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Seals Deal with Drake's Ex

With Handfuls of Her Ass

11/14/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1113_Tyga-and-Dollicia-Bryan3Tyga just upped the ante in his pissing match with Drake ... by grabbing a giant handful of his ex-chick's ass and signing her to co-star in a new music video.

Sources involved in the deal tell TMZ ... Tyga asked Dollicia Bryan to be in his "Make It Workvideo specifically because the song includes lyrical jabs at Drake, like -- "Ni**a never was my homey ... all these bitches know you corny ni**a."

Drake's been flirting with Tyga's baby mama Blac Chyna on social media for weeks now -- so, not shocking that Tyga bagged Dollica.

In fact, we're told Tyga flat out told Dollicia he was using her to piss off Drake ... and she jumped at the opportunity.

Exes be trippin'.



Ty Dolla $ign

Yeah, I Was High

But Not On My Tour Bus

11/13/2014 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Ty Dolla Sign Weed Tour Bus
Rapper Ty Dolla $ign got popped for marijuana when Wisconsin police busted his tour bus -- but that's news to him ... since Ty insists he wasn't even on the bus.

According to Blue Mounds police chief Andrew Rose ... Ty's bus slowed down early Wednesday morning for equipment failure. Cops pulled over the bus to make sure everything was cool ... but officers say they were quickly blown away by the smell of pot.

Cops say they found about an ounce and a half of weed, and cited 7 people -- including Ty -- for possession and/or paraphernalia. But a rep claims Ty was on a plane to Omaha at that time, so there's no way he got a citation.

All cops know is ... they're expecting someone who goes by Ty Dolla $ign to pay the ticket -- which should be less than $500.


Leo DiCaprio

I'm 40!!

More Models, Please

11/12/2014 8:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1112_Leonardo_DiCaprio_birthday_party_launchLeonardo DiCaprio turns 40 better than you do ... 'cause when he does it ... he's surrounded by hot models and A-list celebs in a super-exclusive club.

According to sources inside the party ... Leo shutdown SoHo House in West Hollywood Tuesday night. His pals Tyrese, Adam Levine, Russell Simmons, and Robin Thicke were there -- but more importantly ... there was a ton of window dressing.

We're told it was about "80% models" inside the event ... which, for Leo, adds up to a very happy birthday.

Makes ya wonder -- who's eating Gilbert Grape?

Mark Cuban Jury Duty

Reveals Jurors on Instagram

11/10/2014 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Mark Cuban wrapped up his jury duty by reaching a verdict in the one day trial ... and then shouting out his fellow jurors on Instagram.

As we told you ... Cuban was selected for a Dallas jury in a civil lawsuit over a car accident -- and amazingly, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks tells TMZ Sports he did NOT have a ton of influence over his fellow jurors.

Mark says they wanted him to be the foreman, but he turned it down. Ultimately, the jury ruled in favor of the defendant -- saying he was NOT negligent.

As soon as the trial was over ... Mark posted what looks like a pic of the jurors deliberating, with the caption -- "Verdict reached and we are dismissed. World's best jury :)" Important to note he didn't post the pic until AFTER the trial. Doing it before would've been a major no-no.

By the way ... Mark took home a whopping $6 for his service. 

He called in to TMZ Hollywood Sports right after court. Make sure you check it out on Reelz at 8 PM ET ... 5 PM PT! 


Lil Twist

Accused of Robbery

And Brass Knuckled Beatdown

11/10/2014 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Twist and his buddies didn't just beat up Chris Massey during a fight Friday ... they pummeled him with brass knuckles and robbed him ... this according to the police report.

Law enforcement sources tell us Twist is a felony suspect for robbery and battery after the incident ... which occurred at the apartment of Chris' brother Kyle Massey.

We're told Chris kicked Twist out of the apartment after an argument, but Chris says Twist returned a short time after with 4 guys, beat Chris with brass knuckles and stole his wallet and cell phone.  

The "Zoey 101" star was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Chris, who says he was also pantsed, wants Twist prosecuted.  

As for Twist ... he's telling friends no weapons were used.

The Situation

My Rent's Paid in Full ...

But I'm Movin' Out

11/10/2014 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The Situation Moving

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's gonna need a new place to GTL -- fast ... he's hightailing it out of his NJ house ... ending his war with the landlord.

As we first reported ... Sorrentino's landlord, Pat Giganti, took Sitch to court ... to try and force him out of a $700K rental home in Manchester, NJ. Giganti claims Situation is a lousy tenant who's trashed 2 different homes.

Both sides were in court Monday, but the case was dismissed because Sitch was up to date on his rent. Rather than continuing to fight Giganti though ... Situation's decided to get the hell outta Dodge. We're told he'll be moving out within 2 days, and moving trucks are already at the house.

As for any alleged damages -- Giganti tells us he will have to file separate lawsuits to collect any $$$.
Situation is also threatening a lawsuit ... if Giganti doesn't give him back his security deposit.


Mark Cuban

Picked for Jury

In Fender Bender Lawsuit

11/10/2014 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1110-mark-cuban-getty-01Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban won't be spending Monday afternoon blogging or ripping NBA officials ... instead he'll be deciding someone's legal fate on a jury.

