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Khloe Kardashian Cavs Good Luck Charm? 'Obviously!'

1/14/2019 6:17 AM PST

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally broke their 12-game losing streaking against the Lakers in Los Angeles on Sunday -- while Khloe Kardashian was in the stands cheering on her man Tristan Thompson

Coincidence? She thinks not! 

Khloe and TT were leaving Craig's after the game -- all smiles in great moods -- where they jokingly took the credit for the big 101-95 win over the LeBron-less Lakers at Staples Center. 

In all seriousness, Tristan had a solid game, posting a double-double (15 points, 14 rebounds) -- and he's having a pretty solid year overall. 

No sign of their daughter True out last night -- but there was definitely baby on brain for our photog ... who asked the couple if they were planning on having any more adorable kids in the future. 

They didn't say no ... 

Richard Jefferson LeBron's '16 Finals ... 'Best Performance I Ever Saw'

1/3/2019 3:49 PM PST

LeBron James says bringing the Cavs back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors makes him the greatest basketball player of all time ... but does his teammate agree??

TMZ Sports spoke with Richard Jefferson -- who was part of that 2016 NBA title team in Cleveland -- about LBJ's bold proclamation ... and R.J. says there's no question that something "great" happened.

"It was the greatest performance I ever saw," R.J. says.

But, having witnessed firsthand what the King was able to do against the 73-9 Dubs in the 7-game thriller ... we asked R.J. if he agreed with LBJ's decision to declare himself the G.O.A.T.

Check out R.J.'s response ... and remember the dude got a ring from the King, so there's probably ZERO bias, right?

Tristan Thompson Destroys Rookie's Car with Popcorn ... Over Bad Donut Run!

12/17/2018 6:48 AM PST
Breaking News

There's a rule for the rookies on the Cleveland Cavs -- you don't bring Tristan Thompson his donuts, HE DESTROYS YOUR LEXUS!!!!

Just ask Collin Sexton -- who learned the hard way that Tristan is deadly serious when it comes to breakfast pastries and rookie hazing.

Here's the deal ... Sexton only grabbed 12 treats instead of 24 which pissed Tristan off ... and for this, his $50,000 ride paid the price.

"There are 12 popcorn bags in your vehicle which represent the number of doughnuts you have failed to provide on game days," a sign taped to his whip said.

"We require 2 dozen doughnuts on game days, not a dozen."

It's obvious Tristan played a role in the popcorn assault ... 'cause dude threw the vid on social media and said, "That boy going to find out today. Bring enough donuts, or this is what happens."

"Respect will be had! Duties will be done!"

For his part ... Ben Simmons -- who Sexton played against Sunday -- didn't think the punishment fit the crime, saying, "Man, why they do you like that, man? That's crazy."

Cavs better hope Sexton takes the lesson in stride ... 'memba when Kenyon Martin threatened to kick the crap out of everyone after his popcorning incident in 2010?!?

Tristan Thompson Fined $15k for Flippin' the Bird At Cavaliers-Nets Game

12/6/2018 8:35 AM PST
Breaking News

Tristan Thompson's one-finger salute just cost him a chunk of change ... 'cause the Cavs star's been slapped with a $15k fine for flipping off hecklers at the Nets game on Monday.

TMZ Sports posted the video ... T.T. snapped at the end of the Cavs-Nets game at Barclays Center ... flipping off some courtside fans after Cleveland sealed the W.

The league announced Thompson's punishment on Thursday ... and it's a bargain compared to the $25k fines handed to Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley for their recent fan incidents.

It's the only recent blemish in Thompson's hot streak ... as the dude is averaging a double-double so far this season and has been helping the Cavs keep from being a complete embarrassment.

Let's keep it a buck -- T.T. is in the middle of an $82 million contract, so he's not even blinking.

Tristan Thompson Flips Off Hecklers ... At Cavs-Nets Game

12/4/2018 7:47 AM PST

Tristan Thompson has something in common with Kevin Durant -- he's finally lost it with hecklers.

T.T. snapped at the end of the Cavs-Nets game Monday night ... flipping off some courtside fans after Cleveland sealed the W.

The dudes on the receiving end were pretty shocked ... you can hear them yelling, "Get out of here, you bum" and "someone's gotta get that on video!"

Of course ... it wasn't as bad as K.D. telling a courtside fan to "watch the f**king game and shut the f**k up" -- but Tristan's DEFINITELY still about to get fined for the incident.

