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'ANTM' Bello Sanchez My Roommate from Hell Threatened to Cry 'Rape'

5/7/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Bello Sanchez thought he'd make some dough renting out his guest room, but says he's ended up with a nightmare roommate.

Bello says he rented the spare bedroom in his North Hollywood apartment to a woman named Shengyu Li who broke his furniture, and threw rotten food on his balcony and his cats. 

Things got so bad he claims Shengyu even threatened to scream rape. He says he called cops after one of her outbursts, and they suggested Bello get a restraining order -- so he did.

Now, a judge has ordered Shengyu to stay 100 yards away from Bello and his car ... which creates an issue, since they're roommates. The judge said Bello will have to go through a different court to kick her out.

Chris Brown Finally Served With Karrueche Restraining Order

5/5/2017 11:01 AM PDT

Chris Brown was just on the receiving end of the old adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again," because Karrueche FINALLY was able to serve him with legal docs triggered by alleged death threats.

And speaking of adages, it's the classic insult to injury, because Chris was served at his birthday bash. We've confirmed he was leaving Grooves nightclub in Houston when a process server slapped him with papers ... and Chris was pissed.

TMZ broke the story ... Karrueche wants a judge to order Chris to stay clear of her, claiming he threatened to shoot her and has resorted to physical violence, punching her in the stomach and throwing her down the stairs.

The hearing is set for later this month.

Drake & Meek Mill Sorry, Rick Ross ... Our Beef's Still On!

5/5/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Rick Ross extended an olive branch to Drake to squash the beef, but there is NO cease-fire with Meek Mill ... even after all these months ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the rappers tell us Da Boss thought Meek and Drizzy's war would cool down after Rick and Drake settled their differences. As we reported, Rick felt there was too much cash to be made to continue the feud. 

Our Meek sources say he's not willing to follow Rick -- his label honcho -- down the road to peace because there's way too much trash talk under the bridge.

Translation: "Back to Back" is haunting his ass.

Remember, when Drake played Philly -- Meek's home turf -- Meek and his crew showed up outside the arena. Not to mention fresh disses on Meek's last track, "King" ... and Nicki Minaj's "No Frauds." 

Bottom line: Beef's still on the grill, despite Rick's efforts.

Mel B's Ex-Nanny Ordered to Stay Away From Mel ... Until 2022

5/3/2017 11:06 AM PDT

Mel B just got her former nanny out of her hair for 5 years ... because she just got a restraining order that will keep her away.

Mel B's lawyer was in court Wednesday, armed with a declaration from Mel claiming Lorraine Gilles has harassed her. She's the nanny whom Mel claims had an affair with husband Stephen Belafonte and even got pregnant by him. Mel B also claims Gilles is holding her sex tapes hostage.

Mel claims Gilles has been verbally abusive toward her, disrespecting her and rolling her eyes during conversations. Mel B also says she would make "exacerbated sounds" designed to annoy her. She also says Gilles would call Mel B's kids her kids.

TMZ broke the story ... Gilles has sued Mel B for defamation, claiming she did not have an affair with Belafonte or get pregnant by him. She says Mel B seduced her into having 3-ways for 7 years. Our sources say Mel B acknowledges the 3-ways, but she says it was at Belafonte's insistence.

The restraining order is in effect for 5 years.

Floyd Mayweather Here's Why McGregor Could Beat Me ...

5/3/2017 6:27 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather is laying out the reasons why Conor McGregor could actually WIN if they ever face off in a boxing ring ... saying the guy has real talent as a stand-up, boxing style fighter.

The boxing legend was out in L.A. on Tuesday for a fancy event at Catch with Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey ... but afterward is when the real fun started.

"Conor McGregor is the 2nd biggest name in MMA," Floyd said (in the past he's called HIMSELF the #1 name in the sport).

"So, I'm not gonna sit right here and knock Conor McGregor. He's gone out there and done what he's had to do. It's obvious he's done something right thus far to get to the point where he's at ."

So, where does Floyd admit Conor has a shot?

"I've been off for a couple years and I'm 40 years old now. So, I'm a lot older and he's still in his 20s and I'm in my 40s now. So that could play a major key, we don't know. And he's a heavy hitter."

Floyd also says he can't ignore the fact Conor's been crushing dudes while fighting standing up -- saying, "Every time he goes out there and defeats fighters, he's standing up. He's in a boxing position and he's beating fighters."

"Does he have a good chance of upsetting Floyd Mayweather? I can't say, but anything can happen in the sport of boxing."

Rick Ross I Made Peace with Drake 'Cause I'm Trying to Make 100 Milli!!

5/2/2017 1:07 PM PDT

Rick Ross says he squashed his beef with Drake -- during that mess with his artist, Meek Mill -- for one simple reason ... there's a ton of bread to be made. 

Rick did an interview on "Best Seat In The House" with Hovain Hylton, and described his sit-down with Drizzy over his epic feud with Meek.

Sounds like it was a friendly face-to-face, and Rick shouts out J. Prince for making it happen.

Bottom line on the peace summit was ... Rick's bottom line! How intense is The Boss about getting his money? Ask the strawberry in this clip.

Stephen Colbert Goes Homophobic on Trump

5/2/2017 10:00 AM PDT

Stephen Colbert unleashed a torrent of anti-Trump jokes on his show Monday night, ending with a cock-in-Trump's-mouth jab that made his audience roar.

The 12-minute tirade was dedicated to the 100-day mark in Trump's presidency, and Colbert went after Trump with a vengeance.

