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Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Engagement Was Hollow ... No Wedding Planned

10/22/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson both seemed to know marriage wasn't in the cards, even after they got engaged, because they never lifted a finger to seal the deal.

They got engaged in June, and our sources say an entire summer passed without locking down a venue, buying a wedding dress, or even picking a date. We are told Ariana talked about a wedding with her mom, but that's all it was ... talk. 

The months of inaction predate the death of Ariana's ex, Mac Miller, last month. As we reported, Mac's death was the beginning of the end of Ariana and Pete's relationship, because she was emotionally paralyzed. 

The only real signs of happily ever after were a $100,000 engagement ring -- which she's already given back -- and a pet pig which she's kept. 

Billy Idol Sued You Left Me Dancing With Myself!!!

10/22/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Billy Idol doesn't know how to be a lover ... this according to a woman suing him for allegedly inviting her to his concert and a hotel rendezvous afterward, but instead just ditching her. 

Juliana Berg claims Billy invited her to a meet-and-greet and concert in Vegas back in October 2016, with plans to take things back to a hotel after the show. But, in docs obtained by TMZ, Berg claims she was there at the meet-and-greet but he disappeared afterward. 

She doesn't say if the two had any interaction during the meet-and-greet.

She says she had no money, expecting she'd be staying with Billy in his hotel room. When that didn't happen, she couldn't afford a hotel room of her own.

Berg's now going after Idol for travel expenses, plus reimbursement for the concert ticket. She also wants money for extreme emotional distress.

Reps for Billy tell TMZ, "Billy Idol’s attorneys are handling this matter. The accusations are without merit."

Ariana Grande Nothin' Heals a Breakup Like Retail Therapy

10/21/2018 3:33 PM PDT

Ariana Grande is doing what anyone might after a tough breakup -- TREAT YO SELF ... although, she's doing it bigger and better than most of us could really afford to.

AG was spotted on a shopping spree Sunday in SoHo, NYC with a couple of massive Chanel bags in each arm and a big puffy coat to keep her comfy as she rocked the hell out of those matching boots. She was glaring at the camera -- but her face seems to be forecasting one message ... "That's right, bitch. I'm doing me!" That's our take, anyway.

This is a much different vibe than we were getting from her now-ex, Pete Davidson, just a few days ago. He was looking mopey as hell post-split. And she, well, looks fabulous. 

Speaking of Pete ... he's said to have broken his silence on the split over the weekend during a comedy show in L.A., where he reportedly joked about needing a new roommate, covering up his Ariana-inspired tattoos and people hoping he doesn't "kill himself."

Probably too soon to be joking about that in the wake of Mac Miller's death, no? Don't answer that ... it's a definite yes. 

'Cat Daddy' Rapper Please Don't Bust Me ... That Chick's Gonna Have Sex with Me!!!

10/21/2018 1:00 AM PDT

One of the guys behind the "Cat Daddy" dance craze got busted in L.A. -- but, the ONLY thing on his mind at the time of his arrest was getting some action from a chick he'd just met ... at 2 AM.

TMZ obtained this video of Jovan "Pee Wee" Clayton -- formerly a member of The Rej3ctz -- getting arrested early Thursday morning by bounty hunters. They told him they were hauling him in for an outstanding domestic battery warrant, but you gotta see the vid.

Pee Wee couldn't care less about the charge, he was laser-focused on Lima, the woman he met on Instagram but had finally just met in person ... right before the bounty hunters took him down.

When they told him they found 3 boxes of condoms in her truck, he fired back ... "I know!!! I was about to f**k the s**t outta her!" His tone changed drastically when they told him she also had a particular sex toy. Just watch.

Bad news for Pee Wee -- law enforcement sources tell us his dream girl, Lima, was actually the confidential informant who dropped the dime on him.

LAPD booked him for felony domestic abuse, and his bail was set at $100k. 

On a positive note -- Pee Wee's cellmates can all bone up on their "Cat Daddy."

