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Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

3/25/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Hiding behind this nosy pic is a famous TV doctor that is known for her good looks ... see if you can sniff out which blonde bombshell is hidden underneath this cheeky snap. 

Bella Thorne Drops Big $$$ on Ring ... But, Not That Finger

3/25/2018 12:30 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Bella Thorne and her musician boyfriend went ring shopping together ... but it's not what you think.

Bella and Mod Sun -- who've been super close lately -- hit up Pristine Jewelers in NYC Thursday to get her a custom ring for the premiere of her new movie with Patrick Schwarzenegger, "Midnight Sun."

We're told the owners, Avi and Ofir -- celeb jewelers to the stars -- helped her pick out a ring with 7.5 karats in yellow diamonds ... surrounding a huge 15-karat emerald.

Bella's BF didn't leave empty-handed either -- he ended up walking out with a custom heart pendant with 22 karats in colorful stones.

We're told the 2 dropped over $100k total on their new bling ... which they happily flaunted at the premiere.

Whitney Cummings Blake Griffin Will Win An Oscar ... For Sure

3/25/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Move over Kobe Bryant ... you're gonna have some company on the "NBA Players with an Academy Award" list ... because Whitney Cummings says Blake Griffin is a shoo-in to get one, too.

Cummings directed Blake in her new movie, "The Female Brain," and when we got her leaving the Improv in Hollywood, we had to know if she thought Griffin had the talent to get a gold guy.

"I think Blake Griffin will win an Oscar in his lifetime, for sure."

Important to note ... Cummings -- who is a big-time creative boss in addition to her stand-up comedy -- DIDN'T HESITATE when proclaiming this, so it's clear she 100% believes in Griffin's talent.

Hear that Kobe? He's coming for you.

Keegan-Michael Key Good Genes or Good Docs?

3/25/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Keegan-Michael Key's good looks are truly no joke!

Here is a 34-year-old version of the "Key & Peele" star at a Hollywood party back in 2005 (left) and 13 years later ... the comedian -- who celebrated his 47th birthday this past week -- at a party in Beverly Hills earlier this month (right). 

"Why Him?"

The question is ...

DJ Paul Sorry Marchers ... We Gotta Have Guns for Protection

3/24/2018 3:37 PM PDT

DJ Paul has a very dark and scary vision of our future, which is why he says we need guns ... including assault rifles.

We got the Memphis rapper at LAX Saturday and asked him about gun control, the hot-button issue of the day with March for Our Lives events happening all over the country. He says the best approach is a slogan he saw on a college dorm room sticker ... which is anti-idiot, not anti-gun.

DJ Paul tells us we do need to do a better job keeping guns out of the wrong hands, but banning them is a bad idea ... because he thinks we're heading toward imminent war.

He's basing this off an episode of "20/20" he saw 11 years ago in which a man predicted America would be too poor to afford homeland security in 20 years. That means we're 9 years away from dystopia ... and the Three 6 Mafia founder thinks we'll need all the guns we can get for protection.

He's dead serious, too.

March for Our Lives Schumer, Jenner & Celebs Galore Join the Cause in L.A and D.C.

3/24/2018 2:53 PM PDT

Parkland students led the rally at March for Our Lives, but countless celebrities showed up in full force on both coasts to voice their support of the mission to end gun violence.

We got stars like Amy Schumer, Charlie Puth, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Yara Shahidi, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, Questlove and many more in downtown L.A. Saturday. Amy gave us a short and sweet message after finishing her speech at the event ... and Charlie's was on his t-shirt.

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg and George Clooney snapped a pic with the Parkland students and other speakers at the event in D.C. As we reported ... Clooney and Scooter Braun were secretly major forces behind the MFOL campaign.

Speaking of D.C., celebs joined the roughly 800,000 or more people who packed the park and streets there ... and we spotted Chelsea Handler, Jennifer HudsonCherMiley Cyrus, Andra Day and politician Gabby Giffords -- who survived a mass shooting in January 2011.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also made the trip there with their daughter North, along with performers like Common, Vic Mensa and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Johnny Manziel Speaks Out on Kaepernick Comparisons

3/24/2018 11:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

Johnny Manziel's had it with the controversy over his quest to return to the NFL being compared to Colin Kaepernick's situation, and he's speaking out in favor of Kaep ... and himself.

The former Browns QB says he's tired of the anger people have expressed because he's being looked at by NFL scouts while Kaep continues to get the cold shoulder ... because he's just trying to turn his life around.

However, Manziel heaps praise on Kaep, saying the former Niners QB is doing amazing things and changing lives, adding ... "His impact off the field from a societal standpoint is legendary and straight admirable."

Johnny says he agrees with what many in the sports world believe -- Colin's not in the league for reasons that aren't related to football ... but lays out several reasons why he should be.

"The guy took a team to the Super Bowl and continuously wreaked havoc on the NFC West and the league."

Manziel believes Kaepernick has a lot left in the tank, but his point is this -- he can't speak for what Kaepernick wants to do with his career ... he can only focus on his own comeback.

