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705 days ago
About Me
I am a comedian in my own mind, a drunk and lover of losers. Losers have the best stories and all the empathy. I like to meet Human Oddities. Persons of dubious integrity. All those people you once knew who disappeared into the cracks. Drinkers who don't care when you forget their names. Everyone who has become bored with society as we know it. Quiet geniuses. People whose politics aren't limited to two points of view. Libertarians and Libertines. ****-ups who don't apologize for their behavior. Angry bi-trendy girls who say not to add them to your friends list unless you're a chick. The people who put Jesus and Santa and the law in the same rubbish pail. Girls I slept with back when I had a fantastic mullet and not a care in the world. People who don't look that good in real life. Fat men in jumpsuits. Sidewalk queers and the terminally ill. The handful that get it. Champions.
Making booze, working out, watching tmz.

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