Richard Grieco Busted For Public Intoxication ... Airline Says He's Too Drunk To Fly!!!


Richard Grieco of "21 Jump Street" fame tried to fly from Texas to Pennsylvania -- but he ended up in jail instead -- because according to cops, he had too much to drink.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops were flagged to Grieco's gate at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Thursday by an agent who denied him boarding. We're told Greico was hunched over the counter, yelling at employees and slurring his speech ... he also reeked of booze.

Cops say they sat Grieco down for a chat and he admitted to drinking two cranberry vodkas before the flight. Grieco was taken into custody for public intoxication and officers note he was very unsteady on his feet when they brought him in for booking.

Everett Collection

What's more, according to the arrest report -- obtained by TMZ -- Grieco had prescription Klonopin in his bag ... which he said he takes because he's a nervous flier. The cops note the pill shouldn't be taken with alcohol.

The airline booked Grieco another flight for Friday morning.

We reached out and spoke to Grieco who tells us the whole thing was an unfortunate incident and "not that big of a deal."

Antonio Brown Begs For Another NFL Shot Apologizes for 'Inexcusable' Behavior

Exclusive Details

11:19 AM PT -- That didn't take long ... Tom Brady has already liked AB's apology post on Instagram.

Oh, and sources close to AB tell us the apology is mostly geared toward things he's said and done on social media ... not the sexual assault allegations.

Our source also says AB desperately wants to play football again and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince owners he's worth taking a chance on.

Antonio Brown just issued a massive apology for his off-the-field behavior -- but there's one huge problem with his mea culpa ... it's unclear what he's specifically apologizing for.

"First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to my family, friends and anyone who I offended," Brown said on IG.

"I never once meant to make anyone feel like I wasn’t thankful and appreciative of the opportunity that I was afforded to play the game I love."

Here's where things get even murkier ... AB references "inexcusable" behavior -- but doesn't specify if he's talking about serious allegations like rape or stupid incidents like farting on his trainer.

"While my behavior was inexcusable, sometimes when people are coming at you with false information and allegations, we handle ourselves in ways that we sometimes regret."

Our takeaway from that line is that AB is referencing the menacing text messages he sent to a woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct.

The Patriots cut AB after they learned about AB's texts and the NFL has launched an investigation.

"I do take full responsibility for my actions and I’m working everyday to repair what I broke."

Brown then turns his focus on getting another shot in the NFL ...

"I do know that if I’m ever given the opportunity to play the game that I love, I’m going to work extremely hard to show the world how much I appreciate another chance."

"To the organizations that I offended, I offer my sincere apology to you and my hope is that you forgive me and help me move on from this minor setback."

Those organizations could be anyone from the Patriots to the Oakland Raiders to the Pittsburgh Steelers ... maybe even the Buffalo Bills.

As we previously reported, the Raiders had signed AB to a 3-year, $50 mil contract ... but he had drama with his helmet, his feet and had public spats with the GM and coach Jon Gruden.

The Patriots picked him up ... only to dump him right after the text message incident. Brown later bashed the Pats on social media and referenced owner Robert Kraft's prostitution scandal.

The Steelers couldn't wait to dump AB after he live-streamed a private locker room conversation ... and he went after QB Ben Roethlisberger in the media.

As for the Bills, there was interest in signing AB ... but he reportedly refused to play there and a potential trade never went through.

For his part, AB has been training like a maniac over the past few months -- and you gotta wonder if there's real interest from an NFL team looking to beef up the WR position before the playoffs.

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Rosie O'Donnell No Barron Trump Apologies Needed Karlan's Making a Point!!!


Rosie O'Donnell firmly believes the Stanford Law Professor who name-dropped Barron Trump didn't do anything wrong and hopes the testimony helps impeach the President.

We got Rosie and her BFF Ally Sheedy Thursday night outside the "Jagged Little Pill" musical in NYC and asked her about the GOP outrage over Prof. Pamela Karlan's wordplay. Not shockingly ... Rosie's team Karlan, all the way.


She says Karlan made a fair point about POTUS, and it's being taken out of context to look malicious. Both Rosie and Ally think there was nothing mean spirited about it. Rosie thinks it's nice Karlan apologized but adds ... it wasn't necessary.

