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Kris Jenner Sends Chef-Made Meals to Skid Row

12/28/2016 8:40 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1228-justin-mayo-redeyeinc-instagram-01Kris Jenner brought a little Calabasas flavor to Skid Row with her own kind of meals-on-wheels.

Kris surprised the good folks at Red Eye -- a community outreach program that benefits the inner-city youth -- by calling the organization's director, Justin Mayo, to tell him she wanted to donate 100 gourmet chef-prepped meals for the homeless on Christmas day.

We're told the menu had it all -- white truffle mac and cheese, sweet potato soufflé, turkey, ham, braised short ribs, and mashed potatoes. For dessert -- pies and cookies.

Kris wasn't there but the hearty meals went a long way in an L.A. section that, save for the holidays, goes largely ignored.

Vince Wilfork's Son Arrested with a Bunch of Codeine

12/27/2016 8:12 AM PST
Exclusive Details


Vince Wilfork's 19-year-old son was arrested last week after cops say he was in possession of a BUNCH of codeine -- and he now faces up to 20 YEARS in prison ... TMZ Sports has learned.

D'Aundre Holmes-Wilfork -- a safety at the University of Houston -- was in a 2011 Kia that was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Friendswood, Texas around midnight on Dec. 21st. 

According to the police report, cops found 381 grams of codeine -- and arrested D'Aundre on the spot for possession of substance in penalty group 4 ... which is a felony.

If convicted, D'Aundre faces 2 to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. 

Yasiel Puig Gettin' Geriatric Wit It ... Octogenarian Dance Party In Florida

12/25/2016 12:35 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Here's Yasiel Puig proving that the turn up NEVER expires ... video of the Dodgers star cutting a rug with some sassy senior citizens in South Florida.

Puig popped into the Clinica Las Mercedes in Miami ... on what was apparently Move Your Body Day, and jumped into a pretty mean conga line with some of the folks there.

You gotta check out the vid ... some of the ladies seem to really be digging what Puig was puttin' down ... and did a serious shimmy on the slugger when they got the chance.

Age ain't nothin' but a number.

Jennifer Lopez and Drake We Do Tongue Good

12/24/2016 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1223-jennifer-lopez-shoes-akm-01Jennifer Lopez and Drake are sharing tongue these days ...

Jennifer rocked new custom Timberland boots during late Christmas shopping in Bev Hills ... with her famous moniker taking up prime real estate.

It's interesting she's decided to wear them only days after we reported J Lo and Drake -- a noted Timberland fanatic -- have been spending quality time together.



'Breaking Bad' Star Blasts Political Rival's Lawsuit ... She's a Bad Loser!!

12/24/2016 12:30 AM PST
Exclusive Details


Hillary's emails got nothing on a political scandal rocking the state of New Mexico ... and it's fitting a "Breaking Bad" star's at the center of it.

Steven Michael Quezada, who played Agent Gomez on the hit show set in N.M., got sued by Patricia Paiz, whom he just defeated for County Commissioner of Bernalillo County's District 2.

Paiz claims Quezada's wife filled out his election documents, which is a violation of campaign laws. What's more, Paiz says Quezada was not even in New Mexico the day the docs were filed, which she says is required under state law.

Quezada is callng BS ... firing back with these photos he says prove he was indeed at the County Clerk's office the day in question.

Short story ... Paiz wants the County Commissioner to rule Quezada was not eligible to run and therefore he can't be elected, which would give her the win by default.

Quezada points to the fact that he kicked her ass ... 62% to 38%.


Martin Shkreli Leaks Lil Wayne's 'Carter V' Track ... Wayne Launches Investigation

12/23/2016 12:45 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Lil Wayne's infamously NOT released "Tha Carter V" has finally been released -- at least partially -- by who else, but Martin Shkreli ... and we've learned Wayne's pissed.

Shkreli pulled a sort of hip hop Robin Hood move, he claims, by posting this video of himself hyping up, and then playing a track he says is from Wayne's legendary album. He boasts that the song is about him.

Of course, Weezy fans have been dying to hear anything from the album since October 2014, when it was originally supposed to be released. Wayne and Birdman have been in a standoff and legal war over the record ever since then.

A source close to Wayne says this is the real McCoy. We suspect Shkreli's about to have even more legal trouble -- in the form of a lawsuit from Cash Money or Universal Music Group.

A source close to Wayne tells TMZ ... his camp is doing an internal investigation to find out if someone passed the song to Shkreli. As we've reported, Birdman says he doesn't have a copy of "Tha Carter V" ... and insists it's been in Weezy's hands all along. 

Shkreli's already facing federal indictment for conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

Celine Dion Sorry, Donald ... My Fans Trump Your Inauguration

12/22/2016 3:59 PM PST
Exclusive Details

1222-celine-dion-Donald-Trump_TMZ-01Celine Dion passed on singing at Donald Trump's inauguration not because she's anti-Trump but because she's just booked.

We've learned Celine was one of the people approached to sing at the Jan. 20 event in D.C. but her team had to turn it down due to her Vegas residency. She's set to perform that same night.

Sources connected to her Caesars Palace production tell us Celine is famously loyal to her fans, and cancelling wasn't an option because many fans plan vacations around the show. Also, she already had to postpone several dates this year following her husband's death.