Doesn't seem T.T. cares all that much ... guy's on a hell of a double-double run -- and Cleveland finally snapped its losing streak, which had Tristan feeling himself after the game.

"They better put some respect on my name," he said.

FYI ... Durant was popped $25k for yelling at his heckler earlier this season -- and Patrick Beverley is expected to get more than that for throwing a ball at a fan during a game over the weekend.

Seems these guys really do need to take some advice from Michael Richards ...

Originally Published -- 12/4/18 8:44 AM PST

Nipsey Hussle Warns Cavs Fans ... Ya Better Not Boo LeBron!!!

11/21/2018 12:21 PM PST

LeBron James is making his much-anticipated return to Cleveland on Wednesday ... and Lakers super fan Nipsey Hussle has a very important warning for Cavs fans:


The atmosphere in Quicken Loans Arena was insane the first time LBJ returned to the Land in a Heat uniform back in 2010 ... with fans incessantly screaming ... and some even reportedly throwing batteries at the superstar.

Things should be completely different this time around ... considering the dude got the Cavs a ring and ended the painful 52-year championship drought.

The rap star says the King deserves to get treated like royalty ... but if some fans end up sending out the boo birds?? He says it won't faze LBJ.

"It's donuts to a fat b*tch ... Bron ain't trippin' on that s**t."

The Lakers are 9-7 and finally starting to gel. The Cavs are a dumpster fire (only 2 wins) and J.R. Smith just accused the team of tanking this week. 

Smith has since parted ways with the Cavs and is reportedly training on his own. Wonder if he'll be in the building to support his pal LeBron?

Khloe & Tristan Still Together ... Doing Thanksgiving as a Family

11/15/2018 1:00 AM PST

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are NOT broken up or on the rocks, contrary to reports -- but they could very well be breaking up a turkey wishbone very soon ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... rumors that Khloe and TT have split or are no longer talking in the wake of his cheating scandal are simply false -- they're still together and going strong. 

We're told the reason Khloe hasn't been in Cleveland lately is that she's filming a new season of 'KUWTK.' Meanwhile, he's in the middle of his NBA season with the Cavs. Our sources say Khloe was supposed to fly out to Cleveland last week, but stayed in L.A. on account of the fires that were ravaging hers and surrounding communities. 

And besides, would a couple on the verge of a split be spending time together on Thanksgiving? Probably not ... which is exactly what we're told Khloe's doing for the holiday. Sources say Khloe's going to Cleveland next week to be with Tristan and baby True as a family.

As we reported ... Khloe was at Tristan's game in Cleveland a couple weeks ago cheering him on. Her visit must've left some magic behind, 'cause Tristan's been on a tear lately. He racked up 21 rebounds in the Cavs' win over Charlotte Tuesday night. 

J.R. Smith Strikes Deal In Phone Throw Case ... Gotta Buy Fan New Cell

11/15/2018 7:12 AM PST

J.R. Smith just copped a sweet deal in his cell phone throwing incident back in July ... TMZ Sports has learned, and if he stays outta trouble for 6 months ... he's totally in the clear.

ICYMI -- Swish allegedly took a fan's cell phone and threw it into a construction site ... after the guy tried to snap a pic of the Cleveland Cavs star outside of The Park, an NYC hot spot.

Smith -- who appeared before a judge in a Manhattan courtroom Thursday morning with attorney Alex Spiro -- had his case adjourned in contemplation of dismissal.

Plain talk -- as long as he buys the fan a new cell phone ($600) AND doesn't screw up ... the case will be dismissed.

Spiro told us ..."He was issued a ticket, paid for the cell phone upgrade, and the case is being dismissed and sealed - this is a non event."

LaMelo Ball Gets LeBron Treatment ... 'Welcome to Ohio!!'

11/9/2018 6:45 AM PST
Breaking News

LaMelo Ball is already getting treated like a king in Ohio ... 'cause the kid got a LeBron James-style billboard to welcome the high school baller to his new home!!

ICYMI -- the youngest Ball bro announced his return to prep hoops earlier this week ... enrolling in elite SPIRE Academy private school in Geneva for his senior year.

The billboard -- paid for by Overtime -- popped up just minutes from Quicken Loans Arena on I-90, by West 3rd Street Thursday night ... so a LOT of people are gonna see it.

It's a play off the MASSIVE Bron poster that used to hang across from the Q. Of course, that's been replaced by the hideous Guardian of Traffic banner.

