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Nipsey Hussle Busted for Bonehead Parking (And Other Warrants)

8/29/2017 6:27 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Nipsey Hussle spent the night in jail simply because he left his ride in a disabled parking spot -- well, that and his outstanding warrants ... TMZ has learned.

LAPD busted the rapper around 9 PM Monday when officers spotted his car illegally parked -- Nipsey doesn't have a disabled placard -- and when they ran the plates, discovered he had warrants for previous traffic violations.

Nipsey clearly ain't sweating the arrest. He was back in the studio at 5 AM Tuesday after bailing out on "some bulls**t" ... as he put it.

Park at your own risk, Nipsey. Or try Lyft.

Chiefs Legend Neil Smith Flood Rescue Play-By-Play 'Thank God I Was There'

8/24/2017 11:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Chiefs legend Neil Smith rescued a pregnant woman stuck in a severe flood earlier this week ... and now he's walking us through the harrowing experience.

Smith -- who played 13 seasons in the NFL, made 6 Pro Bowls and won 2 Super Bowls -- saw a woman trapped in her car on Tuesday on a severely flooded street near his home in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

FYI -- the area has been pounded with a historic amount of rain.

The 6'5" ex-NFL star tells us he immediately jumped into action (after he took off his shoes) and made a beeline for the woman ... reaching her and escorting her to safety, unhurt.

"Everything I've ever done, both on the field and in life, I just react to things. Fortunately I was just there for her at a good time," Smith says.

"Thank God I was there at the right time to try and help her out, where life can just go on for another day."

Incredible story.

Derrick Rose Drops $4,600 On Adorable New Puppy

8/24/2017 6:30 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Cleveland Cavs star Derrick Rose just got a brand new family member -- he's adorable, he's furry and he ain't cheap! 

TMZ Sports has learned Derrick and GF, Alaina Anderson, brought home a 10-week-old Chocolate Goldendoodle puppy this week from Murphy's Doodles, a high-end breeder in Florida.

We're told ... the couple dropped $4,600 for the pooch -- which they immediately brought out to their home in Beverly Hills. 

So far, we're told the dog doesn't have a name -- but they're workin' on it! 


Floyd vs. Conor 'Money Belt' Revealed 3 Pounds of Gold, 3,300 Diamonds!

8/23/2017 1:38 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

This is what they're fighting for -- in addition to the $400 million -- the official "Money Belt" ... and it's LOADED with gold and diamonds. 

We spoke with a rep for the World Boxing Council (WBC) who tells us the belt was specially made for the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight -- and they spared no expense! 

We're talkin' 1.5 kilograms of 24k gold (that's roughly 3.3 pounds). 

3,360 diamonds placed throughout the piece -- with an additional 600 sapphires and 160 emeralds!

The strap is made from crocodile leather.

It's not the first high-priced belt the WBC has made for a Mayweather fight -- they commissioned a special "Emerald Belt" when Floyd fought Manny Pacquiao ... which was valued at $1 million! 

ESPN Host Arrested In Wyoming Drunkenly Passed Out In Stranger's Bed

8/23/2017 10:05 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

11:43 AM PT -- Russillo drunkenly passed out in a stranger's bed ... cops say.

Long story short, cops were called to a home by the owner around 3:30 AM on Wednesday to report a strange man sleeping in one of the bedrooms. 

When cops arrived, they found Russillo who appeared to be hammered out of his face -- "blood shot glassy eyes, very slurred speech and could not answer questions coherently, all signs of alcohol intoxication."

Cops say Russillo didn't know where he was or where he was supposed to be staying. 

Officers also don't believe he forced entry -- and say he got in the house through a door that hadn't been secured properly.

He was charged with criminal trespass -- and could face a $750 fine.

ESPN host Ryen Russillo -- who's appeared on ESPN radio and TV since 2009 -- was arrested in Wyoming for criminal entry ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We know 42-year-old Russillo was taken into custody on Wednesday and is still locked up as of the time of this post, according to officials. 

