Phil Mickelson Almost Aces 353-Yard Par 4 ... Insane Drive!!!

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Phil Mickelson nearly carded the greatest hole in PGA Tour history Friday -- missing a hole in one on a 353-yard Par 4 ... by INCHES!!!!

Lefty was playing in the second round of the CJ Cup in South Korea ... when he stepped up to the tee box on the 14th hole at Nine Bridges -- and nearly did the unthinkable.

With a driver in his hand ... Phil took a violent swing and ripped a golf ball that hit the green on the fly.

It tracked all the way to the hole ... but had just a little too much heat on it -- and instead of falling, it kicked off the pin and settled just inches away from the improbable ace.

Of course, Phil was able to roll in the eagle putt ... but you just know the dude was fuming over missing history!!

There's only been one Par-4 ace EVER on the PGA Tour -- and it was a wacky 332-yarder by Andrew Magee at TPC Scottsdale in Arizona back in 2001.

There's no video of that shot ... which means Phil's swing Friday would have been truly the most legendary one in PGA Tour history!

Somewhere, Tiger Woods is smiling.

PGA's Paul Casey Almost Loses Tournament For Hitting A Bug With Golf Ball!!!

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PGA Tour stud Paul Casey nearly had one less trophy on his mantle this week ... and it's all 'cause he struck a bug with his golf ball on a routine putt!!

Here's the deal ... Casey was playing in the European Tour's Porsche European Open in Germany last week -- when he lined up for a short putt on one of the holes.

Casey pulled back his club, struck the golf ball ... and he sank the shot no problem!

BUT ... turns out, there was a small issue -- video replay showed Casey's ball had struck a tiny bug on its way to the hole.

And -- as every no golfer knows -- hitting a bug on the green is giant no-no ... and could have resulted in a huge penalty!!!

Per golf rules, when a ball hits a person, animal (including bugs!) or movable obstruction on the green, the stroke is NOT supposed to count.

But, since Casey did not KNOWINGLY hit the little critter ... tournament officials let it slide -- and the 42-year-old ended up winning the event by two strokes.


As for the bug, we're pretty sure it survived the brutal assault.


Brooks Koepka Check Out My ... THONG MANKINI!!!

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G-strings ain't just for chicks ... just ask golf superstar Brooks Koepka

The #1 ranked PGA player in the world decided to thong out for a friend's birthday party in Florida on Friday -- and it's clear ... dude ain't shy about it!!!

The 29-year-old butt-flossed up and bared his bod while drinking beer on a PonTiki boat in South Florida ... and tested the thong durability when he jumped off into the water.

The theme of the party seemed to be some sort of redneck vibe -- at one point, Brooks was rockin' a shirt that read, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cousin."

BK's hot girlfriend, Jena Sims, got in on the costume fun -- sporting a bathing suit inspired by that neon green man-thong from "Borat."

The birthday boy is a friend named Dan -- so ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!!

Michelle Wie Rips Hank Haney Over 'Racist', 'Sexist' LPGA Comments

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Michelle Wie says she's straight-up "angry" over "racist and sexist" comments made by legendary golf coach Hank Haney ... telling the guy straight-up, "Shame on you!"

63-year-old Haney -- who was Tiger Woods' longtime swing coach -- went on his SiriusXM radio show Wednesday and made stunningly offensive comments about the number of Korean players competing in this weekend's LPGA U.S. Women's Open.

"I couldn't name you like 6 players on the LPGA Tour. Nah, maybe I could -- well, I'd go with Lee. If I didn't have to name a first name, I'd get a bunch of them right."

Haney added, "Honestly, Michelle Wie is hurt. I don't know that many. Where are they playing, by the way?"

Well, Michelle Wie heard the comments and was PISSED -- firing back on social media:

"As a Korean American female golfer, these comments that @HankHaney made disappoint and anger me on so many different levels."

Wie added, "Racism and sexism are no laughing matter Hank ... shame on you. I don’t ever do this, but this must be called out."

She also directed this at Haney ..."Too many of these girls, Korean or not, have worked countless hours and sacrificed so much to play in the US Open this week. There are so many amazing players in the field. Let’s celebrate them ... Not mock them."

