto en la cancha y fue directo a la mano derecha de Scott.

¡¡¡Mira el video de la transmisión del juego, una vez que el balón hace contacto se puede ver que cómo su bebida seltzer explota por todas partes!!!

"Oh, wow", dijo el play-by-play Ian Eagle en la transmisión. "¡Eso es un géiser!".

Afortunadamente, el líquido no manchó demasiado su costosa ropa y los trabajadores del estadio limpiaron el desastre sin causar mayores demoras.

Además, en un giro aún más fortuito para Scott, el rapero tenía otra bebida ya lista cerca, obviamente, una de las ventajas de ser dueño de su propia bebida alcohólica "Cacti".

Scott, por supuesto, se divirtió con todo. Fue visto sonriendo mientras miraba una repetición en la pantalla gigante por encima de su cabeza.

Esta es la segunda vez que Scott ha estado cerca de un desastre esta semana. El martes estuvo a punto de caerse del escenario en su concierto en Nueva York, tras ser golpeado por uno de los accesorios que decoraban su puesta en escena.

O estás muy inspirado o sales golpeado

En cuanto a la acción en la cancha, los de Brooklyn no disfrutaron ni de cerca como todos los demás en la arena, pues fueron goleados con 121 versus 102.

Travis Scott Drink Explodes During Nets Game ... 'That's a Geyser!!!'

Forget Sicko Mode ... it was more like Slippo Mode for Travis Scott at the Knicks vs. Nets game Wednesday night -- 'cause a loose ball caused the rapper to spill his drink all over the Barclays Center floor!!!

The incident happened at the start of the fourth quarter of Brooklyn's tilt with NY ... when Immanuel Quickley lost control of a basketball on the court -- and it made a beeline for Scott's right hand.

Check out video from the game's broadcast ... once the rock made contact, you can see it caused his seltzer to explode everywhere!!

"Oh, wow," play-by-play man Ian Eagle said on the broadcast. "That's a geyser!"

Thankfully, the liquid didn't seem to get onto his pricey clothes too much ... and arena workers cleaned up the mess without causing a lengthy delay.

Also, in an even more fortuitous turn of events for Scott -- he had another drink already ready nearby ... obviously one of the perks of owning his own boozy "Cacti" beverage.

Scott, of course, had fun with it all ... he was seen smiling as he watched a replay on the jumbotron above his head.

It's the second close call Scott's had this week -- on Tuesday at his concert in NYC, he was nearly knocked to the floor by one of his props on stage.


As for the Knicks vs. Nets action on the court, Brooklyn wasn't having nearly as much fun as everyone else in the arena ... getting blown out, 121-102.

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