Details surrounding Russillo's arrest are unclear. We're working on it. 

Russillo currently has his own show on ESPNews -- "The Ryen Russillo Show" -- but he's obviously not hosting today. Will Cain is filling in and announced he'll be doing so the rest of the week. 

Ryen previously co-hosted the "SVP and Russillo" show on ESPN with Scott Van Pelt

Story developing ... 

Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Called By Announcer Who Hates Conor!

8/22/2017 11:00 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

So much for an impartial announcer ... 

One of the guys commentating on the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight hates Conor McGregor's guts with a passion ... which begs the question, why is Showtime allowing Paulie Malignaggi to call it?! 

Paulie was Conor's training camp sparring partner until a nasty breakup last month. Since then, Paulie's been on a media blitz, blasting Conor to every media outlet that will have him on. 

He's called McGregor everything from a dirtbag to a bum fighter -- and insinuated that he was set up by McGregor's people to be a fall guy in order to make Conor look like a legit boxer. 

Despite the declaration of war, Showtime says Paulie will remain on the broadcast team -- they see the situation as a "non-story."

But it's a big story ... commentators have a BIG influence on how the public sees the fight and a constant, slanted trashing of McGregor could unfairly hurt his image.

In most cases, announcers tasked with working major sporting events like NFL or MLB games are mandated by networks to keep their opinions to themselves until the game.

So, why not Showtime? They won't say ... 

WWE's Paige Off the Hook In Dom. Violence Case

8/22/2017 10:44 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

WWE superstar Paige will NOT be hit with domestic violence charges stemming from an airport altercation with Alberto Del Rio ... officials tell TMZ Sports

As we previously reported, Alberto was initially investigated after Paige screamed at him in the middle of Orlando International Airport last month. 

Paige later admitted she was the aggressor and had thrown a drink at Alberto during the altercation. The Orlando PD later recommended Paige be criminally charged for the incident. 

But now, a rep for the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office tells TMZ Sports the case is officially closed -- because the victim (Alberto) did not want to move forward with charges. 

Alberto will not be charged with a crime either. 

Paige and Alberto appear to still be dating -- Paige chalked the whole thing up to being in an emotional state because she had just learned her uncle had become very sick. 

USC UCLA Blasts Trojans Over Shakespeare Statue Wherefore Art Thou Spellcheck?

8/22/2017 10:07 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

12:50 PM -- USC went all Shakespeare in a statement to TMZ saying, "To E, or not to E, that is the question. Over the centuries his surname has been spelled 20 different ways. USC chose an older spelling because of the ancient feel of the statue, even though it is not the most common form."

"O USC, USC wherefore art thou E?" ... is probably what everyone's asking after USC spelled William Shakespeare's name without an "e" on a new statue.

The school unveiled a $700 million project featuring student housing, retail shops and restaurants. Nice and dandy, but UCLA's hawkeyed student section caught one mortifying mistake.

The statue of Hecuba features a quote from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" ... but if you look closely, USC appears to have cut some corners, or, in this case, the letter "e."

What's worse -- that a mistake happened or that UCLA caught it?

We reached out to USC ... so far, no word back.

#muchadoaboutspelling, #toeornottoe, #acomedyoferrors, #ohwebsterohwebsterwhereforeartthou.

Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver Dies at 26 Apparently Choked On Food

8/22/2017 10:00 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Bodybuilding superstar Dallas McCarver -- aka "Big Country" -- has died after apparently choking on food at his Florida home, TMZ Sports has learned. 

We spoke with McCarver's girlfriend, WWE superstar Dana Brooke, who says the 26-year-old was found unconscious just after midnight Tuesday morning by a friend at his home shortly after they spoke on the phone.

McCarver was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports there appears to be no signs of foul play.