We're told Celine's skipped other big events in the past, like the Oscars, due to conflicting obligations -- so turning down the inauguration was nothing personal.

We reached out to Celine's camp, but no word back yet.



Meek Mill Scores $200k for Miami NYE Party

12/22/2016 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Meek Mill's about to haul it in for headlining a New Year's Eve party in Miami ... and the amount of 0s on his paycheck is right up there with some of rap's biggest acts.

Sources close to Meek tell us ... he's getting $200k to perform at Dream Nightclub in South Beach, plus $20k to partially cover expenses. Not too shabby for a guy whose career seems to be on a never-ending roller coaster.

We're told Meek will also be lubricated with spirits -- 10 bottles of Ace of Spades, 5 bottles of Moet Nectar Rosé and some Hennessy and tequila to boot.

Varsity Lifestyle Group is throwing the bash, and tickets to ring in the new year with the rapper are $60 for chicks, $109 for dudes, with VIP packages ranging from around $4k to $10k. It's scheduled to rage 'til 5 AM.


Michael Floyd Hit With 'Super Extreme DUI' ... After BAC Released

12/21/2016 9:56 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1221-nichael-floyd-tmz-sportsMichael Floyd is now facing a mandatory 45 days in jail ... because his blood alcohol level has been revealed -- and it was VERY HIGH.

The Scottsdale PD says Floyd's BAC was .21 when he was arrested last week ... more than TWICE the legal limit of .08. 

Because the BAC was so high, prosecutors hit the NFL star with 2 new serious charges: 

-- Extreme DUI with a BAC of .15 to .19

-- Super Extreme DUI with a BAC over .2

Super Extreme DUI carries a mandatory 45 day jail sentence if convicted. The person must also install an interlock alcohol monitoring device in their car and may not drink alcohol for 90 days. 

At the time of his arrest, Floyd told cops he had only had one or two glasses of red wine before he got behind the wheel of his SUV.

When cops found Floyd, he was passed out behind the wheel

MLB Star Jose Bautista Crashes Children's Hospital ... In Toronto!

12/19/2016 10:53 AM PST
Exclusive Details


He's one of the biggest free agents in baseball ... but Jose Bautista is still doing big things in Toronto!

Bautista -- who just became a free agent after 8 years with the Blue Jays -- surprised a bunch of young fans at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto this weekend ... to spread some holiday cheer. 

We're told Jose was in town to hit some holiday parties -- but felt it was important to carve some time out of his schedule to kick it with some of his biggest supporters.

Jose spent about an hour in the ward visiting with some brave kids fighting cancer who also happened to be HUGE Blue Jays fans (maybe some of them tried to convince him to re-sign with Toronto!) 

Good stuff. 


Gilbert Arenas Wins Big in Child Support Battle ... Baby Mama Gets Dunked On

12/14/2016 2:22 PM PST
Exclusive Details

1214-gilbert-arenas-laura-govan-tmz-01Gilbert Arenas got a huge assist from the judge in his child support case ... his monthly payments to his ex were just slashed big time.

Sources close to the former couple tell us ... Gilbert's child support checks to his baby mama, Laura Govan, will now be under $10k a month ... a huge drop from around the $40k he claimed he was paying. Arenas has recently said he's not as rich as everyone thinks ... and apparently there's some truth to that.

Gilbert admittedly has no chill, though ... so he took the opportunity to gloat about his big win in court and troll Laura at the same time.

Sources close to Govan tell us she has no idea why Arenas continues to insult and torment her -- since she's not doing it to him -- but all she wants now is for him to leave her alone.

Good luck with that.

Donald Trump Inauguration 'AGT' Star Jackie Evancho Will Duet with Andrea Bocelli

12/14/2016 9:03 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1214-donald-jackie-andrea-tmz-instagramupdate_graphic_red_bar10:30 AM PT -- Sources connected with Jackie tell us her mom jumped the gun. We're told the Bocelli duet was discussed as a possibility, but nothing's written in stone -- especially because Andrea hasn't yet signed on the dotted line for the inauguration -- but everyone has their fingers crossed.update_grey_gray_barDonald Trump didn't just land Jackie Evancho for the National Anthem at the inauguration -- we've confirmed he's also locked down Andrea Bocelli for at least one song, maybe 2.

Jackie's mother, Lisa, tells TMZ ... the Donald himself called Jackie's manager to invite Jackie to sing the National Anthem on Jan. 20th. We're told it was sorted out Tuesday and Jackie excitedly accepted.

Lisa also says the 16-year-old was asked to do a second performance with Bocelli. It's unclear if he's doing a solo, but it's Andrea Bocelli ... so we're guessing yes.

Jackie's no stranger to big stages. The "America's Got Talent" runner-up performed for Prez Obama twice. She also performed at a charity event Donald attended when she was 11 -- and she even sang with Bocelli last year in Italy.



Kanye West Yes, I'm Here to See the President

12/13/2016 6:39 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1213-kanye-trump-tower-TWITTER-02Kanye West just marched into Trump Tower for a face-to-face with the President-elect.

TMZ has learned Kanye will have a 15 minute sit-down with Donald Trump Tuesday morning. Kanye requested the meeting, and Trump agreed ... according to our sources.

Still unclear exactly what they'll cover in the meeting. Inauguration? Cabinet post?

Anything goes with these two.

Story developing ... 


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