Rosie, of course, had her own controversy involving the President and Melania's son a few years back, when she posted a video questioning whether Barron was autistic.

She apologized to Melania for being insensitive and causing pain ... but clearly thinks Karlan's case is different.

As for the impeachment hearings, in general, Rosie admitted she's a total junkie. It's no secret she has a rooting interest and spells out the many reasons why she's on Karlan's side.

She also reveals her plan if the Prez does get kicked out of office.

Harvey Weinstein Can Barely Walk Out Of Court ... Serious Back Issues

Exclusive Details

9:55 AM PT -- We're told prosecutors asked Weinstein's bail be set at a higher amount during the hearing. Prosecutors said Weinstein has had issues with his ankle monitoring bracelet and bringing it out of range.

Harvey Weinstein can't run from the law ... in fact, he can barely walk on his own.

Weinstein struggled to walk out of a New York City courtroom Friday after his bail hearing, needing assistance to make it down some steps and into his waiting SUV.

Weinstein's defense attorney, Donna Rotunno, tells TMZ ... Harvey's having health issues, including a back problem that's only getting worse. We're told Weinstein's seeing a doctor for treatment on his back, and he's in A LOT of pain.

As you know ... Weinstein is scheduled to go to trial in January after pleading not guilty to charges he raped a woman in a Manhattan hotel room in 2013 and performed a forcible sex act on another woman in 2006.

Despite his physical weakness, we're told Weinstein remains mentally strong and is ready to defend himself at trial.

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French Montana Finally Out of the Hospital ... But 1 Month Bed Rest Ahead


French Montana is finally out of the hospital after a nearly 2-week stay, and while he still has a long road to recovery ... he also has a new album to help motivate him.

Sources close to French say he was released from West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley earlier this week. It's a big step forward, but doctors have ordered at least 30 more days of bed rest at home.

That means no working, traveling, exercising, performing or partying for the next month, which is a bit of a bummer considering his new album, "Montana" dropped Friday.

We're told docs believe French's various symptoms were the result of seriously overworking himself. Those symptoms included intense stomach pains, dehydration and exhaustion. He also had an elevated heart rate which we're told is back under control after the extended hospital stay.


On a positive note, "Montana" contains features from Drake, Cardi B, Chris Brown, Swae Lee, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott, Post Malone and A$AP Rocky. We got a few snippets from some of the new tracks.

Our sources say French is anxious to get back to feeling 100%, so he can get back on the road for appearances and performances -- but that's on the back burner, for now.

TMZ broke the story, French was first hospitalized and placed in the ICU 2 weeks ago. Cops were called to his home for what turned out to be a false burglary alarm, but while interacting with French determined he needed medical help, citing possible intoxication.

Obie Trice Arrested for Felony Assault ... GF's Son Shot During Fight


9:14 AM PT -- According to the incident report -- obtained by TMZ -- when deputies arrived, Obie was holding a pistol and was quickly ordered to the ground and taken into custody.

The report says Obie had allegedly been drinking all day and got in a physical altercation with his girlfriend. The girlfriend's 18-year-old son then intervened, and Obie went to get his gun. A struggle ensued over control of the weapon, and it went off ... striking the son in the groin. He suffered a fractured pelvis because of the bullet.

7:45 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us a neighbor called cops early Friday morning when they heard loud noises and shouting coming from Obie's place. We're told when cops arrived, they spoke with Obie and a woman he's been living with who said they'd had an argument.

Our sources say the woman's son got in the middle of the argument, a gun went off, and the son was shot. The son then drove himself to the hospital for treatment ... he's in stable condition.

The case is still under investigation.

Rapper Obie Trice is in real trouble, no gimmick, after cops busted him for felony assault with a gun and violating a restraining order.

Trice was booked early Friday morning in Oakland County, Michigan on 2 charges, and is still locked up. The charges include aggravated felony assault of a family member with a gun and contempt of court for violating a protective order.

It's currently unclear who he allegedly assaulted and the circumstances leading to his arrest. His bail's been set at $16,900.

Trice was a big part of Eminem's heyday -- he signed to Shady Records in 2000 -- and contributed to songs on the "8 Mile" soundtrack, the D12 album "Devil's Night" ... and of course, had the famous opening line to Em's "Without Me."