Cuban showed up to Dallas County Civil Court today and flaunted his jury summons on Instagram. As luck would have it -- bad luck -- Cubes got picked for a case!

According to court records ... the "Shark Tank" star and 5 other citizens are hearing a case involving a two-car accident from 2012 -- one driver is suing another for negligence. The trial is expected to wrap up today.

As long as neither party cops to being a Spurs fan, Cuban should be able to remain impartial. And you just know one of his fellow jurors is gonna pitch him a business idea.


Amanda Bynes

I'm in a Purple Haze

11/8/2014 4:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1108-amanda-bynes-purple-hair-PCN-01Amanda Bynes took a page out of Wiz Khalifa's playbook Friday night in West Hollywood ... no, she wasn't rapping -- the troubled actress dyed her hair purple.

Amanda hit up Nine Zero One in West Hollywood ... we're told it was just a random salon walk-in.  She stayed a few hours and we're told she was very polite.

Amanda paid with the little money she gets -- $50 to $100 a day.

As we previously reported ... Amanda's grousing she doesn't have enough money to get a hotel room for a night -- on Wednesday she roamed all night and fell asleep Thursday inside an L.A. mall.


Dez Bryant

Check Out My $61K Watch

... It's Got 300 Diamonds!!

11/8/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


It ain't bad being Dez Bryant ... 'cause the Dallas Cowboys superstar just got a SWAGGED out luxury watch worth $61k ... and it was FREE!!

Here's what we know ... Bryant is now a brand-ambassador for Hublot -- and the CEO of the company is so pumped about their partnership, he met up with Dez in London to personally gift him with one of the sickest watches they make.

It's called the "Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold Pave" -- made with 18 karat King gold (gold blended with platinum and copper) and encrusted with more than 300 DIAMONDS!!

The timing's fitting ... as we previously reported, Dez signed with Roc Nation Sports earlier this week ... and Hublot is super popular with celebs like Jay-Z.

And the winner is Dez. 


Newscaster Edna Schmidt

I Was Fired For Being Drunk

Where's My Vargas Treatment?

11/8/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Edna Schmidt Fired DrunkA Chicago news anchor is crying discrimination -- claiming she was fired for being drunk on the air, while other big-name journalists, like Elizabeth Vargas, got TLC for their alcoholism.

Edna Schmidt is a well-known Spanish-language journalist who made a name for herself while covering big national stories, including 9/11 and Obama's first election.

Schmidt claims in a new lawsuit she was recruited at Telemundo by people who knew about her struggles with alcohol ... and they knew it had been her downfall at another network.

Schmidt claims her bosses only cared about ratings and disregarded her disability. She says she was fired 2 months into the job ... after showing up drunk and unable to finish a newscast.

Schmidt names other journalists in her lawsuit who've admitted to drug or alcohol problems -- including Vargas and ABC anchor Dan Harris. Schmidt says they got compassion from their bosses ... and were allowed to get help and keep their jobs.

Schmidt says Telemundo made no attempt to get her treatment.

Schmidt points out alcohol dependence is recognized by the federal government as a disability. She claims Telemundo not only breached her contract ... but violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Jameis Winston

Teammates Call BS

... He's No Point-Shaver

11/7/2014 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0924-jameis-winston-getty-02Jameis Winston's teammates are rallying around the QB -- telling TMZ Sports there's NO WAY Winston was shaving points during the Louisville game ... saying, "He cares about winning too much."

We spoke to FSU football players who didn't want to be named who told us ... Jameis was playing as hard and as intense as he always does when he took the field on October 30th.

We're told the team has been buzzing about the report that Jameis allegedly point-shaved in the 1st half to help his friend win a bet ... but the overwhelming opinion in the locker room is that it's complete B.S.

As one source put it ... "They're just trying to hate on that man. Not one time would he EVER cheat."

Miley Cyrus

I Got My Pet Pig Hookup

From King of Fake Teeth

11/7/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Miley Cyrus
's business deal with the king of fake buckteeth really helped her bring home the bacon -- as in her pet piglet Bubba Sue. 

TMZ has learned the micro pig Miley's been showing off in pics since August ... was a gift from her business partners at Billy Bob Products -- the company that just started cranking out those ridiculously popular Miley Bob fake teeth for $11.99 a pop. 

Billy Bob founder Jonah White tells us he and his wife reached out to Miley back in August ... after her dog Floyd died, and set up a backstage meeting in St. Louis. He says that's when they surprised her with Bubba Sue -- complete with a birth certificate.  

Around the same time ... Jonah and Miley also hammered out their business deal. Sources close to the negotiations tell us Miley is getting a 50/50 split of the profits from her line of fake teeth.

Sweet deal, sweet pig.


Derek Jeter

Game-Used Dirt For Sale

11/5/2014 11:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Derek Jeter fans can literally buy the DIRT he walked on -- because a sports memorabilia company is selling a collage of "dirt capsules" obtained from the 30 ballparks where #2 racked up his 3,465 hits.

We spoke to Brandon Steiner from Steiner Sports, who tells us ... his people went from stadium to stadium collecting the dirt -- which was all authenticated by Major League Baseball.

And the price ... $359.99 per collage.

Steiner says he's expecting big sales on the item ... telling us, "The Derek Jeter items have performed beyond my wildest imaginations."

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