And that's what he says he's going to do.

MLK Jr.'s Granddaughter I Have a Dream, Too ... No More Guns!!!

3/24/2018 11:07 AM PDT
Breaking News

Yolanda Renee King -- granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King -- took the stage at March for Our Lives ... and gave a rousing speech her granddad would be proud of.

The 9-year-old walked out with Parkland student Jaclyn Corin, and gave her own version of MLK's famous "I Have a Dream" speech ... saying her dream is that when it comes to guns in our country -- "Enough is enough!"

Yolanda then led the thousands in attendance in a stirring chant in unison, not once, not twice -- but 3 times ... and the crowd ate it up.

As we reported ... Parkland students are leading Saturday's rally in D.C. to demand gun control in the wake of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High last month.

Beyonce & Jay-Z So Fly ... For Jamaican Photo Shoot

3/24/2018 10:40 AM PDT

Beyonce and Jay-Z are Jamaican us jealous ... looking so calm, cool and colorful with their toes in the sand.

The heavyweight hip-hop couple posed for hot pics together Friday wearing striking suits ... proving their beach attire is much better than yours. We're told the shoot's part of a promo package for their upcoming "On the Run II" tour.

It's been a busy week for the 2 down on the Caribbean island nation, filming and riding motorcycles ... including one decked out with a bull skull and horns.

Earlier in the week they were bikers through the streets of Kingston.

Looks like they've found their happy place.

March for Our Lives Students Lead Rally to Say ... Never Again!!!

3/24/2018 7:17 AM PDT

Hundreds of thousands of kids and adults swarmed Washington D.C., demanding gun control in the wake of the Parkland massacre ... and Emma Gonzalez just closed it off by standing silent on stage for 6 minutes and 20 seconds -- the time it took the Florida shooter to kill 17 people at her school.

Parkland, FL students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are leading the charge at the March for Our Lives rally, and they're being joined by an estimated half-a-mil others in D.C. as well as millions more in rallies across the country ... sending a message to ban assault rifles along with other sensible gun control measures.

Event organizers got a permit for 500,000 people for the D.C. rally, but the crowd size was reportedly closer to a whopping 800,000.

Some big musical acts -- including Miley Cyrus, Common, Demi Lovato, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson -- will perform at the D.C. rally, but only students will deliver messages.  We're told all of the students have some connection to gun violence.

The high schoolers will also perform their original song "Shine," written in the wake of the Parkland tragedy.

Paul McCartney showed up this morning to the march in N.Y.C. wearing an anti-gun t-shirt not far from where John Lennon was shot in 1980. 

In L.A. ... celebs like Amy Schumer, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Puth and Connie Britton will join in the downtown protest. All in all, there are 833 marches planned worldwide Saturday ... from the U.S. to  the UK, from India to Japan.

March on.

Shaq vs. Gronk Dance Off During Ultra Festival Weekend!!!

3/24/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Shaq threw an insane party in Miami during Ultra Weekend ... and it culminated in an epic dance-off with none other than Gronk!

The tallest guy in the room hosted Shaq's Fun House party which was filled with celebs, including Diplo, A-Trak, Carnage, Steve Aoki and Von Miller.  

You gotta check out the part where 7'1" Shaq puts 6'6' Gronk on his shoulders.

Shaq vs @gronk dance battle you tell me who won

A post shared by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on

It was a crazy-ass party, with 3,000 in attendance. We are told that before the party Shaq had an early dinner at David Grutman's new restaurant Planta, where Gronk and Mark Wahlberg ate earlier in the week. 

This was the first night of Ultra Weekend, so pace yourself, folks!

Justin Bieber Cops Called After Car Wreck

3/23/2018 11:41 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber was smacked from behind in his G-Class Friday night ... and the L.A. County Sheriffs Department got involved.

Bieber was on Sunset Boulevard just before 9 PM in West Hollywood when he was rear-ended by a Range Rover. Law enforcement sources tell us an OnStar system from one of the vehicles alerted them to the crash. 

We're told officers stood by while Bieber and the other driver exchanged info ... but cops didn't take a report.

Bieber appeared to be alone, but he's recently ditched Selena Gomez and hanging out with Patrick Schwarzenegger's girlfriend, Abby Champion's sister, Baskin.

Our sources say there were no injuries in the crash. 

Jay-Z Jigga Wants Ya to Chug His Twins!!!

3/24/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Jay-Z's thinking money when he sees twins ... Sorry, Sir and Rumi, but it's true.

Hova's champagne company, Ace Of Spades, filed docs back in November -- and recently obtained by TMZ -- to trademark "Les Jumelles d'Armand de Brignac." The doc lists the translation as "the twins." Ain't gotta remind ya that Jay and Bey have baby twins.

It's interesting ... the docs were filed just 5 days after we saw the twins make their vacay debut in Miami ... where the family tagged along for Jay's concert in Orlando.

Forget blowing bubbles ... serving bubbly's how Sir and Rumi get down.

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