He left Shady and started his own record label, Black Market Entertainment, in 2010.

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Post Malone & Swae Lee All Love at GQ After Party ... Posty Gets Sentimental!!!


Post Malone and Swae Lee kept the party going for GQ after its annual Men of the Year awards week ... and the "Wow." rapper let everyone know how happy he was to do it.

Both stars got on the mic at the official GQ After Party Thursday night at The West Hollywood EDITION and performed their hit song, "Sunflower" ... and Posty took some time afterward to get poetic with the crowd.

He expressed how important it was for everyone to have a good time and love each other ... and made it abundantly clear how thankful he is to be who he is.

Post was certainly in supportive company ... the party was loaded with stars who were also there to have a "good ass f***in' time."

Just some of the names on the guest list included Lil Nas X, Nick Kroll, Billy Eichner, Jesse Williams, Darren Criss, Dwight Yoakam, 6lack and even Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) from "Succession."

Good times indeed.

Jerry Jones Big Mad On Radio After Cowboys Loss 'Get Your Damn Act Together'

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105.3 THE FAN

Jerry Jones dropped a "BS" bomb during a live radio interview -- and was DROPPED from the air -- after chewing out the hosts over Cowboys questions.

The Dallas Cowboys owner appeared on 105.3 The Fan for his weekly radio call -- but it was clear from the jump he was in a BAAAAD mood following the loss to the Chicago Bears.

The hosts asked Jones if he was embarrassed about the loss -- to which he shot back, "Get your damn act together!"

"We're going to have a good visit this morning, but settle down just a little bit."

As the hosts continued to ask questions, Jones warned them -- "I don't like your attitude to come in. I've been traveling all night and I don't have the patience to jack with you today."

Both sides settled down and talked about the Cowboys problems -- from the kicking game to the defense -- and at one point, Jerry used an expletive ON THE AIR!

105.3 THE FAN

The show dropped Jones from the air -- and explained that they panicked when he used the curse word. They had tried to just drop the audio, but they accidentally hung up on him instead.

Don't worry, Jones got back on the air and continued the interview ... but yeah, talk about a tough Friday.

Papa John's Founder Wife Files for Divorce ... After His Bizarre Interview

Getty Composite

Papa John's founder John Schnatter might be scarfing down even MORE pizzas -- he's officially heading for the bachelor life after his wife of 32 years filed for divorce.

Annette Cox filed the paperwork Thursday in Kentucky, saying her marriage to John is "irretrievably broken." According to the docs ... she says they separated back in April. They've been married since April 1987.

In her divorce petition, Cox points out she's self-employed but adds John is not employed. It plays like a shot, but those are just the facts. As we've reported, he was ousted from his pizza company last year following the n-word scandal.

According to docs, Annette and John already have a property settlement agreement, and she just wants the judge to sign off on it. They own several homes, including million-dollar pads in Utah, Florida and Kentucky. They also have 2 kids, but they're adults ... so no child support issues.

Schnatter's worth an estimated $500 mil, even after the fallout at Papa John's. We don't say we saw the divorce coming, but the man did say -- during a recent, bizarre interview -- he'd eaten 40 Papa John's pizzas in 30 days. Just sayin' ...


Divorce is just the start of his legal troubles ... Schnatter's also suing the creative advertising firm, Laundry Service, and its parent company because he claims it leaked the audio that led to him losing his PJ's gig.

John claims a "secretly-taped meeting led by Laundry Service in May 2018" resulted in the news story alleging he used a racial slur ... which he calls false reporting.

Schnatter's consistently defended himself over the comments in that meeting, insisting they were taken out of context and used as an excuse to get rid of him. He claims it was a revenge job because he refused to pay Laundry Service a $6 million fee.

Pauly D Back On with 'Double Shot' Star ... Double Dose of Nikki!!!

TMZ Composite

DJ Pauly D's giving it another spin with the chick he sent packing on 'Double Shot at Love' ... which makes sense considering their recent make out session in Vegas.

