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Sarah Silverman Wanna Fight Trump's Regime? Here's What Ya Do ...

2/7/2017 2:21 PM PST

Sarah Silverman's got a plan to fight Donald Trump's administration ... and it goes way beyond voting and protesting.

We asked Sarah about Betsy DeVos getting confirmed as Secretary of Education -- she's obviously not happy about it ... and went on to give us her 2 cents about how she's keeping up the resistance.

It has to do with dollars and cents ... and Sarah -- a major Bernie Sanders backer -- wants to hit the banks where it hurts.

Charles Barkley $100k Blackjack Session ... What Vegas Debt??

2/7/2017 12:20 AM PST


Charles Barkley is proving to LeBron James he's got NO money problems in Vegas anymore -- ballin' out with more than $100k in chips at a blackjack table in Vegas this weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Barkley was in a high stakes room at Mandalay Bay with a giant stack in front of him. A casino employee tells us the "chocolate" chips are $5k (near drink) and the yellow $1k.

It appears he has roughly $129,000 in chips ... not bad.


We're told Barkley was playing $30,000 hands -- but it's unclear if he left up or down.

It's interesting timing considering just last week LeBron called out Barkley for having "unpaid debts in Vegas" stemming from his legendary gambling habit.

Barkley responded in a radio interview ... saying, "I did pay my debt."

Bottom line -- Sir Chuck has a ton of money ... and still loves to push his luck.

Robin Thicke Spends Time with Son Again

2/4/2017 6:01 PM PST

0204-robin-thicke-paula-patton-tmzRobin Thicke and Paula Patton seem to have called a temporary truce in their child custody war ... at least a partial one, because Robin just saw his son again.

We've learned Robin took 6-year-old Julian to Kids World Saturday in a suburb of L.A. It's significant because a court limited Robin to court monitored visits, in the wake of allegations he was physically abusive to the boy.  

A court-appointed monitor was with the father and son at Kids World.

We're told Paula wants Julian to still have a relationship with his dad. 

Robin has denied being physically abusive, and a super contentious series of court hearings are slated for this month and next.

Ann Coulter Eminem Is Publicity Whoring and Using ME to Do It!

2/3/2017 3:39 PM PST

Ann Coulter clapped back at Eminem for trashing her on a new Big Sean track, and while her verbal beatdown doesn't have a beat ... it's got plenty of bite.

The right wing lightning rod was outside New Amity restaurant in NYC Friday when she dismissed Em as a homophobic, misogynistic idiot for linking her to the Klan on his verse for "No Favors." He also takes a swipe at President Trump.

Ann dumps Eminem in the same bucket with the Berkeley protesters: Violent lefties ... in her words.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fires Income Tax Shot Across Trump's Bow

2/3/2017 1:09 PM PST

0203-arnold-schwarzenegger-donald-trump-TMZ-02If it's a fight President Trump wants, it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's willing to give him one -- and now he's ripping DJT for his infamous, still-unreleased, income tax records.

Hours after Trump's Friday morning swipe at Arnold's record as California's Governor ... Arnold simply tweeted a link to an old article written when he was the Guv. The topic? Schwarzenegger releasing his income taxes.

It's pretty clear -- like millions of others -- he's not buying the IRS audit story.

Your move, Prez.

Kenny Smith Shaq's Not a Great Fighter ... 'But I Don't Wanna Fight Him'

2/3/2017 11:57 AM PST

Maybe Charles Barkley is right ... 'cause Kenny Smith ALSO says Shaq's not a great fighter -- but he doesn't wanna test him. 

We got the "Inside the NBA" star at LAX and asked him about the intense moment on the set between Shaq and Barkley last night ... that LOOKED LIKE things were about to get real. 

The good news ... seems Shaq and Chuck have moved on -- no real anger. 

The bad news ... more people questioning Shaq's fighting ability ain't gonna make him happy. 

Donald Trump Continues Schwarzenegger Attack He Also Failed as Governor

2/3/2017 6:13 AM PST

0207-donald-trump-tmzDonald Trump has doubled down on Arnold Schwarzenegger, not only trashing his performance on 'Celebrity Apprentice' but ripping him over his tenure as Governor of California.

Trump tweeted, "Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice ... but at least he tried hard!"

Trump's tweet follows the President's attack at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he told the group the movie star was failing as his TV successor, saying he was praying for the Gov.