For his part, Haney later issued an apology, writing, "This morning I made some comments about women's golf and its players that were insensitive and that I regret."

"In an effort to make a point about the overwhelming success of Korean players on the tour I offended people and I am sorry. I have the highest respect for the women who have worked so hard to reach the pinnacle of their sport and I never meant to take away from their abilities and accomplishments."

Haney added, "I've worked in this game with men and women players from many different cultures and I look forward to continuing to do so."

Wie has not responded to the apology.

PGA Championship Winner Nick Price 'Memba Him?!

South African born athlete Nick Price gained international fame as a great golfer in the early '90s after he won two PGA Championships -- the first in 1992 at Bellerive Country Club ... and the second in 1994 at Southern Hills Country Club.

Nick Price's other major championship win was also in 1994 at the Open Championship where he squeaked out a one-stroke victory over Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik.

Price was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in back in 2003.

Fun Fact: The winner's share for the 1992 PGA Championship was $280,000 ... while the winner's share for this year's championship is close to $2,000,000.


Guess what he looks like now!

Michael Jordan Tiger's Masters Win ... Greatest Comeback Ever!!

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Forget coming back from a 2-year baseball career to win an NBA championship ... Michael Jordan says Tiger Woods' Masters victory last weekend is the greatest comeback of all-time!!!

"He had to change his game; he had to change his perspective a little bit," M.J. told The Athletic ... "To me, it was the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen."

Of course, Michael knows a thing or two about comebacks ... he ended a 2-year MLB career to return to the hardwood to win 3 straight NBA titles in the 1990s.

But, even Jordan admits that can't compare to what Tiger did this past weekend ... returning from all kinds of injuries and off-the-course issues to be the best golfer in the world again.

"I never thought he’d get back physically,” Jordan said ... “He didn’t think he’d get back physically. But he did it. No one expected him to be back the way he is now."

M.J. added, "He’s probably the only person who believed he could get back. To me, that’s a major accomplishment. To me, it’s unbelievable."

Jordan ain't the only one feeling that way ... everyone from Donald Trump to Tom Brady to Michael Phelps commented on their amazement over TW's 15th major championship win.

As for the debate between who's the greatest athlete of all time between Tiger and Jordan ... we actually asked Scottie Pippen that this week -- and you'll wanna hear his answer ...


Michael Phelps I Want Tiger To Catch Jack ... 'He's Back!'


The greatest swimmer of all-time wants Tiger Woods to become the greatest golfer of all-time ... 'cause Michael Phelps tells TMZ Sports he wants TW to catch Jack Nicklaus' majors record!!!

"I hope he gets to 18," Phelps says ... "I'll say that."

Of course, Phelps famously had a front-row seat to watch Tiger's historic 15th major win at the Masters this past weekend -- which left Tiger just 3 short of Nicklaus' 18 mark.

And, after seeing all that up close ... Michael seems to think it's very possible Tiger catches Nicklaus soon -- 'cause he's proclaiming Woods has officially returned to old Tiger form.

"Tiger's back," Phelps said out in New York on Wednesday ... "That's all I gotta say. He's back."

Good news for Phelps and El Tigre? We spoke with golf legend John Daly this week ... and he says he knows for a fact Tiger WILL break Nicklaus' record!!!


Justin Timberlake Bonded with Tiger Over Parenting While Famous

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Not many people know what it's like to balance parenthood with global mega-fame -- but Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake do ... and JT says it's brought them closer together.

In fact, Timberlake just wrote about his friendship with Tiger for Time Magazine -- explaining how the two got to spend some time together last year and really bonded by "talking about being fathers."

Tiger has two kids -- 10 and 11 -- and JT has a 4-year-old son.

"We bonded over the fact that we wanted our children to watch us at our best," Timberlake wrote ... noting that his 4-year-old has just "started to realize what I do."

The coolest part of Justin's story -- Timberlake says in 2018 Tiger told him one of his biggest life goals was to win a major in front of his kids.