The "Jersey Shore" star had a set at Avalon in Hollywood Saturday night, and Nikki Hall was with him in his DJ booth and beyond. Our sources say the 2 were very flirty, all over each other, and just like at the Vegas club in October ... spent a lot of time smooching.


We're told it definitely seems like the 2 have rekindled their dating show relationship and are officially together.

For the uninitiated ... Nikki was a finalist on Pauly's reality show with his boy, Vinny -- "Double Shot at Love with Pauly D & Vinny." The good vibes ended there though because Nikki was sent home in the season finale when Pauly decided to go it solo.

After the show, they reportedly dated anyway, but things got nasty when Pauly blocked Nikki on social media for sharing text messages he allegedly sent her.

Must be water under the bridge -- as we first reported, they were back together at Drai's Nightclub in October, getting handsy and making out alongside Vinny and Maria Elizondo.

Seems like those good times in Sin City carried over. Maybe this third shot will be the charm.

Quavo One IG Joke Turned into ... Real Popeyes Dough for Migos!!!


Quavo is living the dream -- turning Instagram mockery into cold, hard cash, baby ... courtesy of the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze.

We got the Migos rapper and his GF, Saweetie, in WeHo Thursday night as they left the GQ Men of the Year Awards After Party ... and we had to ask him about his group jumping into the fast-food game.

Quavo explained how Migos' partnership with Uber Eats came about, telling us it all started with a video he posted back in August ... when everyone was losing their minds during the first round of Popeyes mania.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Quavo says someone -- besides his fans -- must have taken notice of his joke about selling the chicken sandwich out of his trunk ... because a few months later Migos was on the menu!

If ya missed the news ... you can now order 4 different combo meals off the Migos Menu from Popeyes, but only through Uber Eats.

Appropriately, "The Quavo" is the only one that includes the stupidly popular chicken sando ... 2 of 'em!!!

'Thursday Night Football' Bears Fans Beat Up Cowboys Fans ... At Soldier Field

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8:09 AM PT -- A Chicago PD spokesperson tells TMZ Sports they can't find any records showing an arrest connected to the fight.

"Thursday Night Football" sucked for the Cowboys ... on the field and in the stands.

While the Chicago Bears players put a beating on Dak Prescott and company, the Bears fans were lumping up a bunch of Cowboys fans in the bowels of Soldier Field.

Check out the footage obtained by Barstool Sports, showing a group of Bears fans going all Mike Tyson on a couple of guys in Cowboys jerseys at some point during the game.

It doesn't appear anyone was seriously injured -- we're working on finding out if anyone was arrested.

Of course, the actual game went terribly for Jerry Jones and his Cowboys ... Dallas lost 31 to 24 ... but the game wasn't as close as the final score makes it seem.

Despite the ass-kicking, Jerry Jones insists he'll stick with Jason Garrett as the Cowboys head coach until the season is over.

Oh, and somehow the 6-7 Cowboys are still in 1st place in the NFC East and have a real shot at the playoffs. The Eagles are 5-7.

Originally published -- 6:01 AM PT

Jason Derulo His Anaconda's Worth $500k!!! IG's Loss, Porn Site's Gain?


Jason Derulo's penis is worth 6-figures to a site pushing adult content, and it says he's welcome to post pics of his junk ... without the discrimination he says he's getting from the 'gram.

CamSoda is making an offer they hope Jason can't refuse ... up to $500,000 just to share thirst traps of his anaconda over the next 6 months, and he does NOT have to pose nude to get the dough.

Sounds like it could be the easiest money Jason's ever made. CamSoda says it will create his own page where he can share pics, videos and live streams in his underwear. Although, we're sure they'd be thrilled if he opted to show his, umm ... blessings in the buff.

As you know, Instagram recently removed Jason's famous underwear pic coming out of a steamy pool in Bali. IG says JD violated the platform's guidelines by showing off "aroused genitalia."


Jason says he's fallen victim to a social media double standard and maintains he wasn't fully-aroused in the photo.

Semi, fully, or not at all ... CamSoda will take Derulo in any phase of arousal, which is why it's dangling so much cash for his Haitian jewels.

Caroline Wozniacki Retiring from Tennis ... Wants to Start Family


6:40 AM PT -- We just spoke with Caroline in New York and she told us what she'll miss the most about being a pro tennis player!