Schwarzenegger followed up with an offer to trade places, so the country would not be riddled with anxiety.

It's unclear why Trump is on the attack. He gets a big cut of the profits if the show does well. True enough, Arnold ended up not supporting Trump in the election, but he followed a long list of Hollywood stars.

Melvin Gordon On L.A. Rivalry w/ Todd Gurley 'We'll Let the Work Do the Talk'

2/2/2017 8:07 AM PST

Only ONE running back can be the true king of L.A. ... and Chargers' Melvin Gordon says he's ready to do battle with Rams star Todd Gurley

The L.A. Chargers running back says he's got nothing but respect for Gurley -- but it's clear in the clip, he wants to be known as #1. 

Gurley made the Pro Bowl last year. Gordon made the Pro Bowl this year. 

So, who's got the advantage? 

"We'll figure it out next year," Gordon says ... "Ain't no more talkin'. We'll let the work do the talk."

By the way, Gordon is awesome in this clip -- he claps back at Jack Youngblood (who said the Chargers don't belong in L.A.) and even gives his friend, Jay Ajayi, a cameo.

Arnold to Trump Dude, Let's Trade Jobs

2/2/2017 7:13 AM PST

Arnold Schwarzenegger just fired back at Donald Trump, telling the president if he's so obsessed with ratings, why not just do a switcheroo and go back to what appears to be his true passion?

Arnold just blasted Trump for blasting him at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday. Trump asked everyone to take a moment and pray for the movie star because his ratings, according to Trump, are a "disaster."

Arnold's people just added, "Arnold is praying that President Trump can start improving his own approval ratings, which were the worst in history for an incoming President, by taking his job seriously and working inclusively."

Strange times.

Donald Trump Trashes Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Say a Prayer' for 'Apprentice' Ratings

2/2/2017 6:30 AM PST

Donald Trump just cut off his nose to spite his face by calling out Arnold Schwarzenegger and the show which supposedly lines the president's pockets with money.

Trump was at the National Prayer Breakfast in D.C. Thursday when he took aim at the show he helped create like a heat-seeking missile, saying the ratings "went right down the tubes."

He then told the prayer-friendly group to say one for the movie star. He also took a shot at his co-creator, Mark Burnett, who came out toward the end of the campaign and said he did not support Trump.

Trump did not address the fact that his ratings were slipping when he bowed out.

Le'Veon Bell Drops ANOTHER Skip Bayless Diss ... I'm Comin' At Your Neck!

2/2/2017 6:17 AM PST

Le'Veon Bell says he doesn't care that Skip Bayless thinks Ezekiel Elliott is a better RB ... he's PISSED that Bayless doesn't think they're in the same class ... and he's firing ANOTHER shot at the FS1 host. 

Bell dropped a diss track called "Shrimp Bayless" earlier this week -- and Skip responded on his show, "Undisputed" ... vowing to get Lil Wayne to help him with a rap retaliation.

But Le'Veon -- who's the most patient running back in the league -- says he ain't waiting around and went right back after Skip when we saw him in Houston Wednesday night.

He even dropped a freestyle diss right on the street -- and while the beat our photog tried to provide definitely wasn't good ... Le'Veon makes his point loud and clear.

Charles Barkley Calls Out 'Haters' 'F**k Y'all!'

2/2/2017 12:45 AM PST

Charles Barkley is firing back at all the people 'hating' on him -- with a big ol' "F**K YOU!" 

Sir Chuck took over the DJ booth at the Koo Koo Room in Atlanta on Tuesday -- right in the thick of his verbal war with LeBron James -- and sent a message that seemed to be directed at the NBA star. 

"This is for all you f**king haters out there," Barkley said while cueing up a song ... "For all you f**king haters, F**K Y'ALL!"

Barkley then pressed play on the Nas classic, "Hate Me Now" ... telling the crowd," I listen to this song every day I wake up."

Senator Joe Manchin I'll Give Judge Gorsuch a Fair Shake

2/1/2017 3:56 PM PST

Senator Joe Manchin is a Democrat who is definitely not down with torpedoing Judge Neil Gorsuch as the nom for SCOTUS.

We got the Senator at the Capital doing a quick meet and greet with Trump's pick.

The Dems are threatening to do unto Trump what the Republicans did to Obama's failed pick for Supreme Court ... not even give him a hearing.

Senator Manchin isn't an eye-for-an-eye kinda guy.

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