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Zayn Malik's Ex

Diamond Ring Trolls

1D & Little Mix Fans

10/2/2015 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_Lil-Mix_vevoZayn Malik's ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards looks like a desperate chick who's still longing for the guy who dumped her in a new Little Mix music video -- but we've learned it's not what it seems.

The vid for "Love Me Like You" dropped Friday, and fans instantly noticed the engagement diamond on Perrie's finger. People were wondering why she was still wearing it, since they broke up 2 months ago. Was it a dig at Zayn or wishful thinking?

It's neither. We found out the video was filmed around 6 months ago, when Perrie and Zayn were still a thing. Sources who were on the set tell us she kept the ring on during shooting because they were very much in love.

1002-little-mix-rehearsals-INSTAGRAM-01But y'know ... things change. The former One Direction singer broke things off in August, and Perrie didn't take it well.

Silver lining: Perrie gets some pub for her new song. 


Demi Lovato

This Is Me Naked

... And I'm Cool with It

10/2/2015 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato just did better than a 'no make-up' photo shoot ... she went no clothes.

Lovato was doing a pictorial with Vanity Fair when she decided to strip down for a truly natural shoot.

Lovato has been very open about her bouts with eating disorders and body issues ... and is hoping she can send a message for "loving the skin you're in."

She's setting a great example.




Woman Goes Crazy in Rapper's Restaurant

Taken Away in Restraints

10/2/2015 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002-ti-restaurant-tmz-01T.I. had a real lunch special Friday ... a customer so angry, so out of control, cops had to come, restrain her in a gurney and take her away.

A woman showed up at around 2:30 pm and at first seemed like a normal customer at his Scales 925 ATL restaurant. She quickly flew off the handle and began pushing over plates.  

It's unclear what upset the woman, but law enforcement tells us she seemed so irrational they took her to a hospital for mental evaluation.

We've reached out to T.I.'s camp.  So far ... no word back.


Chanel Iman

Something's Bugging Me!

Backside Bitten Severely

10/2/2015 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002-main-iman-chanel-splash-01Chanel Iman's got a sweet bottom ... so sweet even the mosquitoes in Hawaii couldn't help themselves from tapping it.

The Victoria's Secret model is vacationing in Kauai and it looks like she was nearly eaten alive by the blood-suckers.

1002-sub-iman-chanel-splash-02The bites didn't stop Chanel from posing for some sexy pics ... nothing a little camera magic and filters can't fix. Her day job shouldn't be affected too much as long as she doesn't scratch.

We suggest she start sleeping on her back.



Hope Solo

Domestic Violence Case Back On

... Court Overturns Dismissal

10/2/2015 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1002_hope_solo_tmzShe thought she was off the hook ... but Hope Solo's domestic violence case (which was previously dismissed) is now BACK ON ... which means she WILL face charges in municipal court. 

As we previously reported, Solo was accused of beating up her 17-year-old nephew and half-sister in a drunken rage at a house party in the Seattle area ... allegations Solo adamantly denies. 

The case was previously dismissed on procedural grounds ... but city prosecutors appealed and now the decision has been reversed. 

A document filed to the state court's website on Friday states: "The court reverses the decision of the lower court and remands the case to the Kirkland Municipal Court."

No word on when the case will get in front a judge ... stay tuned. 

David Cassidy

Charged in Hit & Run Wreck

10/2/2015 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1002-david-cassidy-TMZ-01David Cassidy was busted again ... this time for allegedly causing a car accident in Florida, and fleeing the the scene. 

According to police docs, Cassidy was driving on a highway last month when he side-swiped a big rig truck. A witness told police, Cassidy initially stopped -- but only to try to hide his license plate -- and then drove away.

However, cops say they found Cassidy and his beat-up Kia at a hospital later that afternoon. When police questioned him, he claimed he had exchanged info with the truck driver and that he was at the hospital for an unrelated appointment. 

David was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, expired tags, improper lane change and driving on a suspended license. 

We reached out to a rep for David ... so far, no word back.

This story was first reported by Daily Mail

In other news...


Uh oh! Twain is forced to cancel her tour dates because of this.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse

I Got So Much Love

For The HERO Chris Mintz

10/2/2015 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1002-christopher-mintz-plasse-christpher-mintz-TMZ-FACEBOOK-01Chris Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin from "Superbad" ... is not the Chris Mintz who was shot 7 times Thursday while trying to stop the Oregon community college shooter.

Chris Mintz-Plasse, the actor, took to social media to address the case of mistaken identity. 

1002-sub-mintz-twitter-01The Oregon Chris Mintz is an army vet who remained in the hospital Friday recovering from his gunshot wounds and two broken legs.

Chris, the actor, says he's got nothing but love for Chris, the hero ... and has since re-routed all the well-deserved fan fare toward the correct Twitter and Facebook pages. 