That's a wrap for Caroline Wozniacki ... almost!

The 29-year-old tennis star says she's officially retiring from the sport -- right after the Australian Open in January -- to focus on other aspects of her life, including growing her family.

"I've played professionally since I was 15 years old," Wozniacki says.

"I've always told myself, when the time comes, that there are things away from tennis that I want to do more, then it's time to be done. In recent months, I've realized that there is a lot more in life that I'd like to accomplish off the court."

Caroline says getting married to NBA star David Lee "was one of those goals" -- along with "starting a family with him while continuing to travel the world."

She also wants to focus energy on raising awareness for rheumatoid arthritis -- a condition she suffers from.

"So with that, today I am announcing that I will be retiring from professional tennis after the Australian Open in January," Wozniacki says.

"This has nothing to do with my health and this isn't a goodbye, I look forward to sharing my exciting journey ahead with all of you."

As far as her tennis accomplishments, Caroline was pretty damn good.

"With 30 WTA singles titles, a world #1 ranking for 71 weeks, a WTA Finals victory, 3 Olympics, including carrying the flag for my native Denmark, and winning the 2018 Australian Open Grand slam championship, I've accomplished everything I could on the court."

Not bad, right?

Wozniacki and her hubby recently took classes at Harvard Business School as part of a program that helps athletes build a second career outside of sports ... so post-tennis life has been on her brain for a while.


Originally published -- 6:41 AM PT

Takashi in 'Revenge Of The Nerds' 'Memba Him?!

Los Angeles-native Brian Tochi was in his mid-20s when he took the role of the pie-loving Lambda Lambda Lambda member, Toshiro Takashi -- who wins the tricycle race and mans the gong in the famous music scene -- in the 1984 greek geek flick, "Revenge Of The Nerds."

Brian Tochi was cast alongside a stellar group of spaz stars including Andrew Cassese as the child-genius Wormser, Larry B. Scott as the javelin throwing, Lamar Latrell, Robert Carradine as the leading lover, Lewis Skolnick and Curtis Armstrong as the wonder joint rolling, Booger.

Guess what he looks like now at 60 years old!

Johnny Manziel Divorce Calls Off Spousal Support Request ... It Was a Mistake!

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6:35 PM PT -- Bre Tiesi says she never intentionally meant to request spousal support from Johnny -- and claims her lawyers simply made a mistake when filing her divorce petition.

In fact, her attorney, Arthur H. Barens, just sent us a statement admitting the error.

"Our firm wishes to make it clear that [Bre] is not seeking either spousal support or property of any kind from Mr. Manziel, but rather solely the dissolution of their marital relationship"

"Inadvertently, in the original petition a box was marked referencing that Ms. Manziel was seeking spousal support. In fact, an Amended Petition has been filed removing that check-mark and making it clear that nothing either property or support is being sought by Ms. Manziel."

Johnny Football could become Johnny Spousal Support ... at least, that's what his estranged wife Bre Tiesi is going for.

TMZ Sports has obtained Bre's divorce petition in which she specifically asks the judge to award her spousal support ... despite separating after only a year.

379 days to be exact.

In the docs, Bre says they got married on March 10, 2018, and she lists the date of separation as March 24, 2019 ... which is interesting.

We've learned ... Bre was in Bali on a girls' trip with friends on the date of the split -- and Bre has publicly accused Manziel of "breaking vows."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she's implying ... that he cheated on her while she was away. In the docs, she cites "irreconcilable differences."

So, let's get down to the money ...

Obviously, Bre doesn't have a claim to any of the NFL cash Manziel made BEFORE they were married ... but she could be entitled to the money he made during their union.

Remember, Johnny played in the Canadian Football League after he tied the knot -- from May 2018 until he was cut and banned from the league in Feb. 2019.


Unclear how much cash Manziel made in the CFL, but that could factor in to a potential settlement and possibly into a spousal support deal.

Tiesi will likely argue she became accustomed to a lavish lifestyle -- and she believes Manziel should fork over money so she can continue to live that way.

Will a judge agree? Maybe, maybe not ... but this could get very interesting.

Oh, and Bre also wants Johnny to pay her attorney's fees.

Stay tuned ...

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