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Katie Koenig

Houston, Texas
1918 days ago
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HOUSTON BEAD MUSEUM Houston Bead Museum The Houston Bead Museum has a culturally universal appeal and a collection of ancient beads, jewelry and artifacts represent global cultures used for adornment and beads that were possibly the first known form of monetary exchange. Founded by Katie Koenig who is best known for decades of philanthropy including the Bellaire Bead Shop where triumph emerged from her personal tragedy. Shriners Hospital uses field trips as rewards for long term inpatients. Beads donated from the Houston Bead Museum are used in therapy to help with dexterity, visual perception, sequency, eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. Bead stringing helps occupy the mind and release creativity. For some who emerge from the hospital permanently handicapped, their new beading skills have offered avenues for supporting themselves.The mother of a child who suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury after being crushed by a falling building left the hospital with plans of starting a home based business selling beads and letting her child participate in some way. The donated beads have been used with cultures spanning from within America to patients from the foothills of Bolivia and beyond. A must see destination for all who visit Houston! Museum and Shop open daily 12 noon to 6P.M. Admission free! 4422 Navigation Blvd. (inside the Bellaire Bead Shop Building) Houston, Texas 7701 http://www.bel​ Collapse this post Beads are more than just pretty pieces | Video |
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