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Jen Selter

My Mom's Hot Too

... Check Out This Body!!

2/18/2015 7:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0218-jen-selter-instagramApparently, the apple bottom doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Here's 21-year-old butt selfie goddess Jen Selter (right) posing with her 47-year-old mom Jill Selter (left) ... showing off their incredible mother-daughter physiques in tiny white bikinis. 

Jen -- whose ass has a 5 million person following on Instagram -- says her mom hits the gym 4 to 5 times a week ... and clearly, it's paying off. 

FYI -- Jen is also her mother's personal trainer ... so ... good work! 



Wiz Khalifa

Wasted with Chicks

I'm Not Talkin' Amber Rose Tonight!

2/18/2015 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021815_wiz_khalifa_launch_v2Wiz Khalifa stumbled out of a Hollywood club just before 2 AM Wednesday, and his posse railed at our photog for daring to ask the question Wiz himself raised about Amber Rose being a bad parent because she stays out too late.

Wiz was feeling no pain as he left Emerson Theatre. TMZ broke the story ... he's gearing up for a custody fight, claiming Amber Rose cares more about partying than parenting.

No doubt he has every right to party when he isn't taking care of 1-year-old Sebastian, but listen to the outrage from his friends when the subject is raised.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Trinidad Carnival, Amber Rose is partying it up in barely any clothing.

Thank God for nannies. 




Kanye West & Taylor Swift

BFFs Do Dinner ...

Before the Duet

2/18/2015 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0218-kanye-taylor-swift-gettyThe Kanye West/Taylor Swift friendship is the real deal, folks -- and not just for music -- because they did dinner together at The Spotted Pig in NYC.

Yeezy and T-Swizzle were careful not to arrive or leave the restaurant together on Tuesday night, but they reportedly ate at a table for two.  

The unlikely alliance began at the Grammys when they reunited for a photo. Since then Kanye's said Taylor wants to do a song with him, and this dinner date definitely makes it seem more likely. 

Face it ... Sweezus is here to stay. 


Terrence Howard

My Ex Is Hurling Death Threats

LAPD Investigates

2/18/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard Ex Wife Death Threats"Empire" star Terrence Howard doesn't just have a TV ex-wife threatening him, he has a real life one he says is targeting him for death ... and the LAPD is on the case.

TMZ has obtained a search warrant to determine if Michelle Ghent is behind a barrage of Instagram threats, including, "I'm watching you! I'm coming for ... LOL. You two won't live to see your children." The "you two" appears to refer to Terrence and his new wife.

0217_terrence-howard-instagram_splitAnother Instagram post warns his wife, "Your husband is cheating on you! Just thought you should know." The message was sent with a photo of Terrence and another woman.

And there's this ... there's a pic of a pill bottle that belonged to Terrence with the caption, "Oh dear, look what I found. Do hope you refilled. It's one of the things you can't leave home without."

The LAPD claims in the search warrant affidavit, there's reason to believe Michelle is behind the postings. One reason ... the Instagram accounts have no followers except for her. 

The LAPD got a judge to sign the warrant and they have gone on the hunt to find out if she's behind it.

Terrence says he's been getting nasty posts for a year ... and he filed a police report because he believes she's the culprit.

Michelle tells TMZ, she did not send the messages and claims the LAPD has talked to her and she's no longer a suspect. 

The LAPD says it's still an open investigation.

Drake Honcho

Birdman Screwed Me Too

Now Open the Books!

2/18/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_jas_prince_drake_birdman_TMZBirdman is getting called on the carpet by the guy who discovered Drake, and the guy thinks Baby has a M.O. -- stiff the people who made you a success.

Jas Prince filed new legal docs demanding that Cash Money open the books on the millions of dollars Drake has generated for the label.  

Jas is pissed because he's gotten a grand total of $2 million for his find, even though he was promised a huge chunk of the profits. And there are reports Cash Money has made $40 million from Drake.

So Jas -- whose dad is J. Prince -- wants to shine a light on Birdman's money practices.

Jas isn't alone -- Cash Money has already been sued by Lil Wayne and Young Turk, both of whom think Birdman has been shorting them.

They may be little and young, but they will NOT be shorted.



UNLOADS Devastating Punch on Female Fan

Arrested on Scene

2/17/2015 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021715_afroman_facebook_launch_v2Cops hauled Afroman off stage, and he knows why -- because he punched a female fan in the face ... instead of getting high -- and the video of the incident is brutal.

The rapper was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday night when the woman somehow got on stage and started dancing next to Afroman -- and then suddenly, without warning ... he turned and landed a right-handed haymaker to her face.

He obliterated the woman ... who went down hard -- but Afroman kept on performing. Witnesses say she was bleeding and crying, but somehow she managed to get up on her own. 

Cops eventually stopped the show, escorted him off stage, and arrested him outside the venue. He was booked for assault.

0217-afroman-arrested-TMZ-01Afroman's rep says the rapper had no idea if the fan was a man or a woman -- he just reacted to someone being on stage. The rep claims there was a lack of security at the venue to keep fans off the stage.

The rep added this is totally out of character for Afroman ... who was released late Tuesday after paying a $330 bond.


In other news...

Khloe Kardashian Left The House Without Any Pants

Khloe opted for comfort and ditched her pants, pairing a red plaid shirt with some knee-high boots.