Paula Abdul Goes Straight Down ... During 'Straight Up' Concert

10/21/2018 7:32 AM PDT

Paula Abdul took a tumble Saturday night during her show ... but she was a true trooper.

Paula went down during her concert at Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi. Watch the video, as she saunters from the back of the stage to the front ... then just disappears into the crowd. It appears people in the audience helped her back on stage. 

Eyewitnesses say Paula got up and continued on with the show. It's unclear if she hurt herself, but she didn't show it. Fact is ... Paula has had various injuries over the year but has never really been sidelined. As they say ... "The show must go on."

It was the third show on the road for her "Straight Up Paula! 2018 Tour." 

T.I.'s Melania Video Look-alike Stripper Getting Death Threats

10/21/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The woman playing the role of Melania Trump and T.I.'s personal lap dancer in the rapper's salacious video has no regrets taking the gig, despite getting a bunch of death threats. 

Melanie Marden tells TMZ ... her life has been threatened on a daily basis. She can't believe people are so riled up they're going after an actress just trying to make a living.

And, speaking of people with time on their hands, Melanie takes aim at the First Lady's reps for taking the rap vid waaaay too seriously.  

The actress thinks everyone needs to chill and focus on real problems, like finding a cure for cancer. 

Melanie's not backing down from portraying the First Lady in an extremely sexual light, but she concedes the video could have been presented in a better way. 

Justin Timberlake Slashes SoHo Penthouse Price AGAIN ... Cry Me a River!!!

10/21/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Justin Timberlake's reaching Crazy Gideon status ... slashing prices like a madman for a penthouse he's desperately trying to unload.

Justin just slashed the price to his SoHo crib by another $400k ... and it's now down to $6.35 mil. Great deal and, at this point, it's a steal. Remember ... Justin originally listed the pad back in March for $7.995 million ... and the only action was a series of price reductions. 

Tough to see why Justin's struggling to get it off his back ... the ultra-modern 2,600 sq. ft. pad features a wraparound terrace, which is 853 square feet, and by NYC standards that's HUGE.

The building's got all the bells and whistles ... gym, private entrance, the whole shebang.  

Britney Spears I'm Goin' All Street and Urban ... For My New Vegas Residency!!!

10/20/2018 7:00 AM PDT

Britney Spears is going urban, street and hip-hop ... that's what we're being told by the folks who are creating her 2.0 Vegas concert residency.

Britney announced Thursday she was making a return to the Las Vegas Strip to bring back her hugely successful residency. 

Sources involved in the show's production tell us ... the new show will look and feel fundamentally different from her 'Piece of Me' residency at Planet Hollywood.

The new show -- at MGM Park -- will have "an urban, street, hip-hop vibe" that will be reflected in the music, wardrobe, choreography, backup dancers and set design. 

And there's more ... as one production source put it, the stage will have "bleeding edge technology." And, we're told, they've hired 2 creative directors who developed J Lo's successful Vegas residency.

Britney will not be going all N.W.A. ... she'll still perform all her hits, but there will be mixes in between songs and a significant dose of hip-hop.

Brit knows her show has to be bigger and better than before, and we're told she's psyched.

It better be good ... she's raking in around half a mil for each performance. 

Alicia Keys to Swizz Beatz Check Out Your New Zoom Zoom Zoom ... For 40th Birthday!!!

10/20/2018 7:26 AM PDT

Alicia Keys pulled off an awesome birthday surprise for her hubby, Swizz Beatz, 40th birthday. 

The video is pretty fantastic ... Alicia hushes our photog so he doesn't blow the moment, and then Swizz appears with a blindfold firmly secured.

Swizz thought she was taking him to a special restaurant, but in fact they were at World of Wheels, where Swizz had been eyeing a super sweet 2019 Aston Martin Vantage. The cheapest you can get it is $150k.

Check out the surprise ... he's lovin' it. 

He apparently had a bum arm and it was hurting bad enough his first drive was to the hospital to get it checked out. 

Happy birthday!!!

Rapper Juice WRLD Thanks for the Love, Sting You're The G.O.A.T.!!