The hype is real for the former No. 7 recruit in the Class of 2019 ... and we'll see if he can live up to it as he's scheduled to suit up for SPIRE next week.

It's great timing for hoops fans in northeast Ohio now that Bron's in L.A. ... but let's be real -- nobody's replacing the King.

LaMelo Ball Can Be NBA's Top Pick After H.S. Stint ... Says Spire Coach

11/7/2018 12:10 AM PST

With the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft ... the Cleveland Cavaliers select -- LaMelo Ball?!?!

Don't laugh ... Ball's new high school coach tells TMZ Sports that could EASILY happen now that Melo's announced he'll play at Spire Prep Academy this season.

"In my opinion, LaMelo Ball can be the No. 1 pick in a year or two going to the Cleveland Cavaliers," Jermaine Jackson says.

"Ain't no question about it."

Jermaine would know ... dude played several years in the Association from 1999 to 2006 and has been around the game in some capacity ever since -- and he says Melo is just THAT talented.

"He's known as that all over the world" J.J. says ... "He has a talent that, some of it just can't be taught."

Of course ... getting LaMelo to that point means Jermaine will have to navigate around LaVar Ball -- who's been known to meddle in Melo's teams.

But, Jermaine tells us he's off to a great start with the Big Baller ... and says he foresees no issues with the BBB founder.

"If LaVar's meddling in our team, we'll have conversations and we'll talk. And, I'm about what's right. It's not about who's right. It's about what's right."

Jermaine says Melo arrives in Ohio to join the team Friday and could see some run in the team's game in Philadelphia on Saturday.

Sooo -- getcha popcorn ready ... and bring enough for the NBA scouts.

Khloe Kardashian Flies to CLE to Support Tristan Cavs Snap Losing Streak

10/30/2018 8:18 PM PDT

Khloe Kardashian might just be the good luck charm The Cleveland Cavaliers need ... she was in the crowd to cheer on baby daddy Tristan Thompson as his team got it's first W of the year.

Khloe was spotted at Quicken Loans Arena Tuesday in the same section we saw her seated in so many times last year. It's been a rough season for Tristan and the LeBron-less squad ... they came into the game winless (0-6), and fired their head coach Tyronn Lue just a couple days ago.

The team's luck changed with Kardashian in the crowd ... locking down a 136-114 victory over The Atlanta Hawks. Tristan had a good game too, with 11 points and 13 rebounds.

There have been multiple reports the couple was on the rocks, but if Wednesday was any sign, they seem to be doing just fine.

Ty Lue Better Off After Cleveland Firing ... Says Dahntay Jones

10/29/2018 10:58 AM PDT

Ty Lue getting fired is actually a GOOD THING ... so says NBA champ Dahntay Jones, who tells TMZ Sports the coach is better off with a new team, hopefully a legit contender.

Lue is currently unemployed after the Cavs started the season 0-6 ... and, while some say the team did him dirty after 3 straight NBA Finals appearances, Jones sees it differently.

"I think it could be a positive thing for him," Jones says. "He knows how to lead stars, lead veterans and lead a team that's trying to go towards a championship that has a chance to win a championship."

Currently, with Kevin Love out for about a month ... the team has turned to rookie Collin Sexton and 2nd-year pro Cedi Osman. Jones thinks it's just not the right roster for Ty's skill set. 

"He's best with teams that are already built and ready to win a championship."

Jones -- who won a title with Lue in Cleveland in 2016 -- has nothing but high praise for his old coach ... and says he'll find a new gig in no time.

Doc Rivers Praises Ty Lue ... Yeah, I'd Hire Him

10/29/2018 8:39 AM PDT

Ty Lue is getting some love from the Rivers family -- Doc and Austin -- with Doc even saying he'd be down to hire the fired Cavs coach if he doesn't land on his feet. 

Lue got his walking papers from Cleveland this weekend after a 0-6 start -- but a lot of people around the league think he got done dirty. 

So, when we saw Doc and Austin at Craig's Sunday night, we asked how they felt about Lue. 

Austin's never played for Ty but says he's got a ton of respect for him -- based on what he's seen and heard from other big stars in the league. 

"Ty's a great dude. He's a good coach," Austin said ... "Whoever gets him will be lucky."

He added, "Heard a lot of great things about him so I think he'll be fine."

By the way, Austin and the Washington Wizards were in town to play the Clippers, coached by his father, Doc. 

We asked what that's like -- for a son to play against his dad -- and they both had some thoughts. 

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