Geraldo Rivera

NBC Screwed Brian Williams ...

By Lying, Of All Things

2/18/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Geraldo Rivera Brian Williams SuspensionNBC hung Brian Williams out to dry, and guaranteed he will never return to its "Nightly News" desk ... according to veteran news guy Geraldo Rivera

The "Celebrity Apprentice" runner-up told us Williams got a raw deal when NBC suspended him for 6 months, because it prolonged the inevitable -- what he calls a "death penalty" to BW's career.

Geraldo added ... the Peacock should've just ripped off the band-aid and canned Williams now. Not that he thinks that would've been fair.

Watch the video ... it's the staunchest defense we've seen yet -- blasting network execs and everyone who's judging Brian from "the safety of their parents' basement with their hands on their computer saying tsk tsk." 

We smell a budding bromance.



Dan Bilzerian

Lambo's Gotta Go!

I've Got No Room For It

2/18/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_dan_bilzerian_lamborghini_ebay_sale_launch_2Most people unload high-priced sports cars because they're gas guzzling money pits on wheels -- but Dan Bilzerian does it because he's got one too many sick rides. #DanBilzerianProblems

Instagram's 'Most Interesting Man' is in the process of custom building a new Baja racing truck, and has to clear out space ... in his NINE-car garage! So DB made the tough call to ditch his 2013 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

Bilzerian has put the car up for sale on eBay with a "Buy It Now" price of $500,000 ... about $150k less than he paid for it. And in case you think the car is worn down -- it only has 957 miles on it.

The Lambo does NOT include a guarantee to get you chicks -- à la Dan -- but it won't hurt.



Carl The Janitor in

"The Breakfast Club"


2/18/2015 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_carl_janitor_breakfast_club_now_photos_launchJohn Kapelos is best known for playing the all knowing janitor Carl -- opposite Paul Gleason as Principal Richard Vernon -- in the 1985 classic comedy "The Breakfast Club." Guess what he looks like now!

In other news...

Kanye West Has Playtime At The Beach With Daughter North

Kanye and daughter North West couldn't be any cuter while hanging out at the beach.


TMZ Live

Wiz Khalifa:

There's Dog Poop on My Kid Thanks to Amber Rose!

2/17/2015 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


  • Lindsay Lohan's Community Service Dilemma 
  • Tyga Wants the World to Know: He's NOT Bangin' Kylie!
  • Miley's BF Gets in a High Speed Car Chase
  • SpongeBob Does a Killer Elvis Impersonation

Bruce Jenner

Video Captures Entire Crash

Bruce Plowed into Both Cars

2/17/2015 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_bruce_jenner_crash_scene_splash-4A MTA bus caught the entire Bruce Jenner car crash on video and sources tell TMZ it squarely shows Bruce struck both cars, and the Lexus driver NEVER made contact with the Prius. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they are in possession of the video. Sources familiar with the bus in question -- which was directly behind the Hummer -- tell TMZ there are cameras mounted on the front, back and sides, and the videos show the entire accident. 

Law enforcement will not tell us what's on the video, but sources familiar with the video in question tell us it's clear the Lexus never made contact with the Prius. Bruce hit the Lexus, which propelled it into oncoming traffic and then struck the Hummer. Bruce then continued on and hit the Prius.

021715_bruce_jenner_accident_recreation_launch_v4We obtained a re-creation of the accident, which was NOT based on the video but which sources tell us accurately reflects what is on the MTA video. The re-creation, however, does not show the braking of Bruce's or the other vehicles, which could be a factor. 

The MTA video is critical ... because Bruce -- and not the Lexus driver who died -- hit the Prius, it makes a more compelling case that he was following too close, which opens the door to a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution.

In other news...

Jennifer Lopez Slips Into A Leather Bustier Dress

Jennifer Lopez showed off one epic booty profile in this dress!


Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Dog Poo Hits Fan

In Custody War [TMZ TV]

2/17/2015 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021715_tv_tune_in_wiz_khalifa_launch_v2Wiz Khalifa wants more custody of his one-year-old son because he claims Amber Rose is a bad mother. His definition of bad mother: letting the dog lick the kid’s face after eating its own feces.

If it's true -- seems like a pretty good definition. tmz-on-tv-3

Lolo Jones

Boycott 'Fifty Shades'

God Would Not Approve

2/17/2015 3:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0217_lolo_jones_50shades_TMZLolo Jones -- U.S. Olympian and self-proclaimed virgin -- says "Fifty Shades of Grey" is an abomination ... and people should boycott the movie because it glamorizes unholy sex. 

Jones -- who's also a devout Evangelical Christian -- went to Twitter and wrote, "Funny how some people think there's nothing wrong with 50 shades of Grey. God didn't create sex for that purpose."

She added, "Watch another movie."

Jones then explained her stance ... saying the movie's hypersexual plot makes people feel that sex for pleasure is the answer to emotional pain.

"Some ppl medicate pain by being more and more physical to where if they are ever alone they can't feel any peace," Jones wrote. 

The tweet is in direct contrast to Russell Wilson, another devout Christian who says it's not only OK to see the movie ... but admits he took in a screening last week and said he thought it was "great."  

[h/t FTW

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