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Michelle Beadle

Doubles Down On Kim K

'No Talent, Desperate, Photoshop'

11/17/2014 6:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111714_michelle_beadle_launchEven MORE shots fired in Michelle Beadle's war on Kim Kardashian ... and it's all on video.

Beadle already blasted the reality star on Twitter last week over the nude shots for Paper Magazine -- and this weekend at LAX, Beadle made it clear she isn't backing off.  

"What else is she gonna do? She's got no talent," Beadle said. 

"She doesn't have anything else to show off ... so I get why she's doing it."

"And photoshop's wonderful."

So far, no word from Kim on the situation. 

Jay Z

Front and Center At

Solange's Wedding White Party

11/16/2014 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Z showed up to Solange's wedding Sunday in New Orleans breaking a cardinal rule ... but in this case there's an exception.

Hova and Beyonce arrived hours before the nuptials and Jay dressed to the nines in a fancy white tux. 

Wearing white to someone else's wedding is normally frowned upon ... the whole upstaging the bride thing. But when you look at the photos it appears the ceremony has an all-white theme.

Or maybe he's just trying to get revenge for the elevator fight.


Lifetime Deserves the Heat

For Crappy Aaliyah Biopic

11/16/2014 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111614_timbaland_instagram_launch_v2 Timbaland clearly thinks Lifetime deserves every ounce of crap being flung their way for the Aaliyah biopic that premiered Saturday ... and during his attack on the network, no digital punches were pulled.

The rapper/producer went on a social media rampage last night urging people to boycott the "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B"... using a slew of hilarious memes.

Once the movie was over -- Timbo had no problem gloating to fans who watched the flick anyway -- taunting them and the network with a funny video post.

Timbaland wasn't the only celebrity who had choice words for the movie ... DL Hughley also chimed in -- saying, "Aaliyah is the Soul Plane of Lifetime!"


Kim Richards

Removes Pit Bull From Home

... Temporarily

11/16/2014 12:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111614_kim_richards_launchKim Richards finally played her hand on the fate of her pit bull ... and it sounds like she's trying to keep it.

Kyle Richard's sis was at the Grove Saturday when our photog asked about her dog, which has now bitten 4 people ... most recently Kyle's 18-year-old daughter Alexia.

It takes a little reading between the lines, but it sounds like she's saying she sent the dog to a professional so it won't continue attacking people.  That means when the trainer thinks the dog is socialized she'll take it back.

The question ... who would go to Kim's house hoping the dog had turned over a new leaf?

Once bit ...


'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams

Demotion Was No Big Deal

But We Don't Believe Her

11/16/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Porsha Williams RHOA Spin OffPorsha Williams SAYS she's not fazed by her recent demotion on "Real Housewives of Atlanta"... but she sounds like she's lying.

Porsha was at LAX Thursday when she told our photog her dance card is filled with work now that she's no long a series regular, but watch the video ... it just doesn't ring true.

We broke the story ... Porsha was demoted back in October from main cast member to friend for being a pain in the ass.

There have been reports of a possible spin-off  ... and she adds fuel to the fire.

Ex Goo Goo Dolls Drummer

I Got Booted for Having a Baby

11/14/2014 6:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1115-mike-malinin-getty-01The Goo Goo Dolls' ex-drummer has major beef with the band because he says he got 86'd just because he wanted to be with his wife when she was giving birth to their twins.

Michael Malinin filed a Federal lawsuit against frontman Johnny Rzeznik and bassist Robert Takac ... over his firing from the group in December 2013. According to the suit, the Dolls were on a tour when Malinin got word his wife was about to pop.

He says his paternity leave had been discussed in advance, and everyone knew he would have to leave for a few weeks around the birth. But Malinin says when the time came ... the band manager told him he was getting canned.

In the suit, MM says he was told specifically that Johnny wanted him gone. He says they didn't even give him a severance package for his 19 years of Goo Goo service.

Malinin says he'd been getting a third of the 3-man band's profits ... so, he's suing to get back a chunk of that cash.

And now ... some of Malinin's finest work.

James Toney

Shannon Briggs Is An Asshat

Fight Me Instead, Punk!

11/14/2014 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Boxing legend James Toney is calling out Shannon Briggs -- claiming he should stop chasing Wladimir Klitschko around the world ... and fight him instead!!