Brandon Davis

DUI Crash Photos

Drinking with Ex-NHLer Mike Comrie Before Wreck

10/2/2015 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_brandon_davis_crash_launchPhotos from the DUI wreck Brandon Davis had Thursday night show just how horrific the accident was -- and TMZ has learned he was hanging with former NHL star Mike Comrie beforehand.

We broke the story, Brandon -- heir to the Davis oil fortune -- had a single car wreck in L.A. and absolutely destroyed his Mercedes Benz sedan. Davis was transported to a hospital, where police arrested him for an alleged DUI.

Earlier in the evening, Brandon was seen drinking wine with Comrie -- Hilary Duff's estranged husband -- at L.A. sushi joint Matsuhisa. It doesn't appear Comrie was in the car with Brandon at the time of the accident ... as the ambulance only transported one patient.

1002-SUB-brandon-davis-mike-comrie-car-accident-ambulance-SPLASH-01Davis, aka Greasy Bear ... has been released from the hospital, and is getting transported to jail.


Justin Bieber

Back in the Danger Zone

Smoking Weed Onstage?

10/2/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

update_graphic_red_bar10:15 AM PT -- It looks like there's some slight of hand going on in the video. At :11 ... Justin takes the joint in his right hand and then turns his back to the crowd. Here's where we can't see what happens with the joint, but when Justin turns back around at :16 ... he already has a white cigarette in his left hand, which he smokes.

We have no idea what happened to the joint. Where's Zapruder when you need him?update_grey_gray_bar

Justin Bieber has fallen off the wagon -- at least for a night -- because it appears he was smoking weed onstage ... one of the drugs that led to his DUI arrest and downward spiral.

Justin was performing in New Zealand with Rae Sremmurd, when he lit up a joint and puffed away.

He also took a big swig from a bottle of Hennessy.

The liquor isn't as alarming as the weed. Justin has never stopped drinking, though he insists it's never been excessive.

But marijuana is a different story. He was living in a constant haze during his low point, in large part because of pot. He was arrested for DUI in Miami last year and tested positive for marijuana.

We're told Justin regrets his New Zealand antics and did it on a dare, but there are pretty clear warning signs. 


In other news...

Blake & Gwen Flirting: “They’re A Real Thing”

'The Voice' coaches Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani are seen publicly flirting. Hear what inside sources have to say about the status of their relationship.


Alek Skarlatos

'Dancing With The Stars' Saved Me

...From Campus Shooting

10/2/2015 8:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Train hero Alek Skarlatos would've been on the Oregon college campus where a gunman killed 10 ... if not for his stint on "Dancing With The Stars."

Sources close to Skarlatos tell us he'd already enrolled at Umpqua Community College before accepting the 'DWTS' gig. We're told he had scheduled his classes for Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester, so he's certain he would have been on campus when the shooting happened.

We broke the story, Skarlatos bolted out of rehearsal Thursday when news broke about the shooting, and he flew home to Oregon almost immediately. We're told ABC paid for the flight.


Seann William Scott

Stifler's Lookin' Great!!!

10/2/2015 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seann William Scott has made some sort of deal with the devil, because he looks amazing ... better than ever.

Stifler was leaving a Malibu market with his canine equal -- an adorable Lab -- when our photog asked what he was up to ... and Seann had porn on the brain.

Lookin' great in Malibu with your Lab ... life is good.


In other news...

Cara Delevingne Pushes Paparazzi In Paris

Cara Delevingne has no time for the paparazzi, and this proves it. Girl is getting vicious!


Keira Knightley

Cops Remove Fan

During Broadway Debut

10/2/2015 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1002-keira-knightly-instagram-01Here's how Keira Knightley's Broadway debut went -- the curtain came up, and then the cops came down on a fan who lost it ... screaming at her and throwing stuff onto the stage.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops detained the man outside Studio 54, where Keira is starring in "Therese Raquin." The man was seated in the mezzanine of the theater and just a few minutes into the play, he started shouting at Keira.

He demanded she reply to him, yelling ... "Five seconds is too long to wait for a response!" When ushers ran to remove him, the man threw a bouquet of flowers down onto the stage.

1002-keira-knightly-getty-02Knightley and her co-stars ignored his shouts, and even kicked the flowers off the stage.

We're told the man was taken to a hospital for mental evaluation. The theater says it will be adding extra security measures starting Friday night.

Miley Cyrus

Topless Fans Wait

While Miley Pigs Out

10/2/2015 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus fans have the same gimmick as the singer herself ... a gimmick they believe will stop her in her tracks.

A few loyal fans were waiting outside the 'Tonight Show' Thursday, while Miley jawboned with Jimmy about her pet pig ... a pig that is vegan and apparently grossly overweight.

Miley isn't afraid to judge the relative virtues between dog and pig poop.


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