Brooke says McCarver told her he was about to make dinner and the last thing he said to her was, "I love you. Goodbye."

Brooke says the cause of death is believed to be choking on food ... and it does not appear McCarver was trying to harm himself.

McCarver had worked out earlier in the day on Monday and seemed to be doing just fine ... no signs of a medical problem while hitting a chest press with 160 lbs dumbbells.

McCarver burst on to the bodybuilding circuit when he was 21 and immediately began winning big competitions. He was a 6'1", 300-lb beast who was crazy strong in the weight room.

Just last year, McCarver placed 8th in the 2016 Mr. Olympia competition.

McCarver had a health scare back in March when he collapsed onstage at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia ... but he appeared to be doing much better recently.

Brooke tells us the message to McCarver's fans is to stay strong -- that's what he would want.


Mystikal Turns Himself in on Rape Charge

8/21/2017 2:47 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Mystikal has been arrested and charged with raping a woman in Louisiana.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper turned himself in Monday to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department, and he was arrested and booked for first degree rape.

Shreveport PD put out the arrest warrant last week, but they hadn't been able to track him down until now. According to cops, another man, Averweone Holman, was also charged in connection with the crime.

We're told the charges stem from a 2016 incident involving a woman at a casino where Mystikal was performing ... but the details are scarce for now.

A member from Mystikal's camp tells us the charges are completely bogus, and he plans to plead not guilty.

He's being held on a $2 million bond. 

'American Idol' Alum William Hung I'm Kind Of a Big Deal ... In Chandler, Arizona

8/21/2017 3:17 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

"American Idol" alum William Hung can still pack a full house, which is exactly what happened on Saturday night at a bar in Arizona.

Will -- who went viral for his attempt at Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" on 'A.I.' in 2004 -- played at the Third Base bar in Chandler.

We're told the bar booked him for $1k and paid for his airfare and travel just so he could perform there, and Will managed to bring in some 250 patrons.

Will lived it up like a true VIP ... he got his own booth and ended up signing autographs and taking pics with fans, who also bought him shots. We'd say it helped with the nerves but, judging from the footage, he's a pro.

Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Charts ... During Solar Eclipse

8/21/2017 11:33 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Bonnie Tyler has eclipsed the charts with her hit song from the '80s ... and it's all thanks to the moon just doing what it does.

Tyler's 1983 song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," has rocketed to number 1 on the iTunes chart, which is no coincidence ... she's been teasing a performance of her tune while the solar eclipse is watched across the country.

Bonnie performed Monday for passengers on a cruise ship, who got to watch her sing her hit ... and potentially burn their eyeballs while staring at the celestial phenomenon. Oh, and DNCE shared the stage with her too ... no biggie.

As a result of all the hype ... Bonnie's 'Total Eclipse' is up 267% on Amazon, and her greatest hits album is #3 on its Movers and Shakers list  ... in addition to her #1 spot on iTunes.

Quite the turnaround for her ... who knew we needed that song now more than ever.

Odell Beckham I'm Spider-Man! ... Crashes Kids Bday Party!

8/21/2017 11:10 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

If your Odey senses were tingling at a trampoline park in NJ this weekend ... it's because #13 was there in a full Spider-Man costume -- and the story is pretty great! 

The NY Giants superstar caught wind that his teammate, Jonathan Casillas, was throwing a party for his 6-year-old daughter, Jade, who happens to be a big Odell Beckham fan.

We're told Odell wanted to surprise Jade -- so he got a black Spider-Man costume (with a full mask covering his face) and kicked it with the kids ... who had no idea Spidey was really a huge NFL star.

Odell eventually unmasked himself and the video is awesome. We're told Jade (and her mom) loved the surprise ... they had no idea!

As for the costume ... we debated if it was actually a Venom suit but ultimately decided it was more like the black Spidey suit from "Spider-Man 3."

Venom doesn't typically have webs on the suit.

Yeah, we're dorks. Whatever.

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