10/20/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Who says kids these days don't respect their elders? Juice WRLD is proclaiming Sting the greatest EVER ... after the rock legend gave the rapper props for his huge hit, "Lucid Dreams."

We got 19-year-old Juice at LAX Thursday and it was obvious the Chicago native is riding high with his track currently sitting at #2 on Billboard's Hot 100. The song samples heavily from Sting's "Shape of My Heart" ... especially that iconic guitar riff.

We broke the good news to him -- Sting told Billboard the royalties from "Lucid Dreams" will "put my grandkids through college" ... and guitarist Dominic Miller, who co-wrote 'Shape,' called Juice's song "the most intelligent version of that riff that I've ever heard."

Ya gotta see Juice's reaction to the compliments. It got us thinking if there's a possibility of Juice and Sting doing a studio collab. Sounds like he wants to see some fields of gold first.

Sting's definitely doing his part to pump up 'Lucid' during his current tour. When he plays "Shape of My Heart" ... one of his backup singers raps one of Juice's verses.

Also, apologies to J-dub if we made him late for his flight. Sounds like he and airports don't get along. 

Wiz Khalifa Promises Music Video & 100 Remixes ... Of 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!'

10/20/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Wiz Khalifa is so jacked up about his song with Tyron Woodley ... he's tellin' TMZ Sports 100 different versions of it are on the way!!!

We got Wiz leaving The Forum on Wednesday night when we brought up the magic words that turned him from laid-back rapper to hype man ... "Your track with Tyron Woodley."

"Oh, man, 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!'?" Wiz says ... "That song goes hard as hell!!"

Of course ... Woodley made the anthem with Wiz a few weeks ago -- and even rap legends like Snoop Dogg have hit up the UFC star asking to be on the remix! 

Count Wiz in as one of the people who loves it ... 'cause he says a music video AND a TON of remixes for it are up next!!!

As for if Khalifa wants to keep collabin' with fighters down the road ... he says of course -- "Every last one of them, man!"

Can't. Wait.

Hailey Baldwin Call Me Bieber ... Files Name Trademark

10/19/2018 2:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Hailey Baldwin is taking getting "wifed up" to a whole new level ... filing legal docs to possibly cash in on her hubby's famous last name.

Baldwin submitted an application -- obtained by TMZ -- to register the trademark for the name Hailey Bieber. The application doesn't say much, but she's made one thing clear ... the trademark is meant to cover a possible clothing project in the future.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin and Hailey headed to an NYC courthouse early last month to obtain their marriage license. We later learned the two actually got legally hitched that day in a courthouse ceremony.

The new couple hasn't had a big wedding yet, but we're told that'll likely happen in the next few months in upstate New York or Bieber's native Canada. 

Mayweather, DJ Khaled Sued Over Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam

10/19/2018 9:32 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled have been hit with a lawsuit from people who claim the stars participated in an illegal cryptocurrency scam that screwed investors out of millions of REAL dollars. 

The coin at the center of the scandal is called Centra Tech -- and, according to the class action lawsuit, Floyd and Khaled were influential celebrity endorsers who promoted the virtual currency on social media.

In fact, social media posts from Floyd encouraged people to buy the coin and he said he was so excited about it, "You can call me Floyd 'Crypto' Mayweather from now on."

Khaled called the company and its products a "game changer."

The problem ... the Securities and Exchange Commission says the company behind the coin was operating illegally, misleading investors and claims several of the execs listed on the company website don't really exist. 

Centra Tech raised $32 million in backing during the initial coin offering in 2017 ... thanks, in part, to the celeb endorsements ... the lawsuit claims. 

The founders of the company were arrested back in April and are facing several charges including securities fraud, wire fraud and some conspiracy charges. 

In the suit, investors are going after the company founders and the celeb endorsers for fraud -- and they're seeking to get their millions of dollars back plus damages. 

One interesting note from the lawsuit -- investors say the value of the coin has plummeted over the past year. It was worth roughly $1 per coin in February and after the arrests in April, it's dropped to less than $0.02 per coin. 

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