Fast forward to April 14 in Augusta ... Tiger wins The Masters and his kids are RIGHT THERE to give him a big 'ol hug.

Timberlake says he couldn't have been happier for his friend -- "What a dream come true."

"All the work he did when people weren't watching allowed him to hug his children on that same hallowed ground he hugged his father 22 years ago, amid all the adulation, a Masters champion once again."

Justin and Tiger have known each other for years and have golfed together a bunch of times.

Tiger has gone on the record praising JT's golf game -- saying the guy has a "beautiful swing" ... but needs to work on his short game if he REALLY wants to get to the next level.

John Daly Tiger Will Break Jack's Record ... It's Destiny!!!


John Daly tells TMZ Sports he KNOWS Tiger Woods is gonna break Jack Nicklaus' all-time major championships record ... saying, straight-up, it's fate.

"I not only think, I know he will," Daly tells us ... "It's just destiny."

Daly says like the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series and the Boston Red Sox breaking the Curse of the Bambino ... it's just bound to happen that Tiger passes Jack's 18 majors mark.

Of course, Tiger is only 3 shy of tying that record after his legendary Masters performance this past weekend ... but some are still wondering if Tiger can repeat that feat FOUR more times.

Daly certainly thinks so, saying, "I never thought he was gone ... I still feel like he's going to win Nicklaus' records and I've always believed in him."

As for if Tiger's historic comeback has Daly envisioning a comeback of his own ... John says not right now -- saying his knee is still pretty messed up after recent surgery.

By the way, Daly also tells us he has no issues with Donald Trump giving Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom -- saying, "Tiger definitely deserves it."

Donald Trump Awarding Tiger Woods Presidential Medal of Freedom

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President Donald Trump was so impressed with Tiger Woods amazing performance at The Masters -- he's giving the golfer the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Medal is the highest award that can be awarded to a civilian in the United States and has previous recipients include Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pope John Paul II, Bob Hope and more.

According to the White House, the Medal "recognizes those individuals who have made 'an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.'"

In his announcement (read: tweet), Trump said, "Spoke to @TigerWoods to congratulate him on the great victory he had in yesterday’s @TheMasters, & to inform him that because of his incredible Success & Comeback in Sports (Golf) and, more importantly, LIFE, I will be presenting him with the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM!"

Trump and Tiger have been friends for years -- Tiger recently golfed with the President back in February at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

Of course, Tiger's victory wasn't just impressive on its own -- but is being hailed as one of the greatest professional comebacks in all of pro sports considering he hadn't won a Major in over 10 years.

Story developing ...

Barack Obama Plays Golf With Romo & Emmitt ... During Masters Weekend

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What's more interesting than watching Tiger Woods lock up a historic win at The Masters??

GOLF WITH THE PRESIDENT ... at least, that was the case for Dallas Cowboys legends Emmitt Smith and Tony Romo, who bailed on watching Tiger to play 18 with Barack Obama!!

It all went down somewhere in Texas this weekend ... when Emmitt, Romo, Barack and former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk hit the links for a round of golf.

Unclear who in the foursome took the win ... but odds favor Tony -- who's so good, he's set to play in next month's AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament with PGA pros.

As for ditching El Tigre ... don't worry -- seems the guys made it back in time to catch his unbelievable Masters victory, with Obama personally congratulating the golf legend.

"To come back and win the Masters after all the highs and lows is a testament to excellence, grit, and determination."


Tiger Woods Sneaker Tribute from Chris Paul ... After Masters Win

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This is pretty cool ... Chris Paul was so proud of his pal, Tiger Woods, for winning the Masters on Sunday, he honored his friend with a pair of custom Tiger-themed kicks!!

Chris and the Houston Rockets took on the Utah Jazz after Tiger's comeback -- so, Paul decided to make a few alterations to his red CP3.12s to pay homage to the golfer.

BTW, Chris and Tiger have been friends for years -- with Chris previously crediting Woods with getting him into golf in the first place.

They've been spotted on various courses together several times in the past.

As for Paul, he won too -- the Rockets smashed the Jazz 122 to 90.