The jokes included, "The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster."

The audience loved it, but ... hard to ignore it's a seriously homophobic punchline ... the kind of thing that usually gets celebs in hot water.

Tomi Lahren Settles Suit with Beck ... I'm Leaving WITH My FB Followers!

5/1/2017 3:17 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tomi Lahren has settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck, and she's leaving with millions ... of social media followers. 

Tomi sued Beck and TheBlaze after she was suspended. She claimed she was only benched for saying she was pro-choice on "The View". Sources connected to the case confirm to TMZ ... Tomi will be allowed to leave before her contract expires in September.

She also gets to keep her 4.3 million followers from a Facebook account, which had been started by TheBlaze. Tomi will have to return all videos that were produced by her old employers.

The Dallas Morning News first reported the settlement.

Carl Bernstein Trump Should Be Kissing the Media's Ass!

5/1/2017 6:55 AM PDT

President Trump's weekend attack on the press was not only "venomous," but laughable according to legendary journalist Carl Bernstein ... who thinks POTUS needs to show some gratitude.

The guy who cracked Watergate took aim at Trump's presidency when we saw him Sunday in downtown D.C., the morning after Trump skipped the White House Correspondents' Dinner and ripped the "fake news" coverage of his administration.

Bernstein, who was at the WHCD, believes the prez has it ALL wrong when it comes to the media's job description. He also tells Trump to remember how he even got to the White House.

The beef is officially on the grill.

Stephen Belafonte Extortion Audio Woman Threatens, 'I'll Take You Down!'

4/30/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Stephen Belafonte gave the LAPD an audiotape in which you hear a woman -- whom he says is his baby mama -- try and extort him for a million bucks, and TMZ has obtained the audio.

Belafonte claims the woman on the phone is Nicole Contrereas. They were together for 6 years and have a 12-year-old daughter named Giselle. Contreras tells us she's not the woman on the tape.

You hear the woman in the call -- recorded March 20 -- tell Belafonte, "I'm gonna take you down" unless he pays her $500,000. She later ups the demand to $1 million.

She says Mel B's people asked her to tell her story, which says is "so ugly."

The woman, who sounds intoxicated, refers to Giselle and monthly payments Belafonte deposits in her account.

She rambles on, saying she will "bury" Belafonte.

The LAPD has the audio and is conducting an extortion investigation. 

Nicole tells us, "This audio is clearly not me. Stephen is falsifying stories because I have told the press the truth."

Kathy Hilton Amy Adams is a Real Piece of Work ... Or Was That Isla Fisher?

4/30/2017 7:09 AM PDT

Kathy Hilton does NOT appreciate A-list actresses allegedly snubbing her or fans --- even if it is Amy Adams ... or Isla Fisher ... or whoever just walked by. 

We got the Hilton family Saturday night at Craig's where they were talking about a possible wedding between Paris Hilton and BF Chris Zylka ... when all of a sudden a female star walked by and hijacked the moment with paps.

Our camera guy wrongly ID'd the celeb -- it was actually Amy, not Isla. Either way ... Kathy isn't a fan. As far as we can tell, Kathy says the star wouldn't take a pic inside the restaurant with a fan, and on top of that didn't thank Ms. Hilton for a compliment about her dress. 

New beef?

Jefferson Starship Ex-Guitarist Sues ... Is This Gonna Stop Them Now?

4/28/2017 12:20 AM PDT

The former lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship is furious at other members for jacking the name and tarnishing the rock band's legacy ... according to a new suit.

Craig Chaquico claims 2 of this former bandmates and several other musicians are using the Jefferson Starship name, without permission, to land gigs and sell merch. Chaquico says the founding JS members all agreed to retire the name in 1985 ... and move on simply as Starship.

But according to docs ... David Freiberg and Donny Baldwin have assumed the Jefferson Starship name with a ragtag group who have no connection to the OG rockers. 

Chaquico says he did give another founding member, Paul Kantner, the right to use the name for shows, and he did while touring with Freiberg and Baldwin. However, Paul died in 2016, and Craig says the right to use JS died with him.

Chaquico wants Freiberg and Baldwin cut off from the name immediately.

FYI, Jefferson Starship -- or whatever name they end up with -- has concerts next month in Minnesota and California. Who knew??

'Pee-wee's Playhouse' Actor Jambi the Genie Accused of Threatening to Kill Dog

4/27/2017 4:47 PM PDT

John Paragon, the actor who played Jambi the Genie on "Pee-wee's Playhouse," is being accused by a neighbor of repeatedly screaming at her to "shut her f***ing dog up!!!" and he tells TMZ ... guilty as charged.

Elizabeth MacPherson has filed for a restraining order, claiming John has a thing against her and her dog, once screaming at her for 4 hours ... "Shut that f***ing dog up asshole." She also claims he said, "I'm going to kill that f***ing dog."

We spoke with John, who says the 200 pound, white dog barks "incessantly" and numerous neighbors have complained, to no avail. He admits he's screamed at her to "shut the f***ing dog up," and she responded by flipping him off. He says he's never nor would he threaten her physically.

John says he's filed police reports and he and various neighbors have complained to animal control and a hearing is set for June.

Elizabeth says she has video of John screaming while the dog "sits complacently in the backyard."

She also says the alleged harassment has been going on for years ... back in 2014, she says she was playing bean bags with some friends and John began screaming, "Stop throwing those f***ing bags. F*** you."

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