The 3-time world champ was out in L.A. Friday and told us ... Briggs is wasting his time trying to lock up a fight with Wlad -- because Klitschko would beat his ass anyway. 

So, his advice to Shannon ... bring your ass back to the U.S. and "come see me!"

We'll see if Shannon takes Toney up on his offer ... just as soon as he gets back from Germany

Stay tuned ...


Seals Deal with Drake's Ex

With Handfuls of Her Ass

11/14/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1113_Tyga-and-Dollicia-Bryan3Tyga just upped the ante in his pissing match with Drake ... by grabbing a giant handful of his ex-chick's ass and signing her to co-star in a new music video.

Sources involved in the deal tell TMZ ... Tyga asked Dollicia Bryan to be in his "Make It Workvideo specifically because the song includes lyrical jabs at Drake, like -- "Ni**a never was my homey ... all these bitches know you corny ni**a."

Drake's been flirting with Tyga's baby mama Blac Chyna on social media for weeks now -- so, not shocking that Tyga bagged Dollica.

In fact, we're told Tyga flat out told Dollicia he was using her to piss off Drake ... and she jumped at the opportunity.

Exes be trippin'.



Diplo vs. Lorde

Beef Heats Up

In Celebrity High School

11/13/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


OMG!! Diplo totally tweeted Taylor Swift needs a Kickstarter to get herself ... some BOOTY! And then Lorde was like all bitchmode, and told Diplo about his small weenie!!

Uh, you guys -- this is so not even LOL or JK. 

Paris Hilton

Take That Deadmau5

... I Won a DJ Award

11/13/2014 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113-paris-hilton-dj-awards-SplashDeadmau5 may have won the battle, but it looks like Paris Hilton won the war -- because the heiress scored an award in Monte Carlo for spinning ... and it was presented by a legendary DJ.

Paris won "Women's Newcomer of the Year" Wednesday at the NRJ DJ Awards ... and Bob Sinclar handed her the honorary statue.

It may not be the Grammy's ... but with winners like Avicii, David Guetta and Steve Aoki -- it's pretty impressive. Especially since it was voted on by the fans.

Deadmau5 was not impressed ... he just tweeted, "Congrats on the NRJ award.  What the f*** is an nrj award?"


Kyle Richards

Not Pleased with Kim, Doggone It!

11/13/2014 5:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Richards made it as clear as she can without saying anything ... she's none too pleased the dog that attacked her daughter has not been removed from her sister's home.

Kyle was chatty as she left Craig's in West Hollywood Wednesday night ... telling our photog her daughter Alexia will hopefully regain full movement of her hand after the attack by Kim Richards' pit bull.

But when our guy asked about keeping the dog in the family ... her tone immediately changed. It's not just what she says, but how she says it.

As TMZ first reported ... Kyle does not want her sister's pit bull destroyed, but she does feel it's a good idea if Kim finds the pup a new home.

Massey Brothers

Yeah, We Got Scars

After Twist Brawl, But ...

11/13/2014 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Twist FightChris Massey has a swollen face and a gash on his head after a brawl with Lil Twist -- but he and his bro Kyle Massey aren't backing the bus over Justin Bieber's pal ... not yet, anyway.

We broke the story ... Chris claims he got robbed and beaten up by someone with brass knuckles at Kyle's home last week -- and Twist is now a felony robbery and battery suspect.

We got the Massey bros at LAX Wednesday and asked about the incident ... which landed Chris in the hospital.  For some reason they're going out of their way to go soft on Twist.

Seems a little late to kill him with kindness.


We Didn't Steal Tosh's Bit

And We're Not Killing the Segment!

11/12/2014 1:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1112_daniel_tosh_espnESPN is not backing down from Daniel Tosh -- telling TMZ Sports the network did NOT steal one of his signature comedy bits ... despite Tosh's accusations.  

As we previously reported, the Comedy Central star went nuclear on ESPN Tuesday night -- claiming the network copied a popular "Tosh.0" segment called "Web Redemption" and changed the title to "Awesome Video Segment."

Tosh claims ESPN even stole his catchphrase, "Are you ready to give it another shot?" 

But ESPN tells us ... "This was more of an instance of us using a common phrase than it was copying his wording."

"We know that doesn't sound like the strongest explanation yet it’s the truth."

The network adds, "We are looking forward to ‘giving it another shot’ in future installments of 'The Awesome Video Segment.'"

We reached out to Tosh for comment -- so far, no word back.

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