Unclear who actually crafted the custom Tiger shoes. We're looking into it.

8:13 AM PT -- A rep for Nike tells us the shoe was the product of a "partnership between Chris and our performance footwear team" ... and note that it was actually made by Jordan Brand.

PGA's Jordan Spieth Insane Golf Shot ... Skips Ball On Water!!!

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Here's the most insane golf shot you'll EVER see ... Jordan Spieth skipped a ball SEVEN times over the water in a pond -- and landed it within 10 feet from the hole!

It all went down Wednesday at The Par 3 Contest -- the prelude to this weekend's Masters tournament -- where pros are known to take it easy before they tee it up for real on Thursday at Augusta.

Jordan decided to put on a little show for fans ... heading down to the water for one of his tee shots -- and hitting a shot that required the ball to skip across the pond's water.

The golf ball took seven big hops along the surface of the water ... landed on the green ... and miraculously rolled about 10 feet from the pin!!


Spieth is one of the sport's biggest superstars -- he's a 16/1 favorite to win the green jacket this weekend -- so, not too surprising he's able to do something like this with a golf ball.

Still ... WHAT A SHOT!!!

PGA Tour Pro Strips For Golf Shot ... Worst Farmer's Tan Ever!!!

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Wanna see a ridiculous farmer's tan???

Good ... 'cause PGA Tour pro Drew Nesbitt stripped down for a golf shot Friday -- and dude has CLEARLY spent way too much time in the sun with his shirt on.

The partial nudity all went down on the Par-4, 6th hole of this week's Honda Classic in Florida ... when Nesbitt's drive off the tee leaked left and tumbled into the water.

Fortunately for Drew -- and fans of farmer's tans everywhere -- his ball was still technically in play ... so he ditched his shirt, rolled up his pants and smacked it outta the water.

The shot ended up pretty good ... and Drew was able to save par.

The whole ordeal actually ended up being worth it for Nesbitt ... the clutch water save helped him make this weekend's cut -- so he's got two more rounds of golf to play this weekend.

Translation ... we've got 36 more opportunities to see that glorious untanned bod again!!!

PGA Star Pat Perez I'd Love To Golf With Donald Trump He Called Me at In-N-Out!!!


Imagine you're in line at In-N-Out ... about to order a delicious double-double with fries and a shake -- and all of a sudden, you get a call from Donald Trump!!!


That's exactly what happened to PGA Tour pro Pat Perez during Trump's presidential campaign -- and you bet your sweet ass he took that call!!! Here's how Pat's wife, Ashley, describes it:

"So [Trump's] assistant was like, 'Mr. Perez, Donald Trump would like to speak to you. Are you available?' And he's like, 'SH*T YES! I'm available!'"

Turns out, Perez -- who has 3 PGA Tour wins under his belt -- is a HUGE Trump supporter and while they've hung out in person before, they've never golfed together.

"I'd love to play with him," Perez told us while smokin' ciggies outside Craig's with Ashley ... "I'd love to get that chance."

So, why the passion for Trump?

"The one thing you can't argue with Donald Trump, he loves America," Pat says, "He loves America and I love America ... and he's our President. I mean, what are ya gonna do?"

Tony Romo Absurd Chip Shot ... From Hospitality Tent!!!

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Tony Romo ... Romostrodamus ... Tiger Romo??!?!

It might just stick ... 'cause the ex-Dallas Cowboys QB-turned-superstar-broadcaster just hit the most INSANE golf shot you'll ever see an amateur hit!!!

Romo's playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week ... and smacked his tee shot Friday at the Par-4 15th hole into the course's hospitality tent.

Normally, players get relief -- take a drop ... and hit their shot from actual grass.

But, Romo had different ideas -- and decided to take his wedge out ... AND HIT THE SHOT FROM THE TENT'S CARPET!!!

What happened next was just absurd -- HE STUFFED THE BALL WITHIN A FOOT OF THE HOLE!!!

Romo tapped in for a birdie ... and NOBODY could believe what they just saw.

Tony had a tough time winning while he was with the Cowboys ... but, clearly, dude just CANNOT lose in retirement!!!